Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hell and Glory

The clamor of combat and the lights this late hour roused the crew of the Sea Whore, a traveling brothel popular along the Stormhaven and Shipmoot trade route. The Sea Whore is a small, light ship capable of swift travel and when the need requires can dock with larger ships without encumbrance.

Madame Clothra, a dark-skinned woman from the eastern realms, has assembled a crew of promising men and women for exotic tastes for both distant and nearby shores. With a disarming beauty and searching, appraising eyes Clothra has a talent for finding latent talent in men and women alike- human or mixed race. It was a skill that would propel her in high society- she hoped.

Her most recent find was a young aasimar girl she called Gloria. It did not matter what the girl’s name was- whoever had the most coin would call her whatever they wanted. Gloria will be Madame Clothra’s ultimate tribute to the upside in Stormhaven and hopefully a place in Sunbow Mansion.
“There, me Lady is a battle like no other,” remarked Aashiq her sea-husband (one of many) as he pointed to the source of the sounds out away from Stormhaven. Several of Madame Clothra’s crew was topside now including her precious Gloria who watched in dumb-belief.

In the distance they could see flying beasts locked in deadly combat with a gilded galleon of lights and scores of men at arms. Their numbers far exceeded The Sea Whore by 3 to 1, Clothra shuttered- ‘pride goes before a fall’ she thought. It was always her fear that her prideful ambition would bring her close to a goal and that she would fall at its doorstep.

“Aye, but as you can see it’s not just the red terrors in the sky that concerns me, the other ships has magic as well flyers too,” he added we should be cautious and post additional sentries until we dock on Saturday.

“Look there’s something coming out of the water!” Gloria said.

In the distance, the sea split as a vortex of water and silt lashed out seeming in defense of the galleon. The sound it made was like a hurricane lashing whip-like across the sky.

“They have an elemental!” Aashiq said with a laugh now exquisitely intrigued.  

Madame Clothra looked to the aasimar called Gloria who was not looking at the battle beyond but at a point along the side of the Sea Whore.

Madame Clothra tried to call out but when she took breath water filled her lungs instead. She began to lurch and cough…everything seemed to move so slowly in her throes... the last thing she heard before drowning was...

“Gestas, Dysmas kill them all but save this one… this one is precious to me.” >>>

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