Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Long Kiss Goodnight

The Goodnight Kiss: A sweetly flavored tincture distilled from many of the same fungi and roots used in making the drow’s infamous sleeping poison, this poison is a standby of alchemists who don’t want to harm their victims or lotharios, swindlers, and others who want to avoid being followed. It can either be added to food or used to coat a small needle or bolt; the result is the same regardless of the method of application. A subject who succumbs to the initial or the secondary phase of the poison becomes exhausted for one hour. Failing both phases renders the subject unconscious for one hour instead.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Crown Mixer

Arriving at the noble district home of Mihaela Leonia you both were overwhelmed by the abundance of magic. It soon became apparent that the senses would not serve you as well here. While you met many interesting people you both were soon overwhelmed by a variety of theorems, algorithms, equations, and arcane philosophies you were presented with, this day was not your own, the party, too well planned. You passed your time moving from room to room sharing in a variety of literal arcane cocktails and magically created foods. It was here in this forum that you first learned the greatest source of the black crown’s power and political relevance and it was in great presence and quantity at the party. Food and drink, the ability to create something from nothing or to bring something far away here was revealed as the primary source of income for Black Crown. Part of the service time requested of new membership is involved with serving this function and can include negotiating trade agreements in far off places.

Mihaela Leonia human female, regal looking host resplendent in a purple gown with high black shoulders and head piece. A master of riddles, when she presents you with a riddle, the answer usually reveal a personal flaw or short-coming.

Tycho Nikias Elf Male, Want to blow something up but not hit unintended targets? Tycho is your man, a teacher of arcane feats, Tycho is also a master chessman.

Isidora Margareta Celestial? Female, You don’t remember what she talked about, it had to be magical, I mean that’s the only way its even possible. The most beautiful woman you have ever seen or dreamt of. After twenty minutes in her presence you left and experienced the worst headaches of your lives.

Evaristus Phocas Heresy Devil male, not surprisingly an expert on magical contracts, seals, and power words. Current passion is studying gates and magical doorways.

Description of Evaristus: Seemingly fused with a monstrous throne of iron skulls, this impossibly corpulent being floats several feet off the ground. Trappings cut in mockery of holy vestments do little to cover the thing’s pallid, leaking rolls of blister-pocked girth. Worthless, club like hands waggle like maggots, directing a cloud of weathered scrolls and blasphemous tomes that orbit its bulk. Barely distinguishable amid its mound of chins squints a pair of glassy black eyes, riding above a disproportionately wide mouth curled into a perpetually lecherous grin.

Melissa Izanami Half Dragon female, the most hateful woman you’ve ever encountered and your time with her was directly after your time with Isidora. Through the entire session with Melissa you had your intense headache. It was only when allowed to leave Melissa did you both realize how much you had just learned about Concentration.

Iosif Olympiodoros Half Dragon, devil blooded, male, challenges you to the idea that there is a hierarchy to magic and you are its lowest rung.

Lucretia Lalita Human female, Isidora was painfully beautiful, Lucretia is the girl next door (Mary Ann Giligan’s Island) Her specialty is arcane inflection, proper vocalizations. She is in high demand by Summoners and Pact Magician’s.

Ulfr Grigore Human male, expert on magical diseases and curses. You expect to see this fellow on top of a mountain enjoying cold crisp air. He also claims to be able to hide his own spellcasting while spotting others.

Chryseis Salima Elf female, She is an abjuration specialist whose specialty is converting an opponent’s magic into arcane protections for herself while robbing them of the original spells benefits.

Leofric Vilho Tiefling male, Steals magic. Believes that arcanists should rule the world.

Sanda Leocadia ½ elf female Her discussions were on morality in magic. She is in charge of the spellguard.

Eustathios Kjetil Gnome male Arcane Philosopher, Diviner and all around pain in the ass.

Nefertiti Xanthippe planar female, Her session involved a diorama of the planes and a short dissertation on the politics of some planes and the effects of our magic upon them.

Govannon Gennadiy Changeling Male, Expert on magical fusion, as well as constructs.

Brita Francisca Dwarf Female, She is an expert on runes and sigils.

Pipin Toma Halfling male, a wizard alchemist, also a well known creator of magical rings. Some claim he can be in two places at once, others swear he has a twin brother.

Luned Octavia Drow female, Her magic was strange to you but her expertise is mathematics and numerology. She claimed to be working on numerical formula for true names and pacts.

Kapila Meginfrid Janni, male, master of elemental magic now seeks to identify new and heretofore unknown elements.

Jamila Christine Human Female, she spoke to you about the generally accepted edges of magical discovery and seemed quite high on the knowledge.

Adalwin Joscelin Human male, Magical strategy, control and domination of enemies.

Kallistrate Edana Spellscale Female, Her specialty is Transmutation and she discussed how an expert can be a beautiful army of skills and magic to overcome any foe

Vibiana Cressida ½ Elf Female, She studies what she refers to as fringe magic, not limited to but including alchemy, meta-magic components, bards, warlocks, and witches.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

11/24/10 Review

Noon. We began our session with a visit to Twilight House and a meeting with our guild house patron Arkeil. The Twilight House grounds were all amass with newcomers to Stormhaven from ports abroad, most in some kind of state of shock and disarray- perhaps not fully understanding their situation and or location. Auge exercised some of his roguish skills and made a business contact with Gin and Sani Habib before we finally located Arkeil (magically casing the new arrivals) and presented our plan on renovating our building in the Rat’s Nest. Willing to accommodate in a couple of ways we eventually settled on him receiving an equal share in Sons Commodities,15k in liquid funds to which we could begin our endeavors and The Black Kraken; a ship that was due to dock this week.

Our palaver with Arkeil netted some information on the Nightstalker in that Arkeil believes the Nightstalker is quite possibly a drow lich. We also gained a bag of holding and its magical contents that prompted a round of hoard building.

2pm. We visited the dwarf tattooist Tamaros where Auge was accepted as his apprentice for the meanwhile. The dwarf also showed enthusiasm when told of the fate of the Red Quill proprietor, Tamaros took the rest of the day off.

From here our brotherhood split up and explored personal affairs. Vercer to the Hall of Voices to observe and make contacts, Durg to the Lair for some much needed rest, while Jaren and Auge spent the large portion of that night at the residence of Melhaela Leonia and the Black Crown membership. During the event, several people were met and eventually two sponsors emerged from the crowd: Auge- Viviana Crisida, a smoking hot half elf and from out of a trio of prospective wizards, Nefraiti ZanFlib an outsider interested in sponsoring Jaren.

The next three days were set aside for menial tasks and crafting. We received 1500 xp and will pick up next session on Friday morning where we expect to escort Claret and Larratia Pauchard and Raice to the Black Kraken and who knows what Durg has in store for Kallistrate Edana, the Spellscale from the Black Crown. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Journal Entry: Durg

So we have dealt with this agent of mother's. I wonder who he was, who he was fighting and why. If only the fool had been wise enough to see that we could be allies, we could've beaten those other fools he was with. Mother, father, grandmother, I pray that I can know when to make allies and when to let my axe sing.

Angel Wings

This magical necklace was created as a birthday gift for a lovely, beautiful young maiden; her name now lost to time, however legend says there is an old book that tells her tragic tale of love, sin, and betrayal. The chain is crafted from the purest silver by expert Elvin artisans and the platinum wings are said to be perfect replicas of that of an angel.

When worn, the necklace is said to improve the wearer’s natural flying maneuverability as wells as Mobility when flying. Legend also says that for some the necklace also confers the ability to communicate with Angels and good celestial beings.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Knowledge Strategy & Tactics (Int/Trained)

Knowledge Strategy & Tactics (Int/Trained)

You are educated in one field of study and are capable of answering both simple and complex questions. Knowledge represents a study of some body of lore, possibly an academic or even scientific discipline.

Identify a single opponent’s fighting style or tactic DC 20

Identify a group of opponent’s tactics DC 15 + CR (Note they must be working together)

GM may allow a +2 Synergy bonus with certain other knowledge skills (Minimum 5 Ranks) if they apply, for instance if in combat with a planar creature and you also have a Knowledge Planar.

Benefit against a single opponent: For a number of rounds equal to your characters level receive a +1 Dodge bonus to AC.

Benefit against a group of opponents aligned together: Adjust your initiative up or down by 2. Must make a successful check each time you want to adjust initiative. Also receive a +1 Dodge bonus to Reflex Saving throws for the round.

Note that in certain situations, some skills could receive a synergy bonus from someone with 5 or more ranks in Knowledge Strategy & Tactics at the GM’s discretion. Some possible examples are Sense Motive, Perception, Diplomacy, and Profession Gambler.

Russ this is in response to your excellent Journal Entry. You will receive 1 Rank in this skill for free and it is considered a class skill for you.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tales from the Driftdowns

Hammish smiled at Yuri, a full toothed grin that held little warmth or honesty, but was the best the ½ orc could muster. “Another ship Yuri, will this one be changing its name to Foamchaser like the others?” Yuri shook his head and took out his notes, “No Hammish, it is to be made to look like this ship, as near as possible in the time allowed, and as you can see, it is to be re-christened The Black Kracken.”

Yuri handed him the scroll and waited for the ½ orc to complain about the short turn around time and wasn’t disappointed. “Before the Solstice! Godin must think I work only for him! If he truly wants this, he must realize I will have to hire…” Hammish stopped in mid-complaint, the large gem in Yuri’s palm bringing him to a halt.

Yuri interrupted, “This should be enough payment to cover all your expenses and then some but Godin said to tell you that if the job is done well enough, the real Black Kracken will be yours to detail, use or sell within the first few weeks after delivery. “ Unable to stop himself Hammish snatched the gem and quickly looked about to see if anyone was preparing to strike him down.

“Godin knows how to get things done! Finally a ship of my own, tell Godin it will be as he instructs.” The ½ orc hurried away from their meeting place, gem and scroll of instructions in hand. Yuri left the happy shipwright and navigated the central pier crowds, until he found himself near the tavern. Smiling, Yuri was happy that the ½ orc wasn’t as smart as he was skilled or surely he would have asked for more gems, of which Yuri still had four in his neck pouch. Godin usually allowed him to keep a couple whenever he came out ahead.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Li Song unsheathed her magical sword and whispered the syllables to awaken the wind spirit housed within its cold wrought blade.

“Xen Shi, I beacon you wind spirit. Aid me in this battle so that I may restore honor to my family and my people.” Her gaze fell upon the mountain river and the multiple obelisks fashioned in the shape of Ch’iu-Lung, a great and ancient dragon.

In Li Song’s eastern culture, dragons permeate the realm’s architecture, art, and fashion. Indeed, depictions of the Great Scaled Ones demand great respect so much so that it is disrespectful to disfigure the image of a dragon. Li Song would defy her teachings and expose her quarry as the great liar and seducer it was.

Ch’iu-Lung was not, as Li Song discovered a great and wise Scaled One, but a schemer and a demon. Ch’iu-Lung was the genius of all her eastern homeland’s woes and suffering despite the offerings and sacraments bestowed in hopes of placating him. Ch’iu-Lung promised fertile crops of rice and times of peace from the encroaching monster races form the west. In spite of everything he promised her people where hungry and battle weary. It was all a lie.

Li Song’s blade Xen Shi, took her on a spirit walk to show her the truth. In this walk the sword showed her the generations of deceit and devilry Ch’iu-Lung wrought. Li Song would have honor restored.

She inhaled deeply hoping it would not be her last.

“Demon! I have learned the truth of your lies. Your sinful influence ends here!”

The river boiled and writhed, the ground trembled before Li Song and she swallowed with trepidation. With a great surge of water and a deafening roar the Great Scaled One Ch’iu-Lung emerged from the placid river.

“Little Song, why do you beacon me, do you not know there are customs to be observed? Such disregard for tradition is disrespectful to me and dishonors your family. Are you so prideful to ignore such practice?” said the dragon with distain and much malice.

“You are the interloper dragon and I will not suffer my people your sinful influence of anymore!” Li Song announced with courage and raised her blade, poised for attack.

The dragon reared and exhaled a stream of feted water that smelled of death and decay. Song brought her sword to shield the attack and rolled to a nearby obelisk. On her feet, Li Song continued her momentum and came around to Ch’iu-Lung’s rear and slashed deeply into the dragons ancient scales.

A roar of disbelief followed. Ch’iu-Lung had never before suffered an attack like that save for once when his mother was killed by a cleric of the winds. That sword! Was that the same blade?

Li Song pressed the attack while Ch’iu-Lung was writhing in agony. Slashing and striking, the dragon’s scales opened like so much paper under the legendary edge of Xen Shi.

The dragon could not hope to defeat her while she wielded that weapon. Ch’iu-Lung began to speak ancient incantations, a spell of power gathered on his scaled lips. With arcane power the dragon pointed his talon finger at little Song and a moment later she was gone, no longer a threat to him.

(Meanwhile on the other side of the world.)

Li Song appeared in mid sword swing near the edge of the world disk. Disorientation threatened to spill her over the edge, but she was able to recover quickly. The dragon had used magic to unwillingly transport her far away from him. Devilishly clever, she thought. She had been castled! Li Song perceived her new surroundings and found an opulent city on this incredible island disk over endless sea waters. She saw people of all races and houses, buildings and roads. She had not the magic to return her home; she would have to discover the resources to do so.

Journal entry (Versel)

Father passed to me many words of wisdom in his message. His stance on Gods, Dwarves, & Love all seem to be accurate from my short albeit eventful experiences since leaving Twilight house. But it was his recommendation to play a game that intrigued me most. Chess teaches you to strategize, to develop tactics on the field of battle to achieve victory. I believe this is the lesson he wanted us to learn from the game I have grown fond of. I have tried to develop my own combat tactics thru trial and error and though it is a work in process I feel I am having success.

It wasn’t until I began to research the topic of tactics & strategies that I noticed our reckless pattern of behavior. I have recently uncovered a wealth of information to aid us both on and off the battlefield. I will take these lessons learned and gradually impress upon my brothers there effectiveness.

While in Obadiah’s library I began researching famous dictators and their rise to power. I came across a book written about a dwarven general (Stone shield something, I can’t recall) and how he went from a common miner to one of the most feared warlords in history. The book detailed some of his more famous tactics and a few stuck in my mind.

1. “Never underestimate your opponents”. He dictated that several of his victories on the battle field were won because his opponents didn’t respect him as an equal. They were ill prepared or poorly motivated for the battle and thus were defeated.

This is an advantage we will never have. Our physical stature dictates that we will never be overlooked by our opponents. If anything we have been the ones to underestimate what our opponents can do. While I don’t think we should “fear” every opponent, our overconfidence is evident.

2. “The enemy of my enemy is an ally”. . While doing researching on his opponents he would take note of other conflicts they had in the past. He would then partition his opponent’s adversaries to join his ranks and eliminate the common threat. This gave him not only strength in numbers for his upcoming battles but inside knowledge of his new ally. Should the day come his ally turned enemy he would have intimate knowledge of their tactics on the battlefield.

He would not call them a friend, only an ally. Apparently it was akin to a business agreement. Pooling resources seems like common sense; however he perused unlikely alliances based on a common enemy. We have done the same with the 7’s. It started with Jaren, his animosity towards the 7’s has spread to our group. And in searching them out we have now allied ourselves with Obadiah a former victim, and Tamros & The Creeping Rose who has been fighting them longer than we know. I can see this one going against us as well. If the green-cloak cultists start asking around about us I could see them stumbling upon the 7’s who might also be investigating us after interfering in two assassination attempts.

3."Never fight a two front war”. Stone shield was a master at walking the line of diplomacy. He always knew who his next opponent would be, but they never knew. He was cautious enough not to fall victim to his own enemy of my enemy strategy. The greatest warrior will eventually fall against an endless wall of blades. Never did he spread his manpower or resources so thin he couldn’t recover.

Our list of opponents seems to grow longer each day. The green-cloak cultists “Minions of the Skull”, the assassin group known as the 7’s, & now we can add Mothlo Tu Ervan an extra planner creature of unknown origins to this list. There are others I have forgotten to mention, but they will make themselves known I am sure. The quality of our adversaries might also be worthy of concern. When one must enter into unspeakable contracts before an information broker will even utter the name Nightstalker it’s time to pay attention. I doubt such safe guards would be taken if we’re asking questions regarding Obadiah.

We have violated every one of Stone shield’s rules of war. If we were common men I doubt we would survive the week. But we are more, children of Nissian, and ancestors of Tiamat. When our power fully develops we will be a force the likes of which the world has never seen. We must be cautions not to challenge the entire world before then.

I must impart the general’s words of wisdom onto my brothers. “I know one day I will rule a vast empire, but it does not have to be today”.

Friday, November 12, 2010

11/10/10 Review

Early Sunday we visited Obadiah at the House of the Four winds to tour his library in earnest. We came with a gift for the butler and were treated to ample quantities of smoke and herbs as well as a colorful story by Obadiah that accompanied each one. Jaren, familiarized himself with many books- one in particular originated from one of the Founders, a Seawillow Noble son. Auge greedily researched the methods, classifications and theorems of poison making. We were also able to unlock access into the truespeak skill.

While Jaren and Auge busied themselves with certain selections, Vercer found interest in books of dictators and rulers to better understand his would-be role in this Age of Dragons. While perusing he found a note: “Whisper fits the bill 777” Vercer also occupied himself with one of three prized tomes incased in glass housings. There was a comedy, a tragedy but it was the love story that interested Vercer. The narrative told a story of a love in sin that was their fateful downfall. More importantly it contained information of the correlation of magic and sin:
All are associated with Divination magic.

5 pm. We were then served dinner with Obadiah and his scribe where conversation and theories were exchanged about who would want Obadiah killed, who would stand to benefit, why Buki was hired as well as a revelation into Obadiah’s family. Obadiah as a nephew that is soon to return before the solstice from afar, with the hopes of discovering the fate of his dead son now twenty years past.

We then went by the Van Fleet’s to collect our 1000 gold, in from of a promissory sealed note and then home. Once there Jaren finished the wondrous amulet for Vercer and helped Auge with his magical glove creation. After that some potion brewing and poison making (exquisite kiss) and we rested.

8 am. The next morning Durg stated his plans to visit the Driftdowns and after some group discussion it was agreed that we would all go together. It only took 5 gold and 20 minutes on the lifts when Durg the Toll Payer and his brethren were at last in the Driftdowns. Choked with shadows, the odor of flotsam and the sea we discover the buildings of Driftdowns where mostly shanties built upon each other like barnacles on the side of a sea vessel.

Our first destination was to be the Red Quill. Passing various foamcallers and locations like: the Dawn Sea (Inn), Up from the Depths (Fortune Teller and Finder of Lost Things), Sundered Anvil (weapon merchant), Crumpled Blaybill (Theater), The Ballroom (Battle ground/ Gang warfare), and The Siren’s Call (Feasthall).

The Red Quill was a small dilapidated series of fisherman’s cabins that featured a sign “closed due to illness” and a sigil upon the door that encompassed many layers of independent symbols that created the one now adorned on the front door of the tattoo parlor. Helping ourselves inside Jaren and Ague discovered who we believed to be a sick and dying Mothlo Tu Ervan. After attempting to kill him, (an action that damaged evil creatures) Auge gathered up 200 gold in inks and tattoo equipment then departed, having discovered nothing else of consequence or importance.

Our next destination was the Horned Crown and Yellow-Eye the Minotaur sage. Aged and disheveled his custom proclaimed “sage for the common man and the budget conscious adventurer!” After some debate as to our exchange of information and the questions we would pose to him, we imbibed a genie Ambrosia that would ensure the source of all information traded in this palaver would remain secret.

*** The green-cloak SS cultists are sometimes called Minions of the Skull, they worship undeath and mark this coming solstice and the beginning of the year of the dead/ the winter of the dead. Nightstalker is an individual and not a title, but who ever the Nightstalker is he is truly a long-lived creature. It is unknown if Nightstalker has a lieutenant but mayhap a former lover Madame Octavia.
***The Sevens have no permanent base of operations but it is rumored that their leader lives in the Rat’s Nest.

Old Yellow-Eye had some questions of his own he presented us with:
Does the Nightstalker know we are Nissian’s children? (A: Many ask us that.)
Are we loyal to the current leadership of Twilight House? The house itself? (A: No/ we are aligned with financial gain.)
Furthermore to offset the cost of the Ambrosia we volunteer information that there is a marked increase in flying creature activity the closer to the solstice we get (example Mako/Hammer).

Coming out of the magic brought on by the Ambrosia, we discover that our information exchange was some kind of shared dream and that there is no way anyone could have eavesdropped upon us.

We are awarded 1000 xp. We start next session leaving the Horned Crown 10 am.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Truespeak (Int; Trained Only)

Use this skill to master the tortuous pronunciation of truenames, each of which involves a dozen syllables, precise timing, and vocalizations foreign even to the most multilingual character.  If you’re a truenamer, you use this skill every time you deliver an utterance or make a recitation.  If you’re a spellcaster with a truename spell at your disposal, you make a Truespeak check to cast the spell properly. Members of prestige classes such as the fiendbinder, acolyte of the ego, and brimstone speaker make Truespeak checks to activate their class features. You can also make a Truespeak check as a free action to identify an utterance being spoken, even when it’s not your turn.  The DC of this check is equal to the DC to speak the utterance you wish to identify.  Of the standard classes, only the truenamer has Truespeak as a class skill.  This skill doesn’t represent your ability to learn and know truenames so much as it represents your ability to say them aloud.  Each truename is complex and exacting enough that just overhearing a truename-even a personal truename-doesn’t give you any particular facility for pronouncing it yourself.  That takes continuous vocal exercises and endless study. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Journal entry ( Jaren)

It is hard to describe the joy of musing over my own thoughts as I rest instead of the constant droning lessons of our education and youth. As my thoughts unlock knowledge taught to me years ago, beyond memory, three books I see in my thoughts. The first is a collection of maps titled "Ancient Atlas" (pg 10), which I believe will help me decode further the Dragon map found in the painting. The second book I think to be a spellbook tied to necromancy, possibly a group such as Nightstalkers crew, called "Hollow Threats" (pg 2). The third is the book I gave to be examined by Obidiahs librarian, titled "The Dragon and The Spell" (pg 18). I hope he will be able to tell me which nobles son it was made for, and I greatly anticipate our visit to his library.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Journal Entry (Auge Von Bulle)

Journal Entry:
I had a dream last night where I was perched upon a great stone wall. I could see, feel, taste and hear everything and anything I desired. I was not alone; evil was all around me. From my vantage I could see this evil; other dragons were also looking down greedily upon their respective territories and kingdoms. Our influence stretched into eternity. We were gods and we were dragons; avatars of sin. We had achieved our highest form. Generations of dragons in the line of Mother that spun farther than I would have thought possible.

Suddenly a burst, no it was more than that. It was a sudden existence of light- as a brilliant sun instantaneously appeared destroying the wall and penetrating the kingdoms of sin. This radiance brought with it a tonal resonance that began to decimate the dragon-gods in destructive waver after wave, causing their dragon-hearts to explode directly out of their chest. The dire roars of agony and wails of draconic despair were almost too much to bear. As I felt my heart begin to vibrate, threatening to burst from my chest; I spoke the wish Father bestowed upon me. In my dream, I wished to at last know my truename. Not to save my life because that was at its end. I wished so that I may influence my afterlife so that only I control where my soul would spend the rest of eternity. Then I awoke.

Lab Entry: Better use for the pass without a trace potion.
Argument: It is a one use item that removes traces of passage including scent; we don’t walk much and our enemies have yet to track us by scent.
Conclusion: Discover a way either we all enjoy its benefits or change its function.

(Several arcane equations intermixing alchemical formulations follow; in the margin written in bold is the number 119 as well as step by step notes distilling the potion down to a dust and adding the necessary components to create Dust of Tracelessness (pf 150).)

Notes: This will be adequate to hide our presence should we need; as well as any evidence of battles, thefts or maybe to cover our escape.

Lab Entry: It is achievable to use a Shield Wand as a component to improve Vercer’s gloves should he desire.

Tales of the best laid plans

Hammer admired their bravery but after seeing the exchange between Carpaletti and The Nightstalker’s apprentice he knew they were in over their heads. The “wingotaurs” as one of Nissian’s children referred to them were a real scare for the invisible ogre. If that’s what the apprentice worked with then the rumors about Nightstalker’s power were true, incredible and growing. Hammer’s friend at the Black Crown claimed that the Nightstalker was why Nissian left Stormhaven. Hammer doubted that but none the less, Nissian would have his hands full with the Nightstalker, what were his offspring doing taking his minions on? Hammer had been following “Son Commodities” since their revelation of his brother’s death. He had to be sure their motives were what the dragon creatures claimed. Near as he could tell they were. After the “wingotaurs” left, carrying their slaves, there was some argument between the remaining groups and Hammer was unwilling to get close enough to find out what they were after.

So my brother is dead, wrapped up in some assassination plot, and they are digging around in the Nightstalker’s plans and plots. Hammer wanted to avenge his brother’s death but knew he was unwilling to risk eternal torment in hell or existence as some horrible undead creature to do it. Some time in the Driftdowns seemed to be in order. Hammer knew his meeting with them in the morning would be a risk but they had told him about his brother and showed uncommon bravery. Hammer would risk the meeting and then make himself scarce. Were it not so close to the winter solstice he would consider a job taking him out of Stormhaven, for now he would have to hole up for a few months and test the air in the spring.

Hammer took to the sky, flying back towards his rooftop home, deep in thought, cloaked in invisibility, his last thoughts being a hope that Son Commodities would serve a good breakfast. A thin green ray struck the back of his head, bathing it in green light before the head disintegrated, his corpse falling to the grounds below. A wingotaur soon landed near the dead ogre magi’s body, easily picking up the dead weight and flew off into the night.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

11/3/10 Review

Midnight: After the battle we spoke with Raice and explained how things are going to progress from now on. We allowed him his gear and he shared a map that was, at this time, only set to Waymar’s watermark revealing its location. When last Raice knew, Waymar was looking for Kapaletti. It was agreed that after a brief rest we would set out and look for Waymar.

Stair guards show to investigate and after a short time, they leave.

Locking up the Bar and retreating to the lower-levels, we deemed that the fallen SS cultist would turn into some unknown undead thrall and that we did not want that in our lair, we dispensed with him over the world disk. The other individual, however; proved to be much more useful.

After some brotherly hoard building, we began to interrogate with our unconscious captive. His name is Egil and he is an Arcane Mercenary hired out of Seafoam House to interfere with us should we run into the SS cultists on their quest to capture the siblings before the winter solstice. As the conversation progressed we became trusting of Egil, returned certain pieces of his equipment and offered him employment. Hoping to cash in on a Sons Commodities water mark, Egil has agreed to be our spy in the Seafoam house and to track down the assassin Buki; an individual he is in fact very familiar with.

In our palaver he shared some of his job history with the SS cultists and information on a rich dwarf house that was just asking to be hit. He had worked three jobs previous: one where he aided in the slaughter of a house for the cultists as they retrieved a book, as well as a protection assignment. (The third one escapes my notes, unless he was referring to that night’s job) He had limited knowledge on the prophecy, but what he did know is that there was urgency with the cultists with the fast approaching winter solstice.

1 AM. Returning to the bar, Vercer is careful to hide the location of our lair with Egil. There was a brief moment of awkward introductions between Egil and the others when finally there is a calling for clarity. In light of all the changing circumstances with our assemblage, they naturally had some questions for us.

Jaren assured everyone that if they stay loyal to us and sharp in their professions, they will be awarded with not only money but prestige. Going into the fightclub/ sword dandy idea, it became clear that there is a lot of planning left to do. It was also addressed that the threat is not over for the siblings and that the cultists will continue to come and to be wary of the Nightstalker.

We allowed Egil a place to stay before we departed, accompanied by Raice and the brother and sister. Arriving, we found ourselves at the regular location of Stormhaven’s carnival. After a search of the grounds we found, parked close to the funhouse, two wagon cages- one with a pair of tigers and in the other six disoriented human slaves. Following some voices we entered the funhouse to find a business deal in progress with Waymar as one of the products being bartered for. Combat ensues as it usually does with us. We couldn’t save Waymar, as he was retrieved by the Green Cloak axe/staff guy’s wingotaurs. Finally after some aggressive negotiations, Kapaletti; in the spirit of the Flyers Club, covers the monetary difference of Waymar’s items so that we were able to gather the watermark and dark vision goggles. It was discovered that Kapaletti’s main influence lies as an exotic animal trader. We said our goodbyes and returned to the lair for some much needed rest.

We pick up next session on Sunday, two days later. On the docket: appointment with Obidah in his library at the House of Four Winds, collecting 1000g from Alvored at the Van Fleets and Sunday dinner at Twilight House. Looking toward the next day Monday, we have the Black Crown mixer at the Hall of Voices.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Journal Entry

I grow more contemplative the longer I have been awake. It seems odd to me that as a long lived (hopefully) man I feel the race against time. The prize for winning that race- my truename. I must admit mention of a wizard who subjugates devils and traffics in names bodes ill for us all. Even as we uncover situations that indicate how hard it is to see us in divinations, It strikes me that knowledge of our truenames could strip that quality. As sternly as we were warned against Grand Mother learning this secret, it would be far more disastrous for one of her enemies to discover that secret. I wonder if our truenames are linked together, or do they separate us as the individuals we strive to emerge as. I wonder if our truenames have even been forged yet, or do our actions decode them until they are ready to be harvested. I wonder if Father has other children by other mothers. I wonder if they are his plan to check us if need be. I wonder who or what Father allied himself with in the battle for this world. I wonder if any of his enemies survived the war. I find it hard to sleep as I wonder....