Friday, April 29, 2016

Ravings of a Mad Loon (written 473 AD, found in the Grand Library of Agape)

The boy child sits the throne, flaming heart in hand, a bloody crown upon his head

Black death comes on night's wings

Et tu, Brute?

The greenwalker comes. All life and death shall tremble at it's footsteps!

Oobla Dee, oobla dah

The stone weeps, my son, the stone weeps

Klaatu verata nikto

Thursday, April 28, 2016

04/27/16 Virtues Session 41: Truth is a Virtue

Our session begins moments after we destroy the hereto believed unkillable bulette. We briefly split up trying to find clues or information; Dramen finds a damaged magical robe, Rydin and Syrendross examine the remains of a camp fire and call out, but it was Kyras who spotted a dark humanoid lurking in the tunnel to the mine entrance while the rest of the group are visited with feelings of being watched.  

A few minutes pass and we are addressed by a strange dungeoneer but are told to inquire Favray inside. The Mine house, once a part of a prosperous crystal mine, is now dilapidated and unkempt. Inside we are greeted by what appeared to be a human woman named Gail who seemed nonplused at our presence and obvious prowess… there was a gargantuan magical beast carcass lying dead outside after all.

After being called forth, a human appearing Favray seem delighted and a bit overwhelmed that such a group as us answering the request of repairing his damaged magical bracers. However after some frank talk of openness, truth, and friendship, Favray drops the pretense and resumes his natural drow form.

The individual was striking with exotic firearms crisscrossed at his hips with a blunder-boom-stick strapped and ready at his back. Favray concedes to his limited magical knowledge and his need for assistance to repair his bracers. He also acknowledges the virtues and offers an ancient drow spellbook and rumors on an artifact.

Talk wanes to the bulette battle why he utilizes the Eye: as a bridge to otherwise unavailable services as a drow elf. In the meantime Dramen examines the bracers and, while the drow Favray is talking with Rydin, quickly repairs them. Kyras communes with nature and scans for unnatural creatures and confirms up to three creatures that qualify, however the druid’s range is limited to less than a fifth of a mile underground.

Favray returns to Dramen who conveys to the drow that his money is no good and that an exchange of services is a more appropriate recompense between fellow iMembers. As payment, Dramen asks Favray to spy on Bathanon; it was Syrendross however who gifted Favray with a Cloak of the bat to discover the exact purpose the sinister Bathanon was serving in the region.

Accompanying Favray to retrieve the spellbook Syrendross observes other drow (with firearms), survivors of after the Sundering. When handed the ancient spellbook Syrendross is overcome with Shar’s memories and realize this book of spells is Alicia’s first workbook after her reincarnation as a drow elf. While at the entrance to the mine elevator Syrendross commits the area to memory.

Favray describes the artifact as a rod or perhaps a staff of great ancestral power. The story is that the staff was swept away in a lava flow and came to rest in an area of great magical radiation. Later contemplations on this reveal to Rydin that this staff of magic is in fact Myrddin Og’s lost staff of power.  This revelation hints to a greater conspiracy that someone or something had been gathering items significant to our host personality’s history on Ancient Earth. It was at this time that Favray’s superstition of artifacts surfaces including fears of squid headed horrors or to speak of artifacts aloud. Favray tells us of surface features to look out for when hunting down the artifact of power.

Later, Favray treats us to an astounding gun-show and we promise to keep his drow community a secret; meanwhile Favray will investigate Bathanon and will get to work on a regional map as well. Before we teleport back to the road, we tell Favray we will return after our trip into Miar Moshea.

Back at the Gallant we make contact with Fawell Detroit, the gnome tailor, for our Miar Moshea finery. Included are three names of associates in Ferraq Tulle and letters of introduction to said merchants.
We also learn that Theresa identified then escorted out two individuals who were curious about us. Dramen checks in with the Gallant manager and indicated the bracer repair job completed. Also waiting for us are gifts of Waverly tobacco- the rest of their inventory (to make room for their new Harbringer hops crop) and masterwork smoking pipes.

We rest.

Day 128, Dramen summons equestrian mounts early the next day for a brief ride to the border, although we have the mounts for the next six days. Along the way we gain an appreciation for the markets and services along the well traveled road between Ferraq Tulle and Bier De Weitz, but the journey was largely uneventful until we arrive at the Miar Moshea border.
Border Crossing

Stationed at the border crossing was a unit of six elven guards. Syrendross was intimidated, Rydin was invigorated, but it was Dolgin- the dwarf, which earned the first greeting from Eleathe, the captain of the border guard.

Identifying the dwarf as a paladin, Eleathe spoke to Dolgrin’s sworn duties and asked the good dwarf to pass judgment on accusations that were breaking apart his unit from the inside. The captain had obvious reservations regarding the drow Syrendross but conceded the drow into elven lands on the word of the paladin that Syrendross’ intentions are not sinister and that the drow serves truth as a Virtue.

Eleathe grants Syrendross a token that will offer relief from the adverse effects from the elven lands but warns such protection will be fleeting.

We travel two miles to the unit’s headquarters where Eleathe guarantees Dolgrin will have the final say in what happens to the accused or the would be false accuser. We come a great gemstone worked into the architecture of the unit’s barracks, while the gemstone was mundane that did not diminish the splendor of the structure.

At the end of the investigations, with harsh questions asked by the paladin and memories shared via Dramen’s spell, it was revealed that at the very least mind-control was involved and neither Amarisan (accused) nor Javier Merisiel (accuser) were guilty of their neglect against the supposed smugglers that resulted in deaths and Javier being entered into slavery (only to escape by bulette happenstance only four days ago).

Revealed in the memories of Amarisan and Javier were Bathanon colluding with what appeared to be illithids, (Syrendross clearly identified the symbol of the Eye worn by the illithids) who would eventually consign Javier to drow slavery as indicated by his tattoos on the elven guard’s forearm. The markings, as identified by Syrendross, were that of house Tanir.

The captain offers us his appreciation whereby we come forward about our true quest as ambassadors from Bouvaldia carrying official decrees for support to elevate the Admiral Melandrach Olithir to Duke. Eleathe encourages us to looks up Ulliscious, once a border guard and ‘friend of the unit’ when she returns from her travels with the court mage from Lockshire.  

Talk waxes to Ferraq Tulle and its general layout: a city of three sections- an embassy area, a common community area and a cemetery gravesite. Dramen mentions the name Relenia and is referred to what is called the Row of the Ancients, a private area of the cemetery. A visit could be obtained by one of the descendants of said ancients. We are informed of the Ring of Fire, a cabal of wizards.

We are awarded 3,000 xp for the ‘border guard trial’ and will begin next week’s session with Ferraq Tulle. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Bourbon Partners II

They carry immense wealth,” words sang more than spoken, Bathanon’s voice slightly raised carrying the weight of desire.

“Your greed is going to drive your life away Bathanon, you didn’t see these guys in action.  I was only able to get away from them because they didn’t know where to look.  I’m lucky they aren’t vengeful, I don’t want them as enemies!” the Summoner warned. 

“Prepared is forewarned and they were prepared.  I don’t have to steal from them to make coin from the association.  Maybe they will share some of that wealth, information is valuable too you know.” Bathanon’s words were conciliatory but his tone was glum. “I’m going to learn what I can, that much money walks by you have to get a taste.”                          
Ornap Caroom
Ornap Caroom smiled at his greedy friend refilling his glass with bourbon, “I’ll make everything alright.”

Muttering into his cups Bathanon grumbled, “It’s me I’m Running from! No one else, just me.”

Saturday, April 23, 2016

An Observing Eye

Favray observed the battle against the gargantuan bulette from the second floor balcony of the Mine House. The balcony  was a newly added feature that the drow elf had only recently completed.  The battle below was breathtaking in its ferocity and power.  Favray couldn’t be sure how many heroes were battling the magical beast but he was fairly certain the Land Shark had crushed a dwarf in its teeth.  The Drow drew a worried sigh, seeing that one of the heroes was an elf and another appeared to be of mixed blood.  It was difficult to clearly see anyone between the immense size of the bulette and the velocity at which the heroes moved some seemingly sliding from one point to another without physically moving at all. Favray’s breath caught as he observed what appeared to be another Drow, impossibly working alongside elves and dwarves.  
Ancient Broken Bracers of Armor +3
The battle was awesome in scope but was over quickly, the massive land shark exploding in a magical geyser of acid.   Favray now had several concerns, this group of adventurers had dispatched in seconds a creature Favray had previously considered undefeatable.  Why were they here? They were obviously much to powerful to be connected to the job Favray had contracted the Eye for.  Could they possibly be Locksmiths? HERE? Have we been infiltrated? The Gunslinger calmed his thoughts, watched, and waited. 
Bulette Battle 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

04/20/2016 Virtues Session 40: Intersecting Business

Waverly House
This week’s session begins with us reunited at the Waverly farm and large areas of turned over earth caused by a bulette; gone were the animal carcasses from the night before seemingly consumed by the earthen eating magical beast. After stabling the remaining animals, securing the area, and making sure the servants are safe we begin making our preparations for another attack by staking out positions that best utilize our strengths.

Syrendross atop the barn, the dwarves Dolgrin and Barit in said barn. Kyras and Kotri about 30 yards out, a reduced-in-size Dramen comfy inside a rope-trick, and Kyras staked out inside the little house on the prairie.

About an hour after sunset the summoner attacked with undead wolf-like creatures and his Eidolon, now in a monstrous winged form. We quickly run the spell-caster off and after the undead are destroyed, Syrendross teleports the heroes of virtue, sans followers, to Harbinger Industries- the most likely place we believe the summoner retreated to.

Sigh Rendross
We arrive to a busy farm despite the late hour, rich smells of food, and second dinner where elven and human farmhands eat. We are greeted by ‘spoon-man’ who escorts everyone save for Dolgin to tables of food and libations. Outside Dolgrin befriends a group of affable laborers who lend some nuance to the Harbinger ‘intersecting business’ plot and their motivations in acquiring the Waverly lands.
Inside the forty-plus room palacious farmhouse, Rydin and the remaining group ask around for Bathanon but are instead greeted by April (Bugsy’s wife) who thinks said mercenary could be with her husband down by the canal.

A half hour away from the Gallant and 15 minutes from Harbinger; the canal we all arrive to contained idle river traffic and the newly acquired riverboat casino/ former brewery and tavern; as well as the impeccably dressed and authoritative Bugsy Charmichael; and the (evil*) mercenary Bathanon.

Dolgrin NO!!!!! (Landshark)
Bathanon claims to be in the area for different reasons (possibly this?), but finally comes to terms about recent events after Rydin explains how we have intersecting business. After much discussion, amongst the party and between Bathanon and his employer Bugsy, there was an agreement, predicated on the Waverly family endorsement: the Waverly farm change their tobacco crops to hops to sell exclusively to Harbinger industries. This will assure the attacks will stop; however Kyras further insists that the Waverly livestock be replaced and the druid will take this accord to the Waverly’s. Together Dramen and Rydin make Eye-contact with Bathanon; Dramen also mentions the summoner we ran into and this is where we learn the name Ornap Caroom.

With that behind us we travel back to the road community where Kyras explains to Pa Waverly the agreement and encourages him to accept; Pa Waverly agrees provided Kyras bless his fields on the morrow. At the Gallant we meet the summoner Ornap again, this time the meeting is more cordial. He is an Eye member and is business-like in his apology; he buys us a round of drinks, and says he will personally replace the lost livestock ;-).

Ornap plans on traveling to Bier De Weitz, the ‘land of opportunity’, to make contact with Ipsen. He informs Dramen and Rydin the only Eye member he knows about in Miar Moshea is an elf spy (from Lockshire) named Grell. Personally Ornap is glad there was a solution without the loss of life, namely his own, at the Waverly house.

The rest of the night passes. On the second day at the Gallant (day 126) we leave for the Mine House; travel to the Waverly house for Kyras to place his blessing on the fields; and eventually encounter the foreshadowed bulette.

Overcoming the bulette’s defenses we destroyed the monstrosity, were awarded 2,000 xp for the creature, and 3,000 xp for ‘intersecting business’. We pick up next week at or hear the Mine House.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Dramen Geist: Day One Hundred Twenty Four, Identity Crisis!

Dramen’s mind wandered as he penned his evening scroll. He intended on gifting it to Rydin in the morning but had to restart it twice already due to his absentmindedness. The room at the Gallant was the nicest he had ever been in. Not quite as nice as his suite at the Jade Jug, he thought as he looked around.
No” he said quietly as he tried to clear his head. 

Unlike his companions Dramen had not connected to his patron’s consciousness through death. It was during the Aegis of the ages that he was first able to contact the Traveler. But it was his most recent connection, crafting the Mythic rod of cancellation that troubled him now.

Dramen had become a skilled crafter in his brief time since his awakening. But he knew he did not have the ability to craft such an item on his own. Requesting Smendric’s aid in a mythic level of crafting had exposed Dramen to many of his “less desirable” personality traits. Traits Industria had personally seen to that Dramen did not share the burden of. But Smendric’s will was powerful and constant exposure for forty-five days had taken its toll. He felt his connection to diligence being tested as the need for fame, and roguish mischief continued to creep forward from the back of his mind. Glancing over at the small set of rouges tools on the desk, he couldn’t even remember where he had gotten them. There are many benefits to being a well renowned wizard he thought. Who’s to say I can’t be diligent and admired at the same time? As he looked to his scroll, a jumbled mixture of half a dozen spells none of which were complete, perhaps I will feel better after a bath?

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The River (Lockshire), The Slice (Miar Moshea), The Road

The River (Lockshire & 1/2 Elves)
The River ran a little more than 500 miles, its newest portions connecting the port city of Urbport to Ferraq Tulle, before continuing on to the trade city of Bier De Weitz in Lockshire.  Three-Hundred and Fifty miles of The Road lay in the Elven Duchy, the final one-hundred and fifty miles in Lockshire.  The lands surrounding The River on the Lockshire side of the border have become a laborer’s paradise with skills in high demand and salaries even higher.   Many retiring adventurers have laid claim to lands near the road, building homes and operating business along the rich
The Slice (Miar Moshea)
thoroughfare.  Attacks and piracy are rare along The Road due to the cooperation exhibited by those that live along the route. Fierce merchant competitors will still defend their opponent’s deliveries from attacks and theft, the safety and success of the road being more valuable than any one shipment.  On the Lockshire side of The River several communities developed, with some businesses from those communities becoming so successful they were able to open up additional stores along the road.

Key Locations along The River
Caroom Unguents and Oils:  Always a small stone building, usually smelling of smoke and cedar, several of these alchemy shops operate along The River

Harbinger Industries: Own many acres of land and operate a number of businesses along The River, including Harbinger Dairy and Mill

The Gallant: An Elven ran luxury hotel some forty miles north of the Miar Moshea border, The Gallant’s luxurious offerings are famous among those adventurers that can afford the stay.   Among those in the know, The Gallant is also associated with the organization known as The Eye.

Temple of the Golden Light: Some fifty miles south of Bier De Weitz stands a golden domed temple that dominates the monasteries and libraries located upon the religious campus.  The Temple venerated  the St. Aurealux providing a religious education to some two hundred youths a year.

Cranky Jack’s: If you see a broke down wagon or building along The River its likely a Cranky Jack’s.  The merchants of Cranky Jack range from half-elves to Halflings, further north even half-Orcs.  Cranky Jack’s manipulate small trade along the River, acquiring for less what they can trade for more.  Cranky Jack’s often operate as middle men facilitating trade of magic or other black market items. Besides trade, every Cranky Jack merchant is also a skilled healer and The River is rife with tales of The Cranky Jack’s generosity to travelers in that regard.
Cranky Jack's

The Kingstone:  Location where King Triskellion first posted the laws of his royal kingdom, the basis of national law in The Evening Isles.

The Minehouse: There are several abandoned crystal mines along The River with each mine having a Minehouse.  These mines have proven to be quite dangerous, frequently being claimed by local powers, the abandoned mines have attracted a number of monstrous creatures.  Some locations are surrounded by dangerous terrain and suffer from sinkholes and escaping deep earth gases. 
The Minehouse

The Bourbon Partners

 “So there it is, I get hired, move into position and while I wait out the weeks for my target to arrive I look for little money making jobs like this one.”  Bathanon paused taking a sip of his bourbon before the elf continued, “Your talents would make you the perfect partner, allowing us to take on more exotic and therefore more profitable ventures! Not to mention at my age I would like to have someone guarding my back.”
Ornap Caroom refilled his glass of bourbon, sliding the bottle over to Bathanon allowing him to do the same, “I’ve worked with you many times and each time I have made more coin than any other work I’ve undertaken.  I'm anxious to renew our ties.” Ornap’s words were beginning to slur but drunkenness did not hide the warmth and camaraderie the half-elf expressed, “You’ve been a good friend to my family Bathanon, I’ll always guard your back.  Besides, where else would I get this bourbon?”    
Ornap Caroom

Bathanon chuckled, clinking his glass to Ornap’s, toasting their partnership. After their first bottle was finished the elf rogue wanted to talk business “I’m not expecting my target in the area for a few weeks and I’ve come across a profitable real estate venture.  Besides the upfront, there is a stake for each of us in a tobacco farm.”

Thursday, April 14, 2016

04/13/16 Virtues Session 39: Pressing The iFlesh

Dramen- remembering his days in Waterdeep
Our session begins early for Dramen and Syrendross who enjoy early morning baths and amenities the Gallant offers. Later, the other heroes of virtue would wake to gifts of fruits and maps, and tailored finery and change for the gemstone deposit the day before. But before that, Dramen meets a woman named Theresa who becomes the liaison for the Eye and the young man from Waterdeep; Dramen establishes a rapport and secures a meeting for the Gallant Manager on the morrow.

The tailor was a gnome by the name of Fawell Detroit who, with enough time, promised to outfit each of us with two sets of royal-quality garments, with attention given to regional style, for each Evening Isles duchy at the cost of 100 gold or half retail price. The first set of finery is for our trip into Miar Moshea the second set of garments are for our visit to Lockshire.

Dolgrin inspires a design for us: A brown oak on a field of green; in the oak's foliage are two crossed martial weapons- a black dwarven waraxe and a silver elven curved blade; below and between the crossed weapons are two slim vertical devices: on the left stood a purple staff while on the right leaned a red wand.
The Refined Fawell Detroit

Around mid-morning a tobacconist came calling bearing a modest case of various tobacco strains and exotic pipes. Aside from making a sizeable purchase, Kyras uncovered a sinister plot possibly involving some of the local farmers. Tobacco John informed Kyras that about an hour outside of the Galliant was the Waverly farm. This farm's quality has suffered as of late and could use Kyras' expertise.

While Detroit crafted our outfits, Kyras bid Tobacco John to lead the party into low, thick grassy hills; past two farms to the Waverly fields and rows of blighted tobacco. Also upon arriving we learn of a strange attack the night before. A 'wolf' attacked in a closing spiral around the farm house before retracing its steps to where it started and disappeared. Kyras communes with nature to discover and eliminate a parasitic worm that was the cause of the minor blight, but no wolf within 10 miles. Also discovered were some low-water drought conditions as well as small amount of powerful unnatural creatures.

After sharing a memory with father Waverly and consulting a sleeping owl, we strongly suspect a summoner at work. A figure seen in the memory bore an orange tabbard while the 'wolf' was as large as a Clydesdale with a masked arcane symbol on hits breast; and it all points to the Harbringer farm (the closest to the road) and the acquisition of the Waverly farm.

Dramen teleports Rydin, Pa and Ma Waverly, Tobacco John, as well as the two children back to the road while Syrendross, Kyras and Dolgrin stays behind at the farm house with the servants to secure the farm for another possible attack later tonight.

Back at the Gallant, iMembers Rydin and Dramen speak with Theresa and the Manager about regional autumnal threats in the form of monstrous bats that feed on the livestock, the lack of water resources and the inconsistancy of weather patterns due to the movement of the Evening Isles, and finally an iBounty on a twenty foot crystal tower that appeared ten years ago. To date four people have met an unknown end trying to breach the tower.

Talk wanes to the who's who of farmers in the area: Davasher, the 'dark label' luxury tobacconist; Blue Sky, Harbringer, and Waverly who are stubborn in selling their lands. Seems the Waverly farm undercuts the local tobacco farmers- but its not a large feud due to the difference in clientele.

The manager returns with two scrolls of potential tasks for the Eye or Eye members. While observing protocols Dramen opened the first scroll: Four miles NE was the Mine House and Favray to repair damaged bracers of armor +3.

The second scroll: Within 50 miles, the job requires on-site translation of a crystal tome. No elven takers.

In all five individuals have seen these jobs: three in the form of sigil forms and the other two: Bathanon and Ornap Caroom who indicated 'not at this time'.

Meanwhile Kyras leads Dolgrin and Syrendross to the next closest farm: Blue Sky and a bald elf named Alex. We find Alex with some of his farm hands examining a dryish well which Kyras enriches with a create water spell and a water elemental. The bald elf has not heard of any wolf threat but indicates the Harbringer farmers as motivated land acquirers.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Miar Moshea The Elven Duchy

Miar Moshea (Me Are Mo Shay)- Midwestern coastal duchy often referred to as the Elven Duchy.  The current leader of Miar Moshea is 900 some year old Duke Miraq Moshea.  Miar Moshea is often referred to as the quiet duchy for their tendency towards isolationism.  Most of the elves of the isles can trace their lineage back to Miar Moshea which in elven means island mother. 

Ferraq Tulle (Fair Rock Tool)- The capitol city of 50,000 residents was created solely for purposes of government. Ferraq Tulle was created by decree when the elves signed a treaty to enter into The Triskellion kingdom   The elves had long been allied with lawful rulers of the Isles even before joining the Triskellion Kingdom. Since joining the crown many elves have become prominent figures throughout The Evening Isles. Ferraq Tulle is famed in art and tale as the Crystal City.  Paintings reveal sparkling gemstones grown and manipulated to fantastic heights and shapes, the crystal reacting to the vibrant magic of the elven culture.  A folktale tells of sunlight captured in crystals wielded by elven champions against creatures of the dark.

Prior to entering into the kingdom the elves where quiet allies of the crown, and many individual elves entered into and gained prominence in the lands ruled by the crown. 

Urbport (Bacon)-The Sundering changed the elven culture and duchy in ways the first king could never have anticipated.  Where Ferraq Tulle was originally intended to be the only incursion into elven lands by the rest of the kingdom, the Sundering forced the elven duchy to develop the coastal trade city of Urbport as well as a road traversing from Urbport to Ferraq Tulle.  The road to Ferraq Tulle was a profitable trade route into the Royal Duchy of Lockshire, due to Ferraq Tulle being so close to Lockshire’s border. The road between Urbport and Ferraq Tulle is called The River by the citizens of Urbport while the elves generally refer to the road as The Slice.

During the creation of Urbport, reformists succeeded in convincing the elders to give Urbport over to half-elves, finally providing them a place and purpose within the Duchy. The entire structure of the city, from architecture, harbor, and governance was left to the half elves to devise.  They were responsible for processing foreign sea trade along with protecting the road between Urbport and Ferraq Tulle. The elven leaders did not foresee the power and wealth they were providing to the long suffering half elves, only recognizing in the last decade the growth of Urbport and strength of its leaders. 


Miraq Moshea: King of the Elves, Duke of Miar Moshea 
Miraq Moshea

Virallian Mozeel: Long dead Elven Archmage to the original court of Moshea.

Viralla Mozeel: Grand Daughter of the famed original Archmage.  She is now King Miraq’s expert on all things magical and his closest adviser.
Viralla Mozeel

Nistle Ky Shea: Elven ranger during the times of antiquity, his writings on the ecology of The Isles is taught to every elf that strings a bow

Ferrum Vigmatto: A traditionalist of the old order, Ferrum seeks to restore Miar Moshea to its ancient customs, status and structure.

Arcanthorth Vigmatto: Known as the feuding lover among elven nobility, Arcanthorth’s scandalous reputation is audacious in rumor and fact.  His longest held feud being with his brother Ferrum, supposedly over Arcanthorth bedding his brother’s then wife.

Ambassador Korleigh Lockshire: Daughter of the Duke of Lockshire, Dumah Lockshire
Ambassador Korleigh Lockshire
Markalis Cryssal: Now out of favor reformist, one hundred years ago was one of the leading reformists responsible for handing Urbport over to the half elves.  
Markalis Cryssal
                             Camaroneous SteelFamous Elven Swordmaster
Camaroneous Steel

Monday, April 11, 2016

Z’hind-del Syrendross: Fifth Entry, Day One Hundred Twenty Four

My conflict in this quest, as I open my spellbook, was always- how do I best serve the dragon virtues and still honor my arcanist drow patron?

Faced again with prejudices that cause me to consider and reconsider abandoning my race by permanently changing the pigmentation of my skin. It is more than a disguise and I feel the weight of Shar's eyes upon me even now as I look down on the spellforms that would surely make my visit in Miar Moshea easier, mayhap even escape the Mythal-like sickening effect I felt when entering duchy itself. But I'll never know because I have discovered truth will best serve the virtues. Openly traveling as a drow never stopped Shar nor will not halt me in my quest.

I suspect the elves we met at the Crystal Hill will prove to be individuals of note. They were kind, observed elven customs, knew transportation magics, and seem to reside in a hill of crystal that was our destination point. It was a location that we could gather the most information about because it was significant. I did not deny my drow heritage then nor will I in the future (tears Color spell from spellbook) even if it means paying the ultimate price.

Post Script: Day 125- Efforts to tear sheets from the spell books made during our downtime in Bouvet Keep restored itself the next day. Noted (Mythic)

Thursday, April 7, 2016

04/06/16 Virtues Session 38: St. Calias Bay

Our casual session begins at the end of our forty-five days of downtime, during which many of us kept busy with various tasks suited to our needs. Dramen kept busy crafting magical the mythic rod of cancellation, a Blessed Book as well as improving Rydin's magical headband and Kyras' armor. Syrendross copied and made backups of spellbooks- including an apprentice book (each arcane spell-caster added 1 spell of first through fifth level to their spell book) while Dolgrin spent time with the church's dwarven fellowship. Kyras busied himself with familiarizing our group with Miar Moshea and the unique Crystal Hill. Our use of downtime and access to resources allowed us an extra fifteen days worth of 'crafting' time before it was time to leave Bouvet Keep.

Almost seven weeks after the execution of Fumi Laumstaucher the Heroes of Virtue used the mythic rod to close the Breach in the Ways before the bay was renamed St. Calias Bay; named after the late Duke of Bouvaldia.

When it was time to teleport to Crystal Hill the eight of us gathered with certified and sealed letters from Admiral Nelandrach Olithir and credentials identifying us as ambassadors of Bouvaldia. We also carry with us a separate Royal Registry for added security and identification. Our goal is to travel to the statue of one of the creators of the ways that looks over the royal graveyard near Ferraq Tulle.

Magical travel into the Miar Moshea proved a challenge for the avatar of the Traveler. We experience a sensation of movement and therefore time in what should have been an instantaneous effect. When we arrive we are close to the luminescent Crystal Hill roughly twelve hours later.

Emerging from the crystalline hill, walking through the geometric structure, were three tall elves- two men and a single female: Barafel, Lidal and the woman, Paria (who didn't palaver long and showed surprise when it was revealed we teleported here). Syrendross began to feel sick and condition that may get worse the longer the drow tarrys in the elven duchy. Syrendross and Rydin handled introductions and our claims as royal ambassadors and representatives of virtue.

After hearing of our goal of Ferraq Tulle and our magical traveling prowess, Barafel suggests teleporting into Lockshire and backtracking forty miles to Ferraq Tulle. When asked for more information it became apparent that a token exchange of friendship was customary in these situations. This prompted Kotri to offer magical leather armor +1 and writing aids to the elven trio who appeared to live in the Crystal Hill. Syrendross began to think there was more to these three elves than first assumed.

We were invited to a small meal during which Dramen shares a memory of the Water Wall to Barafel and Lidal who were thoroughly impressed with the memory and the magic. Paria offers details for Dramen to take us to Kingstone along the elven road in Lockshire as well as the use of a blink dog- who are friends of the elves.

A short time later we appear in Kingstone, a location made noteworthy for being the first post for ancient Triskellion laws. Today the stone road is well maintained and surrounded by developed civilized land- a stark contrast to the blasted landscape and wilds of Bouvaldia. Settled merchants and scattered small communities can be seen along the 'elf road'. Dramen inquires about an Inn and is directed to The Gallant.

At the Gallant we progressed up through the layers of services the Gallant had to offer from stable services, seamstresses, steamhouse, guide and message services. There is a two night minimum with spectacular spacious single and double rooms only at 20 g each. Rydin paid for 5 rooms with a 100 gp gem.

We begin next session the next morning after a luxurious night of rest.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Three Tomes of Crystal

Ferrum Vigmatto
Three ancient tomes crafted in crystal, masterworks of priceless value were placed on the table in front of the six elves Ferrum Vigmatto had gathered.  Ferrum himself paced around the table of his seated guests allowing them to marvel at the books, none being so bold as to touch.

"I'm sure you have wondered why I have called you here.  Last year I'm sure you remember, the three sisters presenting and revealing themselves in Miraq's court?" Six nodding heads affirmed their mutual memory, allowing Ferrum to continue, "During their speech, the sisters each claimed that their coming and virtues could be found in our ancient tomes, if only any of those tomes had survived.  Well my friends, I knew at that moment that despite the ancient tomes enormous cultural value, I must risk damaging them and see if could confirm the sister's claim."

Ferrum paced around the table now, his passions taking him as he spoke, his voice growing louder, "These tomes were taken from the great temple by my father during the initial storms of the Sundering, for all the knowledge and culture we lost, he chose these tomes as important enough to give his life returning them to our people.  Because these works were in the ancient tongue it has taken me this last year to decipher each of the tomes I have placed before you.  I will again risk these tomes to allow any of you to come here and decipher them, as I have, should any of you have trouble believing what I am about to tell you...the Three Dragon's lied."