Thursday, January 29, 2015

Review 01/28/2015

As we spend the day preparing for our attack through the breach several truths became apparent to us
in regards to time, scrying and our ties to Stormhaven. The only success wrought through scrying came when a time was looked upon where we would be; furthermore, theoretically we could be scryed on by someone when we and the diviner are outside Stormhaven. And on a side note, the Undefeated are also victims of the time-trap of Stormhaven.

Scores of dire sea monsters, sharks, were-sharks, and unique beings were gathering relying on us to successfully take them through the breach. As Anan Viator prayed to Tiamat she took on a draconic aspect, Jaren attempted to discern the jailer's location to no avail. Layers of timelines streamed before us as we led the sea army though the breach into violent waters drenched with blood and gore. It was a battlefield filled with storm giants, and the jailer’s minions; it was the first offensive by the thing that should not be.

It seems that there is either several aboleths or one with different versions of itself; either way what we encountered was a gargantuan aboleth bearing down on one of the Storm Giant’s cloud fortresses that had come to rest at the bottom of the sea.

The jailer attacked with five different consciousnesses and was successfully able to fight us off. We were not its target for its offensive so we were able to escape to Nimbus where Anan and Hislop were revived from death or near-death.

The next day was spent in rest and recovery as we discussed how to attack the jailer again with death wards, scintillating scales, and perhaps when the creature was not on the rampage. Anan, with the help of an offering to Tiamat of a +1 Bolstering Breastplate, was able to remove the ability drain caused by the alien jailer.

The next day we fly to Spragle Tower, Darkell and the temple of Tiamat. The mummified remains had been further revealed offering its terrible beauty to the drow citizens. We are met graciously by Diem, servants, and the temple’s architect as well as other drow bearing Tiamat symbolism that immediately sent word to the Queen of our (Auge’s) arrival.

Moments later four imperial guards appear in advance of the Queen, bards, and finally the Queen’s daughters and the Queen Darakal, herself appears. Dressed in proper Queen attire as well as the Neckless of Netted Stars she took Auge by the clawed hands and pronounced him as her betrothed. Accepting the Age of Dragons she looked for approval from members of her entourage who accepted the union.

Auge vowed to take her into hell with him, after which Darakal called forth Diem and the temple’s architect, scarred their foreheads and called them to proclaim the Temple of Tiamat a church for all, males and females. Following this one of Darakal’s entourage stepped forth and opened a gate to the first layer of hell, its hot breath filling the newly recognized Temple of Tiamat. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Spell Selection

the following is a list of spells, and who casts them, to prepare for our assault. Please note in the comments which spells you would like cast upon you.

Sarosh  CL 15
     protection from energy
     freedom of movement

Anan CL  13
     battle plan (deep magic)
     holy chance
     blessing of fervor
     shield of fortification greater
     protection from evil

Jaren  CL 17
     true seeing
     improved invisibility
     undeath ward
just thought id give you guys some heads up of what was available.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Review 01/14/2015

Our session began with a ceremonial pacting Sarosh and his linage as well as Sarosh with our dragon bloodline. This connection broadened our perspectives about one another as well as how this will play out in the end: the battle with the King.

Hours are spent in preparation, purification, and the acceptance of the items of worth that promise to propel Sarosh far beyond his station. Each of us was given insight into our early years: Arkiel protecting us, Youvrock’s plan on harvesting Auge for components, and Durg almost killing Youvrock.

Jaren: +5 Composite longbow (+4 Str), Madusa Mask, and a Rod of Nettles.
Versel: 200 gp. Staff of Performance (48,800), Unholy Staff (29,600), Oathbow (25,600), Ring of the Ram (8,600).
Auge: 415 gp. +4 Axiomatic weapon (72,000), Quick Block Buckler (36,155), Wand of Fire Breath (47 ch. 4,230)
Durg: Masterwork Platinum Torc (20,000), +4 Bracers of Armor (16,000), 3rd level Pearl of Power (9,000), +2 Adamantite Breastplate (8,000), Helm of Fearsome Mein (5,000), Gloves of Agile Strike (2,200), +2 Belt of Giant Strength (8,000), Gloves of Arrow Snaring (4,000), +2 Amulet of Natural Armor (8,000),  Necklace of Fireballs II (2,700), +3 Cloak of Resistance, Ring of Spell Knowledge II (6,000), Bottle of Air (1,500).

At the Court we were visited with much formality and the acceptance of offerings elevating Sarosh to the highest level affording him a Kingdom: an ocean on the elemental plane of water where the Breach is.

After the five hour long ceremony the Sons of Nissian including Jaren’s new cohort Anan Viator, prepared for the battle against the Marid King. Teleporting to a territory littered with massive oysters we appear in the correct massive shell, bypassing much of the King’s defenses; all save for the King (baby), an earth elemental dragon, and the deep hunter.

After some choice critical hits (carve your initials) and a successful Quivering Palm, the Marid surrendered his Kingship to Sarosh. With this also came insight in to the long history of Stormhaven and the time-trap that is present and our (Nissian’s) purpose to tether Stormhaven to this time… the age of dragons. Well played father.

As we finish, Sarosh banishes the Marid-Bard to Stormhaven and we begin preparations marshaling the troops for an offensive through the Breach and against the Aboleth. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Covenant and a Plan

Perge Insual would have been amused had the challenge not been delivered by the tainted water elemental.  The Marid King did not enjoy having his security so obviously breached, let alone to read of a challenge from a former servant in his army.  It appeared that the insolent janni had risen in stature considerably; the last Perge had heard of the janni Sarosh he was being banished.    Now the pacted nobleman Sarosh was announcing his intention to appear in this very shellchamber to challenge Perge for rulership of the Breach.  Sarosh certainly seemed confident in his ability to enter Perge’s royal court.  Perge Insual ordered the tainted messenger destroyed while he entered the royal wizard’s catacomb. Sarosh the janni was not the only one with a pact. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Review 01/07/2015

Our session began with the dinner with Cavian Seawillow where we learn the who’s who of the Undefeated; furthermore he will be our escort during tomorrow morning’s war council with said Undefeated. Cavian was distant but cordial and was curious of Adalwin’s status to which Jaren informs him that Adalwin has indeed been defeated but only for the moment, however we did not meet Adalwin in the flesh but we did converse with him. We formally assure the elf that the Jailer is public enemy number one. Gifts of etiquette and diplomacy would be exchanged after Claustrum was defeated.

The next day at dawn the Sons of Nissian converge on the Seawillow estate where a dense cloud bank was waiting to cloud-walk us to a receiving landmass and a least pillar, then on to the war council.

The war council was a domed structure capable of housing a small city. Surrounding a magical crystalline surface was the Undefeated, including clerics and assistants. The council was hours full of formal debate and structure between parties we were sometimes not allowed to perceive, but allowed us to learn about the giants and how their titles and the power of those titles functioned.

The Chamberlain controlled much of the council but it was the Master of the Enemy, Tarium that held everyone’s attention. Tarium presented a profile of the Jailer’s forces; undead in the hundred’s of thousands as well as other sea creatures and entities. Other ancients are mentioned, Adalwin, Nissian, the ‘unknown’ at play. Tarium also expressed his belief an all out attack was coming soon, the presence of the Undefeated will surely have moved it’s time-table ahead. However, it was the Seamaster that told of place in the Jailer’s domain that border a hellish-water plane. Before long a rough three-tiered battle plan began to take shape and eventually it was time for final business where we petitioned to have private audience with Socius, Ianuae, and Gladius Lamina.

It was after midnight before we were seen by what turned out to be a number of ranking giants including the Chamberlain after telling them of Earthbreaker Hammer and our hope to use it to broker a contract with them in our land war in Africa. This gives us instant movement to the front of the line of prospective employers provided we do not advertise or offer the weapon to anyone else while an agreement is being considered, but to seal our trust he provides us with war council robes. Nice.

Socius recognizes the power structure here and is curious if we plan on joining the fight and for whom. We maintain, as we always have, there is no future for Stormhaven while the Jailer is here. Anything else waits, but we did express interest in being part of any plan they had, given our specialties. He informs us that the plan as it sits that the five cloud banks will descend under water and provide fallback points in what will likely be a long and deadly battle. And in the spirit of information sharing we tell them of the Jailer’s end game as we understand it.

After a long war council and a post council meeting we cloud-walk back to the Seawillows where we decide to revisit the VanFleet estate only to find the dwarves have moved in and set up to defend it. Once inside however we find a inert sacrificial portal that could theoretically take us anywhere in hell.

Then at approximately three o’clock all of Stormhaven lost access to their magics as their links to watermarks was severed. This was followed by waves of mental attacks that left us briefly unconscious for a few hours. 

We wake to screaming sounds of dozens of hurricanes converging on Stormhaven, it was over six hours before the storms abated somewhat allowing us to travel to the Embassy. 

Outside VanFleet manor ocean water was lapping up on the edge of the World Disk as somehow ocean water was elevated creating a constant slope of water. From out of the water came undead by the hundreds. 

It took us an hour to get to the Embassy, stopping for no one so we can restore our magic by countering the time anomaly inherent in Stormhaven. We also find Nissian who can only stay for a short time. He says the chamber of time has been piereced but no broken, the jailer is attempting to 'turn over the hourglass' so when it is horizontal the Jailer will have unfettered access to the time-dragon. Before he leaves he grants us each a wish:

Durg- Word of Recall for us to the temple in Nimbus at a moment of dire need. 
Auge- permanent *Hidden Turename spell
Versel- +1 bonus to CON
Jaren- +1 bonus to INT

As a parting gift Nissian dissipates the hurricanes. Thanks dad! When he leaves all doors, drawers, secret alcoves open. Nissian taking everything he requires with him leaving us with certain finds: a alchemical discovery that allows fires to burn wet objects but in half the area; an instant fortress for the war, and two freethinker caps. 

Later than night, Durg and Jaren travel to Staircase keep and retrieve the Broken Coven before going to the Crown. The Crown was devastated and was obviously a primary target for the Jailer, no one survived but it was discovered that Melissa was not here. The two fill Auge's famous folding barrels with 1,500 lbs of books including Durg's treasures found in the return bin that added to the value. 

It was late night when the Sons of Nissian were all present at the Cinder Block including: Arkiel, Kalaris Deidre, Pilinni, the White Spider, and Hogni. 

Over the next day Jaren transports everyone just named, possibly others. 

We pick up in Nimbus later that day, 5pm with the Covenant ceremony with Sorosh. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Court of The Undefeated

The Second: Nimbosus

The Chamberlain: Consilium Insidosus

Grand Panetier: Cibum

Master of the Hunt: Interfect Orem

Weaponmaster: Gladius Lamina

Landmaster: Terram Mons

Skymaster: Caelum

Seamaster: Piscus Mare

Lord of Flame: Ianuae

Master of Enemy: Tarium

Master of Alliances: Socius

Knight of Arms: Praevarcati

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Three Years Ago

Ceruch Leren sat comfortably in the den of Vorstrag Rockhammer sampling a new flavor of cigar.  Vorstrag explained that he had picked up a humidor from the Dragon’s Breath’s latest shipment. Geirr Guðleifr entered the den just as Vorstrag was returning the humidor to his desk.  Without breaking stride Geirr Guðleifr was able to grab a cigar before the lid was snapped shut.  Lighting the exotic leaf, Geirr Guðleifr asked Ceruch, “How is our man doing?” 

Ceruch’s pleasant mood quickly evaporated, “Pæga’s personality is breaking down, it’s much as we feared when this path was chosen.  As his personality breaks down and more memories are lost he grows angry and despondent.  LELAND finds different people to focus his anger upon which of late has been me. He has taken to calling me his creator in sarcastic tones whenever I advise him too sternly. Pæga struggles to make new relationships and is often lacking in confidence.  Luck is with us though because apparently the arcane arts attract eccentrics and social misfits, his strangeness makes him fit in.”

Geirr Guðleifr nodded his head in immediate prayer as he always did whenever Ceruch would update their cabal on Pæga’s progress. Ceruch and Vorstrag would then spend an hour listening to the old dwarf tell old tales, usually the same ones.  After smoking one of Vorstrag’s cigars and drinking his Amber Stout, the old dwarf would stumble sadly home.  

After Geirr Guðleifr was gone Vorstrag turned to Ceruch asking, “Was Leland successful?”  Ceruch simply replied, “The target was successfully eliminated.”

Monday, January 5, 2015

Four and a Half Years Ago

Lucretia Lalita                                                                               Ceruch Leren

The man formally known as Pæga finished his salmon steak and poured another ladle of Gar stew into his bread bowl while Lucretia reviewed his application for greater studies at the Black Crown.  Ceruch Leren interrupted the now mostly human appearing Pæga’s feast and asked, “So besides impressing my wife with the forms you’ve managed to fill out have you managed to get any more information from Jamila? We must be certain you won’t set of any alarms or wards, depending on who caught you, you could be tortured.”

“Forgive my husband, Paega…” Lucretia paused, correcting herself and using the former dwarf’s new name, “I’m sorry, I need to get used to this new moniker of yours, Leland.  For whatever reason your new half elven form doesn't hinder me nearly as much as your name.”

The silence created a pause that was painful, both Ceruch and his wife Lucretia knew how emotionally upsetting the change was for Pæga now Leland. Where the dwarf Pæga was a legendary general respected by his people, the newly reincarnated Leland was a half elven stranger tasked with living in a new mortal form while mastering arcane arts.  An effort entirely undertook in order to gain access to the Black Crown and prevent some unknown future calamity foreseen in Pæga’s cousin’s religious divination.

Leland set his spoon back into the bread bowl and subconsciously reached for a beard that was no longer there before speaking, “I hope you both know how grateful I am, your assistance in this transition will not be forgotten by the founders. Ceruch I’m happy to report that Jamila gave me a complete tour of the tower and explained that if I was willing to work there were ways someone of my station could be granted access to an education at the Black Crown.  I of course expressed a keen interest and she has signed me up for butler training.  Jamila indicated that the shortage of servants and staff at the tower is so severe that they offer one hour of training for every two hours worked.” Leland chuckled, “If I’ve been detected I think they intend to punish me with years of indentured servitude.”

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Five Years Ago

Pæga Stígandr stood in the ruins of The Stone Forest, next to his loyal cousin the dwarf priest Geirr Guðleifr, a reassuring hand resting on Geirr’s shoulder Pæga explained, “We would be greater fools for ignoring the visions the lord provides you, I am prepared to pay the cost.” The dwarven priest’s shoulders slumped, sobbing then nodding, Geirr Guðleifr drew the dagger he had prepared for this moment plunging it deeply into Paga’s midsection while lowering his mortally wounded cousin to the floor.  Geirr Guðleifr’s sat down next to Pæga Stígandr and sang a dwarven dirge of dying while his beloved cousin died. When the dwarven priest finished singing the great dwarf Paega perished and for an hour the priest cried.  

As the sounds of Geirr’s cries dwindled, the human Ceruch Leren stepped forward from the shadows of the stone ruins, “Are you ready for me to begin?” Geirr Guðleifr stood up, gathering himself, “A prayer to our success before you begin Druid, this course of action is strange to me.”   Ceruch replied, “Keep me safe for the hour and my part in this strangeness will be over.”
                                                                       Ceruch Leren