Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ask a Dwarf

The old greybearded dwarf leaned closer to the dwarven officer across the desk from him.
"We are being over run by dragons. New ones are announcing themselves seemingly every other day!" he spat. "I have heard of this Kazzurog, but know little of him. Is there no one in the clan who can share some insight as to what his Queen would want here, or what his interests are?" he demanded.
" Obryn, sir, is a scholar of the globe, and an ocean traveller. His specialty in the house is the port city of Lowport, which lies very close to this Dragon King's realm. Shall I send for him?"

The old dwarf commanded Obryn to introduce himself and state what he knew of the dragon king. The report was curt, almost military, but with details that indicated the speaker had actually been to the places and felt the surroundings he spoke of.

"well, sir, I am sure you know that he trades in exotic and rare metal ores, including darksteel, gold and platinum, as well as magic potions. He has also made a lot of wealth selling hobgoblin troops to the constantly warring nations on the northern tip of the Continent. But perhaps his most lasting legacy is his blood line".

He went on to explain " Kazzurog has ruled a kingdom for over 500 years, and from day 1 he has had a nation of kobold followers devote them selves to his service. He capitalized on this very early and began infusing them with his own seed. He now produces three common types, and several unique offshoots that are hard to document. The first, most common type, are kobolds that are able to produce spells as a natural talent with no training. The spell abilities are pretty specific to 5 or 6 named tribes. That is to say kobolds bred from tribe A all tend to have the same spell like abilities. The second main bloodline is a strain of fighter kobold that is bigger ( making it a medium size creature) and stronger. These are fierce troops, and we haven't seen any instances when they have been hired out as mercenaries. The third type, and they aren't as common as the other two, is a true hybrid, a half dragon/half kobold. They are unique, and evolve differently as they age."

The old dwarf brooded silently, deep in thought.

" He has another bloodline he is fond of, though I haven't seen much of them. He also breeds with ogres, and makes half dragon/half ogres. It is said he uses these monsters in his wars to his west, which are other dragons and tribes of mountain giants."

The old dwarf thought more, and Obryn remained silent as he patiently waited.

"What is this dragons reputation among his neighbors?"
" He has never warred against the three civilized cities that border his kingdom, and he is known to always honor contracts and agreements. There are all sorts of men, dwarves, and others that mingle and live in the capitol city of his kingdom."

"What motivates him?"
" It is said the feel of ruler ship and domination, the ability to flex and pit his will against those that would oppose him, the need to rule as King is his greatest drive, followed by his relentless quest to build his Royal Hoard. On a more immediate scale, are merchants have indicated the dragon Queen has brought along officers of her court to trade large quantities of magic potions for enchanted weapons, or weapons made of special materials."

" Thank you, Obryn" And with that he was dismissed. As the old dwarf watched Obryn accept his reward he couldn't help but to say aloud, to no one in particular, "We are being over run by these damn dragons!"

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I love these side stories of the KING BABY! Ah-huh!