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08/26/15 Virtues Session 15: The Cult of Orcus

The Inquisitor
You there stop what you are doing in the name of the Duke.” The command came from a tall individual, wise in years with no sarcasm; he was a man of results which is why he brought two score along with him. While the heroes where dispensing with the cultists the sun had set on Bouvaldia.

Oh shit.” Syrendross said below his voice trying to hide his face from the lantern light several of the mounted men had mounted on poles.

What is all this then?” Dolgrin said with a snort weary and bloody from battle.

Ah Hillshade, where you can always find an officer of the law when you need one,” Dramen said in response to Syrendross’ lament, looking guiltily at the three dead orcs and one human but mostly at the sets of armor.

Rydin stepped up at this time next to the paladin in an attempt to salvage this dour first impression. “Men of the Duke, I know how this must look to you good…” tapering his speech.

Zaid Aclair, Inquisitor for the Duke and I am placing you all under arrest.” The Inquisitor announced. “Captain seize them.”

Without a word, the Captain looked to his Lieutenant who selected a dozen guards.

Now wait a damn minute,” Kyras started to protest as guards began to dismount following the orders of the Inquisitor.

Kyras do not,” Syrendross said taking the druid by the sleeve of his earthen brown robe.

There. You see, Captain they can be reasonable.” Zaid said with a sly grin drawing out his weapon. “Or perhaps you would respond to an alternative form of persuasion.” 

Abriana Arcool
Our session begins midday with our arrival back to Hillshade with another prisoner. an escaped fugitive, a most dangerous master summoner. The gnome River Baron Zhor Iendothe attempts to parlay entry for us into Castle Keirken but his attempts are rebuffed by the beautiful and regal wife of the Castle Bailiff, a half-elf Abriana Arcool. Clean and precious,she regrets that her husband cannot meet in person informing us that he is busy with security. 

Syrendross requests a place to recover from our long night of tracking down criminals. Ardina explains that due to the pending wedding between Count Keirken and Ardinia Delaway most of the available space is spoken for. She does indicate an area of ruins suggesting with a little work  may uncover  a suitable resting place (or grave if one was of a conspiratorial mind).

During this distraction the Baron receded into the castle courtyard with the prisoner Okala and some of our company notice several individuals busy in the courtyard, their coat of arms indicated they were not the Count’s men. A large metal palace-wagon, secret service, or perhaps a siege weapon was parked in the yard bearing proud symbols of the Duke of Bouvaldia. The Duke was expected at the wedding!
The Duke's Battle Wagon

Dramen makes sure to emphasize the danger of the new prisoner, to which Abriana reassures us by explaining in detail how severely Okala will be punished for any transgressions- to Okala's face, with a smile. At this instance Dolgrin senses a bit of evil in the woman. Abriana comments that the Inquisitor has arrived and will deal with the summoner. Before we depart the Bailiff's wife acknowledges that we are owed a debt and tells us to meet with Zhor in the morning at Gretcho’s: Hillshade’s bakery and restaurant to receive our reward.

A short time later Rydin and Denosia set out looking for the afore mentioned ruins. Seeing individuals along the way our company of virtuous justice seekers find the ruins are actually three separate ruins from three separate eras of history- each built or expanded upon the previous ruin and into areas of fertile ground. (is one building a  former temple of Orcus?)

After some clever tracking we see that the main two story structure that dominates the area has been in use; and some searching reveals a trap door that opens revealing a well-used ladder that dropped into a worked tunnel. Along the tunnel we find sealed caskets bearing symbols with drow iconography indicating underdark associations.  The tunnel's end opened into a cavernous underground waterway that could be a river or lake.

After a few minutes travel along the underground beach Syrendross hears a turbulent splashing sound from around a large stone mound. At the same time Dolgrin and Lapis find a strange waxy earthen column, hollow in its center.  Once a dancing lights spell illuminated the inner walls the earthen column was revealed to be a sanctuary dedicated to Orcus. Our virtuous justice seekers quickly determined that the shrine was worthy of destruction but practice caution by investigating the underdark chamber further. 

Dramen cloaks Syrendross with invisibility and magical flight allowing the drow to investigate the splashing sound heard moments before. Flying around the bend Syrendross finds another deep earth shoreline with a makeshift dock as well as a dozen sinister individuals disembarking from a small flat-ship; Syrendross identified a few orcs, an unidentified Hillshade man and a woman bearing Orcus symbology.  The group's attention was focused on learning how to operate a unknown metal device.

Syrendross returned to his comrades to report his findings where it was decided to lie in wait for the cultists. After a half hour of waiting to ambush the cultists, Syrendross sees the first of them walking down the beach where they had paused to dawn armor- armor later identified as belonging to the Duke’s house guards. Combat ensues.

When the smoke cleared we had defeated four out of the five cultist, only a half-orc (DFO) escaping   by utilizing a potion of gaseous form. After taking inventory (distributed/or destroyed) we begin the arduous task of bringing the bodies and the incriminating Duke’s armor and weapons back to the ruined structure. When we arrive at the structure we find ourselves surrounded by a large number of guards, many on horseback.  It is then we are introduced to Zaid Aclair the Duke’s Inquisitor who orders us taken into custody. 

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THORASS (Auld Common)

Thorass, or Old Common, was an old human language, the direct ancestor of the modern trade tongue. It was a pidgin variant of Chondathan that western Faerunian traders developed to communicate with their counterparts in other lands.

There is a great deal of evidence that Thorass is derived in part form older incarnations of Jotun, the language of giants, along with other unknown influences.

An unknown scribe eventually developed a written alphabet for Thorass. Thorass is considered a dead language, but the alphabet survives, and is still in use today. Thorass has a base 10 numbering system. 

08/19/15 Virtues Session 14: Lapis Uidisset

Lapis Uidisset
Kyras watched the Stone Lord Paladin in quiet fascination. The druid found a calmness at the slow
emergence of the Uidisset earth elemental. The creature responded to Dolgrin’s call like a hesitant but obedient dog, it had a deep expression in its face and gemstones for what Kyras guessed as its eyes.

One by one the companions woke, still a little fatigued from the battle with the carrion claws, to see the amazing elemental bond with its new master.

I remember you,” Dolgrin said between sobs, the emotion of returned memories had overtaken the battle hardened dwarf. “But when I last saw you Lapis you were but a pebble. Bha hahaha!

This is so sweet.” Dramen whispered to Syrendross who promptly kicked the red haired wizard's foot.

Dolgrin, please introduce us!” Rydin sincerely asked the now composed dwarf.

This old friend? May I introduce to you my friends Lapis Uidisset my faithful companion. His clan and my family have a long magical history.” Dolgrin said beaming with love and pride.

7 pm We begin our session leaving with the gnome Zhor Iendothe, the newly appointed River Baron, to hunt down the fugitives from the Fugitive. Dramen was the first to arrive to the stables to overhear Zhor “… haven’t been paid… please calm the nerves of the people… (a name) not to hit on local talent (a different name) no gambling… do you have your gear plus what we discussed? Yes. Keirkin and the Crown.”

As we travel into the night we learn Zhor has an interest in animal husbandry of horses and assures us we are traveling on the best. He shows us a map in case we get separated, there are two locations as we travel west toward the sea.

After an hour we enter a volcano torn landscape when we encounter two carrion claws. They come at us with claws and paralyzing attacks but we are for justice and justice cannot be so easily defeated. In the aftermath Zhor was seen scavenging creature parts for ‘trophy’s’ he says.

We decide to rest in an area of volcanic stones that provide cover and a good vantage point. During Dolgrin’s watch he called to the stone and the stone answered in the form of a companion- Lapis Uidisset. The creature’s clan had a deep history with Balder and therefore comes to Balder’s avatar in response. During the night Dolgrin learns Terran from Lapis.

Okala the twice captured
9am The next morning we are awakened by a giant walking through the blasted volcanic terrain. Fearing the horses may alert the giant to our presence, the druid properly calms the animals. Nice! The giant continues along his westerly meandering course.

9:05 we mount up, cutting across the land allowing us better speed. We soon however came across three of the fugitives we were looking for: Achl, Okala, and the hill giant Oughd. Again the heroes of Virtue prove victorious with the surrendering of Okala the summoner.

We gather valuables: 5,760 xp, +2 corrosive burst greatsword, bracers of armor +3, ring of the sublime, belt of teeth, +1 studded leather, wand of owls wisdom (40x), 6 potions of CMW, 6 potions of CLW, 6 potions of shield of faith +2, 3 potions of barkskin +2, masterwork cold iron machete, a mirror, and thieves tools.

We begin next session at 3pm entering Hillshade with our prisoner. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

08/12/2015 Virtues Session 13: Bad Fellas

“It’s a druid’s grove or my right hand to be sure, argh!” Achl said to no one in particular while taking another bite from an apple.

The three pirate scoundrels and one hill giant had traveled through the night to come upon this placid lake. Moon reflected on its surface disturbed only by the small leisurely boats floating in the water and beautifully tended lake houses dotted the banks atop sandy lake shores.

But the moon reflection was shattered when the hill giant broke the tree line alerting the midnight boaters.

Druid’s grove huh? Make way, I have a way to despoil these waters.” Challenged Roul. Okala and Achl simply stood aside as the large ferration strode forward unlimbering himself as he approached the lake shore.

Hey you out there! AHHH!” Roul said addressing no one in particular laughing all the while. But pirate sorcerer’s screams were cut short when an immense dire crocodile emerged from the lake, grabbed Roul, and death-rolled back into the waters.

Druid grove,” the hill giant said flatly.

Yes, well… me must be off.” Okala said to his remaining companions hoping to himself that he will get out of this alive.

We played this session as four survivors of The Fugitive. It began when Okala (Russ) was contacted by a contact from The Barge. Over time the summoner Okala was able to amass the components needed to summon creatures to enable his escape and eventually on the Barge which is where we begin.

The Fugitive survivors, eleven plus Gaspon Peralia, have been assembled by the Bargemaster, a half-dragon of unknown origin, to break up into teams to create mischief at key locations in order to draw out the heroes that interrupted their vile trade of component trafficking. Aside from the general mayhem we are to bring back any rare metal we happen to recover.

Our mission was to sail a broken vessel north, land and march five miles inland where we are told lies a Dwarven Temple. This temple contains an Elemental Font that flows with water however we are told these are volcano dwarves.
Okala- Half Elf Male Master Summoner
(Okala is informed of a safe house because it seems the half elf is the only one not expendable in this mission.)

Along the way we encounter lights of distant civilization, a road and thanks to the tall hill giant a Dwarf Tower. We attempted to skirt the Tower, after convincing the giant that we will destroy it AFTER the temple, but we were eventually run down by four flaming dwarves upon summoned wolf-mounts.

The battle was over quickly but the loot savaging was faster. Boots of Speed to the giant, Gloves of night to Achl, a +1 weapon/+2 SA and a wand of fireballs to Okala; and Roul a +1 icy-burst rapier as well as some healing potions. But the magical rapier; many of the curatives; as well as the ferration were swallowed whole by a dire crocodile.

Not to be slowed, the three sinister pirates continued to what we eventually learned is a monastery because after a short amount of travel we find dozens of dwarves standing in formation. Okala put the wand of fireballs to use, but alas six volcano dwarves survived to engage us in battle.

We ended the night victorious for the Bargemaster!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Bargemaster

Gaspon Peralia
Gaspon Peralia was not normally a patient half-orc.  Yet the elder Peralia had been patient,going so far as to enjoy some of the services the barge offered it’s clientele. The patron Peralia wisely waited until the noon meal when the revelry of the night before had finally worn off.  Luckily for Gaspon the patience he had practiced provided him the audience he so desperately sought with the Bargemaster at his feasting table.  Eleven other strangers were seated around the table, a strange collection of threatening men, one of which, a hill giant, was much too large for the room, sitting awkwardly with head bent and shoulders slumped.  After their meal was consumed and the women that were brought in were done with their pleasuring duties Gaspon was finally allowed to address The Bargemaster, a half dragon of unknown origin.

Gaspon, initially uncomfortable addressing the Bargemaster in front of the strangers stumbled relaying the beginning of his tale but soon grew comfortable relaying some of the problems his family had run into. Gaspon finished by describing the troublemakers and their alliance with the widowed pirate wives finishing with the arrest of his son Corker along with the acceptance of the pirate widows into the community of Surfton.  Gaspon’s description was met with nods of recognition from the strangers at the table which surprised the half-orc.
The Bargemaster
“Gaspon you were wise to bring your troubles to me. You and your son have been consistent providers of unique materials to the Barge and I’m disappointed to learn that our commerce has been interfered with.  Luckily for us, fate has provided us with another spellcaster capable of mastering the same magical crafting techniques as Vaigh Chek.  I’m going to send you along with some of my new friends here to look for a solution to our problems. Besides rescuing your son I want to make sure these instigators don’t bring the attention of the military to our small section of Bouvaldian’ coastline." 

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08/05/15 Virtues Session 12: Good Fellas

Wake up,” Syrendross said to Dolgrin jockeying the burly dwarf into wakefulness. “There is someone on horseback traveling south along our path.”

Hello? Is someone there?” a deep voice from the path, either the man was a giant or he was adept at projecting a large voice.

I thought mayhap a paladin, even a dwarven one, would make a good first impression.” The drow said with a smile.

By this time many of the other companions were coming around, awoken from the large voice. Dolgrin came awake at once, eschewing his armor but gathering his weapon.

Aye, we are here stranger,” Dolgrin said as he led his companions away from the camp and to the path. “Show yurself as friend for I am Dolgrin Ironshield.”

From around one of the many large rocks along the foothills the companions witnessed a familiar traveling farmer, being led on a horse by an impossibly built man holding a fine lantern; even in the dark of night everyone could see this man was a decorated warrior. He wore armor as well as the coat of arms of Castle Keirkin and an impressive pole arm.

I am Sheriff Radolia, I am taking Fooch here back to his community. They have experienced a great loss at the hands of a sinister group of escapees,” the man said confidently.

As Rydin, Kyras, and Dramen exchanged introductions with the Sheriff Dolgrin tapped into his inner equilibrium and carefully weighed the quality of Sheriff Radolia’s aura, to determine if the Sheriff was of evil intent. While the Sheriff possessed no malevolent spirit, farmer Fooch was a different story.

I was hoping to find a generous group such as you to deputize and help me hunt down these criminals,” the Sheriff said.

Yes, my good fellas and I would be happy to bring these murders to justice,” Dramen said to the big man. “Come share in our camp… you have first watch!

Our session begins on the second day of our trek up the Macron Mountain range and to Bouvet Keep. With the help of Denosia, we were successful in picking out a convenient clearing in which to break camp.  During the early watch Syrendross heard a horse coming down the trail. After some quick reconnaissance and palaver we soon meet Sheriff Radolia from Keirkin Castle- three hours ahead along the path.

The Sheriff was responding to farmer Fooch’s report of murderers- the same ones we encountered at the well the day before. After talking we agree to help Radolia find and put these fugitives to justice.  During the night we learn Radolia is actually an affable fellow, curious and genuine; he is a pole arm specialist and likes to sleep in his armor.

In the morning, Fooch takes the Sheriffs horse as we travel north with Radolia back to Castle Keirkin to deposit Corker Peralia in his jail. Along the path we find it relatively busy with travelers as we converse with Radolia. He spoke highly of Hillshade and of another dwarf who Radolia hopes will be our guide.

He asks us of our travels and our direction to which we explain about our Evening Isles journey as representatives of the high races. It was not long before we could see the mountain rise and its intimidating vastness. Conversation wanes to local threats, at this Radolia remarks on hill giants…
We on FIRE!
As if on cue we were beset upon by four hill giants and a witch, who was killed in gruesome fashion by Sheriff Radolia and his pole arm of death. The hill giants were tricky but after Dramen dropped two of them down a thirty foot pit, Syrendross dropped a flaming sphere down the shaft the battle was soon over.

After the battle Rydin scouts the giant’s (not the witch) cave to find some small items (items slated for later) before pointing out evidence of medium sized creatures that portents concerning local alliances. Although, the Sherriff points out, the danger in the foothills is diminished- but there is always the threat of the mated behir closer to Bovet Keep.

Not long after we find ourselves approaching four hills around a walled castle, with towers and a large courtyard. The town of Hillshade seems to grow outward from the castle in the valleys between the four hills. The Sherriff is well met by everyone but many keep a respectful distance. He soon takes us to the smallest of the four towers- the jail where Corker is remanded to the Pit.

As the prisoner transfer was being processed, some of us see that Radolia distrusts some of the guards, while some of the guards are unsure of our group. One guard Dent, and one other of three shifty guards register as evil according to the paladin. As Dent begins to leave Syrendross steps away, becomes invisible to follow the evil Dent as he went down to the pit to see Corker. Dent seemed relieved to see the half-orc, expecting to see someone else perhaps.

Masterwork Sandwiches
We reunite at Gretcho’s, Hillshade’s home-style bakery and restaurant. Ran by the female Halfling Gretcho and her husband Marx, they served us as if we were family. Here Radolia and Graham Overhill, another Halfling play at chess as we were each served sandwiches.

Again questions were asked about or past and future travels- we givith them our prepared statement.

Graham warns cryptically to not tarry more than two weeks in Bouvet Keep.

Soon the voice of the Bailiff Hopkus Arcool, came to Gretcho’s looking for the Sheriff. There was an immediate tension between Hopkus and Radolia. We tell the Bailiff of our intentions on aiding the Sheriff.

Unfortunately, Hopkus Arcool informs us, the Sheriff is needed here citing local problems as well as the pending nuptials between Count Keirkin and Ardinia Delaway.

Sensing our pending objections the Bailiff came prepared to offer us a letter of introduction to Bovet Keep, one hundred gold each to go after the criminals, and with a very different traveling companion.

Later we traveled with Dolgrin to Yeoman’s Armory and Damerlock Stoningthrow, a Dwarf with a modest two story home with an open barn and work area. We find him constructing armor of rare metal soon Damerlock greets Dolgrin and dwarf banter ensued.

Dolgrin was informed of two suits of armor, one the dwarf purchased from Damerlock, but the other was foretold to be in an old dragon’s lair- the one believed to be occupied by two mated behir. Through the flames of Damerlock's forge Dolgrin sees the Breastplate of Vanishing but no behir. Dolgrin would retrieve it. Rydin and Denosia do some trading too as we were all offered weapons.

4pm We meet with Zhor Iendothe newly appointed River Baron to deem if this change in personnel was to our liking... to see if he was a good fella. We learn he is a bard and is rather eager to be off. He came supplied with military war horses and six men in his retinue to post as guards along the road. We agree to leave later that night 7pm, with an estimated six hours to the coastline.   

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The Fugitive's Last Voyage

The Fugitive, a Bouvaldian prisoner transport cut through ocean waters choppy with the coming storm when the watcher in the crow’s nest called out a barge warning.  Captain Crof cursed his luck and the weather, ordering half sails while directing the course between the shore and the barge. The Captain hoped that the night would hide his maneuver and prevent the criminals aboard the barge from recognizing his ship, at least until they had passed. Captain Crof ordered his crew to work in silence, a tension settling over the ship.  Depending on who was aboard the barge was the luck that would determine if The Fugitive would sail quietly by in the night or enter into battle with unknown foes.  Captian Crof put his second in command, first mate Draib on the wheel, while he paced the deck of his ship calling out quiet words of encouragement to his battle hardened crew members.

Suddenly a dozen strange creatures, hunched-over wretches with long, pliable arms like tentacles capped with five spiny claws, appeared around the surprised crew. One of the creatures seized Captain Crof by the neck, the crew similarly attacked  Alas luck was not with the crew of The Fugitive this night.
Choker Brute
The battle would continue for some minutes before the crew was defeated and the summoned creatures disappeared. The ship sailed on, taken by ocean current before wrecking itself on a volcano torn beachhead.   The wreck freed a number of prisoners while several others drown.  The survivors of The Fugitive are as follows:

Achl Human Male, early 30’s, a Fighter/Rogue (met at the well 400 yards west of 1st bridge)

Roul Human Male Ferration, age unclear between 30 and 60, Rogue Pirate/Sorcerer (met at the well 400 yards west of 1st bridge)
Okala Half Elf Male young adult, a Master Summoner, (met at the well 400 yards west of 1st bridge)
Oughd Hill Giant Male Teen Barbarian

Ackirt Halfling Male in his 20’s, a swashbuckling Daring Infiltrator

Ite Human Male in his 40’s Brawler (met at the well 400 yards west of 1st bridge)
Ivesu Drow Male age unknown, a Fighting Cavern Sniper


Youp Human Male mid 30’s, Fighter Thief (met at the well 400 yards west of 1st bridge)

Quan Duergar Male, early 20’s, Monk, Gray Disciple
Tanll Asho Human Male, early 40’s, Bard Rogue (met at the well 400 yards west of 1st bridge)
Tanll Asho
Koult Elf Male, age unknown, Pact Wizard

Saturday, August 1, 2015

07/29/15 Virtues Session 11: A Proper Sendoff

The stonelord paladin prayed to the pantheon of dwarf gods as he ceremoniously prepared and cleared his mind. It was purifying technique that allowed divine healing to flow unhindered as he laid hands on the three injured farmers.

Around the spectacle Syrendross watched the reactions of the people. They were farmers who were nomadic by necessity with the ever changing landscape. To some of them Dolgrin’s work was more than magic, it was a confirmation of a higher power. Young eyes looked upon the dwarf with awestruck wonder.

We must be going; the day waits for no one.” Denosia said looking north along their path.

Take these,” Rydin said to the men, now feeling much better after Dolgrin’s healing. As he spoke Rydin handed them a longbow and a scimitar, weapons captured in Surfton, “It will not replace your dead but will perhaps prevent more.”

Syrendross, watchful and pensive, left the farmers thinking to himself that these people will recover from their loss because of the children, they will grow to adults enlightened to the power of good and virtue.              

Our session begins with us present in Noel’s garden preparing to take Corker Peralia to Bouvet Keep. Many town folk, sans any Peralias, were in attendance to send us off including the grateful Widows- now of Surfton. Their assemblage not only showing us appreciation but also a concerted effort toward solidarity; our sendoff also brought a promise that we may bring word to Bouvet Keep in regards to the problems in and around Surfton.

Our trip estimates a fifty mile trip up the Macron Mountain range averaging ten miles of travel each day.

Equipped with a donkey from the town Syrendross attached a lead from Corker to the animal; as they departed the drow spotted a lone wyvern in the distance as well as a flicker of light, like a signal. Later Kyras discerned a disturbance, like a displacement in the balance of nature that rippled out across the foothills. We travel on.

Heading north Kyras encounters an aquatic fey who warns us, in its watery voice, of a creature in the air that takes out unspoken aggression on a local wyvern; the thin creature’s name was Umunia who also tell us of a freshwater well ahead near a broken bridge. It was about this time Syrendross discerned a light flash seen earlier was the wyvern’s lair.

Further along we encounter some survivalists who seem disinterested to our passing. However after Syrendross relayed a warning to a possible angry wyvern, we find that some of these people have items for sale and or trade; to which some of us pick up some items.

Next we find the broken bridge Umunia spoke of, on the other side of the river was a populated farm, but at the well were six sinister pirate-types also taking of the well. Our palaver with them was brief and tense. Dramen asked about settlements ahead by which they spoke cryptically of a shipwreck.

Rydin noticed no shared symbology with the six but did notice tattoo marking them as pirates as well as some of their equipment sporting the symbol of the Eye in its detailing. This inspired Rydin to tap in to his core personality, to which he was an avatar of, for Myrddin Og’s first-hand knowledge of the Eye. Powerbrokers, the Eye represents, but the insidious part of the organization was the divination power they possessed. We knew the six possessed magic and were evil but nevertheless we carry on.

A half-mile farther we encounter a small settlement as well as young men brandishing farming implements. After conversing with the young men and later the elders we intuit the six sinister pirates we spoke to at the well had just come through here plundering their wares, breaking their weapons, and murdering two. Taking pity on nomadic farmers we give them a longbow and a scimitar as Dolgrin lays on hands; to some of these folk it is a moment in time they will never forget.

After five hours of travel, Corker and the donkey intact, Dolgrin detects an evil presence in the air descending upon us; a fiendish black griffon with a natural camouflage. The mythic creature known as Karadoon had dominion over darkness but not over us as he was summarily defeated.

Syrendross sees the flickering light once again; certain the wyvern’s lair was close we begin to seek it out to eventually find an impressive owlbear. The creature did get the leaping deathstrike on Dramen but the owlbear too was defeated in a mythic display of badassery! I mean it felt like we were cheating…

We succeed at finding the wyvern’s lair, some treasure, six silver daggers, (distributed) and discover the stone about the cave was elementally touched and unique. We gather up the booty and travel until night time, we set up camp and notice we can just see the rise of the Macron Range and the constant mist we are soon to reach.