Thursday, November 28, 2013

Adalgrim Redhammer

Adalgrim could not remember a time before the Rockhammer dwarves. For as long as he could cast his mind back it was these burly folk who adopted him into their family. His fathers said he was what others called a Halfling and a special one at that; they would not divulge his origins further only that they were well aware of his special talents that ultimately resulted in his indentured servitude to them.
One of the things that made Adalgrim Redhammer special was that he could naturally speak draconic, as a matter of fact some of his dwarven father figures said that was all Adalgrim spoke until he was in his late youth. A phenomenon unheard of but benefited the linguistics scholars of the Rockhammers greatly. The second trait that made Adalgrim special was his magical talent of mending.

The dwarves of Rockhammer recognized this ability in him early and honed it to a profitable skill by which Adalgrim was able to earn his freedom. Being a Halfling raised by Rockhammer dwarves brought the brawler out in Adalgrim and quickly grew with a warrior's heart and stength. He found that he greatly enjoyed pummeling opponents (usually dwarves) in combat or at play. When not at play however the dwarves put his magical talent to work repairing armor, and mending shields and helmets.

Most of it was blacksmith work, but what Adalgrim took joy in was expressing his magical talent in a torrent of creativity in mending the battered and dented helmets into beautiful hannyas of exquisite detail. It was in fact Adalgrim’s tribute to the Cinder Block.