Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Session 2, 9-15-10

A quick but brutal 4 rounds of combat resulted in the capture of Wenzler the Summoner. Of course he begged and pleaded for his life, and greed got the better of most of us, and we decided to let him live and make us profit. Only Durg saw the folly of throwing in with an insane man, even for such fascinating work as harvesting meta magic components for a group of necromancers. In the end it was determined he was not to be trusted, and he was eliminated. Before his death, we did get some information about the place. He showed us how he summoned creatures to pay the blood sacrifice to open the immense vault door under the Nightclub. He said he didn't know who the sacrifice fed, and he told us he got the place from one of the necromancers he catered to, so at least he knows of the vault, and it was he who showed Wenzler how to open it. The vault beyond the door was carved out of the natural stone of the world disc. It is dark, with a few patches of dimly glowing rocks providing the only illumination. There were sounds of beasts in the deeper parts of the caverns, and this was where the bodies of his victims were being disposed. He claimed they were largely unexplored, and indeed we did find some items of value just inside the door. Combined with the gear from Wenzler, and some treasure from the outer chamber, we found the following:

* 800 gp which we immediately divided
* the Carpe Diem gem - gives enhancements to initiative rolls
*cloak of resistance ?
* magic studded leather armor, glamoured and fire resistance
*two wands prepared for use as MM components for extend shield
*wand Summon Monster I (10 charges)
* 2 credit invoices worth a total of 1000 gp at Eagle Warehouse and Storage
* 2 wands of shield, 10 charges each
* scroll of cure mod wounds, CL 3
*painting, valued 1000. this artist is collected by the Van Fleet family, and could be worth 1500 to them.
* set of antique silverware valued at 500 gp.
*title of owner ship of property

After securing the doors, we returned to Twilight House, where we filed our deed and got to speak to Flack Mader, secretary of shipping and commodities. Overall, he was somewhat cold, but civil and very official. He answered our questions, but didn't really go out of his way to be helpful. When we compared notes of what happened the night the shipment was held up, the report filed in house didn't match our information, even indicating a different watchman than Larrimore was on duty. His report showed the courier getting into an argument and fight with the guard. When we mentioned the name Larrimore, he noticed the report was filed by a Vacabala, whose name usually appeared on reports involving Larrimore. Vacabala is a 1/2 hobgoblin sales agent, but he didn't give up much more information than that. He did tell us the name of the next ship Maco was due to transfer goods for us, the Black Kraken. At this, Flack's patience grew a bit thin and it was suggested, politely, that we conduct our own investigation. We left each other amicably I thought. He personally filed our claim and congratulated us on our acquisition.

We then went back to Braziers, and was each paid a 100 gp gem and a 50 gp gem. He seemed very happy with our partnership, and told us Karmouth was in his stall, so we went to talk with him. This elf was effusive and happy to provide us with some good information, and did so with as much discretion as our flash celebrity status from earlier offered us. He said he had not heard of the Kiss poison being used since a gang war ended 10 years ago. He believed one side made that poison even more effective with an added component of a particular unknown species, or race. He told us he knew of 5 places Upside who could make the poison, 4 individuals and one organization. The individuals:
Tamros Longbrow, a dwarf
Obadai Dragonbane, a human. we were asked not to reveal where we got his name.
Samsa, a human
Ishitome Mishi, a human female
And the group.... he believed most, if not all, our sales agents could. " I believe they are called Gatherers?" is what he said.

After graciously answering our questions, we bought him a bottle of fine wine to say thanks, and sat down to discuss where we were headed, and what lay before us. I think we will be picking up the next morning, rested and ready to clear some vault space.


Gordzilla said...

Picture added is the elf Merchant Karmouth

Russ said...

Lets clear some vault space. Maybe we will find more info on the vault itself by exploring it's innards.