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06/29/16 Virtues Session 50: The Big Five-0

We begin this week’s session with detailing what our characters did for three weeks (21 days) of
downtime as the three tomes of crystal were deciphered and copied one by one.

Dolgrin, curious about these newly found creatures encased in amber, found a beast-man seemingly preserved in the ruddy stone. Taking pity on the creature, the paladin breaks through the amber releasing the bestial specimen from its cell. When it does the creature begins to revert back to its smaller dwarf form. Naked and confused Dolgrin learns the dwarf’s name is Nobyka and is suffering the effects of a type of *thropy and has been imprisoned for about thirty years. Over the course of the first week of downtime Dolgrin uses the heal skill and with his class abilities as a paladin removes the disease from Nobyka. On the sixth day the heroes bring their new dwarf friend to the Gallant to start a new life. Barit helps Dramen and gives aid to Nobyka as well.

Rydin uses this precious bit of time to building influence and to delve into local libraries and personal book collections, along with Syrendross, to retrain some skill ranks into Knowledge (Truespeech). They do so in the protections of a rope trick. For Rydin’s second week the magus retrainsa feat to power attack with the help of an elven swordsman from the border crossing as well as spending Rydin’s influence to gather the following information:

Myrddin’s lost staff of power: Rydin realizes that even now magical armaments and devices are taking on our character’s characteristics; similar to that we are mythic encounters for enemies so too do the magical items our characters carry becoming noteworthy and eligible for relic status. Rydin gets a strong image of the staff that, by now is considered an artifact. The staff is in fact one that was bestowed to Thaddeus Grellspit and was said to have restored the elf to life several times leading some to believe Thaddeus is still alive but is altered by repeated resurrection magics.

The Ring of Fire Cabal: a collection of evokers, magi, and sword-sages who study offensive magics in an apprentice-master organizational structure. They do not take contracts and do not purport as anything sinister. Finally, there are thirteen masters and thirteen apprentices for a total of twenty six members.

Tier Ne Somenhiem: The duchy has three cities of note- Trusk, a port city; Somenhiem, the capitol; and Naper’s Dawn which is historically significant as the king of the isles was said to have ended the Pirate Rebellion there shortly before the Sundering. Tier Ne Somenhiem translates to ‘Heaven on Earth’ and is the proverbial land of milk and honey. It is a land rich in resources and timber; the land is large with several small communities; and it is a region affected the least during the Sundering. Finally the Eye operates very discretely in this duchy.

Finally for Rydin’s third week of downtime the elf adopts a workout routine to build his stamina and toughness adding four to his hit point total. For Kotri, she enters the market to trade magical items.

Kyras fills his time writing spells on bark scrolls and preaching the Green Faith while also looking for signs of the sinister ash druid. Kyras picks up a couple of acolytes who promise to spread the Green Word along the River Road and set up near New Azurite.

Syrendross joins Rydin in the first week of downtime by also retasking skill points into Knowledge (Truespeech) thereby affording all arcane spellcasting chgaracters proficiency with the rare skill. For the second week Syrendross looks to the stars and continues to plot the course of the Evening Isles concluding the Isles are roughly between Africa and South Americas in the Atlantic Ocean southern hemisphere. This continental drift formula would later be applied to the ways maps seen in Ferraq Tulle to come up with a way to apply a theoretical application to the earth in regards to the ways. Finally, the last week was devoted to spell research. The first was Black Tentacles and the other three came directly from the crystal tomes: Greater Ley Pulse (7th level Deep Magic), Disruptive Aura (8th level Deep Magic), and Ley Surge (9th level Deep Magic).

Lastly, Dramen fills his downtime with item creation, upgrading items for his friends, and deciphering the Crystal Tomes for Juidor and the Eye. In addition the boy-wizard learns that there was no ‘lie’ from the dragons, instead in the third book refers to beings of virtue as immense embodiment of heaven, but more importantly came a greater understanding of why the ways was breaking down around Earth; not only because of its recent (in cosmic terms) transition into its own plane of existence but how bubble dimensions that had once surrounded Pangaea (term for pre-prime material earth) broke down without the connection, like a broken circuit. Furthermore Dramen discovers that the people who added their knowledge to these tomes ages ago were trying to affect the ways with their magics and items of power; Sanger was presuming ways to web new ley lines around Earth.

However, in the midst of this downtime the Virtuous Interlopers returned to the Gallant where they encountered the Contract Devil who was trying to divert us from saving Arcanthorth Vigmatto from his brother Ferrum. After the battle, which saw many summoned bearded devils, Dramen cast a sending to Arcanthorth to warn him. While the message came late, we did injure the Contract Devil enough that the assassination on Arcanthorth failed. We become certain the Devil was the result of our characters defeating Bathanon and that Arcanthorth or one of his companions achieved or gained a mythic tier. This is when the minions of Ash and Cinder become known to us.
"Virtuous Interlopers!"
At the end of the three weeks Dramen lets Juidor know that we know more than we first indicated. While Dramen and the other heroes do not speak specifically of dragons, opinions of Ferrum are not held in the highest regard and that Ferrum plots to kill his brother Arcanthorth. Rilenia is mentioned but Juidor laments these Crystal tomes belong to the Vigmatto family. Juidor was chosen by Ferrum because Juidor too did not benefit from the arrival of the Dragons of Virtue, but after Ferrum was seen in strange company Juidor reached out to the Eye for aid with the crystal tomes to have Ferrum’s claims verified. After Juidor asks if there is anything he can do, he is advised to take what he knows to the King of the Elves after he is told about or past exploits in Miar Moshea. He agrees and says he will take what he has learned to Arcanthorth as well.

With three days of downtime remaining Dramen teleports iMembers to Tier Ne Somenhiem for Yinrr and learns to recreate Sanger’s circle of protection, the kind Maradrell creates on the side in Urbport. Dramen also hears of Somenhiem Museum where the Eye discretely operates.

Day 157. Tier Ne Somenhiem where the land is green, rich, and largely unaffected by the Sundering. One of the first amazing features is the floating castle nestled near a shielding mountain range. Floating companionably near the castle are two minaret towers, but more fantastic that these were the fifty (five-0) large winged minotaurs. This vision of floating castles and minarets results in dire flashbacks for Rydin/Myrddin; reminding the elf of Vlad and his first encounter with Nissian as well as the floating tower that had real connections to the negative material plane.

Day 158. We arrive to the sloping hills of Naper’s Dawn a small city of cobblestone streets, gas lanterns, smoke stacks of industry, and tightly packed buildings huddled in a lose crescent around three great wells, each with their own names that also correspond to the major thoroughfares of Naper’s Dawn. We quickly locate The Grumblebelly’s and decide where to make our presence known.

We are awarded 4,000 xp and begin next session in Naper’s Dawn. 

Naper's Dawn

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Ferryman League of Tier Ne Somenhiem

The Ferryman League of Tier Ne Somenhiem extends an invitation to the hero Ambassadors of Bouvaldia to attend our next League Summit in Naper’s Dawn on this day and date.  The League accepts your Bouvaldian credentials upon the letter of recommendation received from Duke Moshea.  Should you prove to be as resourceful as Duke Miraq assures us you are, you will receive The Ferryman’s Leagues’ full support. Our support will exceed far beyond merely presenting you to Duke and Duchess of  Somenhiem, we will also assist you with League connections throughout the Isles. Present this invitation at the Grumblebelly on this day and date, your rooms, food, drink and comforts are included.


Baron Sambrial Zarl IV
Baron Sambrial Zarl IV (Eye Member)

Tristor Von Kreighton
Tristor Von Kreighton (Eye Member)

Pragidore Ellington
Pragidore Ellington

Ickarth Hassis
Ickarth Hassis

Eversin Lawson
Eversin Lawson (Eye Member)

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06/22/16 Virtues Session 49: Three Tomes of Crystal

Gallant Spy
We begin this session catching up with Rydin and Syrendross at the Gallant seeing Favray off, but before he goes, the drow makes good on his map of the underdark- specifically leading us to the Staff of Power that once belonged to Myrddin Og.

Also, while at the Gallant, Syrendross receives a message from Ornap the summoner. The message confirmed the details of the Waverly farm transitioning their tobacco crops to hops to sell exclusively to Harbinger industries has been satisfied as well as a warning. The message further laments that Bathanon simply ‘will not let it go,’ and warns that someone at the Gallant is watching us and to be on our guard.

Leaving behind Rydin, because the elf does not wish to provoke any further awkward encounters with Echn Syep’s family; and Syrendross, because the drow lacked any more protections against the harmful effects the duchy had on drow; the rest of the Heroes of Virtue traveled to the border crossing into the elven duchy of Miar Moshea.

Forty miles later Dramen, with Markalis Cryssal in tow, Dolgrin, and Kyras enter the capitol city of Ferraq Tulle to a formal gathering replete with announcements, trumpets, introductions, and gratitude for returning Markallis.

Once received a student of Viralla asks if there is any immediate danger that could possibly accompany the hero’s return. The student is hastily informed of Cothar, mind flayers (illithids), and (contract) devils.

Creature comforts are provided as one by one people of note drop in and out before the formal midday gathering in front of the King of the Elves. Ambassador Korleigh Lockshire, Daughter of Dumah Lockshire, the Duke of Lockshire, anticipates our travels to Lockshire promising to carry word of our deeds here to her home. Others come and go, each one secretly counting our numbers noting the absence of Rydin (Echn) and Syrendross. Korleigh even breathing a sigh of relief after hearing the elf and drow had not come to the clearing at the end of the path.
Farraq Tulle
Time passes until a formal midday meal is set out with the royal elven court, the King Miraq, Viralla, Ky Shea, Ferrum Vigmatto and Korleigh Lockshire. Six of the kings guard and some of Viralla’s top students round out the assembly. The heroes of Virtue are each announced, even the absentee members, formally as, friends of the crown, our achievements including the border crossing trial and the peaceful recovery of Markallis (who was not present but resting comfortably).

Bards play anthems from each duchy including a national anthem for Bouvaldia, which did not have an anthem until now- called ‘St. Callis Bay.” The heroes are gifted with a scroll of the music.

During this time the heroes see many pages delivering messages as well as replies from the busy king, including one that raises an eyebrow.

It eventually comes time for the  Heroes to tell their tale of Urbport. Dramen begins with meeting Maradrell Cryssal, her confused state and how mind manipulation of the mind flayers connects back even to the border crossing trial  which had conflicting testimony there as well; and finally the Landing- where some of the party believe  had contract devils and mind flayers. However when the Riverboat Gambler Sodanum and Arcanthorth are mentioned at the Landing, Ferrum appears surprised and even asks when we had dealings with him.

The King asks if we believe Markallis was manipulated, to which the answer was yes, the heroes indicating the physical evidence that can be seen on Markallis.

There follows a formal presentation to our ambassador’s tome as well as the verification scroll after which Miraq Moshea signs the books with an added gift of giving us time on our quest: the King of the Elves assures us that when we present ourselves before the King of the Isles that Miraq promises there will be a designee from Mogerin to add there to sing and support our cause.

During the luncheon Dramen asks for a word with Ferrum Vigmatto when the second course is served followed by the presentation of ribbons, tassels, and crystal figurines of us.

The King finally excuses himself, it was at this time Viralla approaches Ferrum for Dramen, but returns with unfortunate news that he cannot (or will not) meet with us. Nevertheless Viralla offers to take Dramen to her place and to Ferrum Vigmatto’s after.

A short time later, after the King’s Luncheon, Viralla takes Dramen and the others to her smallish crystal home. Proving to be larger on the inside, Viralla takes Dramen to the ‘map of the ways’ a three dimensional crystal chamber showcasing the Ways/ Lay Lines before the Earth became its own plane. Some areas of the chamber were clearly identified with symbols. 

She hands the wizard Keltischer Sanger's Workbook, a key to the map’s symbols as well as other collected works on the Ways. Making more sense to the ‘four command phrases’ leaned from before, Dramen learns that Sanger was trying to craft something to manipulate the Ways. (amulet of the planes?) Attempts to track our past travels through the Ways using this new map were unsuccessful.

A few hours later Viralla leads Dramen, Dolgrin and Kyras to Ferrum Vigmatto’s, an extravagant crystalline home that original building has been added on to over the hundreds of years, each new addition conforming to the home’s perfect geometry.

A servant receives the ambassador and offers refreshments and comforts until Ferrum arrives. When he does he seems a large presence. He was asked what was the nature of his confusion; Ferrum's response was that was surprised to learn that his brother Arcanthorth was already in Urbport and not where Ferrum thought: ‘he made great time if that’s the case.’

We reiterate Arcanthorth’s last testament that he wanted his seedy reputation to stand but he was always loyal to the king.

A short time later Dramen, Kyras and Dolgrin reunite with Syrendross and Rydin at the Gallant, (insert encounter here) but the reunion was short lived as Dramen, Syrendross, Kyras and Dolgrin leave for a certain mine house to complete the Eye contract. 

Along our journey we happen across tracks belonging to not one, but three ettins approximately eight to ten hours old as well as a cleaned and eaten wolf about a mile from our destination.

A short time later we encounter the three ettins chewing on dead humans, elves and half-elves. We killed the ettins in short order and had Lapis bury the dead after Dolrin performs last rites.

Closer to our destination some of us find traps of the noise making variety before finally finding the intended mine house.  The mine house is much like we have seen before with three service buildings, however this mine used to be an amber mine.

A woman’s voice hails us and offers us refuge from the ettins. Chanys was her name and we hastily inform her that the ettins as well as any help arriving are dead. However after Dramen divulges the reasons for our visit, she quickly leaves to retrieve Juidor.

Fitting the profile for the job, Juidor questions Dramen’s expertise while the rest of us discover the origins of the ettins…

Dramen is informed that the crystal tome is fragile beyond anything and dates back centuries. Dramen asks as to book’s origins (still thinking the iJob is for only one crystal tome) and is told someone Juidor knows for a long time presented this book to him as proof that ‘dragon’s lied’ and for Juidor to judge and decipher the words himself.

Entering the mine, Dramen sees the chamber where the tome is located is lead lined and protected from theft. Tools are readily available to handle the delicate pages but Juidor warns of unnecessary handling of the book for obvious reasons. The tome, Juidor states, is fragile, ancient and its contents to be kept in strict confidence.

Meanwhile Dolgrin and Syrendross discover  a new mine tunnel withseveral broken pieces of amber that the ettins appeared to have been encased in until  Juidor's company mined the amber and  they unwisely freed the hungry ettins. The amber was minedto pay for the iJob. Lapis closes the mine tunnel after the amber was collected.

In the secured room Dramen estimates deciphering the crystal will take a week until it is revealed that there are two more books as part of the contract making for three weeks of downtime. Nevertheless this book must be first translated, but at first glance it appears to be an ancient spell books of seventh level magic. The virtues are mentioned as heavenly and sins are that of hell; theories connect sins with drow. There is a mention of a great elven ‘event’ and how a spell came to fruition then follows how other spellcasters improved on the idea and thus created new spells.

It was here Juidor decides to tell Dramen about the other books and when we decide to take three weeks of downtime.

We are awarded 5,000 exp and the Amber covers the cost of approved creations. 

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The Order of Ash and Cinder

The Pentagram flared, powered by the soul of one of the promised.  The Ashen Clergy assembled in the summoning chamber, beginning their prayers while they waited for the Elven Druid Wo'Kish to arrive and name which of The Promised had failed.  The Ashen were still praying when The Contract Devil appeared , the pentagram’s magic holding the Devil in place.  To The Ashen’s surprise two more devils appeared in the Summoning circle, a barbed creature and a glaive wielding devil with a writhing beard.  The devil’s seethed in anger waiting to punish whom-ever had trapped them in the Pentagram.  

I've got the details right here
Wo'Kish entered the chamber in a rush.  It took all of the elf’s discipline to master his adrenaline and carefully speak the word of binding Cothar had taught him.   The Devils calmed upon hearing the word of power and awaited their Caller’s terms.   Wo'Kish invoked The Order’s ancient Pact; the Contract Devil immediately recognizing the ancient terms.  

“Bathanon The Promised  has failed in his contract and the target has survived.” Intoned the Druid

“The Soul of The Promised has paid our price.” The devils replied.

“Then go now and revenge our broken promise, our order must be avenged.” Wo'Kish ordered

“Where does your vengeance lie?” the thirteen clergy inquired.

“The Minions of Virtue of must die!” The last sentence reverberated in the chamber , the voices of the clergy, devils and druid entwined. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Stonelord Surprise

Cothar the Trustarian Ruined!
The stink of the virtues was all over the Stonelord when he entered Cothar’s chamber, interrupting his negotiations and bindings. The dwarf’s arrival would destroy another of Cothar’s identities, ruining several years of work for the Truenamer.  The individuals the Stonelord traveled with also radiated power but The Master of the Word understood there were no negotiations to be had with a Paladin.  

Even should Cothar succeed in destroying the do-gooder,  the dwarf’s destruction would only summon the direct attention of the cursed virtues.  With a thought Cothar dismissed the Magnificent Mansion, depositing the majority of his enemies into the sea along with several of Arcanthorth’s customers.  The resulting chaos provided Cothar the opportunity to drop his current guise and planeshift home, a place no virtue would follow. 
Cothar Master of the Word

Thursday, June 16, 2016

06/15/16 Virtues Session 48: New Azurite

We begin this weeks session with a combat between the stalking Dolgrin, Kyras and Rydin as well as Barit and Kotri against the sinister Bathanon, the powerful druid, and ‘not-man’ gnoll from the night before.

As combat waned the druid and gnoll escapes by virtue of plant teleportation; Kyras chases Bathanon briefly through the streets of Urbport and appears to slay the man before he is ‘recalled’ seemingly not by Bathanon’s own doing.

When word of this reached Dramen and Syrendross at the Stone Spire, Dramen being familiar with the half-basement hideout, teleported the two Archmages to their friends.

After finding a map Bathanon and the two others used to mark their buried treasure and a quick sweep by Lapis through the half-basement, uncovers 15,000 gp in various jewelry and valuables as well as magic: verdant boots; monkey belt, greater; +1 weapon/+1 special ability (given to Barit); metamagic rod, minor (+1); ring of the sea strider; rhino hide; a ring of force shield and three potions of CCW.

As we were gathering the hoard a knock at the empty storefront reveals Favray who also followed the clues to our location. This prompts a casting of non detection from Syrendross and a scenic change to Charmichael’s.
Favray of New Azurite
Favray reports to Syrendross and the heroes what he has found out about Bathanon. Favray had tracked Bathanon along the Slice until somewhere around the Elemental Font of Earth, the assassin Bathanon seemed to be tracking someone- and that someone is here in Urbport. Furthermore Favray believes (although wrong) that Bathanon is here for Markalis or Maradrell and the target is expected upon the riverboat Sodanum. We later believe Bathanon’s target was likely Arcanthorth Vigmatto and not one of Cryssals; but before that Syrenross puts Favray on Maradrell watch for the next twenty-four hours.

Exiting Charmichael’s we saunter our way down to the docks where we are approached by a couple of half elves who attempt to steal our attention to their own mercantile interests. Rydin greets these two, states we are searching for a friend and learns where not to find that certain someone. The half elf mentions The Depths, an exclusive location marked by a distinctive buoy in the waters; and an area of docked ships around a gambling riverboat near what we know of as The Landing. 

We book passage with one of the half elves to the riverboat Sodanum. Near The Landing we see many well traveled experts, deep open canals and lanes between each length of dock as well as armatures that carry spell effects into the open sea waters instead of lighthouses one may expect. The Landing marks the beginning of open seas as well as the anchor for the armatures that extend outward like bony fingers. The Landing is a shantytown surrounded by well made vessels from around the world.

Arcanthorth Vigmatto
Armed with locate creature we disembark on the Sodanum and are pleased to be approached by none other than Arcanthorth Vigmatto (Known as the feuding lover among elven nobility, Arcanthorth’s scandalous reputation is audacious in rumor and fact.  His longest held feud being with his brother Ferrum, supposedly over Arcanthorth bedding his brother’s then wife.), the brother of Ferrum Vigmatto (A traditionalist of the old order, Ferrum seeks to restore Miar Moshea to its ancient customs, status and structure.).

Topless females explained the games and buy-ins within the private games and non-traditional auctions. Arcanthorth escorts us into the inner sanctum where the individual Cothar was literally auctioning trust. Smoke and warm bodies choked the forty by forty lecture style room. To Syrendross and Barit, Cothar appeared as a terrible twelve foot tall figure auctioning his services in binding individuals within groups into a pact. Some are human, some just appear human.

Present at this event was our target Markalis. This was followed by a brief exchange between the truenamer and the paladin and combat that plunged Syrendross, Markalis, and many topless ladies into the sea waters when the magnificent mansion was dismissed. At the end of the chaos we regrouped with a dazed and confused Markalis at a nearby docked ship. Markalis displayed scars from wounds consistent with parasites and mind flayers behind his neck.
Dramen teleports most everyone including Markalis to the border crossing while Syrendross, Kotri and Lapis tarry in Urbport a bit longer to retrieve Favray before teleporting and rejoining everyone at the border between Lockshire and Miar Moshea.

Before thanking us and making his way back to his home, Dramen asks Favray if he is familiar with the minehouse five miles from his own (where the decipher crystal tome quest is located). While he does not know much he is aware that many of the crystal mine houses are very similar design and layout.

Favray expresses is graditued and asks Syrendross to spread the good word of his drow community; New Azurite, Rydin giving the drow Favray three 500 gp necklaces to increase his renoun among his own people.

We are awarded 5,000 xp and begin next session entering Ferraq Tulle, the capital of Miar Moshea

Friday, June 10, 2016

06/08/16 Virtues Session 47: Knowledge Holds Its Value

Session begins after the professors meeting arranged byAbbot Emsin. Following the meeting of minds Syrendross takes to the observatory for the remainder of the evening; Kyras, Rydin, and Kotri excuse to themselves to Charmichael’s as Dramen, Dolgrin and Barit travel two miles outside of Urbport to the Stone Spire accompanied by Garzi, Latty, and the Professor of Alchemy to eventually meet Yinrr, the foremost authority on astrology to inquire about the Eye contract deciphering a crystal tome.

At Charmichaels Kyras feels a druidic presence while Rydin notices a strange individual watching them. It was not long thereafter Syrendross returns after the Observatory closed.

On the way to the Stone Spire Latty makes observations about Dramen’s teleport skills adding that the Eye pays handsomely for that type of service.

Dramen comments it not about the money. This has an alarming effect on the Stone Spire cabal members, but the young boy-wizard concedes that deciphering the crystal tome is a contract of happenstance.
Talk shifts to crafting and Latty’s desire for a fashionable piece of protective magic for Garzi as an anniversary gift while offering Dramen and the Dwarves a bottle of liquid refreshments. Even the Professor of Alchemy got in on the gift giving with pipe smoke; a pretext for looking at the heroes through magical spectacles.

Then it was Dramen’s turn to ask questions about the Cabal’s mission statement and their reaction to the name Bathanon. While they are between statements and no one claims to have heard the name Bathanon, Latty confirms someone fitting Bathanon’s description was seen recently.

10:30 pm. Upon arriving at the Stone Spire Dramen and Dolgrin could see artificial hills and bunkers surrounding the base of the Spire as well as a pair of water wells and two satellite buildings: a bunkhouse and a mealhouse that also functions as a common dining hall and an overflow shelter.

The overall decor was heavily Eye-based with the phrase in King’s Tongue: ‘Knowledge holds its value’ featured prominently.

Here they are met by Yinrr who is shown more than a little respect within the Spire and asks Dramen for a story from Bouvaldia.

Dramen relays the story of the breach in what was renamed St. Callis Bay and the waterwall collapse, but no mention of Ley lines or the Ways. This lasted past midnight.

Day 135. After stories were exchanged the human Yinrr explains to Dramen the details of the Crystal Tome contract as well as its location. (five miles from another minehouse we are already familiar with)

But Yinrr ties to recruit Dramen and asks if the wizard would take some friends to Trusk in the duchy Tier Ne Somenhiem. After some follow up Dramen is allowed to see an artist’s rendition of Trusk; although flawed it is enough to give Dramen a chance of teleporting there.

A short time later Dramen is introduced to Yinrr’s friends in need: Garzi, Latty, a Cyclops, derro, and a human woman referred to as Jane.
Naper's Dawn

Flight is first granted to each traveler in the case their travel is off target.

The act of teleporting is quick, arriving slightly off target near Naper’s Dawn. The Cyclops gives Dramen a ring of Electricity resistance minor for the Cyclops and passage for two others.

Without delay Dramen arrives back to the Stone Spire and Dolgrin, his seat in the mealhouse not yet cool.

1:30 am. Arriving back at Charmichael’s Dramen and Dolgrin witness Rydin and Kyras following the spy identified earlier. This individual, who has some kind of concealed weapon, while looked human had a distinct non-human gait to his stride. They follow the not-human spy out to an alley where the individual had descended a short series of steps to a metal door equipped with a sliding spy hole. Not feeling it, the heroes retire for the evening.

10 am. Kyras wakes to the presence of the powerful druid again as we take our places in preparation for Maradrell and Ossar’s visit.

When she arrives she is pleased to report that she has sent a message to Markallis regarding our search for him. Barit activates the circle of protection on the roof as we begin our questioning; Dramen even taking Ossar aside to learn more on her disposition.

We learn about Maradrell’s crafting prowess and the eight protection circles on various Eye buildings and location. This ability, introduced to her by Abbot Emsin, gave her enough funds she needed for her personal pursuits.

But when pressed about Markallis or the Landing we get an unsettling programmed response and physical ticks that seem to indicate physic tampering or truename magic. This unsettles Ossar. But when the subject of a magic carpet comes up, she denies such a thing and traps herself in a loop of mixed points out of context.

Bringing Maradrell from her broken state we discuss her current duties (upgrading the light atop the Stone Spire) and who were her teachers. She said her uncle paid for her numerous tutors and credits the Ring of Fire Cabal as well.

Referring to Markallis as ‘Uncle’ in more lines of questioning did not yield new information. She does however display curiosity of our travels; we politely share some stories before she and Ossar leave.

12:30 pm. Dramen and Syrendross return to the Observatory to follow up on the protection circles the Abbot provided to Maradrell to eventually discover 700 year old ancient texts study into the creation of said circles of protection by an individual by the name of Sanger and a ‘K’ sigil- perhaps an initial (Keltischer).

Meanwhile Dolgrin, Ryind, and Kyras follow up on their ‘not human’ spy to find a half-basement with a  dirt floors and a cache of ill gotten gains. A trap door lead above into a staircase closet, that opened into a simple unused storefront, a large potted shrub the only evidence of any residency.  The stairs above the closet lead upstairs where the trio come across the ‘not man’ gnoll; the sinister Bathanon; and the foreshadowed druid, a malevolent elf of unusual power.

2:30 pm. Dramen and Syrendross arrive at the Stone Spire ready to transport those with the need and the funds to Tier Ne Somenhiem. However the visit is unexpected and Yinrr asks us to return later that evening. Dramen inquires about spell components and is referred to Elenor at the Shattered Reef along the coast. When asked specifically about the Landing Yinrr explains it is full of exiles, criminals, slavers and cultists. Yinrr refers us also to Nysos who is in good standing with the noteworthy astrologist.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

06/01/16 Virtues Session 46: On Point

We begin this week’s session at Charmichael’s on the morning of day 134 discussing just how to approach Markalis Cryssal regarding the King’s request that he be sequestered. Talk of somehow subduing the man; or to perhaps call upon House Cryssal, be truthful and mayhap offering ourselves as escorts to Ferraq Tulle.

We did however agree that the Font of Elemental Earth should be a fall back point should we get separated.

Later that morning we depart for House Cryssal in hopes of an amiable first contact.

Arriving at the estate we find well maintained gardens, broad landscaping as well as ‘seen’ unseen servants- numerous outfitted magical servants glided to and fro busying themselves with menial everyday tasks but it was Kyras who spotted a couple of half-elf security guards trying to hide their presence in the midst of the floating garment-wearing unseen servants (later we learned this individual to be Teyrmallyn Longblade).
Rydin had Kotri knock and announce the arrival of Rydin Meirdarel to the House of Cryssal. Who answered was a half-elf woman, tall and athletic named Maradrell; Markalis’ head wizard. Starved for recognition and praise Rydin spends a friendly amount of time learning that Markalis is currently away but is expected to return within the week. Kotri did not have a favorable opinion of the wizard woman. Nevertheless Maradrell offers to send the servant Ossar once Markalis returns. We agree and tell her we can be reached at Charmichael’s.

When we return to Charmichael’s to arrange catering for the Abbot and his colleges, we arrive to find it busier than normal with various individuals with mixed excuses to get better look at the visitors… us. In speaking with the manager on duty Dramen expresses the need for food and beverage to be delivered at the Observatory for up to twenty-four individuals. The manager apologizes both for the lack of privacy and that it will have to be tonight's special in such a short notice, we find out later it is the jumbo seafood platter.

Later, back in our rooms it was Kyras who spotted a wavering trick of light; a possible invisible opponent or a magical sensor. Taking no chances Syrendross dimensional slides up one hundred feet leaving himself suspended over Charmichael’s to scan the area for any retreating invisible targets. While no such instance occurred, what Syrendross did notice was a circle of protection from evil worked onto the roof of Charmichael’s.  Syrendross sees the afore seen Teyrmallyn but the drow remained atop the inn serving as sentry until Dramen joins him later.

Inside, Dramen decides that the stables are a good a place as any to function as a teleport fallback point should the need arise and also finds that sound carries unreliably due to oddly angled rooms and insulated halls; noting too, that the stone of the inn is one big piece carved into the longhouse/Inn.

Back on the roof Dramen joins Syrendross where the boy wizard activates the magic circle against evil. This has a subtle effect on the Charmichael’s occupants. Dramen decides to fly about (invisibly) in an attempt to find more circles of protection and finds a half dozen more on various buildings. Each unmaintained but visible from the air, a sigil all but guarantees Dramen that the circles are made by Maradrell.
2pm we are visited by the somewhat dim whitted half-elf Ossar. He laments to the change he has seen in not only Markalis Cryssal but in his sister Maradrell in the past few months. “Not all is what it seems, I need to warn you. Our lord-liege travels with strange company.” But while Ossar cannot speak towards the motivations of Markalis, Ossar does feel he knows his sister. He’s taking a big risk but felt it was ok because someone activated one of his sister’s circle of protections. As for Markalis, his recent trips to the Landing are cause for concern- in fact this is where Ossar believes Markalis to be. What sets Markallis apart is his drive for wealth.

Rydin and Syrendross each point out that this is another sign towards a mark of greed. In our discourse the name Bathanon is mentioned as staying in this very inn as recent as yesterday.

Ossar is supposed to be spying on us so we maintain our script as diplomats on behalf of the Admiral/ interim Duke of Bouvaldia. Dramen adds ‘tell her I can fly’ as well as other minor bits of information to report to his sister with. We extend an invitation to Maradrell (through Ossar) to attend a early lunch tomorrow whereby we will have the circle of protection up to rule out mind-control. He agrees and leaves to report his ‘findings’.

Syrendross, curious about the other suite Bathanon had occupied, inquired about the room only to find out it is constantly rented out. Not deterred the drow dimensional slid into the room to find a meticulously protected room shielded from scrying; even the stone had unique properties. It was apparent that a great expense was made in securing the room. Looking around Syrendross finds a pair of discarded socks, a writing desk and implements, as well as signet rings and seals for forging official documents- although only a quarter of which were real.

After returning to the group the rest of the heroes of virtue casually await for the dinner with Abbot Emsin and his professor colleagues.

Around 6 pm we leave Charmichael’s to lead a parade of half-elves who also move to leave marking our exit. We ignore this and stay the course to the Observatory were we find the small council of professors has turned into a well attended meeting. Lapis, however is bayed to follow one of the half-elves who is tracked to the docks and to where we assume the Landing as well. Lapis did not follow beyond that.

Abbot Emsin cordially introduces us to each of his colleagues with wide-eyed enthusiasm as Dolgrin scans the assemblage for evil; all in all, several acolytes and 13 professors. He thanks us for the spread before getting down to important topics and information sharing. We add Urbport to our knowledge resources.     

Meanwhile Dolgrin identifies an evil human couple Garzi (precious metals and stones) and Latty his dumb fucking bitch; Yinrr the foremost authority on astrology; and an evil half-elf. Dramen inquires about the iJob regarding the deciphering of ancient crystal tomes and is referred to Yinrr and an alternate branch of the Eye.

Rydin inquires of an alchemist for twenty potion vials and makes an appointment at Charmichael’s for meet a poison maker. A botanist answers Rydin’s request for metal components and is referred to the Shattered Reef, an interesting shop along the coast.

As this occurs Kyras sees Yinrr, makes a suggestion to come to the Stone Spire, then moves to leave and Dramen observes someone making feverous notes on us. An individual passes a sign to someone else when later many individuals notice something missing on their person. For Syrendross, it was the parchment and inks from ‘Bathanon’s’ room but for Barit it was a wand of bears endurance.

We ended the session there.