Sunday, February 28, 2010

Manthar Family

My father once explained it thus, "Respect those that act from purpose, distrust those that act from fear".  The Manthar family was not to be trusted, respected, or tolerated.  Its never been openly said but its understood that their destruction would be a matter of immense family pride.  It was only recently when Damien had some free time reading the records maintained by the Wand Family that he realized the truth of their mutual dislike.  Her name was Darien and if what Damian read is to be believed she was an albino drow wizard of considerable power.  Darien and her white lion familiar had traveled to Waterdeep seeking merc's that could be deployed in the underdark and realizing that Waterdeep would actaully have veterans of such forays.  Her offering for sufficent troops was 1 ton of a variety rare metals.

    To strengthen each families position Family Manthar and Agundar entered into an agreement to provide troops and share training, splitting the metals, sharing metal working knowledge gained, and sharing in the profits.  The Agundar family provided 100 Talos trained men, also training 100 of the Manthar troops.  At some point during the gathering and training of men, the Manthar family holdings outside waterdeep came under attack from a battalion of dwarves none to thrilled to learn of troops that would soon be provided to their enemy. 

    Damian discussed this information with his father when he was here and learned then that the Manthar family quickly broke from the agreement to appease the dwarves, gaining mining secrets from the dwarves along with sharing of their ore, thus become metal traders. Agundar was left with a broken deal and an angry wizard.  Father explained that his grandfather kept his word and provided the wizard with the 100 men and received a 1/4 of the rare metals offered.  Father claims that the wizard  Darien could very well still be alive since drow are so long lived.

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Crusades (Part One: Fall of the Ice Regent)

Three hundred and twenty years ago, in the city of Illusk (where Luskan now stands), the Winter Palace of Auril fell to the Knights of Samular ending a holy-crusade that lasted an entire winter. Led by Allisa, Paladin of the Mists; daughter of King Humas Samular. She and her fellow Knights set upon the temple and the treacherous Xanthom.

In earlier years, Xanthom was well known for her swordplay with her dual scimitars and her devotion to the lord of battles and of course the king. She of beautiful features and firm voice was but gullible and trusting; so when a vengeful young red dragon known as Crimson came to exact his reprisal, Xanthom became a pawn in that revenge.

Crimson’s plan was to destroy the Knights from within. He arrived at the conclusion that the beautiful Xanthom should acquire a Talisman of Ultimate Evil; forever changing her morals and alliances.

That summer, Xanthom fell from the grace of Tempus following a bitter betrayal of one of her fellow Knights. Tempus himself cursed her by causing her to grow extra useless, hideous extremities that even should they be severed; they would always regenerate. She became possessed with purpose and began her own campaign to obliterate all of Tempus’ followers, thereby destroying her former god.

She died in her temple’s ossuary, beaten and exhausted under Allisa’s holy blade with a dire curse on her lips: “May the Gods of Fury visit such a reckoning upon Samular and his linage… LIKE NONE EVER KNOWN!”

Pampered Traveler

On the south side of Waterdeep Way, just north of Mt. Waterdeep sits the Pampered Traveler and Mason Thorvald- proprietor and guildmaster of the Fellowship of Innkeepers. Located in the daily intrigue, night life and the social cut-and-thrust of the prestigious castle ward. Surrounded by notable locals like: the Singing Sword tavern, the House of Fine Carvers (guildhall of fine carvers!), and the Spires of the Morning (the North’s greatest Temple to Lathander) and the second of the six colossal stone golem guardians.

Mason acquired the Pampered Traveler almost three years ago from two savvy halfling brothers- Tessen and Rufus Thistlebee during a game of Watch-Me. Not only was Mason successful in winning the establishment from the Tessen and Rufus, but also their services for the next thousand days. (Save for the festivals) It was not long after Mason and his new “friends” ventured forth registered as the Kinship of the Stein and eventually his rise to the position of guild master the Fellowship of Innkeepers.

Until that time, and for roughly twenty years prior to that- Grazaria the Lonely, a repulsive female Green Dragon held the reigns of the once proud Fellowship of Innkeepers. Through puppet retainers, Grazaria was able to carry out her impulsive demands; it was a long dark chapter for the guild.

It was the Kinship of the Stein that ventured into the Ardeep Forest to end the evil hold of Grazaria the Lonely; who's head to this day, by the by, hangs over the hearth at the Pampered Traveler.

Pampered Traveler: Superior quality; per day stay is 4 gold or 5 gold which includes bottomless mugs.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rod of Terror

Made from Ironwood, a squat breed of iron hard trees found in most deserts, the rod is carefully wrapped in molted green scaled skin with a iron dragon head on the tip. A common arcane implement for adepts and wizards, it has the ability to instill dragon’s fear in an opponent whom falls under the gaze of the miniature dragon head.

Having no limit on its use; the rod was not created in the traditional way- its origins are credited to a dragon; Grazaria the Green. Her intention, it is believed, was to draw a mate; that the fear generated from the rod would attract the attention of eligible nearby males. Focusing all of her will into the rod, Grazaria created the Rod of Terror.

Overtime, its continuous use polluted the power and ever so slowly the rod began to bring about a deteriorating charismatic change in her. This only succeeded in defeating her purpose for the rod. Fortunately she didn’t suffer long in her mired existence as an ugly- hideous creature, bereft of her draconic grandeur; she was slain by a trio from Waterdeep called Kinship of the Stein.

(DM) The Rod of Terror is a 1st level Wand of Cause Fear with unlimited charges. There is a 20% chance of losing a point of Charisma with each use, however it can be used by anyone- even the zombie Fredric Jaradeth.

Group name

Hey guys- what do you think of the name The Samular Legacy?

Cult of the Dragon


I thought I was perfectly clear when we spoke at length last week. Retain and establish low-men gatherers- pickpockets if you prefer the term; and build up your private hoard. What you promise in return is up to you; however your hoard must be of a significant value to be noteworthy. Only then may you have the improbability of notice to say nothing of actual palaver. The Master of North Wind will pay you no heed and hold no palaver for individuals of inadequacy. My hoard grows stronger by the day as should yours.

I will now share with you what I’ve heard; there is some competition in bending his ear. It seems that the rumors are true- there is some ruin in the hills near the center of the Kryptgarden Forest. The evil there was palpable but always elusive- it seems now the entity named Sithel has come out of hiding and has agents in play. And I’m sure it has something to do with the news now surfacing out of Secomber.

So indulge me… Fifty years ago with the exodus of the Illithids; an alteration occurred in the continuity of magic. Their simultaneous- mass use of magic portals and transportation rituals was like a discordant strum on the notes that hold magic in tune. In fact, I surmise that the very anchors that hold the levels of all the planes in alignment have been stressed to the point that there are thin regions where worlds can bleed into ours. But you know how the subject fascinates me. Regardless of my theories; on thing is sure- reliable transportation magic is forever changed. Even the elves’ ‘ways’ is said to be perilous. Unless one can find a working portal- some relic of the magic from ages past; and that is what I believe the Brokengulf explorers have discovered in the High Moor.

But a portal to where? Such information would be a treasure of significant value; worthy of notice.

As for the creature Sithel, I’m sure racial prejudices have not waned in recent years. Events tells me the time to act is nigh. Meet me during Greengrass festival same place as before; where Heroes’ Walk.

For the Hoard!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Location Location

The Grand North Ward is where your families call home. In the echelons of Waterdeep society it would be safe to say that your families, (Cassalanter, Belabranta etc. included) are considered the middle-class of Nobility. The Sea Ward, for example is where the lofty Wands family reside- a change of address to this ward would also mean a step up in status.

Nobility in this case means that your family provides a vital service to the community, as such yours has been ennobled and given property- a residence in the city. Nobility does not mean leadership unless one of the masked lords is noble. Noble lordship 'buys' line-cutter status all but the most unique situations as well as the right to keep private arms-men. But what does that by you? Status in role-playing situations. In game terms to reflect wealthy family origins; when you gain a new level, your family will gift you with gold and items from your trust fund. Like when you gained first level.

When supposing who is the patron and or who is in power in your family is, differ to your parents first (like a chain of command). And this past post so that you get the feel for the power structure of the North Realms.

Maerklos: A smaller noble house than the edifices that surround it, however none as elaborate in adornment. Festooned with wards and idols to keep devilish interlopers at bay or add to the ambiance of its station. Indeed the house is a shiny bauble in the ward; this makes their frequent and diverse guests all that more welcome and comfortable. However during the evening hours the house takes on a more sinister appearance that borders on the supernatural. The visionary talents of the Maerklos clan is mostly employed by the more common folk of the city who are lost on their path; although every now and again someone comes to call from the Sea Ward.

Agundar: A modest representation of this mercenary-based brotherhood. The residence is structurally reinforced to withstand in-climate elements as well as an all out attack. Many times has this building be built upon adding rooms and exercise areas. A similar Agundar structure is located in Daggerford, Waterdeep's Military City. Under the stewardship of the church, the primary function of this family is the conversion of others to Talos- that all come to respect his unbiased fury. As well as professional warrior’s training with the bastard sword and the forging of said weapons. The Agundar clan in Waterdeep is a fraternity of sorts because it is more of a collective of Talos enthusiasts than blood relations. They were ennobled over two-hundred years ago.

Tarm: The Tarm stables and residences is located very near the North gate whereby travelers leave for locations abroad. Having a very 'old west' in appearance it has with it a welcoming charm. Firmly rooted in Waterdeep for over one-hundred years the Tarm family has been staunch supporters of Mielikki the Huntress (which keeps many warrior Tarms from the city) and the fair treatment and commerce of animals. Individual Tarms found in the city are often veterinarians, horse breeders or trainers. A group calling them selves the Kryptgarden Forest Keepers has charged themselves with campaigns in the North with hunting out and destroying beasts and followers of Malar, a duty they take great joy in.

Monday, February 22, 2010

"Presenting The________________________"

(As Tauron)
It was proposed by Damian that we register for our endeavors while we were filing such requests by others. That idea really struck me and the more I thought, the more I felt we are, as a group, set apart from the other talented classmates. In the Agundar men are loyalty, honor, and most of all action oriented and willing to get things done. Eva, I feel you are a portent of change, and I think you have a destiny to fulfill. I also think you will need a man of valor to defend the foes you will find. Together, I think we will will find good fortune on our side. Ive decided to offer we make a band or company together, each as dedicated to improving all partners position and wealth. Who's with me, and what shall we call ourselves?

Bylquore was a natural leader, founder of the Ophidian Company every job he took was a success. When a high ranking member of the church Helm had his pearls stolen the Ophidian Company was the obvious choice for the job. Bylquore tracked the thief into the sewers and ultimately undermountain. They were ambushed by a pack of wererats, and Ophidian Company was slaughtered. Bylquore was the only survivor; stricken with lycanthropy he wanders the halls of undermountain. He has found his disease to be advantageous and has organized and influenced many groups of underworld creatures. He now has a loosely formed but strong army and he revels in the power he holds over these creatures.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dungeon of the Crypt

Before humans came to dwell here, Mount Waterdeep was said to have been a dwarven citadel. The entire mountain is riddled with passages and tunnels which were occupied by dwarves, then drow, and finally, the mad archmage Halaster and his Seven apprentices. His subterranean empire is called Undermountain, and some insist he still walks its halls, tormenting all his visitors. An entire lawless city, Skullport, is also rumored to be down there somewhere. Both the Waterdeep sewers and the Dungeon of the Crypt (below North Ward, via the Gardens) are thought to link with Undermountain. Only one entry is known to exist, however, at Durnan’s Yawning Portal.

(Vannay) The Cult of the Dragon? Of course I’ve herd of them. Not so prevalent these days, however. These self-proclaimed Keepers of the Secret Hoard have not been seen or their presence felt in years. In the past they were known as a semi-religious group of introverted zealots that worship dragons, evil dragons in particular. I remember their network was especially powerful here in the North, where dragons are particularly abundant… I presume they acted as spies for their "masters", offering them riches as offerings for their master’s Hoard in return for positions of power. To their credit it was a viable system of patronage- indeed the cultists prospered, but that mattered little in the long lifespan of their evil conspirators.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Manual of Bodily Health

Followers Ilmater also share Greengrass as a day of celebration; rather than a day of relaxation and the resurgence of spring. Sacred Ilmater doctrine marks the day as the end of holy suffering and righteous endurance over the winter months. A consecrated tome, bearing the names of individuals who by choice was killed or visited great suffering rather than denounce their religion, is brought out by the clergy and paraded around the city. During which the names are spoken with reverence and new ones are added- each a canonized saint in the embrace of Ilmater. It is a solemn procession that- at the end of its trek through Waterdeep, results in a magical tome of health and well-being. The codex is then unselfishly gifted to the clergy of Tyr, Torm or Helm.

Legacy of Norsinnow

Norsinnow ‘of the withering touch’, devoted his life to studying and manipulating creatures of fell or magical origins and the combining of the two into new species. He ventures out every couple of years to collect subjects and materials needed for his vile rituals and spells. Many superstitions and folklore came about because of Norsinnow and his experiments. One such legend speaks of an undying herd of Dire-Horses of such ferocity and destruction that barbarians flee before it, land wilts in its wake and terror succumbs any who bears to look upon its ceaseless thundering might.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Palaver

The Palaver is held in Waterdeep castle- ‘the eld’ Piergeiron (The Paladin-son) plus six masked lords hold public forum.
  • Applicants and charters were processed to venture forth in the North.
  • The late spring thaw comes the Blinkstone Companions annual campaign into the North and their plea for capitol and charter. Mastock joins the Blinkstone Companions.
  • Amelior Amanitas, a mage of some measure from Secomber, to apply for charter for the formation of the Company of the Hippogriff to venture into the High Moor.
Once the assembly convened Sai Piergeiron wasted no time in regards to the missing Dezlentyr ships. Dexlentyr are the first ships to venture from port each trade season. The three missing ships means that hostilities between Luskan and Rauthym have resumed. Piergeiron calls for a draft for a cease of hostilites.
  • Vote to approve winter-time city guard personnel numbers. Only Piergerion knows the actual number of guards as a matter of security. 
  • Orders are passed down that if probable cause can be found; city watch is allowed to search all travelers and citizens for the citys gemstones. Investigation is on-going that one or more people are smuggling out fistfuls of gemstones (armor and weapon crystals) from the city mines. Witness testified that these gemstones have surfaced in Balder’s Gate, Luskan, and Mirabar so far.
  • Advisory Commissions were formed to argue the finer points of: The great horn peal that is herd throughout the North since the winter solstice and how to contain the shadow fey and fey wild tury war with minimal damage to city and people.
Aside from City/State upkeep- there were other individuals that held palaver.
  • Balazar the Terrible Agundar (and sons), announced that by church decree (Like stone tablets) issued by the church; from on-high, declare Talos is too god of all violent death.
  • Basilius Blackthorn, a middle-aged, respectable dealer in wood and the boat building trade- has made himself known as a spokesman for One-Thousand Trade Kings. The group claims to noble in its goals to ensure fair market trade and distribution of the ore known as mithril. 
  • The Waterbaron of Yartar, calls for reinforcements to keep the village and roads nearby safe from giants and trolls raiding out of the Evermoors. Forced south by the unusually harsh winter, trolls have besieged the walls of Yartar for three weeks without letup. 
  • Bronwyn Caradoon presents Everlund’s petition for the construction and maintenance of a true road along the Evermoor Way between Everlund and Yartar. There was a protest filed and the petition was called into commission.
Finally; the exiled cleric of Gond, Cortland Andrus, returns with little ceremony to present to his friend Piergeiron- twin clockwork pistols cast from his sword the "Sun-Cleaver".

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Fredric Jardeth of Waterdeep was born into service. He was a loose follower of Helm with lofty goals of paladin hood. However it was his shortcomings, to numerous to list that always seemed to start the conversations moving against him whenever he was considered for promotion. So when a position in the gardens opened with better pay he jumped at the opportunity. It was a lateral move in rank but he would prefer to guard the dead than deal with the sailors arriving late night on the docks.

His first night in the gardens he ran across some cultists. In his arrogance he attacked them alone without calling for backup. Another nearby patrol heard the combat but by the time they arrived only his blood and a few scraps of Fredric’s uniform remained. To this day no one has found any signs of his remains. Though some guards have sworn they could still hear his complaining on their patrols.

Random Cultist Items

Angel Statuette: This 24” tall statue of an angel is gold in color and handsomely crafted. Six red gemstones adorn the base of the statue (with an empty space for an seventh stone) and the wings are made of individual sheets of white metal that have been riveted to the angel’s back. The statuette is a representation of the angel of Zeal a domain of virtue. The statue is made of iron that has been plated in gold. The wings are crafted from thin mithril sheets and the gemstones are all perfect star rubies. Cursory examination estimates the value to be around: 2,600 gp (100 gp for gemstone, and 2,000 gp for statue).

Chest of Ancient Coins: A small, wooden chest with two dull metal locks and hinges made of the same material. The symbol of a snake is branded into the top of the chest. Opening the chest reveals a selection of 200 coins made of copper with electrum stamping of a crown on one side and a fist on the other and 40 silver coins with gold stamping of a lightning bolt on one side and an eye on the other.
The chest is common and the locks are average. The coins are hundreds of years old and the copper/electrum coins are “knights” while the silver/gold coins are “watchers.” Cursory examination estimates the value to be around: 575 gp, (15 gp for the chest, 2 gp for each knight, and 4 gp for each watcher.

Four Iron Keys: Four heavy metal keys on a metal ring. The keys are dirty and scratched. All four different: the first is double notched, the second is long and slender, the third is round and grooved and the fourth is flat and wide. If the locks that these keys work with could be found they would have actual value.

Knight’s Banner: A 36” tall, 18” wide banner designed specifically to be carried high at the front of the Parade of Champions before the Great Steaks race as well as to be hung in at the castle banquet hall, this banner is red and blue with an ancient religious symbol embroidered into it with gold-colored thread. The symbol is that of a long-dead deity. Cursory examination estimates the value to be around: 400 gp.

Masterwork Climber’s Kit: This is a climber’s kit in a fine leather pouch. After study it’s obvious that this kit is superior to standard climber’s kits. The various metal components are crafted from mithril while the leather of the pouch, gloves, and harness are all of supreme quality. This kit grants a +4 circumstance bonus to Athletics checks when attempting to climb. Cursory examination estimates the value to be around: 1,300 gp (80 gp for the climber’s kit, 20 gp for the fine leather pouch, and 1,200 gp worth of mithril).

Ornamental Goblet: A 12” tall, heavy metal goblet, with four black stones at each corner the ‘square’ lip. It’s finely crafted and an obvious art piece. The goblet is manufactured of silver and the four stones are onyx. Cursory examination estimates the value to be around: 255 gp (15 gp for the silver goblet, and 60 gp each onyx stone). The metal is old and tainted.

Platinum Hammer (holy symbol?): A shining hammer, polished metal that gleams in the sun. The handle is manufactured of the same material but is cove red in hundreds of tiny glittering stones, almost more like a fine powder than actual stones. Exquisite mountain runes and scroll works of rolling hills are carved into each side of the hammer’s head giving it an earthly design. The hammer is constructed of solid platinum and the glittering stones are finely crushed diamonds that have been mounted to the handle. The fine artistry on the head of the hammer also adds a little value to the ceremonial implement. Cursory examination estimates the value to be around: 40 gp

Skull Bowl: Made of a human skull, this bowl leaks slightly when used and has to employed from a certain side. The inside of the skull is stained with a dark, black color while the outside has been bleached white.

Spider’s Web Lantern: A polished metal lantern in the shape of a spider’s web. It is designed more like a torch than a lantern and the light projected from it is not shielded in any way. The metal of the lantern is silvercoated steel. The true value of this lantern comes from the beautiful artistry of the web. Cursory examination estimates the value to be around: 130 gp.

Superior Metal Chain: A 50 ft. length of metal chain. This masterwork chain is constructed of a mixture of steel and mithril. This chain has a hardness of 15 and 30 hit points and can only be broken with a Strength check (DC 35+). Cursory examination estimates the value to be around: 3,000 gp.

8300 total gold value

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We picked the evening up in the mausoleum, having just figured out the properties of our parcels. We emerged to the voices of our classmates , where they were also being presented with parcels, matched pairs like ours. They were presented to them by undead beings like those that led us to the Hall Of Heroes. Some recovered from their shock very quickly and showed talent with their gifts, namely Briar and Chadwick. We then spotted a man in the trees watching us, and it turned out to be the horse breeder we took our mounts from. The man is an Ilzimmer, my houses greatest rival. However, the courser is without compare, and his bloodstock will benefit our stables. In return for the stallion, I have agreed to race him in the Great stakes race. As commented by my brother, this will go over somewhat roughly with my father.

We travelled as a group to the haberdashery, Briar astride my newly won animal companion, Rusher, the rest of us walking. We saw a group of street thugs casing the haberdashery, and Eden became very emotional and described a rape perpetrated by this very bunch. We calmed everybody down, and split into two groups. The PCs along with Briar attacked the toughs, while the others secured the business. Though our cause was righteous, our anger got the best of us and two of the rapists were killed. Two got away, but one was subdued and forced to talk before I got back with the guard. The shop was secure, guarded by Edens father. He said he saw the gang members and didn't want to leave with them watching. As I was searching for a watchman my horse had discovered a pile of walnut shells where we staged our attack. We tracked them and they led to a dwarf speaking to 2 halflings. I introduced myself, made some inane small talk about "trouble with some street toughs" and left to bring a guard and justicar to the crime scene. Our captive told us the gang were agents of the Cult of the Dragon, and he was not a member. He claimed they were hired only hours ago by a dwarf ( yes, that dwarf) and they were to report any activity and tell him what happened. The two that got away were named as Darmom and Urid. The Cult made its lair in the Dungeon of the Crypt (entered by the sewers). The dwarf approached them in the Pampered Traveller. The prisoner was not involved in the rape, and eventually led away by the guard, and the investigator was satisfied that we were without guilt in the killing of the two rapists. We then decide to go see this dwarf at this bar. We thought we found him and his henchmen in a dark alley by the Pampered Traveller, but the joke was on us, as it turns out he is the owner of the inn, and a Guildmaster. His name is Mason Thorvald, and he claims to have noble intentions of safe guarding the wonders of Gond. He claimed to have no knowledge of their connections to the cult, and basically said he hired them to give them a job and minimize their damage.

That is all I remember of the meeting in the Inn and my notes are somewhat thin, so any one feel free to add or post notes. I do remember Damian shamelessly taking 3 more silver pieces than any one else got, but his brother explained to us that that was the behavior we should come to expect.


Ok guys, here's the score, I know those two skallywags Darat and Truemenhorn are looking to improve their station in life.  They don't know it exactly but what they are looking for is respect, a name.  I want to give them that opportunity.  We can't be everywhere at once, if they don't do a good job, they get no respect.  They do a good job, our families look like we got things under control.  I'm going to offer them the chance to guard the habidashery.  They get good at that and we've got plenty of other local interests.  The other benefit is that people will have a hard time connecting them with us, so they may end up seeing more than our enemies would want us to see. 

We need to track down those other two scum bags and punish them.  You cross one of ours, you won't know when its coming, but we will strike like lightning.  Hell they are practically begging for it, they reside in an area where the law can't protect them either.  These two are more than just criminals, their faith threatens our interests.  By bringing them to justice we will serve more needs than pure vengence but I admit until we do I will struggle to raise my eyes to Eden's.  Had I known before today I would have sought them out and put them down.

I also plan to focus my weaponary studies on this new Glaive.  Eventually, with a 10 foot reach, I can get quite vicious with trips and disarming, a skill which would be helpful in a civil society such as Waterdeep, since I could humble without greatly wounding or worse.  I must admit our recent battle has wet my appetite and I know where enemies lay that we may fell!.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Sword and Shield

Each Watch patrol has a minor officer (the armar; sergeant) and its commander (the civilar; lieutenant or captain), who both answer to the commander at their guardpost (senior civilar). There are several guardposts in each ward. Senior civilars report to the captains in their ward, the ward civilars. The seven ward civilars report directly to the grand civilar who is equal in authority with Mage Civilar and Senior Armsmaster.

The watch undertakes daily and nightly patrols in Waterdeep, making sure all is in order. They can use lethal force against opponents, but as a rule do not. Watch officers who must kill in the line of duty are never charged, nor held financially responsible, for the deaths they bring about. An officer who kills often without clear cause will be dismissed. Any on-duty member of the Watch may, unless specifically forbidden by a Lord, enter any building or area in the city without hindrance or warning, and search any person, place or container at will.

The Watch also provides services such as finding a lost child, providing directions or basic medical aid, refereeing gambling disputes or helping right an overturned cart. All The uniform is black leather worn over gold chainmail, with green tabards and cloaks. The seal of the Lords of Waterdeep is either embroidered over the left breast of the tabard or worn as a metal cloak clasp, off-center over the left breast. The weapons of the Watch are dagger, short sword and rod. The Watch has access to the Guard armories in the Castle, Palace and wall-towers.

A Waterdhavian Guard is a soldier of the army of Waterdeep, dedicating his service to defending the Lords, people and property of Waterdeep. City guards, no matter what rank or type of duty, are warriors, fighters, or paladins. The Guard stands ready at all times to supplement the Watch in all matters, helping keep order within the city. They man the walls and watchtowers, the catapults, the jails and the gates of the city (a joint post with the Watch.) People can join the Guard after thorough physical and mental examinations, and initially enlist for two years, after which time they may resign their commission or stay for an additional two-year period. Guard uniforms are silver scale mail covered by a black tabard and cloak with gold trim and the gold Seal of Waterdeep on their chests. The size of the Guard is known only to Sai Piergeiron and possibly the Lords. Officers uniforms are the same as those of the regular guardsmen, with the addition of a badge of rank.

The Guard's Air Corps of griffin riders provide the city's aerial defense, while the mariners of the Guard's Naval Brigade keep watch on the harbor's islands and towers, man the raker fleet and coordinate anti-smuggling patrols. Both otherwise correspond to the description above.

Teamwork Feats

I will print these out for next week but here they are pasted from the PDF.

Teamwork feats grant large bonuses, but they only function under specific circumstances. In most cases, these feats require an ally who also possesses the feat to be positioned carefully on the battlefield. Teamwork feats
provide no bonus if the listed conditions are not met. Note that allies who are paralyzed, stunned, unconscious, or otherwise unable to act do not count for the purposes of these feats.

Allied Spellcaster (Teamwork)
With the aid of an ally, you are skilled at piercing the protections of other creatures with your spells.
Prerequisites: Caster level 1st.
Benefit: Whenever you are adjacent to an ally who also has this feat, you receive a +2 bonus on level checks made to overcome spell resistance. If your ally has the same spell prepared (or known with a slot available if they are spontaneous spellcasters), this bonus increases to +4 and you receive a +1 bonus to the caster level for all level dependent variables, such as duration, range, and effect.

Coordinated Defense ( Combat, Teamwork)
You are adept at working with allies to avoid being tripped, grappled, and subjected to other maneuvers.
Benefit: Whenever you are adjacent to an ally who also has this feat, you receive a +2 competence bonus to your Combat Maneuver Defense. This bonus increases to +4 if the creature attempting the maneuver is larger than both you and your ally.

Coordinated Maneuvers ( Combat, Teamwork)
You are skilled at working with your allies to perform dangerous combat maneuvers.
Benefit: Whenever you are adjacent to an ally who also has this feat, you receive a +2 competence bonus on all combat maneuver checks. This bonus increases to +4 when attempting to break free from a grapple

Duck and Cover (Teamwork)
Your allies assist you in avoiding certain attacks.
Benefit: Whenever you are adjacent to an ally who also has this feat, and both of you are required to make a Reflex saving throw against a spell or effect, you may take the result of your die roll or that of your ally (your modifiers still apply to the roll, regardless of which result you take). If you take your ally’s result, you are knocked prone (or staggered on your next turn, if you are already prone or cannot be knocked prone). In addition, you receive a +2 cover bonus to your AC against ranged attacks as long as your ally is wielding a shield.

Lookout (Combat,Teamwork)
Your allies help you avoid being surprised.
Benefit: Whenever you are adjacent to an ally who also has this feat, you may act in the surprise round as long as your ally would normally be able to act in the surprise round. If you would normally be denied the ability to act in the surprise round, your initiative is equal to your initiative roll or the roll of your ally – 1, whichever is lower. If both you and your ally would be able to act in the surprise round without the aid of this feat, you may take both a standard and a move action (or a full-round action) during the surprise round.

Outflank (Combat,Teamwork)
Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +4.
Benefit: Whenever you and an ally who also has this feat are flanking the same creature, your flanking bonus on attack rolls increases to +4. In addition, whenever you score a critical hit against the flanked creature, it
provokes an attack of opportunity from your ally.

Paired Opportunists (Combat,Teamwork)
You know how to make an enemy pay for lax defenses.
Benefit: Whenever you are adjacent to an ally who also has this feat, you receive a +4 circumstance bonus on attacks of opportunity against creatures that you both threaten. Enemies that provoke attacks of opportunity from your ally also provoke attacks of opportunity from you so long as you threaten them (even if the situation or an ability would normally deny you the attack of opportunity). This does not allow you to take more than one attack of opportunity against a creature for a given action.

Precise Strike (Combat,Teamwork)
You are skilled at striking where it counts, as long as an ally distracts your foe.
Prerequisites: Dex 13, base attack bonus +1.
Benefit: Whenever you and an ally who also has this feat are flanking the same the creature, you deal an additional 1d6 points of precision damage with each successful melee attack. This bonus damage stacks with
other sources of precision damage, such as sneak attack. This bonus damage is not multiplied on a critical hit.

Shield Wall (Combat,Teamwork)
You are skilled at working together with those around you for protection.
Prerequisites: Shield Proficiency.
Benefit: Whenever you are wielding a shield and are adjacent to an ally who also has this feat, the AC bonus
from your shield increases, depending on the shield wielded by your ally. If your ally is wielding a buckler or a
light shield, your shield bonus increases by +1. If your ally is wielding a heavy shield or a tower shield, your shield bonus increases by +2. You keep these bonuses even if your ally loses his shield bonus due to making a shield bash attack. If an adjacent ally with this feat uses a tower shield to grant total cover, you also benefit if an attack targeting you passes through the edge of the shield (see page 153 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook).

Shielded Caster (Teamwork)
Your allies are skilled at covering for you while you cast complicated spells.
Benefit: Whenever you are adjacent to an ally who also has this feat, you receive a +4 bonus on concentration checks. If your ally is wielding a buckler or a light shield, this bonus increases by +1. If you ally is wielding a heavy shield or a tower shield, this bonus increases by +2. Finally, if an enemy that is threatening you and your ally has the Disruptive feat, or another ability that increases the DC of concentration checks, the amount of the increase is halved.

Swap Places Combat,Tactical)
You are skilled at changing places with your ally during a chaotic melee.
Benefit: Whenever you are adjacent to an ally who also has this feat, you can move into your ally’s square as part of a normal movement (including a 5-foot step). At the same time, your ally moves into your previous  space. Both you and your ally must be willing and able to move to take advantage of this feat. Your ally must be the same size as you to utilize this feat. Your ally does not provoke an attack of opportunity from this  movement, but you provoke as normal. This movement does not count against your ally’s movement on his next turn.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

And the Lord visited Sarah, as he said he would, and Sarah conceived and bore Abraham a son after all those years.

And it came to pass that God said to Abraham "Take your son, your only son Isaac, into the land of Moriah and offer him to me as burnt sacrifice"

And they came to the place which had been told by God, where Abraham built an altar and laid out the ceremonial firewood. Then as God commanded, he tied up his only son Isaac and laid him upon the altar. Just then an angel spoke "Stay your hand, good father. The Lord God is pleased to know his servant would hold not even his dearest love , his only son, the son promised him of God."
Then God spoke to Abraham, and promised great tidings and providence for all his seed, and theirs beyond, and theirs beyond. Thus was Isreal and his children born.

"Come in brother, sit down."

The young man had never worked a job before, but he could ride a horse, and wasn't short on gumption. At sixteen he shouldn't be supporting six brothers and sisters, but he was and he needed money.

" A lot of questions are hard, and some are tricky, but Family over Faith? I think I can help you there.

Tauron offered the lad a chair in the stable office. The caravan was due to leave tomorrow and they were a few riders short of comfortable. If he could hire a good man, it would show his administration skills off to his father.

"You see, I have always offered my prayers to Tymora, the Lady of Luck. Now many, including the good Father in service to Helm, dismiss Her, saying she is fickle, or undependable, or taken to fancy. But these are the words of an impatient man, to shortsighted to let the game play out. That kindly shepherd would implore you to stay home, haul chamber pot water for copper to struggle to feed your orphaned brethren and ensure their survival. However, that advice does not ever provide a chance to succeed for your family. His claim that " one stroke of bad luck on the road and your orphaned young are without a protector" does not include the fact that "bad luck" is every bit as rare as "good luck", and in fact the two are exactly the same damn thing!"

The boy looked surprised at that thought.

"Nobody should be ruled a belief that stifles your families growth and success. Myself, I seek the Favor of Tymora. I'll be honest , I seek to add to the fortunes of my family, which I share with my brothers. But that means I have to seek out opportunity, and I'm not the only one doing that. There are many others competing for every gold crown I wish to earn. Sometimes my competition will execute an excellent plan to great success, even at my expense. It would be easy to call that loss my "bad luck", or my competitors "good luck", but both are wrongly named so.It is true that a good plan allowed the winners to take advantage the luck the is always present at any conflict or competition { there is always a +2 bonus on the table}."

"Now we make it a habit to always be prepared to guard our caravans and you can be part of that. We always pay a sign on bonus, and you would get that before we leave, You could buy those kids a month of food and firewood before you even left."

"Make your luck work for your family"

On the 5th day out, the boy took a bandit's arrow thru his eye while sword-fighting with two other bandits trying to steal horse on a midnight raid. The thieves were turned away. Some of the older guards said they had never seen such a display of young valor.

When the message was delivered, the eldest sister, only 14 , showed the same steely courage of her dead brother and said " I will take care of these others now."
"Of course you will dear." The older woman smiled with motherly eyes. "But you will do so at my manor, and become part of the household. Your valiant brother was very brave, and his honor demands nothing less."

Years later they would all somberly toast their brother and his noble sacrifice every holiday, thankful for their well paid appointments as servants of minor nobility.

Keep your faith, and it will provide for you and your Family


The wild dogs of Waterdeep are an ever present menace, and many citizens fear the packs that roam the streets at night. They are like any other dogs though, and with the proper patience they turn easily to their domestic roots. Take my dog Torm, for example. I rescued him from the street pack when he was very young, and I myself was only 16 years of age. Born into a wild pack in Waterdeep, he was injured as a pup and left behind. I found him in the morning, and as I nursed he and his broken leg back to health, the pack loyalty he had learned was transferred to me and my trusted mules. Also, I think his wild beginnings have made him a little quicker and stronger than he would have otherwise been. I have taught him the following tricks: come, attack, defend, down, fetch, and track 
While it is true that I have always loved horses and dogs, I am now very keen on acquiring a hunting eagle or hawk. I would like to train it to hunt rabbits and squirrels and bring them to me. I think it would also serve me well to study the movements and graces of a birds wings. That knowledge may well save my life the first time I am carried aloft by a BellaBrunta griffon.

Tauron Tarm

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Rapier

Originating in Spain in the 1500's when a new fighting style (fencing) became vogue, the rapier was thrust into the European spotlight. One of the hardest swords to master because of it's long, thin, almost needle-like blade, the sword had little military use. It soon became known as the "sword of civilians with standing". Unlike earlier forms of combat, where a single good cut would end the fight, a rapier thrust is not immediately disabling and combat often resulted in both parties taking injuries. Due to the gun shot-like wound and primitive medicine of the time, death frequently occurred from blood loss or infection, hours or days later, rather than immediately from the actual wounds.
Contrary to popular belief, rapier combat was not a gentleman's affair. Kicks and punches were common and it frequently ended in grappling with both combatants drawing their daggers and stabbing each other to death. Historically, rapiers were often used in combination with a buckler or a dagger in the off hand. These bucklers often feature a prominent spike and come in a wider variety of shapes than the older bucklers used with a single-handed sword.
Despite this, I will gladly use the fan-shaped shield!!

Engraved on the Seaside Colossus

The strength to resist the night
The strength to endure the day
The strength to keep righteous paths in sight
The strength to take them without delay

The strength to find a purpose in life
The strength to find the truths it brings
The strength to kick away from strife
The strength to stabilize the rock it clings

The strength to light a friend’s day up
The strength to resist wrathful foes
The strength to fill a stranger’s dry cup
The strength to shun sin when it opposed

The strength to understand that xxx xxxx
xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx
xxx strength will continue to reign

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rumors from a cousin in Secomber

Recently, a wild weatherbeaten half elf returned from the High Moor frostbitten but carrying proof of some valuable discovery.  Several recovery teams have gathered in Secomber preparing to head into the High Moor.  Some city locals are beginning to think there is a race to get to what ever was discovered, first. Merchants have mentioned a high demand for polearms and  cold iron weapons. 


Greengrass is the official beginning of spring and the end of winter, a day of relaxation. Flowers that have been carefully grown in the inner rooms of the keeps and temples during the winter are blessed and cast out upon the snow to be trampled on, to bring rich fertile growth in the season ahead.

To mark the day each year the Ilzimmer family holds the Great Stakes race. Leading up to this are actually a number of little races that last about a two weeks and culminate in the Great Stakes; a great horse race that spans the city streets of Waterdeep. The Great Stakes is the social event of the season for nobility, featuring not only the parade of champions (the 12 horses, riders, and owners), but also the Equestrian Ball (where the guests wear horse masks over their faces and attach horse tails to their belts).

Then there is Durnan’s Delve. For a nominal fee brave warriors or foolhardy explorers can be lowered into the undermountain and endure a twelve-hour survival and hunt. Preceding this are various contests of strength, of wit and of ale consumption.

In the Gladiatorial Field of Triumph- fearsome monstrous acquisitions from over the winter are pitted against any who would know Valor and Victory. Battling the winter beasts, such as the yeti, symbolizes the prevailing over winter. Men who survive are considered prime husband candidates by certain female social circles.

Women are not without activities; there are bake sales, jewelry parties their blah blah blah…

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gavin & Hextor’s Haberdashery

Haberdashers Gavin and Hextor sells small articles for tailoring and leatherworking, such as buttons, threads, and leather goods. This popular Castle Ward men's outfitter also professes a small smithy and a tanner on sight. It is here that Eve, Tauron, Damian and Bordane; all at one time or another learned hands-on rudimentary metalworking and leather working skills. Primarily for your own access to fine textiles and equipment while making a few coin- not to mention the skill training.

Within the past ten-day (two-weeks); a small group of burglars have come to target blacksmiths in the Castle Ward. Boren says the talk is that these are common vandals making off with a quick dagger or knife, but he admits that he doesn't know that much about it. It is the suspicion of Gavin and Hextor however, that these rogues were after something: Craftsmen's Implements! Only five sets of these exotic master-work implements are known to exist, they are said to have been gifts to five unknown artificers, from a Priest of Gond "Lord of All Smiths" before his exile from the city. 

Monday, February 1, 2010

Eva Maerklos Origins part 3 (final)

Mackenzie revered Paladin of Tyr, sanctified the gates to the gardens. In years past the Moonfest Festival saw increased activity in the city of the dead and he vowed this year would be different. Having recently exterminated a cult worshiping Myrkul he felt confident the hardest part of the evenings task was behind him. Normally his presence eased the minds of the guardsmen he patrolled with, but this night was different. The ward captain Boren seemed especially nervous. He knew something, Mack could feel it but would gain no favor buy bulling it out of him. As the night wore on Mack felt the tension grow, with every group of revelers chased away from the gates Boren and his men grew more anxious. It was like they had been tipped off about an event they could do nothing about.

All at once half a dozen zombies appeared down the street and set upon a group of revelers. Mack and half the patrol rushed down to handle the horde while Boren and some men stayed behind. No match for the paladin he raised his sword aloft and uttered a prayer to Tyr destroying all the undead with a single word. Confident he turned back to the gate to enjoy the envious stares of the remaining guardsmen. As he looked back Mack could not believe what he was witnessing. The guards’ heads bowed to a single human child. No more than 13 yrs of age she approached the gates with no hesitation.
She embraced Boren, gave him a quick peck on the cheek, and entered unhindered through the gate. Mackenzie rubbed his keen elven eyes surely this was a trick. He rushed over to the gate only to see the faint outline of the girl disappear into the gardens.

You are best to forget what you saw Boren said to Mack as he turned his attention back to the revelers. Still in shock all Mack could say was who? Eva Maerklos Boren chimed in quickly she plays here some nights and never misses a Moonfest, it’s also her 12th birthday. You cannot let a helpless child wonder the graveyard alone at night Mack shouted. As he turned and ran off into the darkness he could her Boren say something about not listening and arrogance but what that had to do with the girl Mack could only speculate.

Mack entered the clearing where the faint glow was originating. He could see Eva encapsulated by an eerie mist, singing aloud from a song book . While the language she spoke was not of this world it flowed from her as if it were her native tongue. Mack could sense the presence of evil from the clearing confident it was not the girl he waited for the fiend to show himself. Then the mist began to shift, forming into a vaguely humanoid shape. Mack lept into action, determined to slay the demon that had ensorcelled the child he drove his blade feverishly into the mist. Shouting prayers to Tyr he brought his full might down upon his foe summoning forth all the power is deity would bestow.

Mackenzie had been in many battles, felt the sting of a sharp blade, the force of slamming hammer, and the magic of ancient evils to horrifying to mention. The pain he felt was like no other dropping him to his knees. Leaving him defenseless as the innocent child he failed to protect all he could do was wait for the final blow. The blood welling up in his eyes clouded his vision, he could barley make out the form of the child standing over his helpless form. He could hear her, softly speaking into the darkness asking for mercy it is not his time is the last words he heard as he faded into unconsciousness.

As Mackenzie opened his eyes the morning sun was blinding. The dark shadow of Boren sat next to him on the ground. The healers are on the way Boren said, though I fear your eyes might be lost. Mack smiled, if that is the will of the gods so be it. At least I am alive thanks to her, is she here? No, she always goes home before dawn, doesn’t want to be late for school.

View from the top. Review

Evening started out at Castle Waterdeep during the walkthrough for the wedding. Vannay Brokengulf informed my brother that he had spoken to the Wand family and offered us as pages during Palaver(conference, discussion or long parley). My brother wasn't too enthused, Damian saw it as a good oportunity. While on break from the walkthrough, I was approched by Darat and Truemenhorn, the two skallywaggss who had been watching the Blinkstone companions so dilligently. Darat was the talker of the two and spoke to me over a drink about his desire to make a name for himself like the Blinkstone Companions had. He was quite upset that he would never be accepted by them. I encouraged Darat to try his luck with my family and our faith and to secure his name with us. He wanted to think it over but seemed enthused.

As my cup emptied, my brother informed us that he had discovered a hidden passage in his wanderings of the castle. Since we were all tired of decorum and wedding things we agreed to go view this hidden passage. Bordane led us through the castle to a sub level that serves as a stable. At the rear of the stable is a set of spiral stairs that we heard voices on when we approched. Listening to the voices, we heard someone say to Vote Yes when something was brought up for vote at the Palaver. We then heard another voice, repeat in monotone to vote yes at the palaver. Damian decided he wanted to see who was on the stair. Climbing the stair he only found one individual but noticed a magical taint in the area that he chalked up to invisibility. Following the individual he finally saw his face and realized it was a member of the Wand family, as yet unsure whom exactly.

Bordane then led us up the stairs and further into the castle. We entered an anonomous bed chamber where Bordane pointed out the hidden passage. Damian of course saw it easily but the others struggled to see it till Bordane and I passed through. We found a strange passage with some rungs leading up. What was strange was if you viewed the castle from outside, it would seem there is no where "up" to go, no structure exists there. Damian boldly stepped forward and began his climb. Shortly after a few feet of climbing, something strange happened and he began to fall...UP! He soon got his bearings and landed near another door. A comment about the "doors", they weren't normal doors but basically box tops that were placed over the entry from the other sides. Damian warned the others of the strange fall up. Bordane attached a rope to the bed we moved and entered the passage, he too soon fell up, unfortunately banging his head against the strange passage the entire way. Once Bordane caught up with Damian, Damian slid the door to the side, entering into a strange room where he ran into a HUGE GIANT SNAKE WITH FEROCIOUS FANGS. Damian screamed warn the others of course, then dove back into the passage. After some light was procured the snake was revealed to be a statue. Soon we all found ourselves in the room. We wondered if we were still in the castle or if we had been transported somewhere else. Eva and Bordane found a large curtain and opened it where we discovered we were still in Castle Waterdeep, albeit high above in an invisible portion of the castle. The moonlight that washed over the room revealed much of the chamber to be filled with statues of a variety of fey creatures...who began moving as soon as the moonlight struck them!

Most of the fey creatures, quickly dissappeared out of the chamber either through the window or the passage we entered from. They moved incredibly fast. A unique kind of fey creature did not immediately flee. Identified to us as "Redcaps" these dark little fey are dressed in bloody rags and have sharp violent teeth. One of them leapt up, ripping flesh from Damian's neck. As the chaos erupted Eva wisely began closing the draperies, preventing additional creatures from being formed. Two of the three redcaps were killed, one in this chamber by Bordane, another in the passage, caught by Damian. Both of these creatures were beheaded. Damian realized at this point with the number of things knocked over and "missing" statues that whoever maintained this chamber would think they had been burgled. Not wanting to be thought of as a thief, Damian wrote a note at the deske in the chamber, explaining, without identifying himself or others, that they had fallen under some charm that they now think was a fey charm, and it lead them to this chamber, once the moonlight struck we were freed from our charm but unfortunately some of the fey creatures had escaped.

The party then returned to the passage and after Damian dealt with some difficulties finally climbed there way back to the bedroom below. Bordane spotted the remaining red cap, who was muttering TOW AR, TOW AR. Bordane chased after the creature, catching up to him in a hall, and slicing him down with his sword, hiding the creature behind a red drape. The party returned to the wedding walk through, finding everyone still on break. Vannay upon seeing us, introduced Damian to Raine Wands, the chief counselor of the Wand Family. I explained to Raine that I understood he needed some help, Vannay had mentioned our paging for him. Damian then enquired as to what skills would make for a good page, explaining that he knew discretion was of course expected. Raine was pleased by this and discussed a few other "page" issues. Damian put his mind at ease, then brought up that he "thought" he had seen him earlier tonight on the back stair. Raine claimed that he is NEVER back there and does not use that stairway. He didn't seem to be just denying it, he seemed to truly not recall or believe himself to have been back there. This caused us to suspect that he is either charmed or there is someone here using magic to appear as the chief counsel. Needless to say we will have to pay close attention. We met with our Uncle and told him of some of these issues as well as mentioning a desire to go to the city of the dead. He admonished us to stay out of trouble, with a twinkle in his eye that said he knew we ARE trouble and would surely find it.