Monday, May 30, 2016

Many Lapis Returns

Dolgrin nodded to Barit Coinmail while signalling his agreement to Lapis.  The trio prepared themselves for the magic of the elemental font to grab hold, transporting them to the Elemental Plane of Earth.  Travel magic always made him uncomfortable, Dolgrin felt like for the briefest of moments he didn’t exist, then to be suddenly thrust into a small dark tunnel  that, were it not for the magic of his pact with Lapis, lacked air for Dolgrin to breath.  Dolgrin’s dwarven senses quickly established he was at a depth he had never before visited and yet somewhere else entirely.  Lapis started to explain to Dolgrin but was interrupted by the movement of earth around them, propelling them towards a large cavern, a chamber that soon revealed hundreds of earth elementals that Lapis introduced as his family.  Barit realized that many of the elementals were injured and began to spread his healing among them.   The cavern thrummed to the elementals vibrations filling Dolgrin with a sense of foreboding and an image of a larger group of elementals coming towards them, minutes away.
See those troops? They ain't ours
Dolgrin and Lapis raced to the peak of the earthen valley while Barit kept channeling energy and converting spells to healing for the wounded. Staring out at the massive charge of dark elementals an idea occurred to Dolgrin that his aura of good might be strong enough to draw at least some of the charging forces away from the valley to chase him, hopefully providing Barit enough time.  Lapis drew upon the earth of his home, growing in stature.  Dolgrin realized  that other lesser elementals answered Lapis call physically joining up with him, sacrificing their consciousness to merge with Lapis.  The effect increased Lapis’ size and strength.  Newly empowered, Lapis formed up into an earthen chariot, gliding out towards the charging hoard before turning to the hoards flank.  Hoping to draw their attention.  Dolgrin muttered his prayers then called upon his mythic powers of leadership to draw several other elementals, previously unaligned to their cause.  The sudden increase in numbers fooled the leaders of the dark elementals into protecting their flank, sending half their number after Dolgrin’s chariot. To Dolgrin’s great surprise they confounded their error when the rest of the elemental hoard halted their charge, waiting to see the outcome of the new battle.
For your safety, no pants!

Dark Earth Screamers tore after Doglrin aboard the Lapis Chariot, some getting close enough to feel the bite of Dolgrin’s Adamantine Waraxe.   For several long minutes they gave chase before realizing the circle Dolgrin had lead them in, driving their charge into the now healed forces of Lapis’ family.  The remainder of dark elementals that had halted their charge realized their folly too late retreating when they saw the battle was lost.  The celebration of victory was short for Dolgrin, Lapis, and Barit.  The trio stayed long enough for Lapis’ heroics to be recognized by his family, making permanent his new size, strength, and aura.  Activating his mythic powers, Dolgrin’s weapon, newly enhanced with lighting lead the Trio to a portal home. 
And Lapis is getting LARGER

Thursday, May 26, 2016

05/25/16 Virtues Session 45: Welcome to Urbport

Our session began with Dramen piloting a phantom chariot under the cover of Rydin’s illusion of a cloud bank along with, the druid Kyras, and arcanist Syrendross.

We approached a deepening weather pattern that resolved itself into the Font of elemental air. It was through this portal that a clan of deep-earth elementals returned Dolgrin, Barit and new and improved Lapis. This transportation temporarily calmed the weather anomaly and made it even more difficult to notice the font of air without magical aid. In this vein the Dramen and Syrendross study the surrounding land below the Font of elemental air making note of landmarks and typographical details.

While away the paladin Dolgrin and his followers aided the clan of deep-earth elementals in fighting off the vile elementals that were trying to enter the Evening Isles through the Ways/Ley Lines. Through this deed Lapis becomes faster, larger and stronger.

Later, around two in the afternoon, we arrive to the edge of Urbport to find a wide, albeit narrow coastal city. Low lying marshes cradle the city of ten to fifteen thousand residents of varied civilized races; docks stretch the coastline and reach out into the ocean like fingers from the Isles clawing for purchase.

Instead of a bay, Urbport sports docking platforms as well as dry-docks for ship repair and a strange stone pillar jutted out of the water to the city’s east. The pillar had a strange glowing light floating above it.

The city itself was a conglomerate of structures and styles totally devoid of the pretentious use of crystals in their culture. The bustling city possessed industry, a police force, training ground for open field games as well as fine amphitheater for public speaking. Wealthy estates rested comfortably upon higher ground that had paved roads and the only area of city planning and organization.

Rydin and Dramen scanned the city for symbols of the Eye and or elven house glyphs and while they did come across a half dozen said Eye ‘locations’ only one bore both the Elf symbol as well as the symbol for the Eye.

Abbott Emsin

After some deliberation we decided to land in the amphitheater and after speaking with a couple officers of the peace we made our way to the temple noted for the duel elf and Eye symbolage to meet Abbot Emsin.

The Temple of Knowledge and Creation had a dome that functioned as a telescope for the seekers of knowledge to track the Evening Isles course across Earth’s oceans, a hobby Syrendross started since the beginning of his quest on the Isles.

When we catch up to the Abbot, he and a half dozen scribes were tending to the care of the hundreds of scrolls entombed in the lower level for preservation. This fascinates us especially after learning a recent event altered the islands course across the planet. We know that event being the breach we closed not too long ago.

We donate all the magic items recovered from the Monk (Agent of Tiamat) as a donation to the cause (9,000 gp total value). The Abbot invites us back tomorrow for a private meeting with his professor colleagues as well as VIPs at the next full assembly in two days.

He speaks of the Landing after the question of magical materials is asked and directs us to Charmichaels when asked about Kasil.

Charmichael’s proved to be a stone structure similar to a longhouse but with a high-end flare with public and private common rooms as well as single or suites for single evening or longer stays. The food was fine and the expense low as we ease ourselves round a companionable table. We find blind Kasil deep in his cups being tended to by the friendly but quiet Chumly.

After following the blind man into the restroom Dramen introduces himself where the boy-wizard realized Kasil was too inebriated to speak to us regarding large subjects like the Ways. “Viralla said to look for you, we need you clear.” After sobering up and another trip to the john the old elf was at last ready to speak intelligibly.

Dramen did most of the talking however each of us had something to add when speaking about the Ways. At first he was at a disadvantage but he spoke frankly after formal introductions, his experience when traveling the Ways.

We talk of our journey and defeat of Tenebris and our fear that the collapse of the transitive pocket dimensions will equate to more evil unleashed upon the Isles. He relays his travels through elemental fonts… except the last journey whereby he was evasive in the details but it was the return jaunt that blinded him and he was under an oath to never reveal the reason for the journey.

The blind man speaks of his travels to Shadowgate populated by many drow.  Kasil believesthat the cost of travelling the Ways is energy dispersed to the source.  Some magic is, instead of dispersed, are changed, sometimes for the worst as it was explained his magical eye item was what contributed to his blindness. Kasil also mentioned that there were individuals collecting information on the Evening Isles in Shadowgate during his time there and mentions the drow Yathizar as an acquaintance. Before his blindness Kasil revealed himself to be a Shadowdancer who utilized the slow rate of time in Shadowgate to help clients complete magical items. 

During our discussion, Rydin Meirdarel experienced a realization that earth was once a pocket dimension in the ways.  From that realization he surmisess\that the other quasi dimensions have the potential to become worlds as well.  The Avatars know that should a dimension become become advanced enough and choose to civilize they could begin the process of becoming a world or joining a plane.  The dimensions that are breaking down do not have the features to give the realm substance and thats why they begin to break down
Cothar the Truenamer

It soon became clear that our knowledge equaled Kasil's. When asked if he knows anyone else with information on the Ways Kasil directed us to the Landing and a feared individual named Cothar. This referral came with a warning that Cothar will use us to his own ends. The blind man knows him as notorious and a seldom seen Truenamer.  Rydin Meirdarel explained to the party that the effect Kasil witnessed Cothar use was a 9th level spell Unname. When the conversation wanes we learn that when it comes to the elven kingdom, Kasil considers the Moshea family as the cause for the rift between the elves and half elves.  All but Dolgrin socialize deep into the night enjoying the entertainment and securing a room for the night. We begin next session the next morning (day 134).

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Inner Sanctum of The Eye

Theophrastus entered the chamber and placed the deciphered scroll upon his master’s desk praying that he went unnoticed.  His prayers were answered in the negative.  The leader of The Eye lifted his gaze from the tome he was inscribing to discover the source of interruption.  Theophrastus was shocked to see a smile cross Alcippus’ face and even more surprised when his Master bid him to deliver the message directly, simply stating, “I need a break from my work.”

Theophrastus handed Alcippus the message, certain that the message was quite important if it had advanced through all The Eye’s protocols to arrive at The Sanctum, sometimes derided by the other students at Eresus as The Socket.  The jest was due to most students never seeing their leader work, “Where does The Eye rest?” If the other students had any appreciation for the magnitude of Alcippus’ knowledge and position they would not risk disparaging their teacher.  Someday they would learn and Theophrastus thought on that day, many would tremble.

The old master’s hands unrolled the parchment slowly as he read, a look of concern crossing his features before a grim smile took over.  “Theo, this is the rarest of occurrences, a welcome interruption.  You have brought me a message that I believe will pave a new path forward for The Eye, even under the tyrannical rule of The Mother Dragon.  Come with me Theo, your lessons will now take you into the world and your final destination will have you delivering my answer to The Great Wyrm’s court!” 

At his master’s words, Theophrastus realized his day to tremble had just arrived. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

05/18/16 Virtues Session 44: Advancing the Plot (Agents of Tiamat)

Our session began immediately after the events from lastweek at the elemental font; as we begin the earth elemental Lapis detects a ‘call’ from within the earth elemental font. Responding to the instance Dolgrin as well as Barit Coinmail enters the font with the hopes of reuniting in Urbport.

Now with our campaign smaller by head-count it now became practical to look for other modes of travel to the trade city, especially with Elvin riders along our road, possible drow arcanist haters with unknown intentions.

It was Dramen with the final idea of a phantom chariot to speed our way past the elves and hasten our miles to Urbport. With his unique flare Dramen was able to cart us one hundred miles in twenty-four hours avoiding attracting curiosity until we reach a shire-like glade with crystal domiciles indicating a small settlement. We investigate the settlement thinking it will advance the plot.

Who's a good boy?
On the ground Kyras notices the druidic work of possibly a blight druid or a volcano based druid that operates with ash as indicated in some of the gardens. Later finding out the ash is a boon from Wo’Kish. We find a path that leads to one of two wells where an armored griffon was refreshing itself. The creature was breathtaking and the first of its kind seen for each of us. Near this amazing specimen was a group of elves discussing the finer points of being an elf when we approached.

Our presence had an immediate effect with one elf changing into a hawk flying away the remaining two- a male (elf) named Markoth and a (elf) woman named Gabby. Both Kyras and Rydin state plainly we wish to rest awhile in good company.

Meanwhile an elf ranger recalled his magnificent griffon, Kyras attempted to compliment the rider and his mount but was oddly regarded as the ranger and griffon flew off. The presence of Syrendross was having different effects on the elves.
Elf Archer

All at once archers began to flank the group, but oddly it was Markoth who deescalated the situation indicating that ‘he’ (Syrendross) was like the others and unfamiliar with customs. Latterin, the spokesman for the archers, began to question Syrendross but it was Rydin Meirdarel, declaring his Seyp heritage, who said the drow was friend. Syrendross offered a hand in friendship to Latterin to which it was uneasily accepted. 

Later when Markoth was leading us away Syrendross immediately questioned him on what he meant by ‘the others’ and (serving truth) that the he (Syrendross) is not associated with whoever Markoth implied to the archers. Nevertheless he was not very forth coming under further questioning, he indicated a cozy place to rest our laurels and was fast to find a way for him to get out of this situation. 

We find a secluded area where Dramen can erect an invisible secure shelter, but before that Syrendross reaches out to his mythic counterpart to reflect on his first act of friendship with an elf who was not already a friend. This connection came with a glimpse of events to come.

Nine hours later- Day 133, we begin another day of riding the phantom chariot south to Urbport; however today is wrought with more sightings of flying beasts, flying dire animals, and similar dangers. More and more non-elves become evident, but it was the flashes of magic and sound of battle away from our path that intrigue us.

Upon investigation Syrendross is reminded of his connection with the Monitor and is struck with a sense of déjà-vu. The battle ahead, behind the terrain, were agents of Tiamat in disguise and in a fighting retreat with a group of elves defending a crystal burial mound later found out to be of the Tugatta family and one unrecognizable clan, but both involving a ‘magical cabal burial mound’ of some kind.

There was a female summoner, a five armed creature, a gill-man, a hobgoblin monk, and a mythic bone devil. Only the monk and the summoner were killed but not before the devil states “until next we meet… agents of virtue…” as he fled the scene; what immediately followed was a frantic race to staunch the bleeding the mythic bone devil inflicted on Syrendross; soon the bleeding stopped but it left the drow fearful of the next time the mythic bone devil appears.

Turning our attention to the elf defenders Dramen, Kyras and Rydin asks a series of questions about the mound but given the presence of the drow they were not sharing with their information. Ryras expressed interest to investigate the mound but was rebuffed. They did however tell us that this mound was not their enemy's only target, the elves said the Agents of Tiamat mentioned needing to be somewhere else tonight (probably to be detailed in a DM post later). 

Recovered from the encounter was 2,500 xp and bracers of armor +2, amulet of mighty fists +1, cloak of resistance +1, ring of protection +1, potion of bears endurance, bulls strength, cure serious wounds, 3 master work javelins, 2 alchemists fire and 223 gold.

We waste no time as Dramen brings into existence another phantom chariot to take us the last leg to Urbport where we will begin next session. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Seeing is Believing

His elven eyes picked up on every low light glint off every facet of crystal the phantom chariot soared over in the night. Rydin Meirdarel-Seyp was lost in thought, a deep contemplation that had consumed him since his mind heard the devil's words identify his virtuous endeavor. His thoughts wafted to recall his mythic sponsors knowledge of she known as Tiamat . . .

Tiamat has very integral and natural ties to the world of ancient earth, ties that stretch back to the very formation of this place, before it was even a world of its own.  You see, then she was more re known as a devil, ruling over its first layer, in essence the door to the Nine Hells ( for that is it what it was known as then) than she was a divine ruler of dragons. She sought to claim the world as a new domain of Hell and use its conquest to launch a war to claim a second layer of Hell to rule over. But the races of elves, men, dwarves, halflings, and dozens of other races including dragons devised a plan to rob the Devils, the Demons, and the Void of Undeath of their collective victories. They decided the world could not be a world of life without a sun. A very squat, dark dwarf named Mobutu was tasked with building a fire, a sun, from a flame from each of the Nine Hells. The races of Heroes would then bind all of the unholy fires' fury within a sphere of goodly virtuous piety to contain and direct the forges of ambitions and mortal accomplishment. Naturally, Tiamat's was the first flame stolen, and through that theft the others grew subsequently easier as Mobutu learned the secrets of Hell. It was also Tiamat that realized that if she held sway over the sins the virtues hoped to contain, it would serve as her second root in the world with a Sun. That was when her plans started to change.

Snapping back, he recalled the vague tidbits his Dragon had told him of the spawn of Tiamat. The power they exerted over the rest of the world, the fact they brought the Mother of Chromatic Dragons to this world. They were just words until today. And it seemed after their inter action with a mythically gifted bone devil, Rydin was certain the sins would be using their devilish minions where their dragons could not go. It seemed just as obvious the evil dragons had been able to establish strongholds in the ways to watch the gates for weakness allowing the dragons to enter through the old roads.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Echn Seyp-Moshea’s Last Days Before the Rest of His Life

Rydin Meirdarel
‘I need you for more than the authority your presence provides,” explained Camaroneous. “Your arcane skills may be required if we need to make a hasty retreat.”
“I’m sure my father’s blade provides another reason for you to ask me to join you doesn’t it Cam?” Echn walked from his homes entrance into his apartments on the southwest wing as they spoke. “So if I understand you correctly, you only want to see the dragon..”
“Dragons!” the Swordmaster interrupted, “Only one of them has identified itself, claiming to bring knowledge from heaven, with no explanation for the two other dragons!”
“So you’re suspicious of the Dragons..ssss” Echn inquired, his eyebrow raised, “They probably aren’t yet aware they need to explain themselves, beasts that size usually don’t explain.”
“Cousin, this is strictly fact finding I assure you. I want to learn what we can.  The King assures us that no dark hearted Wyrm can land anywhere upon the Isles yet I can’t help but be cautious, it doesn’t take a dark heart to bring danger.” Camaroneous realized the error of his words as they left his lips and his cousin’s response didn’t disappoint.
“Yes it would seem well meaning intentions have brought danger to my door!” Echn chuckled, “For all your skill with a blade, your lack of tact with your lips is your greatest weakness.”  The two cousins and friends continued their discussion over wine, passing a very pleasant evening before leaving the next morning to view the Dragons that had generated so much interest among the Nobles of Ferraq Tulle.

“It feels like we are traveling through a foreign land.” Camaroneous stated, “I’ve traveled this way many times before and seen nothing like this.”  Echn listened to his cousin via a magical message cantrip he had cast some thirty seconds before.  Echn was using his magic to try to hide his presence from the immense Wyrm whose bulk had caused so much destruction.  Several ancient crystal structures in the Vigmatto territory has been destroyed when the Dragons first arrived here, terrifying and angering the Vigmatto clan.   Echn was searching the debris of one the structures, frightened to discover three elven bodies that did not survive the Wyrm’s arrival.

Echn whispered, “I found Shanti, I don’t think I can remove her remains without revealing myself…wait a second..” Echn stared at the land nearest the Wyrm unsure if he could believe what his eyes were revealing.  The very earth, crystal, and stone nearest the dragon was swirling, CHANGING, magically altering as if in reaction to the gargantuan creature. 

“Get out of there, get your ass back to me now!” exclaimed Camaroneous as he stared at the phenomena swirling around the beast, “Echn, come on, this is too dangerous!” The Swordmaster watched from the crystal well hundreds of yards from where his cousin had used his conjuration magic to search the great Wyrm’s field of destruction.

“The dragon…it looks like it’s changing the land around it, I don’t know…wait a sec, some of the ruins are moving, I might be able to get Shanti…oh no……….I”

Camaroneous could only stare, his friends location was suddenly drawn into the chaotic swirl around the dragon.  His eyes told him his friend was gone but his heart still held out hope, “Echn!” Cam called out but the spell, like his cousin, was gone.  Camaroneous’ anger surged through him eliminating logical thought, his blade jumping from his sheath, as the elven swordsman sprang forth to challenge the beast that took his friend.

Friday, May 13, 2016

05/11/16 Virtues Session 43: Ambassadors in King Moshea’s Court

We begin in the Miar Moshea city of Ferraq Tulle as Marshal Kalysia Rodonia escorts Rydin/Echn Seyp, Kotri, Dolgrin and Co., as well as Dramen-the-kid to the Seyp noble residence. The elven ‘city’ was a concourse of crystalline structures utilized like the people of Gibraltar would use marble to build their city.

Meanwhile Kyras and Syrendross remained outside Ferraq Tulle. The druid was kept busy accepting flowers and tokens of tribute in return for blessings from the Green Faith; for the drow however, the arcanist was an object of both scorn and curiosity.

Back on the ranch Rydin/Seyp experienced – in first person perspective – a flood of memories from the former soul that inhabited Rydin/Seyp’s mortal body. Out of context memories on the Green Faith; immediate family members and former close friends; how the elven government worked in Miar Moshea, as well as how to identify subtle differences between elven sub races; his personal inheritance, and, to further our cause in mending the ways, realization that Rydin/Seyp needs no special permission to visit the cemetery Row of the Ancients.

As this was occurring the others notice they are all being studied both magically and with the mundane eye. Humans, a few volcano dwarves, as well as some sinister gnomes gather to watch the return of Echn/Rydin- an elf in direct lineage to the King of the Elves. Not only was Dramen and the dwarves – Dolgrin, Barit, Kotri – scanned magically, but too was Rydin/Seyp to mayhap discern his true nature and independent will.
Kyras is skeptical of gnomes.
Outside the city Kyras and Syrendross were approached by a gnome, ‘call me Blasto’ and warned the drow of three elven houses that would most likely do the arcanist harm: Levarel, Casipore, and Uthervin all non-noble families. This information was offered for free as Blasto mentioned his time in Ferraq Tulle was short.

Back in the city, Rydin recalls those who Echn Seyp remembered the longest: Zygh, a peer the same age as Echn except Zygh never pursued the arcane arts- instead he became a member of the Honored Elven Blades. Itino, the elf who taught Echn magic in his early adulthood- a tutor and friend known as a sypher mage. Ohata, a former romantic interest commonly referred to as the ‘fey enchantress.’ Not everyone comes back to Rydin/Seyp but eventually more familiar faces wash ashore from the oceans of memory.

Dolgrin detects evil
Dramen and Dolgrin watch as signals are traded between Kalysia and others confirming positively that Rydin/Seyp has virtuous intentions and is not coerced in any way, but it was the dwarf paladin that identified the sinister gnomes and one elf guard who registered evil.

As they approached the Seyp noble estate Dramen could see the myriad of magic schools emanating from the crystalline sculptured estate. Much as we have seen before when traveling through crystal structures, it only takes moments when Rydin/Seyp is able to breach the/his estate with but a touch and a thought. 

All the attendees seem pleased when this occurs but as many individuals quickly fade from view Kalysia gathers the group to Echn Seyp’s mother and father before leaving to prepare for the meeting with the king on the morrow.

Back outside the city Syrendross, in the confines of a secure shelter, begins the scrying process on the sinister Bathanon- a known mind flayer collaborator.

Rydin breaks the news to everyone. 
Rydin palavers with Mother and Father Seyp where the Magus reveled his new ‘perspective’ on life and his new mantle and title as Co-Ambassador to Bouvaldia, to which they responded positively- only too happy to have their lost son returned to them. He is also able to access 50 k in the form of an inheritance, and one spell from each of the nine levels of magic.

As this played out Dolgrin and the dwarves sample the wine and cheeses while Dramen scouts out the library and information on Relenia and Ways ‘creator’ wizards from ancient times. What he discovered, with confirmation from Lapis, was that Miar Moshea had four elemental fonts- one for each element. In his studies Dramen would often encounter the name Virallian Mozeel the long dead elven Archmage to the original court of Moshea as well as two names of demi-planes within the ways: Shadowgate and Soul Mirror and four command phrases for ways/ley lines access from one demi-plane to the next (like a mine car changes tracks, a command phrase will switch a gate’s destination.)
Syrendross Scrys on Bathanon

Meanwhile, Syrendross homed in on Bathanon who was sharing a bottle of bourbon with a Gallant butler discussing, ironically, our group. Bathanon laments our group’s wealth and power, and that Ornap wants nothing to do with these new heroes from Bouvaldia; but it was the Gallant’s butler who maintained that Bathanon was looking in the wrong direction. As an Eye member Bathanon should know the most valuable asset is information. 

After a time the exchange of drinks and banter ends and Bathanon exits the Gallant but is soon given a fairly detailed list of our magical items by a rather shrewd and observant female employee of the Gallant. Syrendross comes away from the divination with the knowledge that news of our group is traveling fast and will precede us wherever we go from now on, more so now that Eye members are involved- and to proceed with caution.

The next day (day 131) the heroes of virtue prepare for an audience with the King of the Elves, Duke of Miar Moshea- Miraq Moshea. Attendance was Rydin/Seyp’s family, Kalysia Rodonia, and the heroes save for the drow Syrendross who was not present but nevertheless a distant participant.

The castle courtyard was wrought with creation magic and featured amazing works of crystal and metal worked sculptures. Chamber after chamber the group was lead through until finally brought into a multifaceted room where panes of crystal reflected projected images of the royal elven court: The King MiraqMoshea, Ferrum Vigmatto, Ambassador Korleigh Lockshire, Viralla Mozeel and swordmaster Camaroneous Steel.

Therein followed a formal presentation by the Seyp family; along with Kalysia Rodonia to testify before the king the sincerity of Rydin/Seyp and his companions including their alignment with the dragons of virtue. This revelation had a mixed receptions: with Ferrrum he expressed disgust but not at our group- at the mention of dragons although he did try to disguise his hate; Viralla, good at compartmentalizing, maintains trust in Kalysia’s scrutiny of us; Ambassador Korleigh reacted the most to this information but sided on understanding rather than a rash conclusion; but it was Camaroneous Steel who expressed an unknown guilt that Kotri understood as regret for possibly attacking a dragon (of virtue?).

The king asks if we have met all the dragons of virtue to which Rydin/Seyp replies truthfully no (not all of them- only three to date). The King furthermore states our mission as he understands it after we present our official documents and validation ledger to Marshal Kalysia.

What followed was about an hour recess before King Miraq Moshea returns (Viralla returning to the court in the flesh) with a request if our documents would receive a positive endorsement. The King required outsiders to go to Urbport, recover and return Markalis Cryssal to face justice for what may have been pre-knowledge of the Sundering. This would have gave Markalis invaluable information that profited him and his supporters greatly and if proved to be true he needs to answer to his King and the elven people.

We agree and Syrendross is provided another token to stave off the adverse Miar Moshea effects. 
Dramen doesn't like Ley line taxes. 

After the official meeting of the court, Dramen introduces himself to Viralla Mozeel the current archmange to speak about magic and palaver about the ways. He opens the dialogue with a question as to why her grandfather Virallian Mozeel continued to come up in Dramen’s research revealing his interest in the Ways and the nature of the cost the Ways tolls.

She said that it was originally a tribute to the elven gods but grandfather Virallian said that since the age of the Dawning the world is ‘not where it once was.’ And since the sacrifice system is warped, tributes are lost to the unknown. She does admit to traveling to the ways, albeit briefly when she was really young. Dramen mentions Relenia whereby he learns Relenia was grandfather Virallian’s apprentice and indeed worked on sections of the Ways. And when asked who would know more on the Ways/Ley lines Viralla mentions a blind individual living in Urbport named Kasil. Furthermore if Dramen and company are successful for the King she promises to take Dramen to her residence to show him Virallian’s maps of the Ways, and gift the boy-mage with one of grandfather's books.

Later Dramen gifts Viralla with achaierai components as the group are offered an assortment of wands and alchemical gifts up to 500 gold. On the sly Viralla asks Rydin/Seyp if Ohata ‘knows’ of their past relations. Of course not *wink.

After reuniting the heroes, Marshal Kalysia Rodonia escorts us to the far side of Ferraq Tulle leaving us with about a 300 mile journey ahead of us. As we travel we are haunted with feelings of being watched causing Syrendross to spot twin hawks in the sky- arcane companions likely- tracking our passage through Miar Moshea. We pass several personal domiciles of crystal and eventually come close to where one of the four elemental fonts is located.

Leaving the road to investigate the (earth) elemental font we see that the dual hawks immediately fly toward Ferraq Tulle as we broke from the road. The elemental font was a column of drooling earth and when Kotri stepped too close a clawed behir arm emerged from the font in an attempt to grab and pull her in.

Its destruction yielded no xp but gave the spellcasters four meta magic components for electric based spells: for Syrendross it was one flaring spell and one maximized spell. Furthermore it was discovered that the Night Hag’s heartstone could be recharged here but its magic was conflicting and neither element would be able to fully express its power upon the other.

It was decided that we should camp but before any of us could truly enjoy ourselves, six riders approach the dwarf and asked to see the monster we put down but in reality it seemed to be an excuse to get a closer look at us. The name Casipore was heard passed during their curious questions but after a time they left riding further up the road and along our path, Syrendross and the spellcasters stayed hidden in a magical shelter the entire time.

We spend some time learning how to enter the elemental font; for Rydin it would be relatively easy, but for us a use magic devise would suffice. We begin next session on Day 132 on the river road to Urbport. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Nissian's Problem

A millennia of planning and execution.  Few would ever appreciate the will and vision it took to bring Nissian to his current lofty deified status.  The Architect reveled in his new power, his rule now extending to all but a small portion of the earth, his new draconic form a permanent solution to his long sought after immortality.  Known to this world as Tiamat, Nissian’s rule was administered by the daughters of his new form, his half-dragon progeny/creations as well as five consorts spread out over five continents. 
A millennia of planning and execution, a sad irony that the only individuals who could appreciate the scope of his plan would be the ones most capable and assured of standing against him.  The Architect was actually surprised that the Sunbringer Cabal hadn’t yet intervened.  The slow moving machinations of Bahamut were protected in the one place on earth Nissian/Tiamat had yet to conquer, The Evening Isles.  Somehow the Sunbringers had succeeded in barring Tiamat and her progeny from the ocean sailing island nation, a magical ward that Nissian’s great powers had proven unable to overcome.

Ruling the court of Tiamat did have its privileges among which was the ability to call upon great minds for a solution.  The Architect wanted to overcome the Evening Isles conundrum before the Sunbringers should decide to actively intervene.  Nissian chuckled to himself considering just how angry his chaotic elven friend would be with him once he saw Nissian’s plan revealed in all its glory.

Realizing his need for diplomacy, Nissian/Tiamat called for Duke Amduscias. Duke Amduscias’ loyalty was secured when he along with several other dukes were freed from their toil in Hell to join Tiamat after she abdicated Avernus’s Throne to rule earth.  Tiamat’s orders to Duke Amduscias were simple, find someone that could overcome The Evening Isles’ protections and allow his draconic followers access to the island.  The reward offered was one that tempted even a former Duke of Hell.  “The individual who provides a solution to our problem may select any single treasure from my hoard.”   
Duke Amduscias

Monday, May 9, 2016

The Swordmaster's Proof

Camaroneous Steel
Camaroneous scanned the elven home with his crystal ioun stone, a legacy gift his father Norigan bestowed upon his son over a century ago.  No one was home which suited the sword master.  Cam gave the all clear to his co-hort Vormont watching the dwarf approach the Cryssal house’s entrance.  It always seemed to take longer than it actually did for Vormont to check for traps and he was being very careful on the Cryssal’s entry. After a tense minute Vormont signaled they were clear and pressed the crystal doorway open.  The two friends knew what they were there for and began searching the Cryssal home for proof of Markalis’ treachery.

Markalis Cryssal

“Thank goodness they hire dwarves eh Cam?” Vormont chuckled back at his leader, “Took me two weeks to get her to tell me where to look for his safe.” Cam felt the tenseness of the moment drain away with at the sound of his friend’s banter, “I guess you only started counting time after you slept with her, because my wait for results was two months!” The swordmaster’s verbal joust found it’s mark, causing Vormont to focus on his task at hand, albeit while grumbling , “only takes elves ten minutes to sleep with anyone cause you got no standards.”

Twenty minutes later Vormont succeeded at opening the Cryssal’s well hidden safe, finding several parchments and a flawless diamond spindle the size of a halfling’s fist.  As soon as the safe was open, the Ioun Stone flew into orbit around Camaroneous, causing the elf to exclaim, “I have my proof now!”
Spindle of Perfect Knowledge

Thursday, May 5, 2016

05/04/16 Virtues Session 42: Friendship is a Virtue

Our session begins at 3 pm on day 128. When we make our preparations to depart the border guard outpost we are temporarily delayed by what appears to be an elemental storm. Fifty mile per hour winds and chaotic lightening strikes makes travel to Ferraq Tulle impractical. Most of us take shelter but Kyras addresses; virtually confronts the dark turn in the weather when... KAZZAK!

Kyras requests answers from the minor electrical elemental. This information along with some general knowledge offered up by the border captain Eleathe, as well as from Amarisan, of the green faith, we learn that these storms are not regular/mundane occurrences but have nevertheless been happening since the Sundering approximately 800 years ago. Literal waterfalls open in the sky allowing combative elementals access to earth to do battle as one side continually defends the Evening Isles from the onslaught of evil elementals. The storm-battle rages unseen, however we and the border guards endure the resulting storm effects for the next four hours.

We mount up on Dramen’s summoned horses and begin to make our way back to the road and through difficult terrain so that by time we reach the road it was past night fall. Just as Kyras postulated about some evil evading the chaos of the elemental storm, it was then we were attacked by a corpse-thin, dark skinned, very tall night hag that had burrowed up through the ground. An enemy had washed ashore. The battle lasted mere moments with Dolgrin delivering the death blow.

The night hag was in possession of a 5,000 gp gem that seemed to be her personal foci. The magic was quickly fading but we were able to discern its nature as a heartstone and our first in-character connection to heartstones to draconic magic.

After some discussion it was agreed upon that given the late hour we should rest, Kazzak informs Kyras we are near where the ‘waterfall’ poured from the elemental storm, but before Dramen was successfully able to create a secure shelter for us to recover in, Dolgrin is warned by Lapis of a large creature approaching. Indeed, we could all eventually feel or sense its approach. Taking some necessary precautions we attack and kill what turned out to be a huge abyssal scorpion accompanied by a deadly poison swarm of demon-wasps. 

After surviving the scorpion’s death throes we are accosted by five elven riders who were also attacking the abyssal scorpion to little effect. Introducing himself was an elf named Thuiy that seemed to be the spokesman, he is accompanied by Daiv, Stras, Echrd, and Elds who was bald and had strange dark blue eyes.

They each react in a way but it was Thuiy that seemed to recognize Rydin Meirdarel as some(elf) named Echn Seyp. Rydin does his best to relay our story omitting Grebaria, the dragons of virtue and our avatar status, and adhering to our story as ambassadors traveling to each duchy in the name of the presumptive duke Melandrach Olithir. This all seem to have no effect on Thuiy who did not relent in his insistence of Rydin’s true identity- epically in the presence of the drow elf Syrendross. Nevertheless Rydin persisted. In the meantime Daiv rode for Ferraq Tulle.

We eventually come to a consensus as Dramen offers Thuiy and his riders a secure shelter over night before our travel to Ferraq Tulle. Syrendross charts the constellations in this downtime; Kyras continues his repartee with Kazzak and Dolgrin praises having a drow in the party whilst traveling in elf country.

Day 129. We wake to a small amiable meal before our short ride to the elven city. The gates to Ferraq Tulle were symbolic serving only to mark the boundary to the city of crystal spires and spiraling fortresses. It was the perfect marriage of the natural and magical earthly elements.

For Syrendross the negative flow of emotions was palpable, generations of hate focused on one drow who ironically quested for everyone’s salvation against evil- Syrendross was in fact living-saint. For Rydin, he steadfastly held to his conviction and stood with his companions in virtuous Friendship refusing to be separated even in the limits of the city. Another day passes.

Day 130. We emerge from Dramen’s secure shelter with our royal Miar Moshea outfits and an audience with an elven woman named Kalysia Rodonia and her six elven guards. People scatter nervously at her arrival. She seemed personally insulted at the mere presence of Syrendross only looking at the drow when threats made or implied. After a tense palaver it is made clear that she is to ascertain our ‘condition’ and question our true intentions. It soon comes out that we are agents of the dragons of virtue, but that did not seem to ingratiate ourselves with the elf woman.
Kalysia Rodonia
We are awarded 2,000 xp and end the session with Syrendross left behind outside the city (under the effects of a non-detection spell along with Kyras while the others are escorted into Ferraq Tulle. 

Ferraq Tulle

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Alicia's First Workbook

Wizard 0
Acid Splash, Arcane Mark, Bleed, Dancing Lights, Daze, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Disrupt Undead, Flare, Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Mending, Message, Open/Close, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost, Read Magic, Resistance, Shadow Bite, Slapping Hand, Touch of Fatigue, Ultrasonic Ray

Wizard 1
Acoustic Dampening, Adhesive Spittle, Alter Poison Damage Type, Animate Dead I, Corrosive Touch, Darkblindness, Mucus Spray, Shadow Hands, Shadow's Blessing

Wizard 2
Bitter Chains, Black Dust, Blood Armor, Bloodshot, Bone Swarm, Bulwark of Blades, Converse with Drake, Reverberate, Shadowbolt

Wizard 3
Animate Ghoul, Ash Storm, Elemental Grasp, Hands of the Djinn, Heavy Chains, Raven's Revocation, Siphon Might, Slimy Madness, Strength of Madness, Time Step

Wizard 4

Black Hand, Boneshatter