Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Argyle Spitbeard’s Greatest Fear

Ten years, ten years of ships and searching, and Argyle Spitbeard’s greatest fear happens when he is on the doorstep of home guarding Carso’s ship.  The monsters attacked in the dark, half of their number invisible but revealed when entering his tainted brother’s magically purged area.  The battle was easily the most difficult and challenging in the year since they left Gravestone Island.  The battle was evenly met, the monsters red draconic creatures held at bay by their strength of number.  Finally the haze of battle broke and two of their number retreated . Argyle took this moment to survey the deck of the galleon and gauge the fight.  His eyes fell upon one of the draco-men, obviously weakened from the fight, the path between the two clear.  Argyle brought his great adamantine sword back behind his shoulders and charged forward, ready to put an end to his enemy and swing the momentum of the battle in the dwarves favor.  

The magic struck him from afar and for once the dwarf found himself unable to resist, so skilled and powerful was the casting.  A feeling of inertia swept through the dwarf, reality shifted and the strong secure feeling of the ship deck disappeared to be replaced by a sensation of falling.  The sharp cold water and smell of ocean assailed the plate mail clad warrior as he quickly sank into the deep, completely unaware of where the magic dropped him.  Argyle had long feared the sailor’s grave, his armor an anchor.  His brother, a priest of these waters, had always provided the blessings of his faith to overcome some of Argyle’s fears and weaknesses.  

Separated from his brother Argyle fought his rising panic as he sunk further into the ocean.  Knowing his armor would be his death, Argyle concentrated on his long difficult lessons and began removing the metal protection, a sad sacrifice of his family’s armor.  It was the removal of his helm, the last bit of armor that sealed Argyle’s fate, for as soon as the adamantine helm was gone the dwarf’s mind was assailed and invaded by something ancient…

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James Caruso said...

Dun... Dun... Duuuuuuuuuhh.... Very twilight zone of ya.