Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mission Complete?

(Jessie) As I visit the Madam President, who seems to be resting comfortably; I wonder at the perils she must have endured. What of the other world leaders?

Furthermore, how will these events shape our future as a nation and as a world. What role will Metas have in the struggles to come?

Only time will tell...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Operation: Pink Floyd

(Jessie) An assault on the moon is a serious operation and thus I’d like a chance to plan the attack. With the details we have from Job Criger- the inside man, Samanth Turrin- the machine’s most perfect creation and Danette Bayman- the former prisoner; we can accomplish our objective and effectively remove The

Mukai from ever being a danger to humanity again.

Past scenarios aside, we have the intel and with a little extra effort; I believe I can devise a plan to give us a slight edge, even if it is for a brief time.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

One step closer


Edmund Burke said it best in 1795:

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Major Jessie Ralston (Field Report: November 1, 1967)

(Jessie) Leaving Phil behind with our new female companion (former Mukai inmate) and the two Scientists; Donald Glazer and Louis Alvzrez, we traveled to Chicago the next day to investigate the disappearance of Murry Gell-Man.

Greeted by a student aid who then showed us a ramshackled laboratory and private area. Using my post cognition abilities I was able to see the remnants of the Mukai team; disguised as US military, escort Gell-Man off grounds and later return to retrieve key items (particle accelerator, microscope and a ‘monitor’). Left behind or forgotten was a nullifier device and what seemed to be microscopic building blocks of nanite-tech. Both future technology. From here trail went cold.

Rutherford suggested going to Paris as the next logical place the Mukai team would go to hopefully collect Don Glazer. He was right and we got the jump on them- killing their big-gun and mentally dominating another (Job Criger) while the woman (i.e. AlterReality-Woman) was mortally wounded but got away.

Job Criger (a density vampire-type) fell to Sam’s mental power and divulged many Mukai secrets. He believes that AlterReality-Woman is losing her sensibilities and has probably killed Gell-Man, but that has not been confirmed.

The following is some of the information Job Criger shared with us before he was killed.

  • AlterReality-Woman is the finest creation the Manhattan Bank machine created.
  • He as worked for Mukai for ‘sometime’.
  • Mukai’s original temporal device was destroyed during the Eldrige event in the Bermuda Triangle.
  • Mukai’s base is in Mt. Fugi in 2058, and is probably where AlterReality-Woman is now (1967).
  • Moon base was bought by Mukai and was originally a mining/research facility. He was to provide a layout of the complex.
  • The location of temporal machines he knows about: Mt. Fugi, the Carrier, Chicago and the original Mukai device (see above).
  • Job Criger was a mercenary who was paid to undergo a program where he attained his powers.
  • He is unclear on how deep the US President and Mukai’s relations run.

(Phil has yet to add in a trio of questions before we kill Job. If there are any remaining details omitted- leave a comment.)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Without Question

(Jessie) The question of Percy’s ethics and motivations has surfaced again. And once more I stand by my assessment that he, while motivated by his own goals and interests, is not malevolent. Percy is human and therefore flawed; yes he has made mistakes and yes had associated himself with the wrong people. But that does not make him sinister in my book. While there is no doubt that many questions that shadow him and he has much to answer for, but our enemy throughout these events has been The Mukai without question.

Information gathered recently (from our 1940’s Mukai prisoner) is that the Mukai team was to abduct three Nobel Prize winning scientists at an assembly on May 31, 1968… before Percy does. This fact raises not a single question for me, simply because we have seen Percy freely associating with historical scientists before; Tesla and Newton to be specific. So it’s no surprise that a type of free information sharing collective is being assembled that include the best intellectual minds of our history. Our strategy is a little more straight forward; then again, combat tactics against time-traveling forces was omitted from my text books.

First things first, we need to lay low with the two individuals until we are sure the threat has been neutralized. If possible, I’d like to suggest the moon. If the Pfister-Car can endure the moon’s atmosphere, no one should be looking for us there and from what I hear on the news; Russia is due to land a device on its surface.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

You can't help but notice a very familiar shape on the campus. Your eyes, maybe even your powers seem drawn to it.

Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Motto: View into the future

Established August 26, 1931

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An offical letter from the desk of a secret location somewhere in the Nevada desert!

To whom it may concern

I leave this communiqué to be discovered by someone in the distant future, to try and help make sense of what has happened to our mission. If you have stumbled across this accidentally please return it for the sake of our country. If you came by it honestly than I am sorry for my vague references but I cannot be sure this location has remained secure. I am not willing to compromise myself, my team, or the mission I intend to undertake.

I am the lone participant of a team that has traveled here from afar to combat a hostel force infiltrating our government. My team has either been killed in a horrific explosion or at best been flown to safety by our pilot and unable to return. Either way I must forge ahead alone, if I am to try and salvage any part of this campaign.

First I have secured a prisoner who will provide vital information as to our enemy’s objectives at this location. Based on my findings, and as a secondary mission I will try and run interference on those objectives to the best of my abilities. However my primary plan of action has already been set into motion and cannot be undone. I must keep the identities of my accomplice’s secret, as well as the details of our objectives as to not risk there safty or tampering from outside sources. I will say that I intend on staying at this “location” for 14 months to ensure success of my mission after which I will return home.

I will check this location biweekly for news in case you are somehow able to respond. I hope to see you again when I return home.

Sam Patriot

P.S Phil I parked your truck in the last underground parking garage we staged our trip from

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Feeling is Mutual

(Jessie) I want Mukai- I want to take him down in a big way. I want him to find himself in situations he can’t control. I want to make him feel powerless.

Ever since these powers emerged and our enemy revealed himself; I’ve walked the line on influencing time to our advantage, but a little can go a long way. It forces Mukai to make adjustments. He is already NOT what he first set out to be. More important is that his concept for himself has had to change because of us.

Oh, I’m sure Mukai wants us defeated at all costs.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Time and Time Again

Man, the past... Even the air smells different. Anyway, Mukai definitely seems to be going all-out now. Forcing thugs from the Moon-prison to fight us, putting them in situations where they have nothing to lose and everything to gain (as far as they know) seems to me to be a sign that we're either a bigger thorn in his side than we may think, or we are close to screwing up some major plans of his. He doesn't care about the ramifications of slaughtering possibly hundreds of people just to get to us. How many were killed in the kamikaze attack at Dulles Airport, in D.C.? Just to get at me and Jesse. I just hope our plans to discredit the marketing coup of Paragon and the U.S. government works. As I remember it, the anti-war protests didn't work overnight. I guess we just continue on w/ the plan, enjoy Coke in glass bottles and beer in steel cans!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Events at a glance

(Jessie) I'm on board with the idea of discrediting Mukai in 1971 somehow. Some features of 1971 that stick out to me re: Egypt, Russia, US, Japan. Lets formulate a plan.


Speaking of going to the moon; February 5th, 1971- Apollo 14 landed. (lick the post title for 1971 wikipedia)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

You better sit down

(Jessie) While our team is back at full strength I can not help bu think how fragmented we remain. Prioritizing our goals, preserving our assets and utilizing our resources; remains our hottest topic in group meetings. It seems I know how Mukai feels when we execute a successful mission.

It makes little difference what we do in the now, when it could change in a moment. Once we understand how our actions impact Mukai and his machinations, can we stop his raping of history. Furthermore, I remain in the school of thought that we can prevent Mukai from making important contacts in the past.

May 31st 1968 is the last plotted destination and will probably be the most difficult. I doubt Mukai will let us interfere without trying to stop us. Every intercept of these groups has been relatively easy. But I don't think Mukai knew positive we have our own way to time travel- he knows now.

Looking into past events I search for ways Mukai benefits from the events in 1968; then it dawns on me. Maybe it is not only Mukai but the President somehow gains prestige of a nation or falls under the aegis of Mukai.

Welcome back Paul, we have some catching up to do.

To sum up: (last week) Jeremy and I were promoted and given US Martial status. Gen. Ralston presented papers proving we exist- Jeremy and I are public. Visit to Rockefeller's Plaza and depths below. Discussion and debate on our next goal.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Rockefeller Center Rooftops

Not a bad place to be if you have to be there:

Rockefeller Center is a complex of 19 commercial buildings covering 22 acres between 48th and 51st Streets in New York City. Built by the Rockefeller family, it is located in the center of Midtown Manhattan, spanning between Fifth Avenue and Seventh Avenue. It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1987.[1][3][4] It is the largest privately held complex of its kind in the world, and an international symbol of modernist architectural style blended with capitalism.


Stapled to the flag pole. Welcome to May 31st 1968

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The duality of an Adam

Excerpt about the author from Mind Potential:

Adam Worthington II is a man of good birth and excellent education, endowed by nature with a phenomenal mental faculty. At the age of twenty-one he wrote Mind Potential, which set an industry standard not seen since Freud or Adler. On the strength of it he won the psychology chair at Potsdam University at Germany. Adam currently lives in Nevada where he maintains his practice and interests.

Excerpt from New York Journal of Psychological Medicine Weekly:

Adam Worth had, to all appearances, a most brilliant career before him. However, he suffers from inherited negative tendencies of the most troubling kind. An ancestral criminal strain ran in his upbringing, which, instead of being modified and managed, was increased and rendered infinitely more dangerous by his extraordinary mental capabilities. Violating doctor patient code of conduct and exercising gross professional deviancy he lost his way among peers. Mysterious rumors gathered round him in the University, and eventually he was compelled to resign his chair and resort mental health services for the US military.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Team Name

(Jessie) The bad ass 4 was fun and all, but lets get a team name that history can chronicle. (Click the post title).

I like:
P.A.T.R.I.O.T. = Primary Anti-Terrorist Regional & International Operations Taskforce

Monday, July 7, 2008


Name: Jessie Ralston Rank: Captain
What protocol is utilized during executive security detail...

(Jessie) I always suspected but now we know; President Woods anticipated the Eldridge Event. She knew what was going to happen, that's how she was at Area 51 so fast; she was 'tipped off'.

This question was on the last exam...
Back when this all started, I had trouble discerning what were post-cognitive visions and what were real memories, but I will not mistake the look on the President's face when she realized we knew time was being manipulated.

Taking up the stylus indicating the correct answer on the screen (here goes nothing)...
That makes two in as many hou
rs: President Afleck; our government liaison- he too perceives the wrinkles in time. And Janis Keats; powers or not could be an adversary to me.

Done, that only took a few hours.
In the grand scheme of events, I will use my power to stop any and all manipulations of the time stream- I am not above fighting fire with fire however.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A new sense of purpose!

(SAM) Most competitive fighters are tuff; anyone who says otherwise is trying to convince himself. The amount of money available and level of technological training guarantee you can be in the best physical shape possible in 6 to 9 months. Another couple months of martial arts or any other of 1000 fighting styles and you’re ready for the ring, or so you would convince yourself. Where the champions stand out is in mental toughness, if you believe there is the slightest chance you will lose, you will. I have tried so many ways to prepare mentally for a fight but never found a method that worked every time. Trainers commented on my level of dedication, but I didn’t listen. In hindsight that could have been the problem.
When the alien presence invaded my mind something snapped me back to those training sessions. Fighting a battle both mental and physical I new I couldn’t win them both. I surrendered to the physical attack and focused on defending myself mentally. I didn’t feel like I was being attacked maliciously it was more like desperation. Maybe the last act what ever this thing is that has now bound it’s self to me. I do sense a constant presence perhaps even trying to communicate with me; however I can’t seem to make out the random thoughts it projects into my mind. Perhaps given time we can learn to understand each other in some form or another. I do feel more relaxed now than I have in years, like a 2 ton weight has been lifted off me and things are going to work out for us. I will keep everyone updated as my situation unfolds.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

What is left

(Jessie) While I support the groups stance on altering the time line; I believe that our best chances at overcoming Mukai is in the past, undoing what he has done. Not unnecessarily taking our own steps to our advantage, but somehow remove his advantage. It took him a lot to recover from us simply removing items from a safe in WWII.

I have this power for a reason and therefore believe we are on the right track on dealing with these past groups. Returning them from tampering with history removes Mukai's advantage 'now' and will make it easier to ultimately take him down.

We have seen what happens when we go after the temporal devices in the here and now, they get tipped off, removing our element of surprise and we have our asses handed to us.

What is left (In 'order')
1. May 31, 1908 (Tunguska) Completed
2. July 1947 (Roswell, NM) Completed
3. Oct 31, 1963 (Dallas, TX)
May 31, 1968 (Los Angles)

A. Dec 31, 390 AD (Alexandra, Egypt) Possible Destruction of the Great Library
B. Dec 31, 584 BC (
Jerusalem) Possible Arc of the Covenant

It will be interesting to see what trouble our actions caused Mukai when we return to the current time.

('Flight Suit' uniform as I appear in the field. Note the American flag on my shoulder.)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Capt. Jessie Ralston Report

(Jessie) After much discussion about undoing the damage caused by Mukai or going after time-light machines, (all while the headline news featured us against ‘suited’ opponents) we decided to go after and destroy the machines. Since Mukai could easily recover from anything we do while there are time-light devices remaining.

At the University of Chicago- we discovered the whole area (device and all) moved out.

Columbia University yielded similar results, save for a power converter-type component- which we recovered.

However, after persuading the downtown bank president to open early- we had much better luck. The central vault was merely an antechamber to a deeper room that did contain a time-light device.

In the process, Sam investigates a mysterious safe-deposit room full of timeless treasures and art from history.

Battle with a robot/synthetic humanoid occurred, while attracting the attention of a heroic woman.

And I discovered that the last time the time-light device was used was by Percy’s cohorts during the night of the Speedster. And… that this time-light device manipulated energies not to travel through time, but to create powers in individuals- the Speedster didn’t ‘come’ from anywhere, he was ‘created’ here.

The device was hastily brought to Area 51.

Friday, June 6, 2008

You did what while I was gone?

(SAM) It’s good to be back with the crew. Time to get back on the hunt for DR Percy, I can’t wait to beat that guy down!

What.....What do you mean were helping him now? How long have I been gone? Pfisters wearing a kimono , Jessie thinks she’s an actress I am out of it for a little while and everyone starts having delusions of grandeur.
Why do all you guys look so much older? I think I need a long debriefing.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Party United?

(Jessie) I was hoping to get the jump on destroying a temporal device, but it wasn't in the cards. I'm glad to finally have Sam back, but we still aren't at full strength. I hope our benefactors (US Government) will understand how dire our situation is.

BTW: look what I also found when Googleing our names: I didn't know I was an actress. History as we remember is truly fracked up!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We must depart

(Max) It was a pleasure for us to serve with you. Your group saved our lives and we will never forget that. Danke schön!

Dein Bekannte

Monday, June 2, 2008

Capt. Jessie Ralston: Speical Ops Report

(Note: Jessie on her Harley *click to embiggen*)

(Jessie) Battle with the Egyptian Statues was the most challenging yet. They were impervious to most forms of our attacks, it seems that the only way to dispatch them was to send them back to their own time... or defeat their controller.

After completing our errand of setting up sensors for Percy, it was decided to wait until the Tunguska event to hopefully snare the observers out of the time stream as we return to our current time. This proved to be the correct course of action as our return to Area 51 with the observation pod and it occupants was successful.

I swear its getting like I can conduct these battery of tests on myself! Armed with information Percy gave us about the times 'his' teams were sent to observe:
1. May 31, 1968
2. July 1947 (Roswell, NM)
3. May 31, 1908 (Tunguska) Completed
4. Oct 31, 1963 (Dallas, TX) The Kennedy assassination.
5. Dec 31, 390 AD (Alexandra, Egypt) Destruction of the Great Library
6. Dec 31, 584 BC (
Jerusalem) Possible Arc of the Covenant

Mukai is proving to be a bullish force, one that has not seemed to backed down or taken any 'time' off. These temporal machines must be dismantled or destroyed- starting with the one in Chicago.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Something to think about

There seems to be a new suit that has been created for several governments to deal with the rise of meta humans.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Captain Jessie Ralston: Report

The two Mukai guards blocking the entrance to the stairs that led to the temporal device proved to be very formidable. It took mediation (by Tamara Morris) to end the fight that would have probably led to more deaths and disaster.

As it turns out these individuals really didn’t know what they had on their hands. They were compiling usage data and beginning the process of translating the information from the machine.

It was clear that getting free access to the temporal device was not forthcoming. We knew that objects could be sent back in time, so a document was transferred back giving us ‘diplomatic’ or very important guest privileges. It was the open access we needed.

In the process of accessing the device- also discovered was Sam, in the future; days away actually, and that is was better to just wait and catch up to him. However, more importantly was the revelation that the Mukai carrier would meet a fate similar to the Eldridge Event in ‘weeks time’. Things seem to be coming to a head. It was decided, by the Bad Ass Four Plus More to travel to the past (1908 Siberia) in hopes to meet up Percy and deliver the news and information we have discovered. We would hope that our return will coincide to when Sam catches up to the current time.

Our travel backward one-hundred fifty years finds us in a expansive land consisting of wet-lands, wooded areas and a castle-like structure retrofitted with metallic rods connected with wires and cables. Like some Frankenstein creation.

It was not long before a long carriage was found heading up to the castle. After stopping the vehicle we were reunited with a familiar face (a being referred to as Nova), who questioned us and our intentions. It was made VERY clear that we came in peace looking for Percy and that we were interested in being involved in plans against Mukai.

We were brought before Percy straight away, but he was not alone. With him was Sir Isaac Newton and Nikola Tesla. Both seemed to be working together and separately with unique agendas in the coming months before the Tunguska Event. Percy, delighted in the return of one of his lost teams, also asked in assistance in undoing all the corruption that Mukai has caused to history. We were only too eager to oblige.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Special Agent Capt. Jessie Ralston: Report

(Last week) After our run-in with the Mukai agents in 1945 Japan, we searched ‘ground zero’ castle in hopes that Sam would return. Our discoveries included loot stashes, and a safe. The safe proved to be about as effective as a brown paper bag to Phil. Inside was the afore posted picture of a bomb, and documents of the time-period; our trophies of war.

As dawn approached I attempted a temporal view into time, to ascertain the whereabouts of Sam. Apparently he was in ‘our’ future, from where the Mukai agents were sent from. Most likely on the carrier vessel we were familiar with.

Major Rutherford had a brilliant idea that would expend our radiation sensor but would expand its capabilities to pinpoint our temporal portal and Percy’s observation team (believed to be the German Scientists).

Discovered at the waterfront warehouse were one Enhanced Individual displaying duplication powers and four others; half dyeing from radiation fallout and the other half suffering from temporal shock. Much was discussed with the duplicator and many questions were addressed before returning to 2058 (current time), Mukai Industries Chicago and an unmanned temporal device.

Upon returning to Area 51 it was discovered that history is no longer as we remember; subtle changes have improved the overall influence of Mukai Global Industries.

Reports were submitted and the usual battery of tests performed that lasted two days. We talked with Chance who suspected Percy could have gone to Tunguska Siberia in 1908. He also aided with new satellite technology to track Sam- who was not discovered.

A woman (Percy’s team) was spoken with that brokered the introductions between Percy and Mukai. (I’m fuzzy on the details of what was discussed.)

Our next objective was to travel to the Mukai carrier (off the coast of Japan) in hopes to make contact with Percy (I’m fuzzy on this) and attempt to get a fix on ‘when’ these Mukai agents come from.

Our attendance on the Mukai carrier was paid little heed until we decided to put the jump on two unsuspecting Mukai employees guarding the way to the temporal device.

(After our ‘surprise’ round of combat we ended our session. Please comment to add details as you remember them.)