Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Dragon Docks

The Original Seven docks: 2 large, 2 medium, 3 small. Each dock can rotate 2 ships each day unloading and resupplying for a total of 14 ships each day.

The Dire docks: 1 large, 1 medium, 1 small. 6 ships each day. 

Dock fees are as follows (5%)
  • The large docks fees generate 1,500 gold/ship (6,000 gold/day)
  • The medium docks fees generate 1,000 gold/ship (4,000 gold/day)
  • The small docks fees generate 500 gold/ship (3,000 gold/day)

For the next two weeks the entire operation will generate 13,000 gold/day or 182,000 gold at the end of two weeks.
  •  Dock Master: Vormite at 1,500 gold/year including Cinder Block residence.
  •  Enforcers: Hislop, Barbazu, and Kiton.
  •  Guards: To ensure security against theft or loss 70 dock guards would be hired from the 200 Dragonsbane troops.
A cash account (50k) established to keep 25 dock hands on the payroll.

Future Goals:
Develop a membership-based business model
Uniform dock guild workers.
Invest in a Dock Guild watermark signifier. 100,000 gold

Review (02/26/2014)

Our session begins Sunday morning as the Sons of Nissian act as escort for the drow Kalaris as she attempts to collect the remaining 5,000 gold payment for her job. After some uneasy waiting Kalaris returns with her 5k and some interesting news; the account was now inexplicably burdened with 3 million gold.

We decide that these funds would be better served bankrolling our new dock guild and that we must move swiftly to the underwriters, set up our LLC for the Dragon Docks and finalize Dock Guild status.

Traveling to the Underwriters we are met with the slimy Dambode who facilitates our request at great length. Everything seemed on the up and up; watermarks were notarized but twelve underwriters were needed for final approval as is Deidre Saltsure’s certification.  

Auge remained at the Underwriter’s as a public show that Sons mean to formalize themselves Stormhaven. It was during this time when Auge was approached by Gazlemar, who inquired about a business plan; it was arranged that he come to the Cinder Block this coming Friday night.

Meanwhile Versel and the others set out to look for Mishi’s Granddaughter; she had some things to answer for. Arriving at her upper apartment Versel discovers recent traces of food, some poison making equipment, and something missing… a crystal katana. ;) Trying to discern her next move, the three travel to the lifts.

Once there it was Durg who spotted Kalaris’ impostor and her likely quarry… Cadmar Embry. Versel approached ‘Kalaris’ pretending to acknowledge the ruse, however she moves aside and promptly dimension door’d away.

Hopeful she transported herself straight down, Durg suggests pursuing her with Jaren’s teleport spell.
Appearing in midair under the world disk the three Sons did not find Kalaris’ impostor but did discover… industry! All docks are berthed, magical light and conveyances were widely used to move products to the lifts- even the Dragon docks are in use. There was a jovial climate to the drift downs as everyone worked as if in a choreographed stage play.

Noon. Underwriters. Dambode confesses that there is a problem, Deidre as well as Samsa are missing- all the usual means of communication have failed and requests help.

Jaren scrys on Deidre and finds her unconscious in her bedroom. Lying next to her is the body of Allister Embry, each is awash with blood (hers? his?) and injury. Jaren immediately teleports us to the scene where Auge heals Deidre and the others find a likewise injured Samsa. The scene was a set up to make it look like Samsa (Deidre’s lover) killed Allister in a jealous rage. This was not the case however as both described Kalaris’ impostor; furthermore we arranged for the Church of Aranu to resurrect Lord Embry (in exchange for dock preference for 6 designated ships).

Versel heads to the lifts then to the drift downs to find Cadmar, using him to potentially draw out the attacker but after several hours Versel eventually told him about what happened and flew him back home.

Deidre was promptly taken to the Underwriters by Auge, Jaren returns to the Cinder Block, Durg staked out the Money Changers, and Versel stayed with the Embrys.

6pm Cinder Block. Dorger Rockhammer comes to call and has discovered the killer… a drow woman… Kalaris! Jaren explains that this is ultimately about a book and shows him the broken lock clasp and that there is a discrepancy with who he thinks were eye witnesses to the crime. These revelations seem to have put the investigator on a new train of thought.

That night the Embry estate is on lock down recalling all house members. Versel stays until dawn where the clerics of the Sun god Aranu resurrect the Embry patron.

Monday morning… Kalaris decides to keep a low profile and Jaren receives a guest.. an aged gnome that Jaren wishes to make into his Bard College dean of operations by crafting her a floating chair.. she greedily accepts.

Later Deidre explains that several complications have surfaced regarding the account and the mysterious 3 million gold. Somehow the gold went missing from the Underwriters, was found at the Money Changers and is now involved in funding the Dock Guild. We will leave well enough alone on this score… for now.

That evening Leofric arrives to see Jaren with a gift: legacy bongos of building which Durg recognizes as the very ones used by the dwarf chanter on Carso’s pharaoh, however the item is attuned to another user.

Jaren thanks him graciously and asks a favor in return, information on marble to use in his future constructions.  Leofric tables an offer of spell trade only to find a better deal in copying from a spellbook offered by Jaren for the next two weeks.

We begin next game session Tuesday morning.

Monday, February 24, 2014

A Gathering of Lieutenants

Secretary Youvalan looked down the table, silently appraising his lieutenants, his viceroys, the lynchpins of his future power.  The wizard grimly smiled; some such as the mercenary Egil who was shifting uncomfortably, the secretary still reserved his final judgment, the rest were proven, valuable members.   
Lyri Farsil’s journey had easily been the most difficult, Youvalan understood it to be true that she had actually been killed and resurrected at great personal cost. Alvored was the least affected by the silence in the conference room, experienced in the political exercise of power by his Van Fleet brethren.  

It was the Secretary most recent coup that brought him the most pleasure, a halfling brawler of dwarves who had brought him so much more information.  Essentially a slave to dwarves for years, the diminutive warrior’s psyche was so easily manipulated, Youvalan had found it unnecessary to risk any of his newer talents on him.  Simply offering him a mission of importance, a position of authority with an organization that asked him to join rather than demanded, and commensurate opportunities for wealth had guaranteed Adalgrim Redhammer’s loyalty.  Everyone else at the meeting, the muscle, had been provided to him by his patron Nerith Alia.

Standing, Youvalan now spoke, “Durg carries the Axe ofWitches.” 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dragon's Breath Blues

Atavah Sunthrower carefully prepared the Perique tobacco, turning the leaves regularly, allowing the plant to dry evenly.  Utilizing a very fine, small set of scissors, Atavah removed small bits of leaf that did not meet her vigorous standards.  Her back to the her workshop door, she felt his presence before she saw the wizard.  “Ms. Sunthrower, are you holding out on me? Your leaves smell delicious.” Youvalan gravelly voice boomed in the small humid chamber.  Atavah straightened and turned to face Youvalan, something in the tone of the wizard’s voice signaled danger to the tiefling, “I’ll be happy to share some with you in the den or study Youvalan, but this area is off limits to members.”  Youvalan unleashed his smile, a truly frightening grimace that showed off the silver and gold arcane symbols he had carved in his teeth.  “Why Ms. Sunthrower, I only invaded the sanctity of your humidor to warn you, I believe SOMEONE knows your truename, Gislenus Yehudah!”

Atavah was overwhelmed, frightened to her core, she could feel herself moving towards the wizard, the name he spoke ringing in her ears.  Youvalan placed a wand to her forehead and Atavah Sunthrower slipped into unconsciousness. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Flashback: Minion of Death

Tyrus allowed the campfire to burn low however the wizard could still make out small, mischievous flames dancing around the remaining glowing embers. It reminded him of Thay, his homeland and of his spell-power that has been rendered dormant- until that is he acquires a spellbook. Much like the gunslinger without proper ammunition, Tyrus was without his own resources. His temper flared in sync with the burning embers. This cosmic injustice fueled a simmering rage inside him, an eager wrath that made Tyrus feel powerless and insufficient. He promised himself he would never-ever be reduced like this again. Never in life.

Overhead a shooting star arced is mercurial trail over the small camp.  On the other side of the low fire Tyrus could see the meteor’s brilliance reflected in Shar Auvryndar’s purple eyes as the drow regarded the astral phenomena for the first time. Resting comfortably at Shar’s side was Meaghan while Sanford casts a long shadow along the tree line with his sleeping mass and by Tyrus’ side was the drowsing Blain who lied curled around his empty guns.
“I thought your kind were light sensitive.” Tyrus remarked bitterly to the drow, like every other remark from the Thayan as late- it was laced with contempt.

Shar’s violet eyes rose to meet the Thayan’s eastern brown ones, “I am sensitive that I, in fact slow us down during the daylight hours my friend, so each day I commence to task in order to adapt fully to the surface realm; my sight being just one sense that I must exercise. I have spent my entire life until now in the light-less realm. Truthfully the only times I've ever visited the surface was in Waterdeep at night and even then the stars were a painful glance.” Shar said at length.                                                                                                                                                                                    
“Yes, then throughout the evening Meaghan is overcome with tremors and encumbers any significant travel at night.” Tyrus said now thoroughly disgusted, it was no secret Tyrus loathed their situation. “This town came just as our supplies were near depleted.” He finished under his breath.

“Meghan and I said we would be responsible for each other so that no one else had too; our circumstances are compatible like that…” Shar seemed to want to say something else but allowed his gaze to settle on the dull red campfire.

Damin’s Wrath!” Tyrus cursed under his breath. If only he had his… Hell any spell book he would not be obligated to these maddening extra watches.

“How old are you drow?” The Red Wizard asked always keen to learn about his… companions; but before Shar could answer Tyrus’ question the campfire, the stars and the forest around Tyrus winked out as magical darkness enveloped the camp. At first Tyrus thought this a trick from the drow but he detected quick shuffling of movement from all points around him. Tyrus unrolled his Red Scroll and took defense. 

Sitting very still, Tyrus listened for attackers and from the darkness came a voice “Praise Death’s Mistress feeble ones; her ascension drawith nigh and you will help in her climb!”

It was a like the wavery voice of a mad-man, it was not one of his companions. Suddenly the darkness was defeated and the amber glow of the fire and the camp returned; looking around Tyrus could see their encampment was now surrounded by undead; they began to grab and pull at Tyrus attempting to subdue him. Two of the walkers, a man and a woman, looked to be ten years deceased; another larger human wore a helmet that had arrows protruding from it but that did not seem to hinder the creature. A fourth Tyrus noticed was a one-eyed orc and the other two undead were knolls, a skeleton and a zombie.                                                                                                                         
Stepping into the low radiance of the fire came two men, one an obvious death priest adorned with bent black bells, bleached white skulls, and death symbols while the other man was dressed in red robes with black cabalistic symbols on the trim and had a shaven head common to Thayan necromancers.

“I am Nhar-Del the fearless and this is ‘Death’s Hand’ Belathein, we have come for the skull-born. The rest of you may yet live a bit longer, but Death’s Mistress has revealed her will to us and it is Tyrus Skullstorm.” said the death priest pointing cryptically at Tyrus. Immediately his mind jumped to the skull-shaped birthmark on his forearm, it burned suddenly with an inner fire.  

“The skull-born,” Belathin repeated manically.

At once Tyrus watched as Blain and Sanford, roused by the chaos, drew their marvelous weapons as Meaghan dove for cover; but Shar, Tyrus noticed, was nowhere to be seen.
“Ah Ha! You tempt your fate!! Ha-Ah?” Nhar-del said laughing in reaction to Tyrus’ companions. “I have assassins concealed in the trees, fools! Each with crossbows drawn on you all- all save for one.” He finished smiling madly at Tyrus. “Now throw your weapons down and surrender or I will give the command and have them rain bolts upon you.” With this command he raised is arm ready to drop it to signal the archers.

Lord and Lady Deceased and arrow-face moved to detain Tyrus while the one eyed orc and the two undead gnolls moved to the others to collect their weapons.

Slowly both the gunslinger and the barbarian appeared to surrender their weapons when from the shadows a fan-shaped violet glow enveloped Nhar-del upsetting the death cleric’s ambush. Acting on the surprise Sanford and Blain instead brought their weapons to bear, poised to attack.

Belathin tittered and rung his hands together as he gathered his magical energies and condensed them into a beam of intense heat. Pointing at the big barbarian he released as a ray of scorching fire burning Sanford across the abdomen. The barbarian grimaced briefly but redoubled his tactics.

Blain Brightmantle stepped deftly away from the gnoll skeleton he swung his axe high and brought the wide blade down on the creature’s skull, it was not however enough to put it down earning more consideration from battle hardy Melairkyn dwarf.

Sanford stepped toward the one eyed orc walker and cut a grotesque line across the walker’s left side with his grey blades emptying the creature of its rotting entrails. The maneuver tactfully put him in harm’s way of the knoll zombie to draw its attack away from...

Meaghan drew a dark dagger, one Tyrus thought looked a lot like Shar’s adamantine dagger, and came stealthily at Tyrus who was still being grappled by Lord and Lady Deceased and arrow-face. Tyrus braced himself for the coming betrayal, it would be so easy, but instead Meaghan spun the dagger about and buried the adamantine dagger into the head of Lady Deceased which vanquished the creature.

The remaining two, Lord Deceased and Sir Arrow Helm continued to harry Tyrus trying to dragging him off to certain doom while the other three turned their hungry malevolent gazes on the others.

The gnoll zombie swung wide for Sanford who neatly avoided the blow while orc one-eye slammed its bony fist across Sanford’s seared left side causing him to roar in pain.
Staggered by the axe blow the gnoll skeleton clumsily dove for the dwarf striking him high across the chest; the attack brought the undead inches from Blain’s face. The dwarf coughed at the reek coming from the undead.

As battle revolved around him all Tyrus writhed and kicked just to keep free from the walker’s grip when he saw three violet bolts of magic shoot forth from the canopy of darkness striking center mass on the wide-eyed and surprised…

The cleric reeled, but despite the magical missile attack Nhar-del moved tactfully closer to Sanford, whereby he called upon Death Mistress channeling dark negative energy throughout the camp. Wracked with a cold painful embrace Tyrus watched helpless as Sanford collapsed unconscious to the ground while the others, save for the cursed drow, likewise writhed in agony from the negative waves of energy.

Confused and in pain from Nhar-del’s divine channeling, Belathin the Mad turned to the forest looking for
the archers, “Attackkkkkk!” but what he saw instead was a silver-haired drow with a wand leveled directly at him. Producing his own wand, Belathin sent his own lines of magical tracers streaking toward the drow only to watch them ricochet harmlessly aside. “Daahhyyuu!” he screamed.

On the other side of the camp Blain undaunted attacked again, bringing his axe wide striking the gnoll with skull crushing accuracy dropping the skeleton with one vicious blow. This gave Blain time to tumble closer to Nhar-del and Belathin.

Meaghan ignored Tyrus’ peril and instead moved to help the fallen Sanford who was grievously hurt but still moving. She knelt next to his body she placed her hands on his body healing his wounds. This surge of life gave Sanford enough energy to quickly stand to reenter the fray.

It was at this point Lord Deceased, Sir Arrow Helm, the gnoll zombie and Orc One-Eye ignored everyone else and turned their full attention on capturing Tyrus. At last it was finally enough, Tyrus was pinned- if only he had his magical spells. His rage surged.

Shar Auvryndar with wand in hand raised both of his outstretched arms, when he did this hundreds of small rocks and pebbles rose up in defiance of gravity then came raining down when he thrust his arms down with quick a motion. The uneven stones and sharp rocks blinded and scrapped deep cuts in both Belathin and …

Nhar-del reeled from the barrage of stones and at once began vocalizing incantations to heal his blinded eyes. Blain, taking advantage of the distraction, turned his axe head around and clapped the cleric hard across the back of the head. The cleric fell unconscious narrowly missing the smoldering camp fire.

After seeing his magic missiles deflected aside, Belathin changed his tactics and again drew upon elemental flame to empower his evocation but this time in the form of an intense ball of fire. After uttering the last syllable Belathin threw his fireball at the drow. His aim was true; the fireball arced toward its target however the spell’s potency fell well short of overcoming the drow’s natural resistance to spells causing the spell to explode harmlessly around Shar in a brilliant flash of light and flame.  

Seeing Tyrus’ peril Blain moved, brought is axe about and removed the gnoll zombie’s arm from its shoulder- thankfully it was the arm that held the wizard who continued to struggle.

Sanford bounded across the camp, his blades poised over his head at just the right angle so that when his grey blades finished their downward arc Orc one-eye became Orc no-head.

Meaghan grabbed Tyrus helpin him escape as walkers fell in number around him, he was at last free. Exquisite anger rushed through Tyrus as he stood and charged with his hands outstretched toward the treacherous Belathin. Leaping over the fire and the unconscious Nhar-del, Tyrus bore into the rival Thayan wizard like a lance of pure wrath.

In his hands was a wizard Tyrus thought- he would have a spellbook and Tyrus would have his knowledge and Belathin's power. Tyrus grasped Belathin violently around the neck and began to strangle the man, oblivious to the yielding pleas from Belathin and from the objections of his own companions- save for Blain, he understood. Tyrus could not hear them anyway, all he could only see was red rage and the potential within his grasp. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Review (02/19/2014)

Our session begins with Versel receiving a series of messages from Kalaris. These messages are filled with a knowing parlance but also evasive in nature. Talk was made about a meeting at Rockhammer Square but it was finally dinner at the Cinder Block that was ultimately decided upon.

In the meantime Jaren is serenaded by thirty bards open and willing to accompany our brother as he works at refurbishing the docks. Offered up as tribute are six wagons, a six month supply, (10k gold) in brew and liquor supplies- netting Auge some great metamagic components.

Throughout the day several of us spend time examining the world map, finish retraining or crafting and . Versel however spends his day at the lifter’s guild whereby he arranges *free help to the lifters by way of students of the winter blade- to develop their strength disciplines and to alleviate the black log of goods that will be soon on their way.

Later that night at the Friday fights Durg notices there is no dwarves in attendance and olfactory evidence of illithids but no trace in the Cinder Block. The evening was a success featuring a battle of bards, boss fights, and the Vial and Flask sale-abration.

When Klares arrives we adjourn to our sanctuary were we can speak open. After what was likely a long conversation we/Versel theorize Klares was set up by someone who knew she had been present during the time-stop burglary and that person could have been Mishi’s granddaughter.

Klares was getting her jobs from Garvon in the VanFleetfamily. She has executed seven jobs to date with payments being laundered through the Money Changers guild. It was agreed that she move into the Cinder Block, we would introduce her to Arkiel, and we would accompany her to the Money Changers to collect on the rest of her payment (5k gold).

Before the night was over Pippen Toma makes good on his agreement to improve Jaren’s ring of aptitude. We agree to trade the five pairs of masterwork platinum rings in exchange for two magical rings. These turned out to be the coveted Rings of Sustenance, one of greed the other envy. Both granted truename benefits to its user.

Auge’s Ring of Sustenance (Greed): +d6 damage, +1 DC to breath weapon and undetectable when worn.
Jaren’s Ring of Sustenance (Envy):

That night we are visited by dreams that strongly suggest that mother was watching over us. Auge sleeps great while haters gonna hate.

Saturday brings much fan fair from ships at sea watching the miracle, Black Crownies gather in groups, and what seemed like every bard in town showed up to play along with Jaren’s lyre of building. The gesture brought to SONS untold popularity, prestige, and the ire of many from the old flotsam harborites. All told the performance lasted ten hours whereby seven new docks were created along with paved roads from those docks to the lifters.

As this is going on, in a gesture of good faith, Versel travels to Stormhold to offer first berthing to the Rockhammer dwarves to placate any misunderstandings only to find the estate has been on lock down since after the Hall of Voices by command of Palanas Rockhammer.

Next session picks up Sunday with a friendly visit to the Money Changers with Kalaris and Auge creating Arkiel's item

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Argyle Spitbeard’s Greatest Fear

Ten years, ten years of ships and searching, and Argyle Spitbeard’s greatest fear happens when he is on the doorstep of home guarding Carso’s ship.  The monsters attacked in the dark, half of their number invisible but revealed when entering his tainted brother’s magically purged area.  The battle was easily the most difficult and challenging in the year since they left Gravestone Island.  The battle was evenly met, the monsters red draconic creatures held at bay by their strength of number.  Finally the haze of battle broke and two of their number retreated . Argyle took this moment to survey the deck of the galleon and gauge the fight.  His eyes fell upon one of the draco-men, obviously weakened from the fight, the path between the two clear.  Argyle brought his great adamantine sword back behind his shoulders and charged forward, ready to put an end to his enemy and swing the momentum of the battle in the dwarves favor.  

The magic struck him from afar and for once the dwarf found himself unable to resist, so skilled and powerful was the casting.  A feeling of inertia swept through the dwarf, reality shifted and the strong secure feeling of the ship deck disappeared to be replaced by a sensation of falling.  The sharp cold water and smell of ocean assailed the plate mail clad warrior as he quickly sank into the deep, completely unaware of where the magic dropped him.  Argyle had long feared the sailor’s grave, his armor an anchor.  His brother, a priest of these waters, had always provided the blessings of his faith to overcome some of Argyle’s fears and weaknesses.  

Separated from his brother Argyle fought his rising panic as he sunk further into the ocean.  Knowing his armor would be his death, Argyle concentrated on his long difficult lessons and began removing the metal protection, a sad sacrifice of his family’s armor.  It was the removal of his helm, the last bit of armor that sealed Argyle’s fate, for as soon as the adamantine helm was gone the dwarf’s mind was assailed and invaded by something ancient…

Monday, February 17, 2014

Around The Dragon Tail

“What is this I’m looking at?” the White Spider’s eyes were incredulous and her tone impatient. Pilini smiled ruefully whilst safely behind the bar drying a growler with his hand-towel, he glanced  at Spade and winked. The Spider turned on her barstool and held out the scroll in question.

“See for yourself,” Spade said rejoining his counterpart Farley at the end of Pilini’s Cinder Block bar. Designed by Pilini ‘The Dragon Tail’ was a lacquer-red rose wood U-shaped bar singed to create the look of burnt scales. The Tail could be raised or lowered vertically based on the size of his patrons; it stocked all of the Liquor Commission rare and common libations as well as Pilini’s exquisite own; it was also the customary location were many of Auge’s hirelings congregated.

“Is this a set list?!” the Spider asked her outrage etched on her beautiful features. Spade could hold the laughter no longer; even the irritable Pilini let a little laugh escape. The Spider looked from the parchment to Spade, to the gnome, and back to the parchment. 

“A what?” Farley asked clearly aloof to the conversation whereby half the participants are in disbelief and the other half are in hysterics; he decides to laugh along.

Spider, after rereading the parchment, answers Farley’s question.

“It’s Man-O-War’s set-list for tomorrow night’s fights,” she said. “All the fighters are here.” She motioned with her hand.  “Adalgrim Redhammer, Bar-Bazu…”

MEN of War,” Farley corrected having himself decided on a name for the skalds. He was no longer laughing but scowling like Spider... but not as sultry.

“They mean to precede each fighter with a line or two of titles and a flourish of glorious battle music.” Spade said exceedingly pleased, this time it was he that winked to Pilini who was now pouring Dwarven whiskey shots.

“…lights, pyrotechnics, they ask a lot.” White Spider said, the parchment set aside to make room for a shot glass. “Nine hells guys…. Where are we to find….” She stopped as an idea occurred to her. It changed her emotional temperature and by extension this section of the Cinder Block from hostile to indifferent. For Farley it was like dark clouds moving to suddenly reveal warm sunlight.


The dire beast turned at the sound of his name, even from across the Neutral Grounds it was said he could hear his name from impossible distances, and came forth.

“Those individuals master Auge and his brothers brought form the seas; did you not say one was blooded?” She asked Kiton.

“Yes, Sapphire is her name. She says she is an Arcanist- whatever that means.” Kiton added.

Spider smiled, “Bring her to me.”

Friday, February 14, 2014

Fultor's Tale-Wolverine

It was three years ago that they had found Fultor. The brothers claimed to have been searching for him for the last 7 years, finding him on their second trip, each trip a five year cycle at sea.  The well travelled son’s of Stormroarer Kromodus had an amazing story to tell, for they, along with their father, believed that Fultor was a descendant of Palanas Rockhammer, one of the founding fathers of the great city/state of Stormhaven.  
Fultor knew nothing of the fantastic city the dwarven brothers described to him; it was their zealous fervor combined with their promises of wealth, status and power eventually convinced Fultor to return with brothers to the fabled ocean city.  The brothers had found Fultor in the mercenary service of a dragon king on the great continent and had proven their wealth by paying a dowry to the dragon king for Fultor’s release.  The son’s of the Stormroarer even negotiated trade between the dragon’s kingdom and Stormhaven, the dragon king sending promising to send the Green Cloud, a ship of his own.   

After leaving the employ of the dragon king the trio of dwarves traveled to another kingdom seemingly ran by either fanatical priests or godmen.  To the travelling dwarves dismay, they discovered that dwarves in that society were either criminals, indentured servants, or slaves.  It took many months of effort before the brothers arranged return passage to Stormhaven aboard Carso’s Pharaoh

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Review (2/12/14)

After exchanging excited tales of overnight discoveries and personal breakthroughs after our stalemate attack on Carso’s Pharoha we also ventured talk about truespeech and the possible endgame of the Aboleth: the knowledge of Tiamat’s truename.

It was a busy Thursday. First on the agenda was the School of the Winter Blade and Ishitome Mishi only to find that Mishi was killed earlier that morning. Two personal assistants claim to have seen a dark female silhouette make an escape the direction another intruder took only two weeks ago…

During the time stop a drow-tiefling was seen burglarizing practice and ceremonial gear and was eventually chased off out a balcony. Now it would seem the woman was back and this time made off with a journal kept by Mishi. Its contents unknown but could be a formula book of poisons.  

Mishi and one of the assistants had been injured by a crossbow bolt behind the head and possibly affected by a poison found on the body.  After talking with some of the warriors and teachers we learn that Mishi’s number two, Mather, was killed on the Fox Bridge. Before we leave the Winter Blade agrees to be loyal to Versel if he were to avenge their former master.

From here we travel to the Reign of Blades academy and Etrian Starkmore who was visibly distraught by the loss of a friend; he and Mishi met regularly at a nearby pub. Versel asks about a possible drow woman to Etrian and eventually the student body; that led us Lefor coming forward to relay the Fox Bridge events as he had divined them. He was looking for the weapons taken by Kalaris, Lefor surmises she is likely in one of two places… Sunbow mansion or TicToc Castle.

At the Sunbow we encounter Vinco who tells of three drow women: Mazon, Drielle- the most recent additions, and Kalaris- our prime suspect. Of course she is not here in the middle of the day so we ask to be notified upon her return and head off to prepare for the Hall of Voices.

The Grand Parliament was called shortly after our arrival with many people, merchant, and representatives creating a circus like chaos outside. Inside several points of interest were covered.
  • Embry calls for an emergency charter for the underwriters and calls for another full term from Deidre Saltsure. Approved 8-1
  • Savidia, a Rockhammer gnome and Seafoam Councilor, asks for a reprieve from their restrictions regarding Carso’s Pharaoh. Embry expresses concerns about seafoam trade practices in general and calls for a manifest to be produced- this ship was implemented as a drow sister-ship. An inspectors office is created with Embry, Arkiel, and Navy officials to inspect the ship in short order.
  • Samson Dragonsbane is confirmed.
  • Versel introduces Jaren Minister of Draconic Affairs. It is Jaren’s intention to rebuild the docks but owned by SONS but used by all. The announcement was a surprise and recess was called.  
  • During recess Embry and Deidre speak with Jaren on the possibility of a new dock guild controlled by SONS. The Underwriters would be an available resource.
  • Of resources Jaren requires raw material that will be arranged forth coming. 

7pm Cinderblock where we catch up on messages, receive favors, and encounter Dorger, a Rockhammer dwarf responding to a request for investigation, Versel sends him to the Winter Blade to begin his search.

After this Auge remains at the Cinderblock for training, Jaren devotes time to crafting, while Durg and Versel return to Sunbow mansion. Once there they are informed of Kalaris’ return and her location in the dungeon. It is here where Versel and Durg learn that Kalaris is in fact not here, only her summoned succubi who is the real whore working in the Dungeon.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Here'ssssssssssss CARSO

His brethren called it the trip of a thousand divinations while laughing at Carso’s audacious plan. His brethren, however, were unaware of the trident, or the pact Carso’s divinations had revealed would occur when he undertook the trip.  His colleagues were slow to realize that Carso had DIVINED the audacious path, the elemental fires had revealed possibilities that could only occur if Carso had taken the correct prior action.  Fate began to fall as a domino before the bold dwarven priest; his colleagues only realizing the magnitude of Carso’s ambition the day the Pharaoh himself gifted Carso with a trading ship and the chance to earn for his family caste of dwarves freedom from lifetimes of servitude and slavery. 

Those golden shores of home seemed a lifetime rather than a year ago, he and his crew had been through so much since then, so many calculations and divinations ago.  “The burden of Fire” the embers would whisper, as Carso’s sadness and guilt would overwhelm his most recent attempts at seeing the path of flame.  Only his Amir, Saif ad-Din Qutuz, shared his burden, now that their pact was fully bound. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Review (02/05/2014)

After a long and rigorous battle with the crew and minions of Carso's Pharaoh, the Sons of Nissian decide to regroup and fight another day. Jaren grabs a fallen spellcaster teleporting back to the lair, Auge stops the construction of their siege weapon, and Durg and Versel fight to the end. Carso was clearly prepared for conflict of some kind though not us likely.

Before returning to the Cinder Block Versel (Durg and Auge) states his claim against Carso's Pharaoh to the Stormhaven Navy as conspirators and do not let them dock. They acquiesce with an investigation in the morning.

Exhausted, drained, and expended we rest.

Noon. Wednesday we respond to several dozen messages to each of us all by title of office. For Auge it was the beginnings of appointment as a public Liquor Commissioner. Durg receives information on an ogre named Clacko (mid-hireling Twilight House) asking about creatures of greed. Jaren learns that Leofric from the Black Crown declares his intention to acquire another magical lyre for him (tribute?). Versel, as Councilor readies his claim to the Hall of Voices as well as the School of the Winter Blade.

After that we fly over to Twilight House. Waiting for Arkiel we discover that a code is hidden within the
posted messages for jobs and contracts. Later we catch up with Arkiel at the bell-tower. After hearing of the hidden code he swears he will investigate and laments the facade his leadership truly is within Twilight House.

We tell him of Clacko and Arkiel tells us that some people call him 'Hungry Clacko', the ogre frequents the driftdowns and 'the black spot' and has unfriendly encounters with the Univ. of the White Wave. Arkiel then takes us to Clacko's residence where we discover a concealed door behind which we find a bland room perfect for teleporting into and out of without fear of being seen coming or going. Also in the room was a ocean depth cross-section under the old Kracken's Nest location complete with alien symbology.

Leaving the drow to his machinations the four of us fly down to the drift downs where Jaren crafts, Auge retrains, and Versel and Durg drop in on the Stormhaven Navy. The 'Admiral' said there was a lot of back and forth messages but most importantly they are restricted from approaching Stormhaven. The Navy-man also expressed concerns over a missing Naval vessel and he could use some help in the shipyard. Durg and Versel oblige with eight hours of doing the heavy lifting.

It was then Jaren surmised that the cargo of an average-sized shipping boat has a commerce value of 10,000 gold.

9 PM rest followed by some brotherly hoard building were Auge picked first.

We pickup next game session 6 AM Thursday with... Hall of Voices, School of the Winter Blade, Crafting, and looking for the lost Navy ship. Level 11 bitches!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Game Notes

After a minute or so of flight and preparation at about 200 feet out Jaren remembers seven combat rounds.
1. Close to 80 feet. Cast quickened true strike, and maximized empowered orb of force (93) dropa foe.
2. Still 80 feet out. Cast quickened true strike, and orb of force empowered with last of forge fiend component on janni. Janni goes invisible, area around me goes silent as two dudes on deck try to find me.
3. Move to within 50 feet, which puts me within the invisibility purge.Cast greater dimension door to land on deck.
4. Stunned by large area effect before my turn. Lose my actions and drop Rod of Blood. Sarosh takes his first action, teleports to me and secures my rod. I am quickly surrounded and attacked, as Sarosh is noticed and attacked by this superior janni.
5. Gr. dimension door away with Sarosh. Cast true strike and quickened orb of force on janni. Sarosh cures serious wounds, and moves away.
6. Gr. dimension door to 100 feet away, out of the effect of invisibility purge. Cast orb of force from the rod, but miss the janni without the true strike. Sarosh closes just enough to cure seriouswound Versel with his rod of reach. The janni is forced to turn invisible again.
7. Cast extended see invisibility; I see the janni closing in quickly on Auge and alert him of his location message spell. I also drink a heal potion.

There were various spells cast in preparation, as well as a menacing trident of flames over the ship that seemed to announce to the ship that ill intentions were about to be assaulting them.

I just wanted to put up a time line as I remembered it. I thought combat was 8 rounds, but this list follows what I remember, and all my spells and rescources used including the round lost to stun are accounted for.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hell and Glory

The clamor of combat and the lights this late hour roused the crew of the Sea Whore, a traveling brothel popular along the Stormhaven and Shipmoot trade route. The Sea Whore is a small, light ship capable of swift travel and when the need requires can dock with larger ships without encumbrance.

Madame Clothra, a dark-skinned woman from the eastern realms, has assembled a crew of promising men and women for exotic tastes for both distant and nearby shores. With a disarming beauty and searching, appraising eyes Clothra has a talent for finding latent talent in men and women alike- human or mixed race. It was a skill that would propel her in high society- she hoped.

Her most recent find was a young aasimar girl she called Gloria. It did not matter what the girl’s name was- whoever had the most coin would call her whatever they wanted. Gloria will be Madame Clothra’s ultimate tribute to the upside in Stormhaven and hopefully a place in Sunbow Mansion.
“There, me Lady is a battle like no other,” remarked Aashiq her sea-husband (one of many) as he pointed to the source of the sounds out away from Stormhaven. Several of Madame Clothra’s crew was topside now including her precious Gloria who watched in dumb-belief.

In the distance they could see flying beasts locked in deadly combat with a gilded galleon of lights and scores of men at arms. Their numbers far exceeded The Sea Whore by 3 to 1, Clothra shuttered- ‘pride goes before a fall’ she thought. It was always her fear that her prideful ambition would bring her close to a goal and that she would fall at its doorstep.

“Aye, but as you can see it’s not just the red terrors in the sky that concerns me, the other ships has magic as well flyers too,” he added we should be cautious and post additional sentries until we dock on Saturday.

“Look there’s something coming out of the water!” Gloria said.

In the distance, the sea split as a vortex of water and silt lashed out seeming in defense of the galleon. The sound it made was like a hurricane lashing whip-like across the sky.

“They have an elemental!” Aashiq said with a laugh now exquisitely intrigued.  

Madame Clothra looked to the aasimar called Gloria who was not looking at the battle beyond but at a point along the side of the Sea Whore.

Madame Clothra tried to call out but when she took breath water filled her lungs instead. She began to lurch and cough…everything seemed to move so slowly in her throes... the last thing she heard before drowning was...

“Gestas, Dysmas kill them all but save this one… this one is precious to me.” >>>

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Flashback: Parallels

Claudia Kelton sat comfortably, concealed in the darkness of night, listening to the conversation amongst a group of vagabonds approaching from town. It was after her third patrol of the forest surrounding the mysterious town when she came upon the highwaymen at this unusually late hour; apparently they were not awarded a quest they came for. They were not pleased, however there was certain camaraderie in the tone of the men she noted; it was the ease in which they each fell into familiar roles of palling, self-sustaining banter…

“Do you know what I’d like to do?”

“What?” came the unnecessary reply, there was expectance in the response as if some monuments declaration was about to be revealed.

“I’d like to go back to town and give that woman a piece of my mind. I happen to have a man’s perspective into their dilemma you know.” …

Hours had gone by since Claudia watched Elad Edals talk hisway past the town guards, militia who looked at least thirty years past their combat prime, and enter the town. Even now in the distance she could see the occasional guard walking the perimeter atop the town wall, her vision broken only by the flags and banners that hung and waved heralding the arrival of Midsummer.

She could see by the realm colors over the town that they had been transported somewhere in the Dalelands hundreds of miles east of Waterdeep. This town’s flag however: two staggered alabaster arcs on a slanted field of deep indigo on the upper left; and four diamond-shaped green ‘shields’ arranged geometrically on a field of crimson on the lower right; and a top-down silhouette of a black bird decorated its center. This town was unknown to her…

“The women of that place gave me chills- it was like they were hexed or something. I’m likely to have nightmares after all that.”

“Why would they turn down our bond? They’re looking for adventurers, aren’t we adventurers?!”

“They knew our intentions.” Said a third voice…

Earlier today she insisted on accompanying Elad Edals; going along to provide backup and the sheer logic of not spreading the company too thin; when in fact she was measuring Elad’s reaction- his reluctance. The Waterdeep spy reservedly agreed but he wagered having until morning light to investigate the town, gather information, and report back; she would have the perimeter, watch and listen for signs of danger, and return to camp with him in the morning.  

Elad bore watching these days Claudia mused; her unease in his recent change of personality was confirmed at his obvious reluctance. Truthfully she did not know much about Elad before the Time of Troubles; it was only their shared belief in the power behind the Samular Pantheon that accounted for any commonality. Nevertheless he must know that oath breakers are frowned upon by guilds and gods alike.  

The highwaymen were passing her now…

“By the Iron Hand! What do you mean they knew our intentions? We all know what to say, we practice this.”

“Somehow those women knew were going to defraud them out of the reward. I could see it in her countenance when we met. She knew we were going take what we could con out of them and move-on quest unfulfilled… we break our oath.”

“But how could they…?”

“It was likely a balancing divination or magical item, besides you didn't believe you were going to persuade those austere ladies in giving us an advance on the reward did you?”

“Damn! It has always worked before, we practice this!”

Claudia moved slowly behind the swindlers as they came upon a gentle rise, she allowed them to gain some distance in case she made any noise.

“I bet, by the Gypsy Lord, that the men of Tragidore became so sick of their frigid, creepy wives that they fled the Dale to appease their Lust.”
“No signs of struggle, no women had ever witness a disappearance… THAT is what happened to your husbands!! Now where is our reward?!”

This comment was met with laughter but it sounded nervous and forced somehow; it quickly subsided. Claudia watched as they descended the rise, their forms falling from view. She needed to get closer or lose sight of them but doing so she also took on the risk of being seen if not overheard.
“Still though, that town,” one of the men pointed back at the town, toward Claudia as they descended the slope. The voices grew ever more distant. “And did you see the way she looked at us? She had this weird stare…”

The rest of what was said was lost in the distance. Claudia broke from cover moving quickly for the top of the rise. Overhead the moon was bright in the sky; a great black bird passed briefly in front of the glow of the moon, its silhouette creating a brief cast of shadow. Claudia shifted back to cover and peered down the slope expecting to see the men.

What she saw instead was an empty path there was no trace of the highwaymen. There was only the road down the slope, she only lost sight for them for less than a minute; she should have been able to see them on the road. Silence hung loud in the air, it was impossible to track in the dark and she dared not use a light and risk being discovered. In her mind’s eye she imagined a huge female green dragon carrying away and devouring the men. 

Hours went by she hid and listened, and when she finally felt it safe to emerge from hiding the morning song birds had begun to perform and the town of Tragidore began to wake. It was Midsummer’s Eve.