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12/23/15 Virtues Session 32: Death of the Inquisitor

Evacuate? In our moment of triumph?” Zaid Aclair asked his associate incredulously. In the distance the Inquisitor could hear Ghair struggling to play his instrument. The man to whom Zaid spoke to only shrugged.

I think you overestimate their chances.” The Inquisitor stated confidently. 

Riev Stone
We begin the week at Hollow Mount where the tone is subdued as many seem in a perpetual state of alertness. We are escorted to the castle and are received by two interrogators named Liend and Echn (5th and 3rd followers respectively), who questioned Skelp and undertakes the bulk of our questions before finally meeting with the Admiral.

The primary question being.. where was Ziad Aclair, the Inquisitor? There is a settlement- Riev Stone, administered Ghair Riev. The settlement was once larger wealthy retreat but now has dwindled down in size to a bard college/ monastery/ academy to the performing arts. What Skelp heard from the Chief of Staff was that Zaid would be in Riev Stone on this day; because someone, either a daughter or loved-one is located there.

At last the Admiral arrives and invites us to ask the prisoner our own questions, but we are anxious to be on our way and immediately begin planning ways to travel to Riev Stone. As an amazing stroke of luck there happens to be a stage replica at the bard college here, the ‘Northern Lights’ (glass blowers and lenses that reflect light off mineral deposits for mythic light shows) also has a painting of Riev Stone that should help aid in magical travel targeting.

Not only does the Riev Stone painting help, Dramen discovers its true purpose and it immediately able to transport everyone, sans Liend and Echn, to Riev Stone. (there was a wizard symbol on the painting) Dramen teleports us and we immediately feel the pressure air change from being in high altitudes to now more dense air. We begin to take stock of the area and Kyras beast shapes into an air elemental to canvas the building and areas beyond.
Rydin Mierdarel
We see dozens of horses outside the walls, many with the Kierkin symbols; past Riev Stone four wagons have arrived, barred and covered containing prisoners; inquisitor’s guards; the wife of the bailiff Abriana Arcool; beyond those six more are due to arrive a few hours out.

The building is secure but there is a relatively unused entrance because of its obscurity. Dolgrin detects evil and Syrendross casts a divination to locate Zaid as others begin their preparations for assault. Approaching under the cloak of invisibility, when we finally find the inquisitor we begin with a barrage of dispel magic spells before bringing an end to the inquisitor and his hold over his thralls.

We destroy many of the other inquisitors guards but free the person of interest Ziad was here to renew his charms… the missing Knight of the Order of the Lynx. Many of the count’s men flee before us but not before we learn the Count is set to arrive to Bouvet Keep after the vote that elects the new duke- after his honeymoon.

We are awarded 10,000 xp and the completion of one mythic trial; we pick up next week on how to approach the prisoner wagons and to expect another six wagons after that. 

Friday, December 18, 2015

12/16/15 Virtues Session 31: There's a Gate in His Chest

It took me a while to piece everything together, but it was the Chief of Staff that hired me to kill Admiral Nelandrach Olithir.” Inasia said while in a ‘we’re all friends here’ combat stance motioning to the Chief of Staff Carvanatos Tramore’s unmoving body.

Above the politicians room, where they were gathered had been going through some extensive refurbishing, to what ends it was hard to discern when on high alert.

Go on.” Dolgrin bayed the woman, careful not to put too much faith in the words of an assassin.

You may not be aware of it but Count Keirkin is involved and is supposed to become the new Duke.” Inasia continued not knowing this news was well known among the heroes of Virtue.

Why did you attack Count Vyt?” Syrendross asked the assassin.

I believed him to be under some kind of compulsion and hoped a slight injury would snap him out of it.” Inasia said in perfect honesty.

On the floor Carvanatos’ body began to tremble subtly then it exploded from the ground slamming against the nearest wall as unearthly wail issued from his distended jaw. From Carvanatos’ center mass a swirling maelstrom opened in his chest creating a portal between this world and the abyss.

 After destroying Carvanatos once and for all, his body folding in upon itself, the drow anti paladin and the rest of the demons flee. Dramen was successful in teleporting everyone including Inasia to the Dwarven Temple. Inasia thanks us and vows to leave Bouvet Keep; she tells Syrendross to tell Admiral Nelandrach she believes in him and hopes he becomes the new Duke. She also makes a statement that she and Kyras would cross paths again.

We decide to rest and in the morning we are given a message from Admiral Nelandrach that the prisoner Skelp indeed knows where Ziad the Inquisitor will be today.

We are awarded 12,800 xp and will start next week’s session at Hollow Mount with a meeting with the Admrial. 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

12/09/15 Virtues Session 30: The Politician's Room

Bloody and weary the heroes of Virtue rounded the exquisite stone sitar case and into a private office where to individuals were addressing each other. The first individual, a man, the heroes recognized at once- Bouvet Keep Chief of Staff Carvanatos Tramore the other individual, a woman no one recognized until she spoke.

Upon reaching the top of the stairs, along with Pergoyt, the Carvanatos greeted us with a sadistic smile but before he could begin his monologue and explain his end game and how we were too late...

The woman drove a blade through the man quieting his words forever. The known as Inasia looked up and saw us take up arms and begin spellcasting but before that...

"Wait let me explain."

Our session began with an uneasy reception from Countess Decara Zhaynd and her retinue the monk Klang, Moed and ETone (blue markers); Count Idar Tan, Pergoyt and Ywary (green markers); Count Vyt and Daviar with the individual Sireff attempting to kill Vyt before following Carvanatos Tramore up the Politician's Stairs (yellow markers); and finally Count Wydimore, Zyg, Dr. Ceuth, and Aomy (red markers). 

The battle was short and we were able to take prisoners, and before we hastily vaulted after Carvanatos our sympathizers Count Idar Tan, Ywary; Count Vyt and Daviar, agreed to look after our prisoners. 

Surrendered; Jaip, Freen, Kimp (Black Hawk Guards), and Moed and ETone 

Escaped: Srp, Usitt (Black Hawk Guards) as well as Count Wydimore, Zyg, Dr. Ceuth, and Aomy (technically, although they did send two guards to aid us as they departed the Politician's Room.)

We were awarded with 7,250 Xp. We begin next session with Inasia's explanation. 

Saturday, December 5, 2015

12/02/15 Virtues Session 29: And the Taming of the Great Waterwall

You want to know about the Inquisitor? Oh yea, sure and I want to make sure I live long enough to not regret what you’d have me tell you.” Skelp said through black teeth that were sharpened to points. 

Behind the cultist Syrendross had a handful of the man’s black tangle of hair exposing Skelp’s neck to the dagger in Syrendross’ other slim hand. It was the dagger he had used to kill Bleem after discovering the taint in Bouvaldia, and the drow was ready to take another if deemed necessary.

We will remand him to Admiral Olithir,” Dolgrin said looking from the cultist to the vessels in the bay wondering where the Admiral was at this moment. With these words from his dwarven friend Syrendross released Skelp rudely to the rocky scree where he sprawled out gouging his head.

You will want to know what I know Drow elf,” Skelp said as he was beginning to laugh revealing his black teeth. “I know where Zaid Aclair will be tomorrow.”

We begin on a rock littered sandy shore about ten minutes after relieving the barge of its evil burden; darkness approaches suitable for low-light perception. We question our prisoner, Skelp who clearly wanted to live. Elsewhere in the bay snapping and breaking sounds echoed across the water reminding us that there was very likely still a battle to be fought and won.

Deeming it possible to teleport directly to Admiral Nelandrach Olithir’s attack vessel, when we arrived it was utter chaos as if the Ways had been breached. Thrashing about on the broken deck, as water rushed in, some of us were knocked prone or washed off the deck. Around the Admiral’s ships several more boats were being pulled from their berths toward the swirling and growing vortex.

After some tense moments we all eventually retreated into ‘rope tricks’ along with Admiral Nelandrach Olithir and 14 other survivors of various mixes where we rest for the next eight hours. During this time we see unfathomable swaths of debris being pulled down into the water below our extra-dimensional sanctuaries. Slowly the destruction ebbs and by the sixth hour the water finally seemed to calm, however a quick test showed that there was still a swirling current hiding below the tranquil surface.

The Admiral informs us of his battle, like using a water cannon poisoning water-breathing creatures, his attack was a surprise but fighting them in their natural environment and their adept ways of summoning aid was too much to overcome.

Day three (of five until the Inquisitor’s expected return). Upon exiting the rope tricks and making our way to the mountain pass we see that every ship, dock and boardwalk had been swept up and devoured into the vortex and presumably into the Ways. But that was not the greatest surprise- the Great Water Wall was gone and after some speculation it was intuited that the breach in the Ways and the Water Wall, created by the Evening Isles’ movement, reached equilibrium.

Elsewhere in Bouvet Keep, total lock-down, preparing for the worst many fled back to the mountain keeps. We break from the Admiral who takes Skelp to Hollow Mount where we may find him; but as he took Skelp we over hear him saying he knows where the inquisitor will be ‘tomorrow.’ We ask Admiral Olithir to leave any information he finds out to leave it as the Dwarf Temple. It was also made clear that these 14 survivors will be followers of Rydin or Dolgrin’s.

Carvanatos The Chief of Mad
7am. Invisible we teleport near the Duke’s Castle and into a climate of readiness and high alert; a mild chaos of unknowns in the wake of the erasure of the docks and the absence of the Water Wall. Dozens of Duke’s men cluster questioning witnesses and deeper into the castle, work rooms filled with scribes busy at water breathing scrolls and other preparatory measures. Deeper into the castle past the war room was the ‘politician’s room’ were we find the Chief of Staff Carvanatos Tramore, guards bearing the Hawk as well as two other individuals- Count Idar Tan, Pergoyt, and Countess Decara Zhaynd.

Kotri makes some observations and immediately does not trust the Countess and sees that the Hawk-guards recognize our group. Introductions all around as Kotri again notices a trap door, propped open under a table. We present ourselves and offer our help because it was us that ended the cultists on the barge and killed the bitch Marleen. Seeing his mother’s murders before him, Carvanatos could not contain his rage and ordered his men to destroy us.

We begin next session with it being on like honkey dong.  

Saturday, November 28, 2015

11/25/15 Virtues Session 28: The Trial Upon The Barge of War

Movement!” Kyras said from his watch post on the tugboat. The sun had come out of hiding to
illuminate barge-hands coming up from below, this just as activity from the docks begins anew.

From behind the druid, Dramen clamored up to the watch post. A light salty mist stung at his eyes as the wizard surveyed the bay.

I have a bad feeling about this.” Dramen said with a smile that looked sincere.

Don't be so dramatic to Kyras you know he misinterprets your musings Dramen,” Syrendross said from the shadows just outside the rays of sunshine piercing the tugboat’s cabin.

If we were on land Lapis could tell us how many we were dealing with, I fear his connection with the earth during our trial will be diminished.” Dolgrin said forlornly.

Its just about time, thirty minutes so get ready.” Rydin said enthusiastically as he stretched his legs and arms for his elven spell dancing.

Syrendross, tell the boat captain to be ready to move.” Rydin remarked between breaths as he vigorously twisted his torso left and then right.

What? There’s a captain?” Syrendross said with honest sincerity. “I thought we would just ram the…”

I have this.” Kyras said suddenly breaking the cross conversation and produced a squealing weasel from deep in his druid pocket.

What is it time to eat?” Dolgrin said hungrily eyeing the thrashing animal.

No you fool. I will send it to yon barge to count the different scents, that will tell us approximately how many advisories we could run into.” The druid said with his own brand of sincerity.

This was only met with silence from Dolgrin, Dramen, and Kyras who stopped his dance in mid pirouette. The tugboat swayed listlessly for a brief time before a start from above deck broke the silence…

“Hey there IS a captain!”

We begin the session the morning on the tug boat with a schedule wide open until the Admrial’s strike on the Sea drow. Agreeing to keep a profile as low as possible we stay upon the utilitarian vessel and keep a constant watch on our target- a barge roughly 175 long and 150 wide.

Boats scattered about filled their sails and when it was at last time to move, Captain Tugboat drove the inconspicuous tugboat closer to the barge allowing Dramen and Syrendross to magically travel everyone to the barge- near a large service crane. Much of what was seen on the barge was illusionary upon closer inspection; nevertheless we got the surprise on out opponents defeating them efficiently and destroying the temple of Orcus below the barge deck.

We took one prisoner and intuited that Ralikanthae has fled before our justice found him, he would visit his revenge at another time and another place. We also gained a 65,000 gp voucher from the Admiral, as well as 11,500 xp (80,000 xp total) and another mythic tier for 4th tier.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Barge of War


BloodyBones 1

BloodyBones 2

Ironclad Duergar

Half Fiend Minotaur 1


Half Fiend Minotaur 2

Treasure Recovered:
+2 shocking burst scimitar 4 lbs
+1 disarming greatsword 8 lbs (this sword came from Blackstrike, the Half Fiend Minotaurs got away)
+1 elf-bane short sword 2 lbs
+1 flaming short sword 2 lbs
+1 Frost Shortsword 2 lbs
+1 Keen Shortsword 2 lbs
+1 shock short sword 2 lbs
+1 Arrows x20
Belt of physical might +2 (Str, Dex) 1 lb
Bracers of armor +2 1 lb
Headband of mental prowess +2 (Wis, Cha) 1 lb
Ring of sonic resistance (minor)
Ring of spell storing (minor)
Ring of protection +1
Ring of protection +2
Ring of wizardry II
Wand of scorching ray (23 charges)
+1 chain shirt 25 lbs
Amulet of natural armor +2
Bracers of armor +2 1 lb
Cloak of resistance +2 1 lb
Necklace of fireballs IV 1 lb
Amulet of natural armor +1
Belt of superior maneuvers +2 (Disarm, 3/day)
Cloak of resistance +1 1 lb
Potion of blur
Potion of bull's strength
Potion of cure moderate wounds
Potion of cure serious wounds x2
Potion of fly
Potion of invisibility
Potion of cure moderate wounds x5
Potion of barkskin +3 x3
Potion of cure moderate wounds
Potion of magic fang, greater +2 x2
Masterwork shortbow 2 lbs
Artisan's tools, masterwork (Craft [other]) 5 lbs

Saturday, November 21, 2015

11/18/15 Virtues Session 27: KAZZAK!

KAZZAK! The crash was like a whip-crack in the air, filling the immediate area with a sound and a brief flash of brilliance.

Kyras paused and listened to whispers on the wind, not speech but more like the caress of air upon the druid conveying the elemental's intentions and knowledge. Kyras understood the language of air elementals at once.

Next to the druid, his companions ever watchful, began defensive preparations, but Kyras was not alarmed by this nor by the next two lighting strikes that followed.

KAZZAK! Above the electricity burn of the last lighting strike a man-sized elemental form addressed Kyras. While several of the druid’s companions could not understand all of the elemental language the creature used to communicate they could see the elemental’s form which Dramen later described what looked like an invisible man crackling with small jolts of electricity. Body language was shared as a common trait between the druid and elemental’s palaver.

The exchange lasted for a few moments Rydin, with the aid of his fabulous magical helm, was able to understand some but not all of their conversation, the helm had difficulties comprehending non-verbal communication. What Rydin did gather was… “yellow grizzly bones is where you left it… it hasn’t been disturbed.” A strange message, but before Rydin could understand anything further Kyras curtly broke from his talk with the elemental.

“I know where the second entrance to the Ways is,” and continued to walk the byways and avenues of Bouvet Keep to the dwarf temple leaving his confused friends not far behind.

We begin with our fleet escape from the rat-men hunters and their swine companions and to a unit of defensive guards stationed to protect the hospital. When asked, the guards explained that  two ‘other-worldly’ denizens/ demons had been sighted and that the guards were here in defense of the hospital. This prompts Dramen to cast a see invisibility disclosing to other guards unseen before; Syrendross maintains a message between the companions.

Making our way back to the dwarf temple to rest, Kyras is fast approached by an unlikely ally by the name of Kazzak. A stormcloud who has a connection to Jerit Macaugh and through a pact with a man named Lord Fulgur, sent Kazzak to aid Kyras while in Bouvet Keep as well as delivery of two messages. 1) ‘yellow grizzly bones is where you left it… it hasn’t been disturbed’ and 2) an answer, ‘the second entrance is in the bay.’ We later make it back to the dwarf temple whereby Kazzak monitors our rest and recovery from the long day.

During the night some of us were treated to dreams and some to revelations. The inquisitor and his brother will arrive in five days henceforth arriving with members of the Count’s Council. These traitors to Bouvaldia commonly use children, many red-haired, to disguise themselves. The driders from below the hospital acted and were valued companions in the battle the day before. Someone scryed on our fellowship, but thanks to Lapis Dolgrin was protected.

The next day we break our fast and inform the dwarves that we will no longer stay at the temple fearing for their safety before we eventually journey to the Bay. Once arrived Kyras sends Kazzak out to scout in the bay, but as he does so some of us notice various thugs, casually spaced apart carefully watching us. In the bay several ships as well as tug boats floated minding their own business but standing out were three naval ships with sailors attending to their assigned duties.

Just as some of us were making preparations against yon would be thugs Kazzak returns to Kyras with a spray of ocean water. Below the water’s surface two ship hulls have been converted and placed on either side of what was likely the entrance to the ways; it was guarded by sea monsters and aquatic elves.

Meanwhile several navy men see this odd exchange, depart from their vessels and accost our group. The man was in full uniform and introduced himself as Admiral Melandrach Olithir and after a few tense moments we introduced to his first mate Lerawy and his body guard Untruak and are invited back on his vessel under the pretense of routine discipline.

Syrendross make uneasy friends with Untruak and Dramen impresses everyone; but after six hours we had discovered another ally against the cult of Orcus. After a full disclosure of events (sans before coming to the Evening Isles) Admiral Olithir sends two messages after learning of the death of Tenebris.

Admiral Olithir is aware of the legends of the Ways and reveals that the ‘aquatic elves’ are actually aquatic drow and with the threat of Tenebris gone it was time to ‘take back the bay’. We are warned about a contract on Admiral Olithir’s life (assassin Anasia) as well as new information that Marlene is Carvanatos Tramore’s mother. The Admiral states he will be ready by noon the next day after he makes preparations.

The rest of the day is spent liquidating our excess equipment and arranging an overnight stay at a random tug boat where we begin next week’s session.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Admiral's Message

Count Idar Tan read the Admiral’s message again, tears welling in his eyes:
Count Idar Tan

Tenebris is dead, slain by a dwarven paladin and his elven companions.  These adventurers risked travelling the ways in an effort to warn Bouvet Keep of the Duke’s murder as well as the cult of conspirators behind the plot.  While I cannot risk writing down the names of those noblemen behind the plot my concern against naming them should certainly identify at least one of their number to you. We only have five days to prepare, I implore you and your men to come directly to my ship the Whalewood when you arrive in Bouvet Keep for the Coucil of Naming.

Count Idar Tan folded the note and tucked it inside his jacket.  If it was true that Tenebris was destroyed he may finally discover the fate of his daughter.  Choking back tears the Count called for his houseman, “Send word to Pergoyt that I require his arcane expertise, I need to travel quickly.”

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Spellbooks Found

Arctic Call (Level 11 Evoker)

Fine vellum sheets fill these two well-worn books. Beautiful illustrations depict the effects of each spell, many with a distinctly arctic theme. Though the pages and their wintry illustrations are of high quality, the protective leather case that encloses both books smells and feels greasy, as if the hide has been crudely waterproofed with animal fat.

Protection Fire trap modified to inflict cold damage (Reflex DC 17)

Opposition schools Illusion, necromancy

Value 4,335 gp (5,985 gp with the preparation ritual)


6th—contingency S, freezing sphere S, repulsion

5th—cone of cold S, mage’s private sanctum, permanency, teleport, wall of forceS

4th—ice storm S, shout S, stoneskin, symbol of revelation [UM], wall of iceS

3rd—arcane sight, dispel magic, elemental aura S [APG], fire trap, heroism, lightning bolt S, phantom steed, seek thoughts [APG]

2nd—bull’s strength, false life OP, glitterdust, hideous laughter, make whole, resist energy, rope trick

1st—detect secret doors, endure elements, enlarge person, feather fall, mage armor, magic missile S, obscuring mist, shield, shocking grasp S

0—standard plus breeze [UM] (missing) [errata removes 0-level spells]

Preparation Ritual
Rime Bite (Su) You infuse your spell with a biting cold that few can withstand. Spend this boon as a free action when you cast a spell with the cold descriptor. Any damage from that spell ignores all resistance to cold, but does not ignore immunity to cold.

The Work Book of Rul Thaven (Diviner)

This medium-sized book has a creased spine and supple gray leather covers. The leather has rubbed away in certain spots, tiny pinhole burns pock the surface, and a brass lock holds the book shut. A woman’s portrait has been bound into the front cover, and text covers almost all of the image except her face: text in circles, with arrows pointing to new circles with suppositions. Underneath the woman’s chin are the words “Diabolist sacrifice?”

Protection Average lock (DC 25), and the 5th-level spells are hidden with secret page. The special word is “reveal.”

Opposition schools Illusion, transmutation

Value 2,195 gp (3,320 gp with the preparation ritual)


5th—contact other plane S, Hod's Gift(DM), major creation, telepathic bond S,

4th—detect scrying S, locate creature S, remove curse, scrying , Touch of Callimachus (DM)

3rd—arcane sight S, clairaudience/clairvoyance S, Portal Jaunt (DM), secret page OP, tongues S

2nd—detect thoughts S, flaming sphere, locate object S, Master’s Eyes(DM), resist energy, see invisibility S, summon monster II

1st—cause fear, comprehend languages S, detect secret doors S, detect undead S, disguise self OP, identify S, protection from evil, protection from law, Step Like Me(DM), true strike S

0-Sea Legs(DM), 

Preparation Ritual
Eyes of Rul Thaven (Su) You use a trick perfected by Rul Thaven to ferret out invisible creatures. Spend this boon’s effect as a swift action. You gain the effects of see invisibility for 1 round.


School universal; Level bard 0, sorcerer/wizard 0 Casting Time 1 standard action

Components V, S Range personal Target you Duration 1 min./level

You grant yourself the ability to ignore violent motion while casting spells. You gain a +4 bonus to concentration checks when casting spells while under vigorous or violent motion.


School transmutation; Level sorcerer/wizard 1, witch 1 Casting Time 1 standard action

Components V, S, M (personal item such as blood, hair,footprint, or other connection to target)

Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels) Target one creature Duration 1 day (D)

Saving Throw Fortitude negates; SR yes

You steal the footsteps of a target creature within one size category of you. For the duration of the spell, you leave the tracks of the target while they leave tracks as if they were you. In addition, creatures capable of identifying creatures using tremor sense mistake you for a creature of their own species.


School divination; Level sorcerer/wizard 2, witch 2 Casting Time 1 standard action

Components V,S Range touch Target your familiar

Duration 1 min./level (D) Saving Throw none; SR no

When you identify targets for a ranged spell, you may use your familiar’s senses to identify targets within the spell’s range, even if you do not have line of sight to them. Your familiar must see the creature or object to target it. You gain the following information: the existence of targets your familiar identifies, their physical position relative to you, and whether your familiar considers them allies, neutral, or enemies.

To identify a target, the familiar must make a Perception check with all normal modifiers applying. If the familiar does not sense the target and its location, it cannot identify the target or supply information on the target’s location. Even if identified, the familiar’s lack of line of sight may prevent a spell from targeting an individual. Master’s Eyes doesn’t affect the ranged spell in any way other than to provide potential targets for the spell. All other requirements for your ranged spell must be met as normal, and it still originates from you.


School conjuration (teleportation); Level sorcerer/wizard 3

Casting Time 1 standard action Components V, S, F (A small brass key)

Range medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./lvel) Effect one door becomes a portal to another within range

Duration 1 round Saving Throw none; SR no

By touching a door or gate with your focus, you turn it into a one-way portal to another such door within the spell’s range. This spell works with any crafted door, doorway, archway, or other artificial opening. It will not work with natural or accidental openings such as cave entrances or cracks in walls. You must be aware of your destination’s location or have line of sight to it. On completing the spell, the touched door opens, revealing a shimmering image of the location beyond the destination door. You may step through the door, emerging instantly out of the destination door. Alternatively, you may allow one other willing creature to pass through the portal instead. Anything you carry moves through the door with you, including other creatures, willing or unwilling. For purposes of the spell, any locks, bars, or magical effects such as arcane lock are ineffectual for the spell’s duration. You may only travel to a side of the door you can see or have physically been to in the past (divinations such as clairvoyance count as seeing). Once you or a willing creature passes through, both doors shut, ending the spell. If you or another creature do not move through the portal within 1 round, the spell ends.


School transmutation; Level sorcerer/wizard 4 Casting Time 1 standard action

Components V, S Range touch Target creature touched

Duration 10 min./level Saving Throw Will negates; SR yes

Your touch evokes a raised, bluish glyph on the subject. The target is more susceptible to your spells and takes a –2 penalty to all saves against spells you cast with the penalty, increasing by 1 per 4 caster levels to a total of –6 at 20th level. In addition, you gain a +2 bonus to caster checks to overcome the affected creature’s spell resistance, if any.


School transmutation; Level cleric/oracle 5, sorcerer/wizard 5

Casting Time 1 standard action Components V, S, M (a pinch of charcoal), DF

Range touch Target creature touched Duration: 1 hr./level

You gain blindsense 60 ft. This spell can be made permanent with a permanency spell at a cost of 15,000 gp and a minimum caster level of 14th.

Scrolls & Prayerbooks

Divine Scrolls CL 10

5th—breath of lifeD, mass cure light wounds, righteous might, summon monster V
4th—air walk, cure critical wounds, dismissal (DC 19), divine power, unholy blightD (DC 19)
3rd—cure serious wounds (x2), dispel magic, invisibility purgemagic circle against goodD, prayer
2nd—aid, cure moderate woundsD, death knell (DC 17), silence (DC 17), spiritual weapon, undetectable alignment
1st—command (DC 16), cure light woundsD, deathwatch, divine favor, obscuring mist, remove fear, shield of faith

Arcane Scrolls CL 6

3rd—lightning bolt (DC 16)(x4)
2nd—invisibility, web (DC 15) (2 each)
1st—mage armor, ray of enfeeblement (DC 14), silent image (DC 14)

Arcane Scrolls CL 10

5th--feeblemind (DC 21), hungry pit (DC 21), suffocation (DC 23)
4th--animate dead (x2), dimension door, enervation
3rd--hold person (DC 19), lightning bolt (DC 19), ray of exhaustion, vampiric touch(x2)
2nd--blindness/deafness (DC 20), false life, ghoul touch (DC 20)(x2), scorching ray ,spectral hand, touch of idiocy
1st--chill touch (DC 19), grease (DC 17), mage armor, ray of enfeeblement (DC 19) (x2), shield, shocking grasp

Druid Prayer Book of Gargound the Mighty

7th—creeping doom, elemental body IV D
6th—antilife shell, cone of cold D
5th—call lightning storm cure critical wounds, ice storm D, stoneskin
4th—cure serious wounds, control weather D, dispel magic, flame strike ,freedom of movement, spike stones
3rd—greater magic fang, protection from energy, quench, sleet storm, speak with plants, water breathing D
2nd—barkskin, cat's grace, fog cloud D, spider climb
1st—cure light wounds, endure elements, faerie fire, longstrider, obscuring mist D,pass without trace, speak with animals
0th (at will)—flare, guidance, light, stabilize

Druid Prayer Book, Sirasil

4th—air walk, strong jaw, thorn body
3rd—greater magic fang, shifting sand
2nd—barkskin, greensight, natural rhythm, stone call
1st—charm animal, cure light wounds, endure elements, faerie fire, longstrider

Friday, November 13, 2015

11/11/15 Virtues Session 26: Widowed

Marlene knew the moment her husband Sakor died even if she wasn’t there to see it. The low green glow of her wedding band went out just as she appeared at the Cloudhome side of the hospital’s spiral staircase.  Marlene and Sakor’s wedding bands enchantment was such that the light would only falter upon one of their deaths.  Marlene’s breath left her, confusion and fear gripping her rapidly firing thoughts, “How could Sakor have fallen so quickly, why didn’t he simply speak the word of travelling and return home as she did? Was his soul truly claimed? Was she in danger? Did Sakor ever suspect?” The suddenly widowed necromancer maintained her emotion, quickly moving past several people she had surprised by her magical appearance at the top of the stairs.  For a moment she questioned who she would warn first, her son or Ralikanthae.  It only took the necromancer a moment to realize that it only made sense to warn Ralik first, the Knight Protector could actually do something about the brazen attack.

We begin this week’s session with combat in the bowels of the hospital. The battle was well fought by the heroes (and cohorts) of Virtue, taxing the companions to their limits; good won over evil at this battle, but the war was still on going. After a couple of minutes of gathering valuables we avoid the swine herding rat-men, we pick up next week after leaving the hospital.

We find fifty coffins believed to be used for Larson and the others; spell books, scrolls and prayer books; a note in a Rul Traven’s spellbook promising an eased state of readiness once the Duke is at the wedding.. signed by Carvanatos Tramore; masterwork mortician’s tools, a silver unholy symbol, and (Ring of protection +2) ring bearing Orcus symbology; a broken Staff of Illusion from Miar Moshea ambassadors; as well as belongings of a prisoner, a cloak bearing an ‘emblem’, who was relocated to the wall.

(4) (post alteration from 5 suits) Halfplate +1
(4) Heavy steel shields +1 
(5) Longswords +1
(6) 25 gold black onyx gems
(6) Master work daggers
Amulet of mage craft
Chain shirt +2
Cloak of resistance +1
Headband of inspired wisdom +2
Headband of vast intellect +2
Heavy wooden shield +2
Human bane morning star +1
Master work cold iron dagger
Ring of counter spell (dispel magic)
Ring of protection +1
Wand of magic missiles CL3, 43 ch
Wand of Undefined 1st level, CL1, full

Wand of undefined 2nd level, CL3,full

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Leatherfin

Gun Captain Paultor
Ralikanthae ordered the ship Leatherfin set adrift watching it float to sea until finally passing the outer marker.  The Sea Master gave his Gun Captain Paultor the signal.  

Five canons along the Seawall were loaded and upon receiving the signal wicks were lit followed by the loud retort of cannon fire ripping through the air before crashing into the doomed vessel.  The screams of the prisoners onboard the Leatherfin were only heard after the noise of the initial explosions echoed away.  Ralikanthae called out to his faithful elementals in the strange Aquan tongue of the sea, encouraging his extra planar allies to utilize the prayers he had taught them upon any of the Leatherfin’s survivors. Soon after the Sea Master encouragement, the screams were no more. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Message from Home

Fumi Laumstaucher
A Dwarven Paladin has arrived; rumor has it he travels with Elven?Merchants and a red headed boy. The ladies tell me they are in EmbassyMountain.

Zaid Aclair

Your message is so confusing due to our meeting a group very much the same.  Too dangerous a coincidence. Warn COS &  Ralikanthae


Saturday, November 7, 2015

11/04/15 Virtues Session 25: I Break my Invisibility with Laughter

Syrendross could not see the fire blazing outside the crude underground structure he had dimensionally slid into, but knew the shelter would not last long. Outside and nearby the drow could hear his friend Rydin…

Taste the sting of my elven curved blade foul creature!” This broke Rydin's invisibility enchantments as he attacked his opponent, a humanoid trained and likely bred for deadly purpose.

Behind Rydin and further down the tunnel Dolgrin grunted, “Get out of the way ye durned elf!”

Syrendross could not hear Kyras, but sensed that he was doing all he could to get through the narrow passage. They were a large group, larger still after the arrival of the Hound Archon who, up until now, was the only visible opponent.

The drow again took a dimensional shift up and back out of the dual walls of fire; he took aim at one of the walls to dispel the closest one to his friends and failed.

Somewhere on the battle field Syrendross’ keen elf ears could hear the jovial laughter of Dramen; the sound brought with it a memory from Shar of the time Smendric at one crucial moment broke an invisibility spell with laughter.  

We begin this week’s session traveling back to the Dwarf Temple in Embassy Mountain; taking a circuitous route we were able to lose the men following us. Kyras was able to feel the change in the demeanor of the folk almost immediately in light of the Duke’s death. This gave us a measure of distraction as we traveled from place to place. Syrendross, continuing his study of runes and symbols of the vast keep, found a drow highway markers high up as if spiders or driders were traveling to some, as yet unknown to him, location.

Catching up to Rydin’s menial task followers the elf aptly spotted a man with a keen eye on our movements; the individual was very evasive never allowing Rydin a good look at him.

At the Dwarf Temple we find them in full response to the tragedy, caves were utilized for many of the Duke’s loyalists and the doors to the armory had been thrown wide. Many of the fifty we saved from Tenebris consist of varying people and skills with less than a score being card carrying swordsmen.

3PM We meet with Larson and explain his reason for being here and how we came to know the details of the Duke’s betrayal, the Count, his brother the Inquisitor and Orcus. We also mention the Dwarf Temple as allies; Larson agrees to aid us.

We arrange through the black marketer elf Voran (favors the Elven Pantheon) who claims to know a guy; a transmuter by the name of Ghauste Rakwar who services and supports gladiators. Several men present are taken aback because Voran revealed his source. We arrange with Voran to meet with Ghauste for dinner later at Stranger Peaks that day- Myrr’s Tavern, Cloudhome (between two ram’s horns).
The reason for the meeting was to obtain a scroll of locate object to use in the castle to perhaps find the new Black Hawk symbol which we find out that this new ‘unit’ is part of the wizard Ralikanthae’s assets. We are cautioned to bring a gift of morning to the Castle when going there. One of Rydin’s followers mentions a third floor balcony and were to find another contact once inside the Castle.

It was when we turned our energies on metamagic components that we realized the Midwife Fumi Laumstaucher could be the one orchestrating everything. Her position as midwife and the ‘Laumstaucher method’, the odd black hawk birthmarks on several men to who turned out to be evil later on, as well as her long career makes her at least a person of interest. We seek out her hospital at Praecipium Mountain, Skyhigh.

Once there several clues jumped out at us, Syrendross finds more drow markings this time a safehouse glyph as well as a decorative stone with a large Black Hawk emblazoned upon it. Dramen casts a locate object as we enter the hospital. With several choices before us we find a directory and quickly agree that Near Earth, where one finds herbal remedies and alchemical items, is where to start looking.

Syrendross turns everyone invisible with a wand as we travel to the lower levels. Once there we find dirt floors and Dolgrin, a line of evil folks heading in the same direction. We then quickly come to the Mortician’s were we find baby coffins and cadavers. We find a door. Each of us make preparations to bring the fight to them!

We are awarded 1,200 xp and begin next session at the beginning of round three against denizens from the city of Brass, driders, and other unknown enemies of virtue. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Scorrin  Fireforge handed a couple non descript books to the dwarven lady waiting inside the church cloister. " Here are the journal books you requested, Miss Kotri."

She ran the soft touch of her fingers down the spine of the book she accepted, and inspected it with a shrewd eye. " Have they been treated against water exposure?"

"Yes, as you requested. Now the protection is limited, mind you. Better to think of it as resistant, not water-proof." The cleric was young by dwarven standards and though his position in the church wasn't powerful, or even visible to most, his dedication as a Scroll Scholar and knowledge of dwarven history had earned him respect among the older clergy in the church. It was difficult for him to fight his enthusiasm to help the strangers who had been introduced to them through the grace of the Builder, deliverers of Barit's vision. The elf Rydin spoke words that rang with unvarnished truth,, a trait Skorrin admired greatly. In his mind, he could serve the church no better than by doing all he could to enable these holy warriors (for what other kind do divine visions deliver?) to fulfill the Builders will.

The other dwarf in the room cleared his throat from the small drinking table as he poured three stout whiskeys into short cups made from volcanic glass. Kotri only knew him by his first name, Florrin, and she had already grown quite fond of him. She could not help but think of him as a youngish grandfather. His manners were impeccable, he never misspoke or pronounced a name wrong, and he was at all times calm. His thickly corded forearms, however, told of centuries of wielding blade and shield, and his neck and barrel-chest still showed the strength that bore plate into battle, even if he was a bit thicker in the middle and slower of step in his advancing years. His mind however, was sharper than ever. He served the clergy here as a head of house, or chief butler even, of the church halls and chambers. There he lived out his retirement from being a fighter in military service. Kotri had managed to pry from him that he was trained as a Tactician, and served as a personal bodyguard to many officers over his career, and she delighted in goading tales of his past from him. "If you don't mind my asking,Miss Kotri, you were quite adamant for your need of these books. What are you planning to fill them with?".

She accepted her drink, and quaffed it after a ribald dwarven toast, forcing a blush from young and old dwarf alike. "Ahh. My lord Rydin rescued me from the lost planes of Hell and offered me his friendship for life. I wondered aloud how could I ever repay him? What could I ever do? He smiled at me and clapped my shoulder and said this. No one alive had ever lived a life like mine, and it would be a shame to lose what you have learned. Then he challenged me to write my story so it could be added to my peoples history. And so, I will"

Florrin smiled and let the whiskey drain his blush. His shield arm itched to protect these two friends, elf and dwarf, as they worked the holy vision of Barit's to its end, as his mind raced, dividing the politicians and nobility into two different groups.

Better Left Unsaid

Countess Decara Zhaynd
Countess Decara Zhaynd was shaken awake, her chambermaid nervously apologizing for waking her while handing her a scroll bearing the Inquisitor Aclair’s seal.  Seeing his sigil ran a cold chill down the Countess’ spine but she assured the chamber maid she had acted properly, sitting up in her bed grasping the scroll.  Waiting until her servant’s departure from the room the Countess broke the seal reading of the Duke’s murder and her summons to Bouvet Keep where they would form a council to pick the new Duke. Unspoken but understood by the Countess was the Inquisitors expectation that her vote would be put behind whichever candidate Zaid Aclair supported.

Monday, November 2, 2015

10/28/15 Virtues Session 24: On This Day the Duke is Betrayed

Dramen’s eyes took on a devilish gleam as he entered the searing temple chamber. Besides the near unbearable heat the hallowed halls thundered with the sounds of dwarven chanting to the Builder- Dumathoin god of craft and protector of the dwarven hearth. 

Around the perimeter of the chamber were statues of volcano dwarves in honor stances with weapons raised to unseen foes and where there were none, complex runes etched lessons of honor and craft reminding the worshipers of the tenants of their faith. And in the center of it all, the focus and the direction to which each dwarf prayed was an immense pool of simmering magma. It steamed and popped with its own life and radiated an orange glow lighting the worshipers in fiery illumination while filling the chamber with acrid smoke.

Dramen’s mischievous grin did not escape his closest friend Syrendross who watched the Traveler rock back and forth on the toes and heels of his magical boots. But once Dramen saw the drow was watching him the ginger-mage paused his rocking immediately and shrugged innocently.

The drow subtly shook his head unable to conceal his own thin smile.

As this silent exchange between friends took place Dramen was only peripherally aware that Dolgrin was making some sort of paladin speech; however Dramen was more concerned about putting his magical footwear to the ultimate test by walking like a messiah across the liquid magma. 

As we step out of the Ways certain things become apparent; first, we are back to the time when Syrendross, Dolgin, and Kyras was killed at the Count’s wedding, this slip backwards in time reverted Dolgrin’s ring back into a Ring of Spellstoring. Second, Larson and the other 49 of the Duke’s most trusted that we saved from Tenebris were fully restored to existence. Third, seven other unknown individuals previously trapped in the Ways also became aware of this exit from the Ways which was located Sky High on the pass between Hollow Mount and Roc's Nest  The sundering and volcanic eruptions caused many rock slides completely covering the previously sealed portal.  

When we emerge through a tunnel of fire leaving behind normal looking stone, we encounter the Volcano dwarf Barit Coinmail with greetings of “you are real!” and “my vision is true.” He briefly explains his meaning and offers to lead us to Embassy Mount. Syrendross is careful to conceal his drow heritage, freely giving his weapons to Dolgrin. We hastily explain the reason of our arrival and immediately begin asking for key individuals.

As Barit leads us onward we now come to appreciate the enormity of Bouvet Keep, the buildings of stone, temporary structures of commerce and the shrines of faith from faraway lands. As we pass onto Hollow Mount Syrendross begins searching for symbols of Kimit.  Leaving Hollow Mount we avoid too many interactions until we arrive at Embassy Mountain where we are brought before a 60 foot diameter pool of magma around which are eight praying clerics observing the dwarven holiday hoping for a vision from the Builder.

We are introduced to Torck Meerclaw who begins questioning us about the ‘old broken elven byways’ but is quickly interrupted with dire news of the Dukes impending betrayal. Therein follows several hours of calling certain trusted individuals: the Loyal Men, 13 high priests.  A plan is made to uncover the possible corruption of Carvanatos Tramore as well as a timetable of two days to plan before the formal announcement of the Duke’s death is received.

Syrendross scrys on the Castle Keirken allowing many individuals to witness the Duke’s battle wagon explode and the assassins bearing down on the soon to be murdered heroes of virtue. Our discussion allows us to confirm for the dwarves that the Inquisitor, Zaid Aclair is a follower of Orcus, while also revealing that Zaid and Count Keirkin are brothers.We win the trust of the dwarven faithful, but we are cautioned this will not extend to all of the dwarven population. 

The discussion regarding the possible corruption of Chief of Staff Carvanatos leads to some disagreement regarding the mysterious appointment of the Sea Master Ralikanthae as  Knight Protector, half the dwarf high priests think Ralikanthae is being set up as a scape goat; while the other half are convinced the wizard is also demon worshiper.

Over the next two days Barit is inaugurated as Dolgrin’s cohort and we are given an area to rest and recover.The next morning Barit takes us to the baths and later to the residence of his romantic interest’s 
Perunia for a meal. We decide to embrace our merchant cover and spend most of the day selling our extra items in exchange for Bouvaldian tender. Dolgrin takes a walkabout, Dramen spends the next two days crafting a wand of haste; Syrendross and Rydin keep a low profile as Kyras scribes scrolls. At the end of two days bells ring as expected signaling a gathering to hear the news of the Duke’s death. The news brought mixed reactions from the 2 to 3 thousand citizens spread across Roc’s Nest- some expressing sadness, others silent reflection; some who didn’t agree with the Duke’s policies were even relieved.

By this time 40 of Larson’s men are assembled with the overall feelings of worry about how to approach the machinations of the impending transition of power. We as well as the high priests decide to separate objectives: they would gather information on Ralikanthae, Larson and his men would prepare for the intrigue that is to come, and we would seek out the Chief of Staff Carvanatos as Mythic Merchants.

More horns sound giving the call to arms and to man all posts and to close the bay as we enter Cloudhome where we hear the ‘order 66’ thereby activating anti-Duke sympathizers. As we near the secure walls we run into Havisail who tries to diminish Barit but was eventually charmed by Dramen to lead us to the Chief of Staff. This leads us to a human Xavier along with two guards who tries to undercut Havisail with his authority and after a few brief tense moments of would-be conflict- we are warranted an immediate visit with Carvanatos.

We pass security eventually finding the Chief of Staff. This prompts Dramen to seek thoughts to determine the Chief’s political alignment, but to no avail. We raise some key points to Carvanatos but like his thoughts we don’t get many answers to the facts as we know and present them. He departs claiming to want to report our claims but we find ourselves locked in the office while he tended to the news.

We are able to escape our impromptu prison by use of some magical transportation. From here we head off into the city noticing that we are being watched and followed...