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Securing the Docks (Durg)

 Vormite stood back and presented the three most experienced men in this week's security detail; three brothers, as a matter of fact. Humans, heavily bearded and clad in kilts and chain and leather mail, the three nervously studied their employer, their benefactor. He was the youngest of the "dragon brothers", Durg by name.
 "Durg, may I take the time to introduce our three greatest warriors on the docks this week; Arnum, Liam and Ewen," Vormite spoke, each of the three humans nodding when their names were mentioned. "I have chosen Arnum as the captain of security this week, as he's the eldest and most experienced."
 Handing over the magical shield that doubled as a symbol of leadership, Arnum strapped it to his burly forearm and grinned at his brothers, then at Vormite and Durg.
 "Aye, ye ha' nau' tae fret aboot. Th' sheeps an' th' crgu, the sellers an' th' cap'ns all wull be sleepin' safe 'n' soon'ly" Arnum spoke through a briarpatch of fading red beard, fading to a pale orange as age creeped upon him. The other 2 humans nodded their agreement, smiling at themselves as they took heart in their brother's endorsement. "Och, ye kinna bae b'lieving tha' naryaone wull have a hair 'n thare hade missed wi'."
 Vormite looked at Durg, beaming his approval at the fighters' bravado, only to have the smile slowly sour into a grimace. Durg stood there, staring at Arnum with a blank, flat look, one that could only be acheived by one with reptilian blood in their veins. The claws on his right hand tapped a slow stacatto on the head of his deadly axe. Durg's eyes flickered from Arnum to the other 2 brothers. A raspy rattle built slowly in the dragonman's ravaged throat, and his head made a small circle as he cleared his voice. "What?" he rasped.
 Vormite quickly looked to the 3 brothers, swallowing nervously. Liam and Ewen, the 2 younger brothers, both tripped over themselves in trying to translate what their brother had claimed. Durg gently put a claw on each of the younger brothers, pushing them apart, then took the shield from Arnum's arm.
 "'Ere noo, joost wha' dyu ye think wha' yer dooin'?" Arnum growled, but making no move to stop  the dragonman taking the shield from him.
 Durg stopped in taking the badge of office, again starin blankly at the elder human. "A leader needs to have his orders undersood the 1st time, not through a translator." he rasped, Handing the shield to Liam, the 2nd  eldest. "Here, hopefully you'll be easier to understand."
 Liam looked embarassedly at his older brother, taking the shield in hand, "Aye milor' Durg. We'll be sure to keep the docks safe, ye ha' the word of the brothers McTiege."
 Unimpressed, Durg simply nodded and left the barracks, back to the bustling docks.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Review (3/26/2014)

Our session begins Friday morning with the brothers Nissian separating briefly. Auge stays at the Cinder Block preparing for Navy Appreciation Night and spending some time with Hogni where Auge could see how the fellow alchemist has automated much of his process that allows him accelerate his creations. (x1.5?)

Meanwhile Durg, Versel, and Jaren go to the Black Crown. Durg and Versel are accosted by wizards who offer passive-aggressive tributes and jobs requiring ‘sons’ expertise. In the end if our excursions would find us near certain components and the like… they would be in our debt. (see below)

Together the brothers joined Nefertiti in a magical hut for four hours discussing four planes; the astral, the elemental planes of fire and air as well as the plane of shadow. This research and talking with a planes expert yields 1 rank in Knowledge: Planes for everyone.

The Astral Plane: “where there are souls of dead gods” A pseudo-divine place, spiritual, and empty like a void. It is a plane that touches all other planes and is used, albeit briefly, during arcane teleportation spells. It is timeless where afflictions, age, and diseases do not progress thereby creating its own kind of indigenous race of ‘afflicted’ beings. Spells are cast as if quickened and finally, it would be unwise to exercise truename magic in the Astral Plane.

The Plane of Shadow: “the most dangerous” A shadowy representation of the prime material where certain magics are enhanced and time is offset. It would seem that our plane is out of time and this plane reveals that inconsistency. Furthermore she mentions The Ways and how drow are a danger here.

The Plane of Fire: Volcanic landscape ruled by titanic genie-like beings; location of the city of brass.

The Plane of Air: home to all kids of aerial creatures and floating landmasses. Here certain spells are enhanced and insubstantial creatures are dangerous on this plane.
During this Bro-time they fly to the Sunbow Mansion to observe business and handle any minor concerns that need attention. These concerns materialized as shapeshifters, possibly six creatures that are on the lookout for someone; it is believed they are not wise to their discovery; and that when one of them arrives to Sunbow, eventually they ‘all’ turn out like a bowl full of twenties! The Sunbow host said the last time they were here was yesterday.  

It was surmised that the FanFleet Rakshasha’s could be looking for Kalaris who is supposed to be dead. A plan was formulated to hold a Pole-lympics to draw out these creatures for an ambush. With the help from an indebted Black Crown wizard Auge will create a specialized Lantern of Revealing for Sunbow. (we have yet to put this event on the calendar) In the meantime our guy will message us if he thinks they have returned.

From here they head to the Lifters Guild to find one of the lifts has been commandeered by the Rockhammer dwarves after a sizable donation was exchanged.

3 PM After that, the three fly to the Dragon Docks to find solidarity among the people; a common perception and appreciation in the gift of new opportunities and living conditions, there is however a darkside- the (old) driftdowns.

A check of business here equates to the creation of a 50 k cash account for the Dock Guild for 25 new guys and crisp new uniforms for him and all the workers.

6 PM Meeting with Gazlemar, and the sons. Gazlemar is characterized as a nonchalant investor who comes armed with shipping lanes, exotic languages, and assets abroad. Not exactly sold on his approach he then begins throwing gold around selling out the Vial and Flask and ordering 10 stoves from Jaren. (10 units in 3 months for 17k ea. starting in 2 wks)

That's all good, but then Jaren moves the conversation to his time at Twilight House under Uvroc. Under cross-examination it was revealed that Gazlemar’s mind has been wiped- although we did learn that Uvroc is from the underdark under the Evening Isles, no one could hold a secret from him, and that was his precious commodity; along with slaves and ‘portal’ items of magic.

Arkiel and Kalaris go out on a Friday night incognito.

The Naval Appreciation Night was a success. The brawler armor was awarded to a navy-tough guy during Men of War’s rendition of THIS. Afterward the Navy announced a date where two new battle ships would be christened- weapon outfitted by Embry.

The night also saw the return of dwarves to the night life, a troubling foreshadowing of what we find later in the warehouse. 

Midnight. Later that night Auge gets busy on the modified 'shapechanger' lantern for Sunbow, Durg catches up on some rest while Versel gets one with the SquidSeeker, and Jaren discovers the Pillars of Creation- building blocks under which this Age operates.

5AM Jaren, accompanied by his brothers march a dirge down the Dragon Docks with the lyre of building creating three more docks- one of each size category called the Dire Docks. While here we are approached by a dozen viable business contacts new to Stormhaven who are interested in zoning options.  
The Faculty

Noon. Versel travels to the School of the Winter Blade to find out their intentions as demanded only days ago. Mr. Speakup as well as sixty percent of faculty and students remained to learn under Versel’s direction. Pleased Versel asks they remain at their school for now, he will meet with faculty on Monday.

6 PM. Auge, Durg, Versel and Jaren arrive at the Embry Estate for dinner and friendly talk. His near-death has awakened a wanderlust in Allister Embry resulting in him giving over responsibility of the House, Guild and council seat to Cadmar his son. Cadmar’s brazen, seaworthy sister was also in attendance; while she seemed out of place on land, she seemed comfortable around her brother Cadmar. Allister is wanting to leave in two days.

Getting to the point of the dinner Versel explains our pending venture and the need for added alertness and strong swords. Cadmar vows to defend our interests as if they were his own as well as 80 men for Sunbow. Excellent. 

9:36 PM Finds the Sons in the audience of Samson Dragonsbane at the House of the Four Winds who has had good fortune in acquiring able swordsmen as of late. His attendees provide food and drinks of which Auge cannot help himself mix, remix, and pour out for everyone. Getting to the point of the nightcap Versel explains our pending venture and the need for added alertness and strong swords. Samson devotes 300 swords with interested warriors an option for winter blade apprentices. Fantastic. 

Midnight. Cinder Block, numerous messages from followers like White Spider, Hogni and others who say they were attacked by dark creepers and likely a mindflayer. Auge suspects this was a hit for blood components from our closest followers.

Jaren declares his intention to visit the portal warehouse. We all agree and venture to find recent passage of several booted tracks. Durg smells something fishy, Auge’s planeshifter’s knife begins to spin like a top, and Versel’s Squid senses begin to tingle. Jaren casts clairvoyance post haste to discover six mind flayers leading a score or two of fully outfitted dwarves down the portal trail.

Next session, as the month tolls anew, we begin the process of preparing an ambush on the totally unsuspecting illithids. 

Fire Flower grows along the banks of the eastern ocean. It’s a large, crimson - colored flower that is quite common in that area of the world. The flower must be freshly picked or magically preserved to function as a supplementary spell component. A spellcaster who uses this component with any spell that causes damage has that damage increased by 2 points per level of the caster (maximum 20 points).
The effect of this spell component may be combined with other components or damage modifiers.

Mage Coal is a gray rock is mined deep underground. When lit the rock burns brightly for about twenty seconds before it is consumed completely. The rock makes a decent supplementary spell component though the strength it adds to a spell is minimal. A spellcaster who uses this component with any spell that causes damage has that damage increased by 1d4 points. The effect of this spell component may not be combined with other components or damage modifi ers.

Doom Weed is a gray weed is covered in thorns and can be found only in the western forests. Doom
Weed grows mainly around the foot of ancient trees (1,500+ years old) or beneath a tree where a good man was hung. To function properly as a supplementary component this weed must be cleaned of all dirt and allowed to dry completely. It must then be crushed into a course powder. A spellcaster who uses this component with any spell that causes damage must make a Spellcraft check (DC 20+spell level). On a successful check the damage of the spell is increased by 1d8 points per level of the caster (maximum of 12d8). This component may not be used with any other supplementary spell component.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sage Darsoon

“Actually he is a new member of the Black Crown, his personal library and sage skills gained his membership more than any particular skill with a spell.“Adalwin Joscelin explained.  

“It’s my understanding that the elf survived many years in the Driftdowns before working his way Upside.  He isn't wealthy enough to work on favors so be prepared to pay him, a mix of coin and magic is best.  Or you could always call on Yellow-Eye." an obviously joking Joscelin chuckled. 

"You can call upon Darsoon at Dragon Run, his employment there is what finally got him upside.”  

A Geography Expert and Sage of the Dark Continent

Dear Obryn,
I hope the fates find you well. I know you must be busy assisting with the siege of Staircase Keep but I am hoping you can make time for Sons Commodities.  They seek information on the Dark Continent and its islands.  I would consider your cooperation in this matter a personal favor.

Your friend,
Nefertiti Xanthippe

Players Note: You will learn everything from the linked post in Obryn’s name.


SquidSeeker  Aura moderate transmutation; CL 9th Slot headband; Price 59,800 gp; Weight 1 lb.
Statistics Alignment LE; Ego 19 Senses 30 ft (60ft vs. Aberrations)  Int 12, Wis 20, Cha 15
Skills True Speak +10 (+15 vs. Aberrations)   Communication empathy   Languages Infernal

Appearance: This black metal headband is decorated with symbols drawn from the school of abjuration magic. Those able to read magic recognize them as symbols for protection used in both arcane and religious ceremonies and rituals.

History The Legion of Law is an order dating back to the Days of the Dark when aberrant life fell from the sky, noxious to all forms of life native to the material plane. Drawing its members from numerous survivors across the Dark Continent, The Legion of Law sought out the strange new creatures and destroyed them before they could establish colonies.  In Response the alien beings sought out these dedicated hunters, hunting The Legion of Law one at a time, down to the last.  Seeking a haven for their souls and protections for their flesh the Legion first aligned itself with The Keeper in a legendary city and then aligned their souls with the devil moloch when the city was destroyed. 

Their souls “protected” by their allegiance to the infernal prince, the Legion of Law’s souls were drawn into the Great War between Law and Chaos, a specialty unit designed to combat aberrations.  Legion members that survive their first combat with an aberration are awarded with a SquidSeeker headband.

Personality SquidSeeker is ever vigilant, even paranoid.  It will direct its wearer’s attention to possibly unseen dangers.

Powers The headband grants the wearer an enhancement bonus to Wisdom of +4. Treat this as a temporary ability bonus for the first 24 hours the headband is worn.  

In addition to the bonus to wisdom, all saving throws made against aberrations receive a +2 modifier.

Special Purpose SquidSeeker exists to help The Legion of Law hunt down and destroy aberrations.

Greater Power SquidSeeker detects aberrations within 60 feet, sensing their presence even beyond its field of vision.

Construction Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Undetectable Alignment, Magic Circle

Adapted From Rite Publishing Presents: #30 Intelligent Magic Items, Original Item SageSeeker

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Review (03/19/2014)

Picking up at the Sultan’s office at the Underwriters guild we arrive with Dambode, unconscious and removed from his personal belongings. Jumping to the defense of our sudden arrival the Sultan remarks on our efficiency to task and how we elude even his scrying attempts. You'll have that. Regardless, Auge warns him of the eminent hostile Devil-blooded Rakshasha seen moments ago and the possibility of arming his guards with blessed crossbows. 

Nevertheless the Sultan expressed his desire to convene a board meeting immediately before news of Dambode’s capture spread.

It was then discussion transitioned into strategy tactics for the board meeting; expose Dambode as a Seven’s agent who embezzled money through the Money Changers; gold that was in the process of changing hands as Sons commodities was looking for and gaining investors for the new Dock Guild. A guild Deidre openly supported and a tempting target for Dambode. 

After sending out some selective messages to favored underwriters (he needs 18) and then to less favorable
board members, the Sultan asks that a certain three underwriters he wants in attendance be delivered back. These six total have been held up at the Flyer’s Club citadel for some time; they just need picked up, they will know we are coming.

Durg and Auge elect to stay at the Underwriters Guild guarding Dambode who remains in an unconscious state while Versel and Jaren fly for the f-club citadel.

5PM Piercing the flyers dome Jaren and Versel are confronted by Savoy, the blue skinned genie who remarks on the Bone Devils and others who have one of the FCC's north-west villas under siege.

Upon coming withing sight of the siege both brothers see multitudes of summoned Bone Devils but in their midst were Flayer Devils; eighteen feet tall devilish brutes with sharp teeth, vicious horns, hellfire wings, razor sharp claws and eyes like bronze lanterns. But there was another enemy hiding in the darkness, a vampire- Mogary.
Seizing the advantage of supplies Jaren and Versel move to attack setting off a magical effect. Heedless of the spell Versel moves in and delivers what seems like a gender-changing flurry of blows to the vampire, however it was his female companion who’s first reaction was one of confusion.

Jaren employs an utterance rooting her in place briefly however her shapechaging ability allowed her freedom. Pursuing Versel flys after and likewise defeats the vampire, although neither vampire are truly destroyed they will not be bothering anyone for the next twenty-four hours.

At this point many of the Bone Devils were gone save for the flayer devils who turned their attention on Versel and Jaren.  First teleporting around Jaren and some spellcasting targeting Versel; Jaren was able to escape while Versel continued with seemingly endless barrages of devastating attacks.

With a word of Truespeech Jaren was able to break the Curse of the flyers club freeing the three Underwriters Learing Farkettle, Wieland Louthold, and Zayfield, and their three major domos.

The Flayer devils gave it their best but in the end they teleported away, one more enemy earned today.

After escorting the three back to the Underwriter’s Guild the Sons of Nissian together again, see that several individuals, including Diedre, have arrived for the emergency meeting. It was more than was needed because some members who missed the meeting days ago made sure not to miss another.

Using Dambode for his shock value it was easy once blame was seated on Dambode; because it was all just bureaucratic negotiation of details after that. In the end the Dock Guild settled on 1.5 million in gold facilitating Guild status and watermarks.

Celebration time. Later Auge crafts the second Captain’s Lantern (taint: +1 infernal bonus to all saving throws, aura of evil, and silence in a 12’ radius) at the Cinder Block and Jaren travels to the Black Crown.

Speaking with Nefertiti Xanthippe and Adalwin Joscelin, Jaren negotiates for a dozen of teleport scrolls so that those listening would not suspect our pending distant travels. Amongst friends Neferitit inquires about Jaren’s destination. With some brief exchange with his brothers Jaren reveals an island along the eastern side of the Dark Continent.

Intrigued, both Nefertiti and Adalwin offer Jaren each a sage, expert in geography to help in locating the island. In the mean time the two ask Jaren and by extension all of the Sons to agree to a strike upon the VanFleet family. Much of the original bloodline is gone, therefore the strike is meant to replace the usurpers in the old VanFleet family; all leading up to the eventual formation of a Mage Guild in Stormhaven.

When we begin next session it will be Friday morning- Navy Appreciation day

**Retrieved from the Money Changers boat house, Dambode, and the encounter at the FCC. (in order)

Auge: LE intelligent item [Intelligence 11, senses extend 30', ability to cast one 4th level spell 3x day (+2 ego, +33,600 gp value), 10 ranks in one skill (+2 ego, +10,000 gp value), Unknown special purpose), Cloak of Resistance (L4L: Guard Stole, Shielding Mantle- 8,900 gp), and a minor sickening metamagic rod (9,000 gp). 

Versel: Clear Spindle Ioun Stone (4,000 gp) plus one L4L, Horseshoes of the Mist (27,000 gp), and the Armor of Insults (16,175 gp)

Durg: +2 Breastplate with one +2 special ability (pg 118), Ring of Swarming Stabbs (6,000 gp), and a shield +2 (for the Dragon Dock watch captain). 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Auge Journal (Father Knows Best)

Early on, when I discovered poison use, I expressed my vision to know and possess a poison that could debilitate many of the opponents we face, spellcasters, warriors and other such weaklings. Not one master poison but one that address each perhaps individually; Blasphemix, Salvo, the Long Kiss Goodnight, Dragon Bile, and now the addition of  discordia to my bailiwick has renewed this goal. Soon I will have a poison to target each from Sorcerer to thief.

On a side note the Epicure’s Fork is a great addition to our Sustaining Spoon special- have Pilini get to work on a poison reservoir option.

Alchemical Augmentation:
This pale green, whiskey-like fluid can be poured into any magical potion to augment the potion’s magical and chemical reactions and make the fluid more potent. Any potion with Alchemical Augmentation added to it is treated as if its caster level were one higher.
Brewing a dose of Alchemical Augmentation is difficult, requiring a DC 28 Craft (alchemy) check. 65 gp. 

Alchemical Catalyst:
This sticky golden resin can be added to any alchemical weapon to increase its potency by improving the chemical and magical reactions that power it. As a move equivalent action, you may add a drop of Alchemical Catalyst to any alchemical weapon or item (including bombs). All saving throws associated with that enhanced weapon are increased by +2. The improved alchemical weapon must be used within the next hour or it and the catalyst added are wasted.
Alchemical Catalyst can be brewed with a DC 24 Craft check. 25 gp. 

Type ingested poison
Save Fort DC 15
Frequency 1/round for 2 rounds
Initial Effect 1d4 Int and stunned for 1 round
Secondary Effect unable to benefit from magical bonuses to skill checks, saving throws or attack rolls for 1 minute. Cure 2 saves
Discordia is brewed from the remnants of used potions and mixed with chimera blood and raw arcane energy. The end result is a bubbly, effervescent green liquid that is actually lighter than air; placed in a small vial, the poison will float. Anyone ingesting Discordia has their magical energy flows violently disrupted.
Special an alchemist must have at least 9 ranks in Spellcraft to successfully craft Discordia. 250 gp. 

Epicure’s Fork:
This silver fork is often etched with a simple pictogram of a steaming hot pie or other savory dish at the hilt. Any food eaten with this alchemical item is warm and savory, and tastes well flavored and seasoned, no matter how bland the cooking is. If the food is hazardous (spoiled, poisoned or otherwise harmful) the Epicure’s Fork has no effect on that, other than taste.
Crafting an Epicure’s Fork requires a DC 18 Craft (alchemy) check. 50 gp. 

Fighter’s Balm:
This golden-brown liquid is brewed from the sweat of gladiators and alchemical fire. The source of heat, rage, and energy when applied to a tired warrior’s muscle, the warrior’s skin seems to redden and char slightly, with sweat and dead skin visibly sloughing off. Applying fighter’s balm is an extremely painful full round action.
When Fighter’s Balm is applied, all non-lethal damage is healed, but the patient suffers 1 point of lethal damage per 10 points non-lethal damage healed. Furthermore, characters who are exhausted become fatigued, and fatigued characters are have that condition removed.
Mixing a tincture of Fighter’s Balm requires a DC 22 Craft (alchemy) check. 35 gp. 

House Breaker:
This fine white powder must be distilled from the dying urine of a hanged thief, and is a common tool in the arsenal of burglars. When poured into the keyhole of any lock, the alchemical powder rusts away internal components, reducing the Disable Device check DC associated with that specific lock by 1d4. This damage is obvious and permanent.
Mixing some House Breaker requires a DC 18 Craft (alchemy) check, and the alchemist must have at least four ranks in Disable Device to successfully do so. 50 gp. 

When this thin crimson liquid is applied to one end of any rope, its bright color races up the coil; any rope strengthened by Ropebless has its load bearing capability doubled for one hour after the application. Most sailors and dockwhallopers carry a few vials of ropebless tucked into their belts… as do experienced hangmen.
A vial of Ropebless can be mixed with a successful DC 17 Craft (alchemy) check. 1 gp. 


Flashback: Divine Truth

The night brought on tremors and haunting dreams of Meaghan’s last night of humanity until she was given a reprieve, a new direction, and a new chance at life. The weeks and months spent lost in Cormanthor gave her time to reflect on her new purpose. She was blessed, reincarnated into a new human body; gone was the monstrosity and a life of slavery replaced with enlightenment and a divine truth.

Shar was similar to her in regards to her disorientations but at the same time her counterpart. He was naturally sensitive to the light and she limited at night. Together Meaghan and Shar took it upon themselves to partner up; taking care to always pair up whenever possible- neither of them by themselves or alone. She had no problems during the day, but the blinding light all but crippled the drow and at night he would make sure Meaghan did not hurt herself or anyone else.

It had been a long time in finding Tragidore since the wild magic surge. The advent of Midsummer’s Eve brought merchants and trade companies from all corners of the Dalelands allowing Meaghan and her friends to spend the day acquiring much needed supplies but as they soon discovered, they remained woefully short on funds.

The bounty collected on the Nhar-del and his ‘assassins’ were enough to satisfy their basic needs, but it was not enough for their long term goals that required procuring mounts. That was when Dale Slade suggested the REWARD message…

REWARD: Adventurers needed to undertake a perilous investigation. The danger is unknown, but the reward for success is VERY generous.  Interested companies should go to the Cawing Crow and ask for Marta.

Wild Silver trees were alit with magical lights as clerics of Eldath cast blessings of protection, community, and hearth on everyone as was custom during Midsummer’s Eve in Tragidore. Local Tall-fellow Halflings demonstrate their culinary skills by filling the night air with delectable aromas while traveling merchants from across the Dalelands sell all manner of exotic spices, rare textiles, and an occasional item of magic. Little did the folk of the small town know the Time of Troubles was coming to an end.

Maghan and her companions found the Cawing Crow as a conspicuous building, impossible to ignore because of the considerable populations of crows, owls, falcons, bats, but mostly crows, roosted in its many slender, fluted towers. It was the house of a Tragidore highborn family tasked with providing sanctuary for the various message familiars on their various overland flights. Guarding the estate, Meaghan noticed were several austere warrior-women of devout purpose, stern countenance, each sufficiently armed.

Presenting the message to a guard, they were led into a sheltered deck that over looked Tragidore to the west where a dark skinned woman waited audience with her familiar and two warrior-women standing guard, the woman was Marta Vistani.

“Many folk went missing early, gone for almost a year now, right after the Time of Troubles began.” Marta was explaining after introductions were formally exchanged along with titles and achievements. Meaghan could see how strangely Marta was regarding her, speaking as if Meaghan was Marta’s only caller. 

“As the months passed many more men began to go missing while looking for the others until, as you can see all that remains are those men who are too old or too young to be any use to the community. None are capable to do a day’s full work; in fact most of them require supervision else they pose harm to themselves or others. Tragidore is desperate; rumors have reached me hinting that mothers and wives hide their men claiming a malevolent avatar at work.”

Meaghan considered this and thought how afraid these people must be. Outside, she could hear Tragidore celebrating the waning hours of the evening; inspiring she thought despite the unknown danger just outside their walls. Inside, Meaghan and her companions Sanford, Claudia, Shar, Tyrus, Blain, and Dale Slade all sat in the open gazebo as Marta continued to argue her case for heroes. Meaghan reflected on the divine truth revealed to her in her turbulent dreams and with that knowledge she could sense no misgivings from the Vistani woman.

“With the inclusion of the three missing Gundwynd sons, and the highwaymen your Claudia informed us about the total missing stands near fifty.” Marta finished and as she did she looked up from a ledger toward Meaghan with a regard that now bespoke recognition; Marta knew her Meaghan thought… or rather the physical body she now possessed.

“Morgan Gundwynd said he and his brothers consulted a seer before they set out, I guess they found what they were looking for.” Dale Slade said with a dry, amusing tone.
“My husband was among the second team to vanish looking for the original group of lumberjacks near the end of Full Earth,” she said flatly. “Furthermore, we've sent ravens to Cormyr but neither word nor aid has come in response.” Marta conceded. Again, Meaghan could sense no falsehood from the woman.

“Sounds like this seer is where we begin.” Shar said from the deep shadows.

“That sounds like you agree to investigate?” Marta asked in a hopeful tone addressing the adventurers. Meaghan felt a rush of warmth fill her; she rose to her feet feeling an invisible weight press upon her like an iron cloak.

“That sounds like you approve of our company?” Claudia asked in a curious tone.

“I know a con when I see it.” Marta answered, as she did this she brought out an exquisitely made slender wooden box. For Meaghan the container buzzed with magical energy.

Overhead clouds parted and the heavens opened above the world, Meaghan felt like all eyes were upon her like the stern gazes of hundreds of stars and faces in the sky. She began to tremble again- it was late and the night tremors were beginning. Maybe her body was rejecting her consciousness.

At once Meaghan focused on the divine truth that was revealed to her and saw the gates to the heavens and lower planes reopened to the gods; it was like an astral staircase made of stars and the constellations of the heavens. Every step made of a different element of creation and invention; on these steps Meaghan could see individuals ascending the stairs…

“As for the reward,” Marta was saying. “I and the Highborn Houses of Tragidore offer these…” Oblivious to Meaghan’s tremors and change in demeanor, Marta opened the ornate box revealing three gemstones, Tears of Selune, fragments from heavens when the Time of Troubles shattered the pane that overlooked the Realms.

Suddenly all three gemstones lit up, rose up from the box, shot out, and collided with Meaghan who thought, as darkness took her, not again…

But this was different, the gemstones… the divine truth… it was nothing she could easily explain but knew without question. What she saw in the sky was the positions of divine office in the heavens and lower hells were being rewarded. Dozens of powerful beings and supernatural entities were restoring old gods while other powers established new faiths.

One of these powerful beings, a woman, turned and cast her resplendent gaze at Meaghan. It was the goddess Mystra reaching out… reaching out again! Now, so close to her god that Meaghan knew in her heart that it was Mystra who blessed her with a new form and a new purpose.

Meaghan Gundwynd,” Mystra said, it was Syndra’s first words as the goddess of magic. The voice of Meaghan’s god touched only her ears, the quality by which Mystra spoke brought Meaghan to tears.

“You will hereby be my first Inquisitor Meaghan. Go forth to reveal the hidden enemies within my new church, I grant you divine authority to have them answer for their vile actions, and bestow my justice. Furthermore you are to instruct your companion Shar Auvryndar in the tenants of my philosophies and imperatives in my church… to prepare him later in life as my personal Monitor of Magic; my chosen with the divine authority to deny any individual or being the use of any spell or item of magic that violates my tenants or who is judged unworthy.”

With these words came a mental image of the grimoire Tyrusacquired after murdering Belathein, the tome's former owner, the night before. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Review (03/12/2014)

We began our day pondering questions for our mother. After some trial and error on the location where Jaren should cast his spell of communication, we eventually make our way to the now Arkiel controlled warehouse where we venture to the K-mart where Jaren poses his questions to our mother.

The dialogue with mother in this medium comes without the usual ire and emotion, like a magical message with flames dancing in the orb of his spell focus…

·         Q: She has a dragon egg. Can she direct us to where more are located?
·         A: “These know how to hide from me as well.”

·         Q: We know the name of Tiamat’s enemy below Stormhaven. Can you protect us and our heritage from this entity discovering our turenames?
·         A: “Yes”

·         Q: Its name is Claustrum. How can you protect us?
·         A: “Visit me and I will scar your scales as such.”

·         Q: What would you have us do with what dragon eggs we find?
·         A: “Bring them to me and those who know the process need to be destroyed.”

·         Q: Can you name names?
·         A: “None save your father. He chose Stormhaven for a reason.”

·         Q: Versel quests to become a true dragon. What are his next steps along this journey?
·         A: “It would seem you are destined to see me.”

·         Q: Sorosh was called away. Who called him?
·         A: “Your question can be answered when you return to Stormhaven.”

·         Q: Can you name names?
·         A: “None except your father.”

·         Q: When we come to you, how long will we be away?
·         A: “Two weeks and WAR!!”

10 AM back at our Lair we commune through the heartstone with an impressed mother dear, keen on our quick progress as younglings. When asked about true-speech she said her knowledge is regretfully limited but added cryptically pointing out a commonality between Jaren’s interests and all Claustrum’s prisoners. Nevertheless a recovery for true-knowledge will be in order when we visit… which is on the calendar for next Friday, two days after the Under Writers Board Meeting and our millions.
Auge begins a day of crafting a Captain’s Lantern with an added boon of brightmote properties making it unique and taintless.

Jaren, again using his flawless orb, contacts other plane and Sarosh to find him present at a formal Janni tribunal who were in the process of judging his deeds and affairs. With the added testimony of the afore encountered Noble Genie above Carso’s Pharaoh, Sarosh had satisfied his punishments and was immediately elevated to Noble status, a Vizier and had all his former powers restored to him. His fire burning hotter than ever Sarosh is slated to return on the morrow.

Durg maintains the Cinder Block and creates a new work schedule for the staff to maximize efficiency. It was first greeted with reluctance but once Durg put on his winning smile they soon acquiesced.

Versel flew over to the School of the Winter Blade where he was met with mixed reactions due to Mishi, the Granddaughter, being missing in the aftermath of their Grand Master being assassinated. With the attention of students and faculty alike Versel told them all what occurred...

“The sevens are responsible for Grand Master’s demise, that is why she fled... She flees from the truth! Teachers...” Versel said, leading up to his ultimatum. “decide to follow me as your new master or I shall create a new school,” Versel turned to the students. “where I will accept new students regardless of their prior affiliations.”

After this Versel was approached by a teacher named Lazzot who discussed the honor in poison as a fighting disclipline to get past one’s front line minions easing the path the mythic goal; the Granddaughter bastardized the teaching. It seemed a common ground between the two student factions. 

The Winter Blade has until Monday (?) to weigh Versel’s words.

Back at the Lair Jaren casts his gaze into the mirror in search for Dambode. As luck would have it Jaren finds Dambode disguised as a Dwarf amongst a beard of dwarves on the lifts minding his own business. There was another disguised dwarf and that turned out to be Granddaughter Mishi. Once debarked from the lift the two boarded a skiff and eventually to a Sevens safe-house-boat.

D- “It’s only a matter of time you know.”
M- “There’s another account at the Money Changers. I need to access that account.”

They were discussing ways of getting back to the Money Changers when they both conceded… “He’ll know what do.” Referring to someone at the house boat.

On the Seven’s hideout were several humans and half-elves that kept the mobile safe house looking like business as usual. Both targets were searched before boarding the Sevens boathouse. “He’ll see you one at a time.” Then the Jaren's spell ends.

Turning his magical eye to the seas, Jaren scrys for Zeran VanFleet who seems busy with his nautical responsibilities reroute to the Shipmoot; nothing appeared amiss.

Later Versel, returned to the Lair and Kalaris asks her to be his Head-Mistress in his new school or perhaps his new old school. Shocked and pleased she agrees with specifics to be arranged later, after the Winter Blade teachers vote or however they make up their minds.

8 PM We make a visit to Nissian's Embassy to leave a message - it was a family day for us - where we find information, spells, and an exquisite scraphite scroll. 

  •  Jaren researches into Uvroc’s truename and unlocks the first syllable of true-speech that describes, and hence will lead to, Uvroc’s truename. (Truespeech skill check was a 42)
  • Four scrolls containing a limited wish spell and a fifth level spell of our choice and the ability to cast from these scrolls.
  • Jaren learns that casting Contact other plane form father’s embassy will work on creatures on this plane.
  • The scraphite contained two symbols what served as focus for spells giving the caster a +1 circumstance bonus to his Truespeech skill check when casting Truename spells.

Thursday brings more scrying on our targets, a probable hit on a known enemy safe house, and the 2,000 dwarf march.

The Rockhammer dwarves bore to arms and marched on Stair case keep that has sat relatively unguarded since the EVENT. They marched singing patriotically as they retook the keep ending their estate lockdown.

Unconcerned with this development at this time we continue with our plan. After Jaren’s Dimensional Anchor spell was delivered he cast his magical scrying to Dambode and then to Granddaughter Mishi. Dambode appeared alone on the boat house save for the background sevens; she was in some kind of fiery waste unconscious and not doing so well.
Jaren teleports us henceforth and we appear suddenly surrounding Dambode who did not have a chance. We were successful in grabbing him and teleporting us away just as Jarens mytic fireball explodes destroying the boat house just as a devilish rakshasha tears out from the conflagration.

We begin next session having teleported to the Sultan’s office at the Under Writers guild. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Filis Fey

Filis Fey was an aged gnome, a well travelled bard born in the Evening Isles 175 years ago. She considered herself a world traveller, and had decided more than 80 years ago to make Stormhaven her home. More keen to seek attention than most, she had developed a reputation for theatric entrances and bawdy speeches. She worked as a highly demanded hostess for dinner parties and performances dispensing sharply turned humor as a risqué comic and social satirist. She was famous for telling the dirtiest of filthy jokes, and for deviously timed practical jokes on her friends. She was a shrewd observer of people of all types, able to observe details others are unaware of; she never forgot a face nor the name that accompanied it. She also gave a nod to collecting her experiences and history in a collection of journals she has kept for about 100 years. She constantly updates her journal with several entries per week, and she has even produced written collections based on notes that add up to tellings of history, pulled from her journal musings. her favorite course of study is magic, fascinated by the rules that magic enforce and create. Over a life as long as hers, she had accumulated a small hoard of well rounded items and gear that were permanently enchanted, and theses were the items she held most important. From enchanted string instruments to glove,cloaks and capes to help keep safe and 1 step ahead of trouble, she had the collection any life long master Bard would want.

But even she could be surprised after all these years, and the Dragon Man, Jaren was certainly a surprise. She still marveled at how they all showed their appreciation to be entertained, thru a huge variety of performances. That really intrigued her, and she loved to make them laugh spontaneously and watch people close by scatter away in fear. Jaren showed a natural talent in the language of magic and another language of magic - the magic of music. That was delightful, and certainly added to his mystique, but it didn't surprise her.   His insight and thought to build an academy to teach and master the arts of the bardic college....  now that is a surprise. It was clear to her as he spoke that he had a belief in her skills, but an even stronger confidence in her perspective as he implored her to take the role of headmaster of his bardic college, with the express mission of weaving arcane enchantments with music that sings to the universe. His reverence for her long tenure in this life seemed the primary factor in selecting her to lead the new college.

She could hardly contain her excitement as the ever -business first- Jeren listed the details of the appointment. To mark her station and relieve the rigors of travel a chair was enchanted to float just above the ground at all times, carrying Filis aloft as she directed through a controlling talisman. It worked just like a floating disk, and could navigate standard stairs and ramps with ease. She was to receive   residence, choosing from the Dragon Nest or the Academy. She would earn a wage of 1500 gp annually. She would administer a plan to recruit students to train for tuition. She would undertake finding teachers and collecting materials to instruct in the arts, especially musically talented arcanists. She would also be responsible for acquiring the contents of a library of written music.

The two of them had fun figuring out the floating chair together, and Filis had to admit, she loved it. Even though she could feel the undercurrent of sin in the evenings dealing, she couldn't help but tomentally  count the values of what she had just bargained for. It was not lost on her that she had picked a side.

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Last Word

Nerith Alia ran her ringed hands over the crystal ball, which suddenly appeared to be filled with dark rolling waters.  “Vhuuksssh the Destroyer” The Diviner’s firm voice called out, “I am a friend of the deep and I call to you through his introduction. Will you receive me?” 

The crystal glass ball vibrated and trembled beneath her hand and Alia was certain she could continue.  “A weapon of destruction, a destroyer of the arcane has been found and is carried by our enemies.  In exchange for your aid against these half-breeds great one, you would keep the weapon as a spoil of war and I have been granted a bounty by Claustrum to offer you.  Until the moment you claim the weapon, you have your choice of prisoners from the deepest stock.”

“Mytzoplixt” a word echoed in Nerith Alia’s mind, the final word for her summons. Vhuuksssh would answer her summons.  

The rolling waters viewed through the crystal ball stayed dark, somewhat calmed.
“I believe the newest prisoner will provide you an adequate avatar for you to pursue our mutual goals.” The diviner continued on, not noticing the grim smiling teeth appearing in the crystal. “Dwarves are quite hardy with many resistances that are sometimes useful for entities getting newly acclimated to a plane.”

Vhuuksssh the Destroyer eyed the spell caster through her silly scrying device anxious for the diviner to call him into her world.  The last word of his summoning he had provided but only a master truenamer could speak it.  A simple diviner with her limited knowledge was doomed to provide him a much more suitable host form than a dwarf would, still there were his lieutenants.


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Vial and Flask (Stormhaven Navy Appreciation)

"Arrh The Vial & Flask has just what I need... arrrgh"
Ring of Spell Knowledge III (24,000 gold) Durg

Pirate’s Eye Patch (2,600 gold) Versel

Captain’s Lantern: This exquisite brass and greenglass lantern constantly protects the ship to which it is attuned with an alarm effect. The captain of the ship can speak a command word while touching a copper coin to the underside of the lantern to create a lantern token. Those who possess a lantern token do not set off the alarm. The captain can turn the alarm on or off with a command word. The captain can, at any time, negate all the current lantern tokens, turning them back into nonmagical copper coins. Tokens radiate a very minor abjuration effect.
Faint abjuration; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Items, alarm; Price 12,000 gp; Weight 2 lb.

Bag of Teeth: This small sack is made of fish skin and contains a handful of piranha teeth. By opening the bag and scattering its contents in a body of water, the user creates a piranha swarm (see page 162 Stormwrack).
The swarm is average in all regards and remains for 10 minutes. The swarm moves toward and attacks the closest living creature in the water, and the user has no control over its target or direction of travel. If no other creature is available, the swarm remains where it was summoned and attacks the first creature that approaches.
Strong conjuration; CL 13th; Craft Wondrous Item, summon swarm; Price 2,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.

Everfull Sails: Sails crafted of a sky-blue canvas with strange silver flecking, these magical sails are always filled with a strong wind when fully unfurled. The wind created behind the sails is sufficient to drive the ship forward at its full normal speed, and the sails ignore any other winds that might be blowing contrary to that generated by the sails themselves. The winds stop when the sails are furled or otherwise pulled down. A ship requires one set of everfull sails per mast, or the magic does not function (although the sails work as normal sails).
Moderate evocation [air]; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, gust of wind; Price 12,000 gp; Weight 500 lb.

Finned Gauntlets: These sharkskin gauntlets are adorned with sweeping fins. The wearer gains a natural
swim speed of 30 feet, with a +8 competence bonus on Swim checks to perform some special action or avoid a hazard. The wearer can always take 10 on a Swim check, even if distracted or endangered, and can use the run action while swimming. Both gloves must be worn for the magic to be effective.
Faint transmutation; CL 5th; Craft Wondrous Item, alter self; Price 10,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.

Sovereign Sealant: This thick, colorless spread makes ships and watertight containers less susceptible to damage and leaks. One drum of sovereign sealant is sufficient to treat a boat or container of Huge size, or two hull sections of a larger craft. A treated wooden item gains +2 hardness and is completely waterproof. A ship treated with sovereign sealant can lose one more hull section than normal before sinking.
Moderate conjuration; CL 8th; Craft Wondrous Item, minor creation; Price 8,000 gp per drum; Weight 60 lb.

Review (03/05/2014)

Tuesday morning brought with it six human navy men with their inspection results regarding Carso's Pharaoh. While their manifest and cargo accounting was accurate they were admonished for ignoring diplomatic custom by denying any dialogue with a Stormhaven council member.

Versel sent with the navy men instructions to allow Seafoam use of two dragon docs for a day to ease diplomatic tensions. But before the naval men departed it was arranged that this Friday night fights would be Navy Appreciation with VIP delivery to the upside and LC brew for those sea-men who cannot attend. A little inquiry into their numbers reveal 12 ships in their armada with the capability of mustering 30 various ships. Their active duty roster numbers approx 2,500 service men with approx 2,500 more in reserves.

After that Jaren received a message from Adalwin Joscelin (Human male, Magical strategy, control and domination of enemies.), a request for dinner at the Cinder Block.

10 AM. We visit the Embry Estate to check on the well being of Alistair, who was resurrected from death only 24 hours ago. With Cadmar present Alistair expressed gratitude though fuzzy on the details of what transpired. Asking some of our own questions we explain that the Shipwright's Guild #3 guy Zeran VanFleet who is the traitor. Cadmar wants in on the action as he had just sent Zeran with messages recalling many Embry family members to the Shipmoot.

After finding an old navy neckerchief Jaren was able to scry on Zeran to find him barking orders as if it was business as usual. We decide to leave him be for the moment, there is nothing to suggest he know Alistair is still alive.

Later... We arrive at Twilight House to find Arkiel in the final moments of some house cleaning- some individuals fleeing, some lying dead. "Who rules Twilight House?" and it was on. He did however make an effort to find suspects to his authority but resolved to just call any challengers out publicly.

He wants to remake Twilight House into his vision, rename it and wants to take over the warehouse/portal to build on the resources that will generate. All to the good we say.

Durg looked for the ogre Klacko who was not here- maybe at Sunbow, the Broken Barrel, or the Blackspot in the Driftdowns.

Auge performed a blood transcription on a sorcerer whereby we found the first of several items that helped us teach Looting 101 to the surviving Twilight House Arkiel supporters. (+200 gold each)

Piling the fallen upon a funeral pyre Sorosh was suddenly called away.

6 PM Cinder Block to meet Adalwin Joscelin and find yet another message waiting for us. This one, a gilded magical missive from an Underwriter named the Sultan wishing to meet with us at the Cinder Block at a time of our choosing regarding business. Drinks and a light repast at 9 is decided upon.

Adalwin Joscelin arrives in casual attire and heads straight for our secure office where he laments the politics of Stormhaven may be holding us back. (Which Auge took as meaning the law against the formation of a wizard guild)...
  • One of the casters in the Time Spell was an imposer: The Unnamed and not Luned Octavia (Drow female, Her magic was strange to you but her expertise is mathematics and numerology. She claimed to be working on numerical formula for true names and pacts.)
  • Leofric Vilho (Tiefling male, Steals magic. Believes that arcanists should rule the world.) is a student of Adalwin and is to be trusted. 
  • He too is an enemy of Uvroc- we also tell him about Gazlemar. (A twilight house officer from Uvroc’s heyday who was charged setting up challenges for and dispatching gather teams.)  
  • In addition Adalwin is researching psionics. (Probably something for 'next level')
  • We tell him Brita Francisca (Dwarf Female, She is an expert on runes and sigils.) is also suspect as she was believed dominated by the Jailer. 
  • He tells us that neither us or mother hail from this plane. Mother is from a place (Golarian) where Kaer Maga hold a permanent location. (in addition to being simultaneously on other planes too but not at all times.) 
  • We tell him of our belief that the Jailer's endgame is to learn Tiamat's truename. 
  • Adalwin confirms the Sevens are led by Rakshashas and have their claws in the Money Changers guild as well as the VanFleet family. 
  • He also suspects the Unnamed, Uvroc, and one other Black Crownie (Evaristus Phocas?) are involved in the trafficking of dragon eggs (like where we started as). 
  • In return he asks that a 'secure office' and teleport closet be made betwixt his Estate and the Cinder Block. All to the good we say.
9 PM in front of the bard stage where several bard were setting up we meet with the Sultan. Accompanied by a couple of brutal stooges the Sultan was dressed in leopard skins, bear chested with gaudy pants with a grand turban. 

He laments the rigors of his station as an Underwriter at first but then explains how it comes down to who lost and who gained or who is pro-Deidre or con-Deidre. He is con-Dambode but will come to us (and Deidre) if certain losses are offset/satisfied to cover the legitimacy of the money transfer. 

He wishes to partner: he provides targets in various capacities in return for 4 Underwriter votes from him and a few of his 'interests'. Final agreement: 6 jobs in six months and 2 days all 7 dragon docks for votes for the Dock Guild. All to the good we say.

We are to bring Dambode or any other involved party (Zeran VanFleet too?) to a Underwriter board meeting next Tuesday, in the meantime he will work on rallying more votes and after he promises to divulge where his trade interests lie. 

Next session we begin Wednesday morning when Jaren hopes to 'contact other plane' and compel Mother to answer some questions. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The White Spider's Report

The board meeting was tense, it was clear to everyone in attendance that the Underwriters had splintered, maybe irrevocably into factions.  Specifically the dwarves were becoming isolated and a group unto themselves.  None were called to this emergency meeting and it involved the ultimate banking taboo, embezzlement.  All of the members signed the log, half of which were actually acting with power of attorney for a family or consortium. Dambode normally read the board record and acted as the official secretary for board meetings but had begged off that duty so that he could see to the Underwriter’s guests that had brought the current problem to light.  There wasn’t a board member present with the stones to volunteer to keep an eye on the draconic creatures so it was agreed that Dambode would serve in that post while Samsa took care of the secretarial scribe duties.

Samsa’s deep tenor rang out, “This meeting of 12 senior board members is called for to vote on a substantial gold transfer from our guild account to a new business, recently announced at the Hall of Voices, The Dragon Docks.”

Wieland Luitpold stood, interrupting Diedre’s pet, “Before any vote on a large transfer of funds, I wish to present evidence of Embezzlement!”

Hroðgar Uzzi stood, “I second good Underwriter Luitpold’s motion”

“Yes thefts before transfer would seem to be wise.” Iohannes Ahura Mazda snidely commented.

“Aye, a quarter calls, by board rule, the motion is taken first, evidence and then a vote!” Peroptato spoke quickly eager to join a side. 

“That is when Sapphire and I had to leave, one of them began casting spells and we didn't want to risk being discovered.” The White Spider was quite pleased with her report to Auge and hoped it would earn the two of them several new diabolical rewards. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Broker's Heresy

In Stormhaven he has several names, a hidden truth known only to other members of the Black Crown.  To others here and elsewhere, he was known simply as The Broker.  Creatures and entities traveled great distances to negotiate their heart's desire with The Broker of whom it was said has the ability to deliver anything or anyone, if his unique fees were met. 

This was however the first time another devil had utilized his talents, let alone these two devil women from the Runeforge. Truth be told, he believed it to be bad luck to ply his trade with other Infernals so The Broker's fees had been so extravagant the devil wrongly presumed the duo would be unable to meet them.  

His suprise was profound when Alaznist provided the aged devil the final components to complete his portal to Kaer Maga.  Highlady Athroxis then provided The Broker a new book of power words and riddles; The contract was joined.  The Broker was disappointed, he rather enjoyed the red bastards of greed. Alas a deal’s a deal.