Thursday, February 20, 2014

Review (02/19/2014)

Our session begins with Versel receiving a series of messages from Kalaris. These messages are filled with a knowing parlance but also evasive in nature. Talk was made about a meeting at Rockhammer Square but it was finally dinner at the Cinder Block that was ultimately decided upon.

In the meantime Jaren is serenaded by thirty bards open and willing to accompany our brother as he works at refurbishing the docks. Offered up as tribute are six wagons, a six month supply, (10k gold) in brew and liquor supplies- netting Auge some great metamagic components.

Throughout the day several of us spend time examining the world map, finish retraining or crafting and . Versel however spends his day at the lifter’s guild whereby he arranges *free help to the lifters by way of students of the winter blade- to develop their strength disciplines and to alleviate the black log of goods that will be soon on their way.

Later that night at the Friday fights Durg notices there is no dwarves in attendance and olfactory evidence of illithids but no trace in the Cinder Block. The evening was a success featuring a battle of bards, boss fights, and the Vial and Flask sale-abration.

When Klares arrives we adjourn to our sanctuary were we can speak open. After what was likely a long conversation we/Versel theorize Klares was set up by someone who knew she had been present during the time-stop burglary and that person could have been Mishi’s granddaughter.

Klares was getting her jobs from Garvon in the VanFleetfamily. She has executed seven jobs to date with payments being laundered through the Money Changers guild. It was agreed that she move into the Cinder Block, we would introduce her to Arkiel, and we would accompany her to the Money Changers to collect on the rest of her payment (5k gold).

Before the night was over Pippen Toma makes good on his agreement to improve Jaren’s ring of aptitude. We agree to trade the five pairs of masterwork platinum rings in exchange for two magical rings. These turned out to be the coveted Rings of Sustenance, one of greed the other envy. Both granted truename benefits to its user.

Auge’s Ring of Sustenance (Greed): +d6 damage, +1 DC to breath weapon and undetectable when worn.
Jaren’s Ring of Sustenance (Envy):

That night we are visited by dreams that strongly suggest that mother was watching over us. Auge sleeps great while haters gonna hate.

Saturday brings much fan fair from ships at sea watching the miracle, Black Crownies gather in groups, and what seemed like every bard in town showed up to play along with Jaren’s lyre of building. The gesture brought to SONS untold popularity, prestige, and the ire of many from the old flotsam harborites. All told the performance lasted ten hours whereby seven new docks were created along with paved roads from those docks to the lifters.

As this is going on, in a gesture of good faith, Versel travels to Stormhold to offer first berthing to the Rockhammer dwarves to placate any misunderstandings only to find the estate has been on lock down since after the Hall of Voices by command of Palanas Rockhammer.

Next session picks up Sunday with a friendly visit to the Money Changers with Kalaris and Auge creating Arkiel's item


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James Caruso said...

Updated the 'offensive' link and replaced it with something I saw this week that left me Thunderstruck. Give it a watch you'll be impressed. :)

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I like the banging of the cello for percussion.