Thursday, February 27, 2014

Review (02/26/2014)

Our session begins Sunday morning as the Sons of Nissian act as escort for the drow Kalaris as she attempts to collect the remaining 5,000 gold payment for her job. After some uneasy waiting Kalaris returns with her 5k and some interesting news; the account was now inexplicably burdened with 3 million gold.

We decide that these funds would be better served bankrolling our new dock guild and that we must move swiftly to the underwriters, set up our LLC for the Dragon Docks and finalize Dock Guild status.

Traveling to the Underwriters we are met with the slimy Dambode who facilitates our request at great length. Everything seemed on the up and up; watermarks were notarized but twelve underwriters were needed for final approval as is Deidre Saltsure’s certification.  

Auge remained at the Underwriter’s as a public show that Sons mean to formalize themselves Stormhaven. It was during this time when Auge was approached by Gazlemar, who inquired about a business plan; it was arranged that he come to the Cinder Block this coming Friday night.

Meanwhile Versel and the others set out to look for Mishi’s Granddaughter; she had some things to answer for. Arriving at her upper apartment Versel discovers recent traces of food, some poison making equipment, and something missing… a crystal katana. ;) Trying to discern her next move, the three travel to the lifts.

Once there it was Durg who spotted Kalaris’ impostor and her likely quarry… Cadmar Embry. Versel approached ‘Kalaris’ pretending to acknowledge the ruse, however she moves aside and promptly dimension door’d away.

Hopeful she transported herself straight down, Durg suggests pursuing her with Jaren’s teleport spell.
Appearing in midair under the world disk the three Sons did not find Kalaris’ impostor but did discover… industry! All docks are berthed, magical light and conveyances were widely used to move products to the lifts- even the Dragon docks are in use. There was a jovial climate to the drift downs as everyone worked as if in a choreographed stage play.

Noon. Underwriters. Dambode confesses that there is a problem, Deidre as well as Samsa are missing- all the usual means of communication have failed and requests help.

Jaren scrys on Deidre and finds her unconscious in her bedroom. Lying next to her is the body of Allister Embry, each is awash with blood (hers? his?) and injury. Jaren immediately teleports us to the scene where Auge heals Deidre and the others find a likewise injured Samsa. The scene was a set up to make it look like Samsa (Deidre’s lover) killed Allister in a jealous rage. This was not the case however as both described Kalaris’ impostor; furthermore we arranged for the Church of Aranu to resurrect Lord Embry (in exchange for dock preference for 6 designated ships).

Versel heads to the lifts then to the drift downs to find Cadmar, using him to potentially draw out the attacker but after several hours Versel eventually told him about what happened and flew him back home.

Deidre was promptly taken to the Underwriters by Auge, Jaren returns to the Cinder Block, Durg staked out the Money Changers, and Versel stayed with the Embrys.

6pm Cinder Block. Dorger Rockhammer comes to call and has discovered the killer… a drow woman… Kalaris! Jaren explains that this is ultimately about a book and shows him the broken lock clasp and that there is a discrepancy with who he thinks were eye witnesses to the crime. These revelations seem to have put the investigator on a new train of thought.

That night the Embry estate is on lock down recalling all house members. Versel stays until dawn where the clerics of the Sun god Aranu resurrect the Embry patron.

Monday morning… Kalaris decides to keep a low profile and Jaren receives a guest.. an aged gnome that Jaren wishes to make into his Bard College dean of operations by crafting her a floating chair.. she greedily accepts.

Later Deidre explains that several complications have surfaced regarding the account and the mysterious 3 million gold. Somehow the gold went missing from the Underwriters, was found at the Money Changers and is now involved in funding the Dock Guild. We will leave well enough alone on this score… for now.

That evening Leofric arrives to see Jaren with a gift: legacy bongos of building which Durg recognizes as the very ones used by the dwarf chanter on Carso’s pharaoh, however the item is attuned to another user.

Jaren thanks him graciously and asks a favor in return, information on marble to use in his future constructions.  Leofric tables an offer of spell trade only to find a better deal in copying from a spellbook offered by Jaren for the next two weeks.

We begin next game session Tuesday morning.

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