Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Sentinel and The Minstrel

The Sentinel followed the advancement of the laboring men and their marvelous work since they came into sight of the mountains weeks ago. They have since stopped their vigorous progress of construction in the shadow of Mount Galardrym

Sounds throughout the night indicate they have likely run afoul with the Forgebar tribes. Easy to offend the warrior tribes the Sentinel mused as he focused his attention for the appearance of the Minstrel. It was this song-maker that aroused his interest; the music was a language strong and powerful, and motivated the Sentinel to know more. Every morning the Minstrel's tones of inspiration would incite the builders throughout the day seemingly maximizing their construction. 

Curiosity was not solely his to claim, however; in the weeks preceding, the Sentinel found that the Minstrel provoked unpredictable reactions —most recently here before him, the ire sparked in the Forgebar tribes.

The Sentinel peered around surveying the great white North; it was cold, beautiful, and mysterious- full of life and death. Eventually the Sentinel rested his attention on the camped laborers as he again waited in anticipation for the Minstrel to appear. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013


The curious Melairkyn browsed nearly every map, book, and scroll within Maskado’s small but popular book shop. 

The dwarf had a sly and intelligent characteristic to him as he proved to be well read, rejecting no book or scroll on account of the language written or symbols used.

He appeared to be singularly interested in the local geography as well as trade practices of the cities and tribes of the north; paying careful attention to each book that referenced lands, terrain, climate, and any community or settlement.

One such book was a study into the origins of trade in Waterdeep and the North, this he purchased among other works while the Samular Tet researched and spoke with the Oghma scribes; finding in vain Netherese relics and scrolls-- spoils of Helm's Hold.

On his way out the Melaikyn dwarf stopped before of a board full of classifieds and notices. A single message, larger than any of its companions, it had an official look to it. The dwarf took obvious exception to  this one because—quick as a flash—he tore it down leaving behind no trace. As the dwarf performed this dexterous feat, the Samular Tet could see the word ‘Brightmantle’ deeply engraved in the dwarf’s only visible weapon-- a long barreled silver pistol.

Making sure his larceny went unnoticed the dwarf gathered his purchases, lit a cigarette, and entered the vivid and magnificent streets of Neverwinter. 

The Post:
Close the year and come to Neverwinter during Year’s End for the ribbon cutting ceremony officially opening the NEW High Road to Waterdeep!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Soul Searching

Kagon was born to Ruesha Andri and an elven hero called the Wild Shadow. Ruesha’s family was not wealthy, but what she lacked in coin Ruesha made up for in beauty and kindness. Raised in the opulent streets of Neverwinter she met the Wild Shadow, a swashbuckling elf who hunted pirates and evil sea dragons along the Sword Coast. 

Fifty-six years later Kagon-Andri has honed his ranger skills to perfection balancing human practicality with elven superiority with the longbow. A weapon given to him by Sai Riverwind: the Emerald Arrow.


Tunlactun was raised in the ways and tenants of Helm, the god of guardians. He is a fierce, pious man who is not afraid of any type of battle weather by blade or by debate; until the Time of Troubles. It was during that long fateful night when Tunlactun’s faith was shaken because on that night the gods fought and despite his greatest efforts to protect the people of Neverwinter- hundreds died as Bane and Tyr battled for over two full days.

Months later and for the first time since the godsfall, a call to action swelled the conviction in what he holds dear- the protection of a group of souls from Waterdeep with far greater aspirations.


Chief Ruga Alaric is a powerful leader of the Black Lion Uthgardt barbarian clan; a tribe that has either left the lands of the North or have been entirely killed.  Nevertheless the Black Lion tribesmen have eluded discovery by Chief Ruga for many seasons. Strength is a respected attribute among barbarians across the seven realms, but the Black Lion clans also valued the strength of will and for Chief Ruga this was yet another test of strength.  

Wandering the streets of Neverwinter excited words roused him from is inner thoughts: Fighters of Fury- for Chief Ruga Alaric the ways have been opened.


Fawling had many aliases and countless names in nearly as many cities in the North, his favorite was Riddler. Indeed the short and stout Fawling loved to stymie opponents long enough to gain the advantage in any encounter and more often than not, he would walk away richer because of it. Which is why Fawling felt the decadence of Neverwinter hospitality was about to expire for him.

Walking with a newly purchased map from Maskado’s, Fawling (for that was as good a name as any) eyed the symbol for Waterdeep with the hope of seeing the cobles, castles, and temples of the City of Splendors again and as Luck would have it, four Nobles from Waterdeep are in town soon to leave for points south. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Borak Burliehelm's Hounds

The Plott Hound is a cunning and confident big-game hunting dog with a fierce and tenacious nature on the trail and an even, affectionate and loyal temperament in the home. He stands out for his speed and spirit. If you want a dog that can hunt anything from raccoon to bear, the Plott is for you. If you want just a pet, he might be a little more than you can or want to handle. Here’s what you need to know if you’re interested in acquiring one of these striking, hard-working, protective dogs. 

Plotts can adapt to living indoors or outdoors, but the most important thing to know about them is that they need human companionship. The Plott is an aggressive, bold, fearless hunter who is loyal, intelligent, and alert. The Plott’s skin is not as loose and droopy as that of some scenthounds, and his ears aren’t as long.

The Plott has a distinctive “chop” — a loud, staccato, ringing bark that lets the hunter know he is on the trail of or has treed his prey.

The Plott is the dog of choice for big-game hunters in search of bears, cougars, or hogs. They are also used to tree raccoons, and many farmers like to keep them as all-purpose dogs.

The Plott’s smooth, fine coat can be any shade of brindle, black with brindle trim, solid black, or buckskin, which ranges from red fawn through sandy red, light cream, yellow ochre, dark fawn or golden tan.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The City of Neverwinter

Manual of Dragons

Manual of Monsters (Dragons)
Aura: minor divination; CL: 3rd
Slot: —; Price: 2,450 gp; Weight: 5 lbs.
A manual of monsters is a heavy, hardbound tome of lore, with a hide cover and many pages of illustrations of vicious dragons, along with select lore about them.

Each manual of monsters gives information on a single dragon type (detailed below). If the wielder studies the manual for 15 minutes each day, for 24 hours he gains a +8 bonus to Knowledge checks made to identify creatures of that type and their powers and weaknesses. Each manual of monsters can be used for study only once each day—after that its words and illustrations blur into illegibility until 24 hours have passed.
Construction Requirements: Craft Wondrous Items, augury; Cost: 1,225 gp. (Source: Loot4Less 9)

These Samular relics were scripted, researched, and illustrated by Endrick Thunderstaff; each unique tome also features probable locations of the each dragon type, current to the time it was written.

(Black) The Evermoors
(Blue) Nether Mountains
(Brown) Greycloak Hills
(Gold) Hotenow Mountain
(Green) Turlang’s Wood
(Grey/Fang) The Lost Peaks
(Yellow) Neverwinter Wood

Friday, January 4, 2013

The Zhentarim

The Zhentarim or the Black Network in some Realms are a collection of egotistical evil arcane spellcasters, clerics and priests, as well as warriors, and rogues by the hundreds each devoted to attaining dominance and ruler-ship over everything in their preview. It is a organization of many intelligent races unified in their wanton desire for power.

Anything that cannot be controlled outright must be threatened into compliance or hobbled and crippled so that it can never pose a threat. This desire to rule manifests itself in many ways in the objectives of the Zhentarim, which in the North seem to encompass: Establish a monopoly on trade between the Moonsea, the Sea of Fallen Stars, and the Cities of The Sword Coast, in particular Waterdeep. Destroy all who stand in the way of these objectives.

 Through blood dampened lips the corpse of Oran spoke the names of seven Black Network agents secretly operating in Waterdeep: Maskul Mirrormane, Lord Ferestian Halaster, Vicarzo DeMarcain, Delrach the Vile, Boris Nahal, Rikus and Wijon.

Boris Nahal was raised in the ways of the Black Network. He is a fierce brute who has never fled from or avoided a battle. He observes the disciplines of the Zhentarim and his clan with crewel bloodthirsty abandon. Like other members of The Strangers he is able to seamlessly blend unnoticed into any city's power structure and take control.