Thursday, November 4, 2010

11/3/10 Review

Midnight: After the battle we spoke with Raice and explained how things are going to progress from now on. We allowed him his gear and he shared a map that was, at this time, only set to Waymar’s watermark revealing its location. When last Raice knew, Waymar was looking for Kapaletti. It was agreed that after a brief rest we would set out and look for Waymar.

Stair guards show to investigate and after a short time, they leave.

Locking up the Bar and retreating to the lower-levels, we deemed that the fallen SS cultist would turn into some unknown undead thrall and that we did not want that in our lair, we dispensed with him over the world disk. The other individual, however; proved to be much more useful.

After some brotherly hoard building, we began to interrogate with our unconscious captive. His name is Egil and he is an Arcane Mercenary hired out of Seafoam House to interfere with us should we run into the SS cultists on their quest to capture the siblings before the winter solstice. As the conversation progressed we became trusting of Egil, returned certain pieces of his equipment and offered him employment. Hoping to cash in on a Sons Commodities water mark, Egil has agreed to be our spy in the Seafoam house and to track down the assassin Buki; an individual he is in fact very familiar with.

In our palaver he shared some of his job history with the SS cultists and information on a rich dwarf house that was just asking to be hit. He had worked three jobs previous: one where he aided in the slaughter of a house for the cultists as they retrieved a book, as well as a protection assignment. (The third one escapes my notes, unless he was referring to that night’s job) He had limited knowledge on the prophecy, but what he did know is that there was urgency with the cultists with the fast approaching winter solstice.

1 AM. Returning to the bar, Vercer is careful to hide the location of our lair with Egil. There was a brief moment of awkward introductions between Egil and the others when finally there is a calling for clarity. In light of all the changing circumstances with our assemblage, they naturally had some questions for us.

Jaren assured everyone that if they stay loyal to us and sharp in their professions, they will be awarded with not only money but prestige. Going into the fightclub/ sword dandy idea, it became clear that there is a lot of planning left to do. It was also addressed that the threat is not over for the siblings and that the cultists will continue to come and to be wary of the Nightstalker.

We allowed Egil a place to stay before we departed, accompanied by Raice and the brother and sister. Arriving, we found ourselves at the regular location of Stormhaven’s carnival. After a search of the grounds we found, parked close to the funhouse, two wagon cages- one with a pair of tigers and in the other six disoriented human slaves. Following some voices we entered the funhouse to find a business deal in progress with Waymar as one of the products being bartered for. Combat ensues as it usually does with us. We couldn’t save Waymar, as he was retrieved by the Green Cloak axe/staff guy’s wingotaurs. Finally after some aggressive negotiations, Kapaletti; in the spirit of the Flyers Club, covers the monetary difference of Waymar’s items so that we were able to gather the watermark and dark vision goggles. It was discovered that Kapaletti’s main influence lies as an exotic animal trader. We said our goodbyes and returned to the lair for some much needed rest.

We pick up next session on Sunday, two days later. On the docket: appointment with Obidah in his library at the House of Four Winds, collecting 1000g from Alvored at the Van Fleets and Sunday dinner at Twilight House. Looking toward the next day Monday, we have the Black Crown mixer at the Hall of Voices.