Friday, February 14, 2014

Fultor's Tale-Wolverine

It was three years ago that they had found Fultor. The brothers claimed to have been searching for him for the last 7 years, finding him on their second trip, each trip a five year cycle at sea.  The well travelled son’s of Stormroarer Kromodus had an amazing story to tell, for they, along with their father, believed that Fultor was a descendant of Palanas Rockhammer, one of the founding fathers of the great city/state of Stormhaven.  
Fultor knew nothing of the fantastic city the dwarven brothers described to him; it was their zealous fervor combined with their promises of wealth, status and power eventually convinced Fultor to return with brothers to the fabled ocean city.  The brothers had found Fultor in the mercenary service of a dragon king on the great continent and had proven their wealth by paying a dowry to the dragon king for Fultor’s release.  The son’s of the Stormroarer even negotiated trade between the dragon’s kingdom and Stormhaven, the dragon king sending promising to send the Green Cloud, a ship of his own.   

After leaving the employ of the dragon king the trio of dwarves traveled to another kingdom seemingly ran by either fanatical priests or godmen.  To the travelling dwarves dismay, they discovered that dwarves in that society were either criminals, indentured servants, or slaves.  It took many months of effort before the brothers arranged return passage to Stormhaven aboard Carso’s Pharaoh