Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Game Notes

After a minute or so of flight and preparation at about 200 feet out Jaren remembers seven combat rounds.
1. Close to 80 feet. Cast quickened true strike, and maximized empowered orb of force (93) dropa foe.
2. Still 80 feet out. Cast quickened true strike, and orb of force empowered with last of forge fiend component on janni. Janni goes invisible, area around me goes silent as two dudes on deck try to find me.
3. Move to within 50 feet, which puts me within the invisibility purge.Cast greater dimension door to land on deck.
4. Stunned by large area effect before my turn. Lose my actions and drop Rod of Blood. Sarosh takes his first action, teleports to me and secures my rod. I am quickly surrounded and attacked, as Sarosh is noticed and attacked by this superior janni.
5. Gr. dimension door away with Sarosh. Cast true strike and quickened orb of force on janni. Sarosh cures serious wounds, and moves away.
6. Gr. dimension door to 100 feet away, out of the effect of invisibility purge. Cast orb of force from the rod, but miss the janni without the true strike. Sarosh closes just enough to cure seriouswound Versel with his rod of reach. The janni is forced to turn invisible again.
7. Cast extended see invisibility; I see the janni closing in quickly on Auge and alert him of his location message spell. I also drink a heal potion.

There were various spells cast in preparation, as well as a menacing trident of flames over the ship that seemed to announce to the ship that ill intentions were about to be assaulting them.

I just wanted to put up a time line as I remembered it. I thought combat was 8 rounds, but this list follows what I remember, and all my spells and rescources used including the round lost to stun are accounted for.

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