Monday, April 26, 2010

The Knightslayer

Good news, you won the assignment! This could be your ticket in chum. Follow the map and loot the tombs indicated. There will be some diversions to busy the guard, but don't dawdle. You are a made man if you can retrieve this weapon. The weapon started as a simple but very strong flanged mace, pictured here. But while being imbued with the lust of a dragons heart, it's appearance changed slightly to reflect it's draconic empowerment. It should now sport a dragon head on top of the mace-head, not sure what color. Do not mistake any other weapon for The Knightslayer.

" Announcing the young Lady Cherillyn Anteas"
"Good Day Cherillyn, it has been a couple years since we last spoke." were the careful words chosen by Tauron. She was the same age as Tauron, and her brother only a year older, and the two of them were in many of the same classes with Tauron in academy classes.
"A day of sorrow for your family, Tauron, and the Anteas wish to extend their condolences."
"You speak for your father and brother as well? Or do they even know you are here?"
"I speak for myself, and I am Anteas as much as they. I am not here to be nasty." Her icy tone matched her thinning eyes.
"I actually came here out of worry for my brother. I do not wish to offend you, but I must be blunt, for I know no diplomacy to soften my words. My brother, I'm afraid, is a simpleton and I believe him to be falling away from the family. I'm not sure what his motivations are, but I fear he may have been involved in the grave robberies that occured last night."
Tauron's mind raced with countless thoughts and angles to what she could possibly be setting him up for. This visit was exceptionally bold, but admittedly bold was her style. "What would lead you to such a fear?"
"Well the morning of Greengrass he received an early messenger, a messenger he had apparently been waiting for. I remember nothing about the messenger, but Rory was extremely happy with the message, and spoke of gathering supplies for a 'night foray'. Look I don't what they are, but that is what he says when he goes out at night looking for trouble. Any way, after he left the house late that night, I went snooping around his chambers, and found this in his 'secret' drawer."
She handed him a parchment with an excellent picture of a huge mace and some hand written notes. Tauron read her eyes intently before he looked at it, but as always they only revealed what she wished them to. Reading the notes, he could not help but notice how its arrogance sounded just like the Dragon-Cult letter they had intercepted.
"The fool hasn't come home since, but that's not that uncommon. Look, I just want to make clear that this is not family related. I'm telling you because of our history."
" With all due respect, why don't you think your dad and uncles are in on this? Its always been family related with them. And why wouldn't I suspect them of being involved in the murders?"
" Well what nobody knows is father and brother haven't spoken to one another in 6 months. Even I don't know the reason for this gulf between them, but it is real and it seems likely to not end. I do know that Rory has been cut off from many of our family assets."
"What do you gain my telling me this? Even if I could trust you to tell the truth, you would do so only to gain benefit. I've been the fool to your plots before, and I just want to know what you gain from this."
"I am telling you this because I value my family name and will not have it besmirched because of a disgruntled fool. As to what I gain, well time will tell us won't it?"

Butch- I took advantage of backtracking, and this meeting took place just before we all met at noon the day of the wedding. James I leave it up to you whether she let me keep the parchment or she took it with her. Some lore on the mace- it did start as a heavy mace, but was turned into a magic rod called The Knightslayer. Like all rods it has several powers, none of which prohibit it's use as a heavy-hitting magic melee weapon. As to whether it was contained in one of our family graves is for James to decide.

Post script- sorry about the picture of the mace. The head is cut off for some reason.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Struggle

(Found amongst Bordane's papers, written about a month before the game's start)

I am right. In the very core of my being, I believe this. In all things and in all ways, I believe, I know, I am right. I'm not like a paladin, who sees the world in black and white, I do see shades of grey everywhere. I am full of contradictions. I don't believe in destiny, I believe I'm carving out my place in this world out of the stone of life. Yet, I cannot deny how things seem meant to happen. I want to kick in doors and crush my enemies beneath my boot heel. And yet, I cannot deny that that's exactly what father would do and I despise that man. I am right, I just keep reminding myself that. This will be my world and all will bow before me.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Harper Lore

The Harpers are a semi-secret organization dedicated to promoting good, preserving history (including art and music) and maintaining a balance between civilization and nature by keeping kingdoms small and the destruction of plant life to a minimum.

That is what they would lead you to believe. The harpers are infact- presumptuous meddlers and infiltrators in the affairs of men- men of power. Their real objective is to infiltrate governments at all levels, religious hierarchies and if need be; eliminate potential problems keeping kingdoms small and manageable.

The strategy of the Orc-priest

Gnaash looked up into the giant spirit’s ferocious eyes. The powerful Oni spirit cast not only an imposing shadow but also a conspiring look upon the orc-priest and granted him his request for aid. Gnaash was intelligent for one of his race and every bit as malevolent and bloodthirsty. The spirit observed that for Gnaash, the hunt was just as enjoyable as was the kill.

The Oni spirit was an anti-paladin who in life served the Dark Lord- Bane. As much as to the extent that he shed his name, identity and soul to become known and feared on the battlefield simply as The Strategist. His battle plans became tactics of legend, principals in siege warfare that are still used to this day. In return for service, the Strategist was blessed with a divine spiritual existence of fell magics and supernatural terrorism to proliferate the power of Bane. It was this divine power that Gnaash now sought against its foes, the Harpers and the paladin Morgan Ravenstar. The Strategist grinned.

Ravenstar along with his friends; Alias, an eldritch-pacted warlock and Korm Tigertooth, a rather venerable and haunted dwarf chanter, together they faithfully served the people and the Council of Everlund. But no longer.

The Strategist granted Gnaash his spells and solemnly bequeathed the orc-priest with Broadvolgue- the Paladin Bane. Gnaash turned from the spirit and towards the mobs of orc subjects gathered; raised the sword and his dragon shield. Gnaash, Gnaash, chanted the mobs until they were in such frenzy that only blood would sate their vile palate.

With that bit of business done the Oni spirit turned north where there were far more plans to put into motion. The Strategist strode into the night, into the fog.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Heavenly Bodies

Knowledge (Arcana or Planes): Astrological considerations are often observed when attempting arcane rituals and divine rights. Of the seven astrological bodies seen from Faerun (the Sun, the moon and five planets), each holds some measure of arcane importance, religious or pagan custom or cultural significance. It is believed that the Netherese were the first to give names to these bodies, and those names have since spread to the rest of Faerun. Sometime in the prehistory of Faerun, the planets, apparently due to their colors, became associated with the elements and, later, with the Elemental Gods. While this still holds true today in some cultures; other peoples have associated the planets with their own gods, rituals and tales.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ballad of the Seven Blades

The dwarf trudged resolutely forward, head down, bleeding down one leg. Korm Tigertooth knew pain as he headed towards the shimmering portal that would lead him of these abyssal plains. He came here as part of an adventuring group, 7 souls bound together in search of excitement and the unknown. Now, he was the last.

Sinking to his knees, a hundred feet away from the portal through which he could see the lush evergreens of the northern Swordcoast, his chest heaved as he panted for breath. Korm wiped the sweat from his eyes, swallowed and that's when he heard the crunch of gravel behind him. Cautiously, he turned and eyed his adversary, his predator and the killer of the rest of his party.

Sitting astride a huge nightmare, whose coat was blacker than any deep tunnel Korm had seen, was the death knight. The nightmarish mount pranced and neighed, smoke and embers blowing from it's nostrils as it caught scent of it's prey. The knight easily brought the creature under control, and just sat there, with his lance raised, peering at the broken dwarf with his floating, bloodred eyes.

With a immense sigh, Korm drug himself to his feet, his plate mail already battered and beaten from previous bouts with the specter. The Seven Blades had found no treasure on this excursion, only pain and death. The stout warrior readied his shield and spear, spread his feet and took one last look at the portal. "Clangeddin, Father o' battle, I'll be comin' to ye sooner than I expected," Korm muttered under his breath. To the knight, he cried, "C'mon you bastard!! Let's not make a mess of it!!"

The death knight lowered the visor of his helm, a beautifully crafted piece that, with the visor down, made the glowing red eyes seem to peer from a dragon's gaping maw. He lowered his lance, that deadly blade that had killed 3 of Korm's party, and almost tenderly, touched his spurs to the nightmare's flanks...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Earth, Stone and Fey

A dragon is believed to be nesting in the Sword Mountains near Leilon. Cattle have vanished from secure fields at night, and snow-packed trails have been seen glazed into the remote mountains slopes and forests. Guards and laborer’s alike describe dread feelings of being watched coming from the Sword Mountains and hissing can be faintly herd on the incessant north winds. Stories are spreading quickly of a serpentine dragon that snakes it way up, down and through the wooded slopes of the mountains, white as snow- swallowing creatures in its path. The only warning is a rush of wind displacement as it snaps forward in its attack, wind or breath; so hellishly cold as to freeze a man in his tracks.

The dwarf brothers Earth and Stone- sorcerers, volunteered to scout out to prove or disprove the citizen’s fears. Upon their return to Leilon the brothers account for no sightings and believe the creature to be extraordinarily fast on land, and if it can fly… it may never be challenged until the onset of summer. When (it is hoped) the creature roams north until the fall equinox. The sorcerers also mention encountering a fey-sprite named Carling, who cooperated greatly in the search for the elusive dragon. Earth and Stone say that another journey into the Sword Mountains is planned.

Knowledge (Local): Leilon is a small mining town that serves as a convenient resting place for weary travelers on the High Road between Neverwinter and Waterdeep. The Leilon military, known as the Lances of Leilon is composed of as many as 200 mounted warriors. In times of need, citizens are incorporated into the militia.

Knowledge (Geography): The Sword Mountains form a shield between the Sea of Swords and the forest and flatlands beyond. While not militarily significant, these mountains are home to savage beasts, vagabonds, and other unsavory creatures. Of more importance to travelers though is the High Road, connecting the cities of Leilon and Waterdeep with the rest of the ‘civilized’ North.

Linguistics: Carling, in Old English means ‘hill where old women or witches gather.’

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Nature of Goblinoid Evil

Knowledge (Nature): Goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears, despite having superficial similarities, each represent a different face of evil. Hobgoblins are ordered and methodical in their evil, forming vast armies, warbands, and despotic nations. Goblins are the primal evil, seeking only cruelty and petty victimization as they can find it, be that among their own kind or against their neighbors. Yet the evil personified by the bugbear may be the most terrifying, for they actively seek to infclict pain and suffering in the most destructive ways possible. When a hobgoblin kills, it’s because of tradition and order. When a goblin kills, it’s for fun. But when a bugbear holds its blade, it kills only when it can be assured that the murder will cause maximum pain and suffering to those its weapon does not touch; to a bugbear, the true goal of murder is to strike not at the victim, but at those who held the victim dear.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Malchus & his "men"!

Malchus grew up in poverty. He began his fighting career as a city guard in Waterdeep. After years of service he left the guard to become an adventurer. Most recently he has taken command of a mercenary group of low-men known only as “The Takers”. They make their living raiding small caravans and travelers up and down the sword coast.

Malchus will keep his eyes open for an opportunity to pose as a caravan guard. Disguising his true identity he informs his “Takers” of the route and all pertinent information on the cargo and the guards. Recently they where spotted ambushing some travelers on there way to the Greengrass festival in Waterdeep. Word is he may still be held up in Daggerford waiting on the next mark.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Crusades (Part Two: Worm amongst Wyrms)

Maerlyn Gorsomm was a highly intelligent wizard that specialized in elemental fire and was always on the hunt for new magic. His travels took him up and down the Sword Coast seeking to quench his passion for primordial magics.

After a time, the wizard uncovered a lost legend regarding the Nether Scrolls; and so ensued Maerlyn’s dreams of what such primordial power could bring- but the magical texts were guarded by an ancient bone demon. Naberis, as it was known by, was both undead and a demon which made it an extraordinarily dangerous foe. The bone demon with its infernal arsenal, hoarded over seven of the Nether Scrolls and thus had to be dealt with.

The wizard quested and confronted the demon in deadly magical combat that lasted until each was draining off the lands for sustenance to continue, until one or both were dead. When the last spell was cast and the fires had at last died out, both Maerlyn and Naberis were dead. Their physical bodies broken, burned and consumed; but history would continue their tale. Maerlyn, killed with scrolls in hand was denied death and rose as a Lich- while the demon; its essence now inhabited his infernal Mourning-Star.

The Scrolls betrayed the Lich, as they could only be used by the living and were no more than scrap to him; but the Lich was cunning and sought a vessel to use the scrolls to his own devices. Over the years the Lich became fascinated with dragons and the evil such creatures are capable of. The Lich, formerly known as Maerlyn, bestowed the Nether Scrolls to seven great dragons in the North and through these creatures the Lich would realize his power and thus became known and widely feared as the Worm amongst Wyrms.

During that time King Humas Samular and his Knights waged annual crusades against dragons all across the North of Faerun. It would be Tancred; Samular’s first Heir, first Knight and griffon-rider who met the Lich in battle. Both opponents carried an arsenal; the Lich with his Mourning-Star (Naberis) and Tancred with his sword. A sword that was his bond, his life-weapon and whose blade was purposefully crafted to defeat liches: Arcanum.

The Nether Scrolls

Knowledge (Arcana): Sages believe that early North men were unified by a powerful magus who had discovered a book of great magical power that survived from the Days of Creation; a tome of parchments that legend calls the Nether Scrolls.

Under this man, whose name is lost in time, and those people who followed, Netheril rose to power and glory, becoming both the first human land in the North and the most powerful overall. Many speculate that this discovery marked the birth of human wizardry, since before then; mankind had only shamans and witch doctors. For over 3,000 years Netheril dominated the North, but even its legendary wizards were unable to stop their final doom; the aberrations.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's so crazy it just might work

Damian: Ok so we tricked the Oghma Nine Sage but saved his family any public shaming.  Here's the thing...what if after we get paid for throwing him in jail...we break him out?  He'll need to relocate, maybe we can put him on our caravan and have him aide our cause in Mirabar?  If luck is with us, maybe we can use the same jail break to free Gimballon.  If we decide to attempt this it should be done right before we are to leave town, either when we escort that broad (Luck Rider) that wants to hire us, or before we escort the caravan.  Even if we are initially suspected, peoples memories are poor, and over a long period of time and travel, we'll easily be able to claim we were not in the city at the time of the crime. It's possible his family would pay for his freedom as well. I think we have a great opportunity to be mover's and shakers amongst the noble class.  I really dig the idea of griffon's being available for our use. 

Troy: I'm going to look around work and see if I can find some yearly planners that are unclaimed or headed for the trash bin.  Would be nice to have a group master for the players and another one for the DM. 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Last Adventure of the Kryptgarden Forest Keepers.

Last summer Tais and his companions: Dayton Coffey, Catrina Nesher, Marten Broadcloak, and Krazen of Tempus came to the small half-elf village of Kheldel on the edge of the Kryptgarden Forest, only to find everyone in a panic. The townsfolk were in the uproar because their prized possession, the Gem of Azaria has lost its glam, had somehow been extinguished. Poised atop of a slim wooden rod- a limb from the treant Yewwand, the gem could magically locate and detect the presence of precious metals and minerals; qualities that kept the small remote village prosperous. Ancient folklore persisted that mysterious and wondrous powers also provided Kheldel with protection from evil. With that protection now gone the druid Kaliepos, grew more and more convinced about a looming attack. The attack would come in the form of their blood enemy the Gim.

Catrina, a cleric of Mielikki and expert falconer, cast her bond to the skies only to confirm the Gim; crazed goblins, hobgoblin chiefs and bugbears brutes were indeed gathering forces in the nearby forest.

Thinking that there was something more going on- Tais, Marten and Krazen stealthily ventured into the wood to spy and gather information on the Gim. While Dayton and Catrina prepared the fifty or so half-elves of the coming battle.

The two days of reconnaissance uncovered a plot and an unlikely alliance. The Gim had rallied behind Syllis, a crazy nymph-bitch follower of Malar and an old rival of the adventurers; Baloreik, a dark elf planes-traveler. Together, through fell magics and rituals they were unified in the belief that they could transmute the Gim into fey-blooded creatures. There plan was nearly complete, all they needed now was the blood of fey- the half-elves of Kheldel.

The battle came as the Peddler’s Moon (with his sack of squealing souls) came up over the horizon. Dozens of frost-touched Gim flooded and overwhelmed the half-elves with deadly flails and fell-frost. Then Baloreik hatched his plan and activated his carefully planted curses about the battlefield. Curses that wrought cataclysmic changes in the adventurers that would see the departure of Krazen from the group; Catrina question her faith; a destructive obsession in Daton; and a physical change in Marten Broadcloak who since is called the White Mage.

Dogma of Bane

From the Black Book of Bane:

"Serve no one but Bane. Fear him always and make others fear him even more than you do. The Black Hand always strikes down those who stand against it in the end. Defy Bane and die - or in death find loyalty to him, for he shall compel it. Submit to the word of Bane as uttered by his ranking clergy, since true power can only be gained through service to him. Spread the dark fear of Bane. It is the doom of those who do not follow him to let power slip through their hands. Those who cross the Black Hand meet their dooms earlier and more harshly than those who worship other deities."

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Letters to The Company


I understand you're angry with me. I understand why, as well. Do not think that I do not notice you, you are a very fetching woman. However, I must devote my mind, body and soul in pursuit of one who has my heart. She is an elusive prey, able to wiggle out of the tightest grasp if one's attention wavers even the slightest. My prey's name, power. I will be more than I am, the bastard 2nd boy of a father that doesn't appreciate him. Open your eyes, take your blinders off and see the man in front of you, or more likely, slightly behind and to the side of you. Wayne has been in love of you as long as we've all been together. He'd be a better man for you, able to give you the time you feel you deserve. All this aside, I expect this to be the end of our little "spat". I know I'm better than this and you probably are, as well.

Bordane Agundar


I meant no disrespect at the closing ceremony of Greengrass. It was obvious you've been swooning over Eden for awhile. I just feel I must surround myself with people who take what they want, and are able to hold on to it. You have my blessing to pursue her to your heart's content and I wish you the best of luck. I look forward to our future adventures.

Bordane Agundar

Monday, April 5, 2010


Knowledge (Engineering/Religion): Gond is recognized not as just the patron of inventors, but on a deeper level; he is the Keeper of the Ages. Over the centuries it was under his watch that mankind would elevate from the stone ages to the next age and beyond; as well being as the god of invention and industry. Gond stands alone with the indignation of the gods of magic. Clergy of Azuth, Nethys, Ioun, Isis and even Mystra are vehemently opposed to the artificer and the breakthroughs of engineering and craft without the use of magic; even to the point of sabotage and subterfuge.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Dowry

It was sometime after wedding practice. The “invisible” person on the stairs and overheard conversation was still rumbling around in my head and I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I took a stroll around the castle grounds, trying hard to avoid any areas where I might invite trouble. I didn’t want to admit it to myself but I knew where my feet would lead me and after a half hour of walking I found myself standing outside the servants quarters. I used to play here quite a bit when I was a child, it was one of the few places I could play without being reminded by some snob child of a nobleman that I was a bastard. Playing here was how I met and befriended Majere, an old woman who would weave fantastic tales and lies in such a manner as to educate me on some subject or person. Hers were words of wisdom and it wisdom I sought a couple nights ago.

Unconsciously I knocked on the door in the same manner I had as a child, so of course she knew who it was before she opened the door. As always, she greeted me groggily and gruffly, threatening me with her always mentioned, never before seen, magical powers. I promised that the item I had to discuss would interest her and I put on a pot of tea. It is my belief that Majere has always appreciated that I have never forgotten her or her lessons, as she always perks up when I visit. As I related my discovery on the stairs and my worries about the Thaycian wedding party and upcoming nuptials, Majere drank her tea and asked many questions, mostly about fashion and gifts strangely enough. I was more than a little frustrated and was starting to wonder if age was finally catching up to her.

Majere could always read my mood and sometimes I swore she read my mind. After her last question about the bridesmaid’s dresses, seeing my displeasure, she cackled gleefully and pointedly asked me if I thought “Mother Majere” had lost it. I stumbled over some words and feebly tried to claim that I had not thought that, which she quickly waved away and then really started peppering me with questions.
What is it you fear about this marriage? She asked in her supremely confident manner. I explained that I feared a plot by the red wizard nation to take over Waterdeep by proxy. Majere then asked me, out of all I had seen and heard, how did I think they would accomplish that. I thought for a moment and then said that if any of the Wands had been charmed or replaced they would be able to accomplish what they needed and then began to rapidly remind her of the conversation I overheard and how Raine Wands had denied it in such a way as to convince me he truly didn’t remember it. Majere smiled a knowing smile and asked me if I though a charm or doppelganger would succeed in pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes for an indefinite period of time? I quickly responded no. She then asked me, if this were my plan, how would I do it?

Majere knew how much I disliked this type of question because no matter my answer I suspected she had a better one and was just using the question to teach. That was a fine method when I had yet deflowered my first virgin, it was frustrating and maddening now. Yet I knew I had to humor her if I was to get any rest that night.

I thought long and hard while she patiently drank her tea and stitched. Some hour later I was ready with several ideas. My first two ideas she immediately dismissed, not because they weren’t good plans for infiltration and defeat of the Castle but because they required too much insider knowledge. She pointed out that the Thaycians would need a means to sneak in whatever items were required for their plan and would need to know that they could accomplish it under the watchful eyes of a castle full of strangers. It was here that I fell upon what could be a key to this madness. The Bride and her bridesmaids would be afforded much more privacy and latitude than anyone else in their wedding party. I was quickly to my feet and almost out the door when, with disappointment in her voice, she stopped me cold in my tracks, asking me where I was going. I turned and explained that I would go and search their belongings for proof of their duplicity and plans. Clicking her tongue, she admonished me for thinking that the Thaycian’s would not have thought of the same thing. Defeated and perplexed, I sat down.

Majere made another pot of tea and my visit must have entertained her because she let me off her hook. “Not everything necessary for the wedding to take place has arrived Damian.” She explained. “In fact I believe there was an important item that has been delayed in much the same way the Bard and other trade has been hampered of late, those damnable pirates.” I still sat confused as to what else was still to come. “The Dowry is not here. Were it here it would be an unconscionable breach of etiquette to look at the gift before the nuptials are complete.” I stared at her as if she had just solved all life’s mysteries. I could feel myself instantly grow tired as her wise words seeped in. Knowing that as yet there was nothing I could do, I asked her if she would know when it arrived. She smiled that knowing smile and explained that she would make sure I got the message when it got here. I left soon after, thanking her for her help, and promising as I always do to visit more often. She told me to be sure to send her more of her favorite tea and thanked me for bringing her such an interesting puzzle.

Then this morning before dawn a messenger from the castle had this note for:

Just in time for the wedding a chest has been delivered to the Bridesmaid’s quarters. On top of the chest, a fine jeweler’s display case with a man’s chain and fine black opal. This necklace is scheduled to be placed on Marcus Wands by Kight the bridesmaid as soon as the ceremony is complete. It is unknown what else is in the chest. Everyone is certain the chain is magical. There is a cursed item of some renown among spell-casters and assassins called a necklace of strangulation. There are many tales and varieties but a curse seems much more in line with their country don’t you think?


Blood on the First

All were killed in the exact same vile act of seven deadly piercings through the seven chakras or nodes with a 12” horn, long tooth or spine that was left behind in each victim through the head. It is the belief of some, that revocable damage can be wrought when great care is taken to damage or overcome the seven chakras, and that these deaths cannot be undone.

  1. Toraph (unknown): His only family was the clergy of Tempus and his blessed weapons. Killed with a cold white, spiraled horn- much like a unicorn.
  2. Tais Tarm: Oldest of the seventh generation Tarm and a Kryptgarden Forest Keeper Member. Killed with a pale blue-white, coarse to the touch and slightly curved horn.
  3. Panricon Cassalanter: Eldest son, training in Daggerford when he was killed. Not much is known about his murder weapon.
  4. Britten Brokengulf: Morus’ niece- cleric of a barbarian totem. Killed with a warm-feeling orange spine that fades to black at its sharp point.
  5. Hark Stormweather: Female skipper, was to leave for her first voyage as house-captain. Killed with a pockmarked, slightly curved blue horn that is coarse to the touch.
  6. Honim Durinbold: Young male swordsman, known to serve as watch auxiliary. Killed with a warm-feeling blood-red horn with pink rings around its circumference.
  7. Koris Jardeth: Warrior-sage, gentleman and duelist with a rapier. Killed with a horn that resembled an olive green taper, melted and reformed.
  8. Tobem Rosznar: A bond with her still born twin; granted her supernatural abilities. Killed with a black spine-horn that reeks a foul odor.