Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Shepherd's of Vengeance

Divine Faith:

To most Damian is not worshipped so much as placated. Sailors pray he keeps the seas they sail calm, while merchants guard against fraudulent trade for fear of attracting his wrath. At times of suffering many will call upon him to visit vengeance on someone else however this is a mistake. It is only those who pray for the strength to visit their own vengeance upon someone else that have opened their hearts to him. Damian is blamed for all natural disasters from major to minor storm damage. Creatures thought to be unstoppable are often said to have been touched by the Lightning Lord. When storms or strange weather phenomena occur certain somatic gestures are made to ward against the coming storm. Those that are killed during weather events are believed to have been targeted by the ever raging god for vengeance. There are both priest and druid worshippers in the church however most priests are dual class with either fighter or barbarian levels. Barbarians often follow the faith, some quite zealously. Many priests view barbarians as the paladins of the faith.

Current state of Damian’s growing faith:

Waterdeep’s commoners have picked up the faith through the infamy of the Brokengulf family’s destruction along with several songs of warning sung by bards of the city. Sailors have taken to toasting Damian for the strength to withstand the storm and avoid the sea’s wrath. This isn’t a conscious recognition of Damian’s divinity; it is in reaction to the Agundar’s bravado in City Palavers along with the party winning the challenge in the gladiator arena and destroying the Brokengulfs. Due to Damian’s black Pegasus and accompanying bolts of lightning, Damian’s image and name has gained a foothold in the collective imagination of the city and thus a symbology has been born.

Among the nobles, Damian’s aspect of destruction is most prominent. The Agundar brothers are silently feared with many families viewing the brothers as being unshakable from a course of action once set upon it. While most nobles had no love for the Brokengulf clan many still question the legality of destroying a noble family. Rumors have sprung up indicating that some families have begun construction of panic rooms that are snidely referred to as Samular Walls. Those nobles that have grown to appreciate Damian have publicly supported his examples of strength and courage in the face of several challenges, anxious for leadership in action not word. These nobles have sought to emulate the Agundar’s example by increasing their military numbers and grow anxious to take vengeance on those that move against Waterdeep.

Damian’s acts of faith and worship are evident through various fetishes acquired with each aspect along with a life of forceful presence and will. Damian doesn’t look to hang out with friends, seek a wife, long for leisure, or have hobbies. He is a force of will, found crafting bullets, fighting battles, seeking answers, driving forward towards the day he can take the stair. All thought and action is towards a goal, marching forward to a fate that would seem to be realized some year and a day after AO’s voice was heard above Waterdeep.

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