Thursday, September 12, 2013

Samular Crowns of Ascension

Samular Lady Eva Maerklos - a fine seven pointed crown made of platinum, with details of humanoid skulls etched into outer face of the crown. The central  point, worn above the forehead, is adorned with a Lich's Weeping stone and is complimented by six black onyx gems, each worth 1,000 gp. This crown was crafted by the jewelers of house Talmost. Component value 12,500 gp

Samular Lord Bordane Agundar - a heavy seven pointed crown forged from
iron, a fine Beljuril gem shines above the brow, with six black pearls adorning the other spikes. Each of the pearls is worth 500 gp, and his crown is the work of house Ilzimmer. Component value 8,000 gp

Samular Lord Damian Agundar - A fine Amartha gemstone dominates the tallest spike of this seven pointed crown made of platinum. Stylized lightning bolts are etched along the base of the crown, and five pearls (each valued at 500 gp) join a starstone the color of swirling seas to decorate the other peaks of the crown. This crown was crafted by house Ilzimmer. Component value 9,000 gp not counting the starstone.

Samular Lady Kallina Kormalis - A brilliant clear emerald
outshines a delicate seven pointed crown of polished platinum, with the brightness of gemstone and metal offset by six black pearls (each worth 500 gp) in the other six points. Her crown is an Ilzimmer design. Component value 9,500 gp.

Samular Lord Arsten Thunderstaff - this seven pointed crown is forged  of platinum, and shows a ruby flashing the red of war set in the forward spike. It is complimented by six garnets (300 gp value each) in the other spikes. This is another Ilzimmer creation. Component value 8,200 gp.

Samular Lady Briar Bellabranta - Out of the collection, this crown is by far the most unique. Carved from a solid five pound moonstone brought to this world by a genie, it may be the masterpiece of house Talmost's jewelers. Cut and polished into the form of an elegant tiara, the forward spike of her crown is set with the sparkle of a brilliant black star sapphire , itself worth 5000 gp. The remaining spikes each hold a black star sapphire worth 1000 gp, combining to make her crown as the moon and stars of the heaven she is to ascend to. Even this most unique gemstone creation is not held by her as dearly as her other gift - the betrothal ring that accompanied Tauren overdue marriage proposal. A simpler arrangement than the crowns, it's design heralded the traditional elegance of a wedding ring. The band of electrum bore no etching or design ( a 3000 gp trinket by itself) but held a flawless brilliant diamond of exquisite value ( 5000 gp). Although it would be hard to appraise the value of a crown carved from a single piece of moonstone, I set it 10,000 gp, equalling the finest of luxury gemstones. This puts her crown component value at 21,000 gp, and her ring at 8,000 gp.

Samular Lord Tauren Tarm - For the Gypsy Lord, a seven pointed crown was shaped from a solid chunk adamantine, metal that falls to the earth from the heavens. Shaped by the hands of a divine elder stone elemental ( description of Brother Rhone) this crowns points are all of equal size and equally spaced apart. Each holds an exquisite fiery yellow corundum worth 4000 gp that sparkle with crimson and gold flashes, the royal colors of his church and following. Component value 29,500 gp.

These crowns are more than fancy jewelry, they are a visual and awe inspiring affirmation of the unity and divinity of the Samular Pantheon. They serve to bolster the faith of their following and swell the ranks of Waterdhavians that have grown to love these gods and propel them to ascension. These factors work together to give each of the Samulars a +1 circumstance bonus to their Leadership feat score. Also, as exhibited by Lord Damian, they hold immobile active ioun stones and starstones.

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