Friday, February 24, 2012

Becoming Bordane

Schhhhhhhiiiiiiiick... schhhhhhhhhhiiiick... Bordane rinsed the straight razor in the basin, the water had gone lukewarm by now. He looked into the mirror, studying his face in the silvered glass. His dark auburn hair had turn white after the last battle in Amphail, where he had been burned and dropped from a great height. That had resulted in his death. Through mysterious happenings, he was revived and returned to life with even more zeal. His hair had started growing back within the last week and a half. His face had become thinner, and if the mirror could be believed, was starting to become lined. The weak winter sun sent shafts of light into his darkened bedroom. Through them, in the mirror, Bordane watched Sim as he sat cross-legged on the floor, polishing his master's breastplate, making sure to get into the corners of the Samular device embossed in the steel.

There was a knock at his door. Over his shoulder, Bordane called out, "Come." The door was opened, and Lormo stepped in.

"The alchemist is in the entrance hall, with a package for you, Sai," Lormo quietly announced.

Bordane nodded, "I will see him there." He went to a chair and put on the robe that was draped over it. He then circled to where Sim was squatted and reached down to take the slave's leash.

Waiting in the entrance hall of the Samular manor, the wizened man nicknamed "Hues" shifted from foot to foot, idly examining the Agundar portraits that were hung on the walls. In his arms was a four foot long package wrapped in cloth. He turned at the sound of approaching steps, in time to see the youngest Agundar stalk downstairs, flanked on one side by Lormo, the ever correct manservant; and on the other, the foreigner named Sim, his neck encircled by a heavy leather collar and a leash that was clasped in Bordane's grasp.

"Sai Borda-" started Hues, then quickly stopping, realizing his error in speaking to a noble before being spoken to.

Raising an eyebrow, Bordane gazed at the little man, waiting a few moments as the man averted his eyes. "You have something for me?" spoke the Agundar.

"Yes, yes Sai. It's your sword, I have finished it," Hues announced, unwrapping the bundle and holding forth the blade. The hilt was wrapped in black leather, as was the sheathe. Adorning the scabbard were three diamond shaped studs down the length. Bordane reached out, grasped the hilt and drew forth the sword. He held the blade up, scrutinizing the sword closely.

"Forged of cold iron, I have been able to place an edge so keen, one could cut oneself simply by looking at it" said Hues, beaming with pride.

Bordane glanced at Lormo, who stared into a middle space. In a blink, Bordane broke into his sword forms. The Laughing Gentleman flowed into Parting the Silk, which became The Widow's Kiss. The blade sang through the air around the alchemist's form, first, then spinning to dance around the slave's body. The alchemist shrunk in on himself, stiffening, to present as small a target as possible. Sim, on the other hand, also gazed into nothingness, completely unfazed by whirling iron around him.

After five minutes of this, Bordane stopped, again holding up the blade before him, eyeing the edge. Hues looked expectantly. The young noble turned to the alchemist, "The blade appears sufficient, but only battle can tell truly. You have your payment, you may go."

Turning to the manservant, Bordane ordered that a puddle that had suddenly appeared at the feet of Hues to be cleaned up and headed for the stairs down, the slave obediently following.

Bordane stopped, half turned and said to Lormo before the butler was able to leave. "I shall be downstairs, practicing. Have word sent to Cherylynn, I'll have need of her... attentions."

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