Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mako's Invoice

Invoice (Almost 2 Years Old) don’t forget to mention Guild Fair Delivery Schedule

1. Cavian Seawillow: Power of signature with Aisley Hawkins Scribe

a. Pick up petals

b. Pick up trade agreement: BW

2. The Creeping Rose: Tamros

a. Show trade agreement

b. Get tattoo

3. Winter Blade: Ishitome Mishi 2 Deliveries 1 pickup

a. Don’t let Etrian Starkmore see you

b. Pickup is heavy

4. The Raging Seas: Stop in and see Ulf

5. Dragon’s Breath: Atavah Sunthrower

a. Increase Dust order

b. Try to get cigar samples

c. If I have time walk around a bit and see who else makes deliveries

6. House of Four Winds: Only deal with Obidiah

a. Pick up Salt agreement

b. Mention Truffles

7. Carnaval Day! See Lindal Thinskin

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