Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tales Outside the Black Crown

Reiner & his twin brother Bertz had waited a long time for their Black Crown membership. Having attended over half a dozen mixers they had yet to find a sponsor who would buy in to their talents. They had managed to reach an agreement with the council six months of service in exchange for a demonstration of their abilities. The solstice had marked the culmination of their indentured servitude & their time had come. Unfortunately the events of the solstices had taken the councils attention and the brothers had another week to wait. Fortunately they were allowed library access & time to work on their demonstration until the council was ready.

For two days they had watched this dragon man workout in the courtyard. The power and fierceness of a wild beast, but the control and patience of a battle seasoned warrior. He was strong anyone could see that, but his moves weren’t clumsy as you would have expected for his size. He had received training somewhere, a lot of training by the looks of him. His routines were flawless as if he had done them a thousand times before. With his assistance the council would have to take them seriously. He was definitely a fighter, not like the brother they had worked with before.

They had first encountered Jaren last week. He along with several others had been ordered to clear snow routes through the city. They had seen him around the crown but never this close. They marveled at his abilities and physical presence. They thought for sure the very nature of this creature would coincide with their own passions. Raw magical talent combine with his natural fighting ability would make him a force worthy of allegiance. If they could get him to participate in the demonstration surely the council would see them as a viable resource. But after some investigation realized he was forgoing his god given ability’s and was taking the path of the “typical” wizard. They considered approaching him on the subject but quickly thought better of it.

After the second day they had finally worked up the courage to approach the fighter. They had a plan to open with “Hi we know your brother Jaren” they hoped that was enough of an in, not to be eaten for breakfast. If he would help train them in melee combat and the other members of the crown saw their skill in action the council would have no choice but to accept them. They shook hands (possibly for the last time) and approached the dragon as he began his morning routine.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spoils of War

82,500 Manual of Bodily Health +3
51,500 Staff of Illumination
21,000 Wand, 4th level spell, CL 7
21,000 Wand, 4th level spell, CL 7
18,000 +2 ki focus monk weapon
18,000 +3 weapon of choice
17,000 Figurine of wondrous power, marble elephant
16,000 +2 shield of choice, animated
12,000 Rod of Wonder
11,250 Wand, 3rd level spell, CL5
5,000 Bag of Holding, type II
4,500 Wand, 2nd level spell, CL3
4,000 Gloves of arrow snaring
2,000 +1 weapon of choice
2,000 +1 weapon of choice
1,000 Pearl of Power !st level
1,000 Phylactery of Faithfulness
750 Wand, 1st level spell, CL 1
750 Wand, 1st level spell, CL 1
750 Potion, 3rd level spell, CL 5

The above details the list of random rolls made after the game last week, but leaves out a few items that seem likely Sons Commodities properties, or properties to return to the underwriters.
A crate of unique and rare ores was grabbed, as well as a magical chest enchanted with properties to keep safe it's intended cargo, 400 pounds of black gun powder, and finally a leather wallet containing 4 underwriters watermarks. Aside from these things, the prodigiously strong Versel grabbed a string of 4 crates tethered together, and none of those crates has been detailed. It is my hope that there is enough recovered in those boxes that the list above we get to split amongst ourselves and Arkiel. Picking order this round goes Jaren, Auge, Versel, Durg, Arkiel. One final note, we grabbed a healthy cache of gemstones, and everybody, including Arkiel, can add 2,000 gp worth of gems split up however they wish.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Review (5/25/2011)

The next day we separate briefly so that we may individually prepare for the day. Jaren and Versel make the short trip to the Black Crown where Jaren performs his daily business; Versel is able to work out and spar with four Crown wizard-warriors. Jaren makes arrangements for some scrolls and encounters the Drow Arkiel who has news from the night before and speaks of an attack made by the mind flayers who were often seen with Uvrock the Derro.

Durg maintains a SONS presence at the Cinder Block; Auge sets his efforts to creating poisons. Auge finds a message from Tamros: he was ok- busy in the driftdowns at the moment. Auge leaves a reply informing him of the progress of the White Spider and Gerto.

After the Black Crown, Jaren, Versel, and Arkiel travel to the Dragon’s Breath where they hope to palaver with Uuvilon. Jaren frees the structure from the snow and ice and they enter. After some brief exchanges they find their quarry.

The talk began with Jaren warning Uuvilon that our relations with him are special and to always keep that in mind. After some later discussion it is revealed that Uuvilon is making contacts with individuals that will make Stormhaven prosper and has the best interests of the city at heart. Uuvilon believes Stormhaven has a special purpose. In addition he believes Stormhaven will be attacked, something from KerMaga. It is clear that more investigations are needed. Jaren makes the mention of The Champions of the Abyss and the need to locate the troupe. This leads slyly into the real reason Jaren wanted to meet with the Diviner, Jaren wants to be taught a scrying spell.

11 AM We hook back up in the Cinder Block office with a meeting with Arkiel. He begins with describing the tactics of the group we sent to help the underwriters. Highlights of the ten hour battle and stand off included: a mysterious stasis effect; advanced umber hulks; undead; and a lot of tough dwarves. After Arkiel, Hislop and company narrowed down where the money changers would have taken their spoils, the Money Changers Hall. Then the mind flayers attacked. The same ones from Twilight House, which makes Arkiel think. Did they come after him personally or was it something to do with the moneychangers? Arkiel sells us on the idea of going after the money changers instead of chasing down Invidia’s dragon hoard that may or may not be at the Edana estate.

Durg had the idea of the night- Have this other group we hastily put together and have them hit a location of importance to the money changers while we bring down the fire on the Money Changers Hall. That location would be the lifts.

6 PM Gathered were: Endera, Egil, the White Spider, Gerto, Hislop and the four gnolls. Jaren addresses the gnolls and gifts them all 100 gold. In a frenzy, they title Jaren as “Magic Fang”. Jaren in-turn names Chiefton Hislop in a celebratory toast before our respective quests.

Auge hands down a wand of invisibility and the Long Kiss Goodnight poison to the White Spider and Gerto, who also had something for Auge. Three cases of four necklaces; Auge takes the sampling that can be enchanted. Gerto trades for a headband of intellect +2 and the Spider takes 4000 gp credit.

At the Money Changers Hall, the structure was heavily outfitted in Vanfleet heraldry and colors; Jaren magically located the Vault and the stairs leading to it. Finding our way down we pretend to want to exchange gold coins into trade bars; the plan was a ruse allowing us time to reconnoiter the area. There was some off comment talk from a teller about off the record investors for magical and mithril items.

Without warning Jaren transports us into the interior chamber and the Vault; there was three levels of storage each guarded by two golems, one stone and one iron. Combat began; two of us fighting off the golems and the other two focused on gathering containers and valuables. Before another pair of golems could join the combat, Jaren and Sarosh magically transport everyone back to the Cinder Block.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gnome Free

Gerto hurried into the inn from the cold and quickly made his way to the warm fire. The wily gnome sat down near The Cinder Block’s famed magical stove, the first moment he had stopped moving since his escape. As the magical warmth hit the gnome he was overcome with lethargy and had to fight to stay awake, only the smell of good food kept him from collapsing right there. A half elven woman soon came to wait on the exhausted gnome collecting 10 gold coins for room, food, and drink. Gerto did not haggle. At least for this day, money upside would be no problem, in his rise from the watery depths below, he had recovered plenty of coin from several frozen bodies on the great stairs. As feeling returned to his cold numbed extremities and his clothes began to dry out Gerto took in his surroundings. A bard was entertaining in the crowded bar while sounds of elation and despair carried in from another room the gnome was sure held gamblers. Now that Gerto was inside he could tell that the Inn was only one part of this block sized building.

Walking from around behind several tall folk working the bar, Gerto was astonished to see Pilini the gnome whose adventures and search for the fabled city of Drakarmos had inspired Gerto’s own fascination with the magical city of Kaer Maga and subsequent imprisonment in the underwater city of Mons Montis. Gerto had no idea what happened to release him from Mons Montis or how the hidden prison city had risen from the depths, destroying half the Driftdowns. Like many who ended up in the slaver prison’s there, Gerto had gone there expecting to find Kaer Maga and instead found himself the slave of Claustrum, an Aboleth. Escaping the prison, Gerto had found himself swept up in a flotsam of poor and destitute that took to the grand stairs to escape the brutal cold. His experiences on that stair would haunt him for the rest of his days but he survived and had made his way to the only place said to be taking in anyone or providing any safety during this winter war, this place called The Cinder Block 
Pilini now saw Gerto, not so much recognizing Gerto as recognizing the familial resemblance and style. Despite Gerto’s exhaustion, Pilini would talk to him for the next three hours before finally allowing the gnome to fall asleep in the room he paid so handsomely for.

Tales from the Crippled Bone Embassy

Ambassador Flame arrived in Stormhaven some fifty years ago. He fit right into Stormhaven, when he arrived; he was less concerned with diplomacy and much more concerned with commerce. He had a terrific product to sell, disciplined, monstrous gnoll troops, whose blood had been mixed with trolls, much as rumors claimed the ambassador’s blood descended from a devil. What made his sale unique is that orders would not start being filled for ten years. During this time the ambassador developed his contacts in Stormhaven, no longer having to travel the world to acquire his gnolls, and spending much more time on fine tuning his product’s development. His process was found to be so impressive that many of the great wizards of the time visited the Crippled Bone Embassy to learn more about him and his creations. Plenty of rumors suggested that Nissian himself visited the embassy and even provided Ambassador Flame aid.

Soon the Ambassador found himself invited to speak at the Black Crown and to take advantage of several trade routes that found their way to Stormhaven. When the initial ten years had passed and Flame made good on his first delivery the Ambassador enjoyed quite a bit of notoriety and fame, with several nobles using his troops as a mark of social status upside. The second generation of troops was well on its way to creation. Hundreds of gnolls had been brought to the Embassy for breeding and study.

During his 15th year in Stormhaven, Ambassador Flame’s perfect arrangement ran into its first serious snag. The creature he referred to as “the blood troll”, perished. It is unknown what caused his cash cow to die, if it was sabotage, a mistake, or natural. It was common knowledge that not any troll would do for his creations, so, for the first time in years the gnoll breeder would travel the world in search of another troll or trolls with the proper blood for the creation of his master troops.

Initially, the Ambassador’s plans would have him sailing out of Stormhaven on a five year cycle, sailing the world’s seas and searching its exotic lands for the proper troll. Several Nobel houses invested in this trip; it eventually became fully supported by the Underwriters Guild, with several ships and agreements added to the initial plan. Then one month prior to the fleet of ships setting sail a strange group of foreigners arrived at Stormhaven, their ship caked in ice when they arrived in port. They had come to Stormhaven for one purpose, to trade with the Crippled Bone Embassy and while there is disagreement about exactly who all was on board or in charge of the ship, the one fact agreed upon by those that tell the tale is that there were seven large, strangely colored trolls on board when they arrived and none were aboard when the ship left port a week later.

While the Ambassador’s search for a proper troll had met an early end, in accepting this deal with a foreign group, the Crippled Bone had a new problem, albeit a political one. There were a dozen ships set to sail out on a five year trade mission, with several nobles and the Underwriter’s Guild being heavily invested in a trade deal that no longer would be supported by its most important asset, Ambassador Flame and his unique creations. Never again would the ambassador enjoy the popularity or success that his original creations provided. Worse, the trolls the Ambassador traded for no longer created gnolls with regenerative powers, simply ones that had a hearty damage reduction. While these troops would no longer enjoy the social status they once did and serve as noble house troops, sales and agreements were steady enough to keep the ambassador comfortably residing Upside.

When questioned now, the troll Hislop no longer remembers much of the island from which he came or anything regarding the people on the ice covered ship from all those years ago. He was a very young troll and not the first used in the breeding of gnolls.

Review (5/18/2011)

Approaching the ice encased Edana estate, hoping to leave with the treasures within, we see a group six frost giants barring our advance. Thinking that their matron has abandoned them, we hope they would just leave. Jaren flies up with his silver tongue at work and succeeds in persuading one to flee.

Five frost giants against the fire of the Sons of Nissian. They fell in turn just as a new combatant entered our arena of combat; a giant mind flayer with a head that of an octopus, which is to say it had eight writhing tentacles around its maw (mushmouth). It descended fiercely upon its flying dire elephant. The second wave was vastly more prepared for our approach and thus forced us to reevaluate our combat stance. We were not expecting a mind flayer. It was agreed; we teleported back to our lair to prepare for our next assault tomorrow night; we would be prepared for the mind flayer.

We begin next session Tuesday morning.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tales from the Kingdom of Vines (Episode 1)

Although the young siblings have many similarities, they also have differences. Both brother and sister are destined elf children who hold a stellar appreciation for life and the land, the sun and the moon. Each of them owns a great affection for fantastic tales of heroes, dragons and magic. Especially the tales of such told to them by their mother and father. With access to the finest professors and instructors of the realm; both siblings are well educated in the skill of combat and the art of magic, the language of truespeech; the history of the realms; and the typography of the planes. Mutually joined in blood they also share the same astral sign and moment of birth; identical physical features as well as disposition as twins frequently do. However, they also have differences. Varro, the brother is physically strong and resilient; he possesses keen senses that rival that of any predator and instincts that borders upon The Touch. Vaiden, the sister, is intellectual and clever; she has a prowess of charm and a gift of a silver tongue that equal that of any Calim merchant. The bold brother Varro favors the quick and eloquent elven long sword, a weapon too fancied by his mother; the astute sister Vaiden prefers the versatile and efficient quarter-staff, the weapon of her father.

In a slender silver tower, behind a tall narrow window; from behind a sheer veil of curtains that yielded to the brisk northern winds, stood the children’s loving father. Fondly distracted from his sagely and arcane labors, he watched the twins at play with beaming pride and bridled sadness. For all the malevolent god-like beings the father encountered and world-breaking planar entities he has banished, the he was at a loss as to how to broach ill-fated news to his children.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Review (5/11/2011)

8am. Sunday the weather had reached a level of normalcy allowing us to see more the condition and activity of the city. Pockets of raptorians are waging war on key points in the city. It seems that every noble house has suffered during the Upside wars; the Sunbow mansion radiates strong magical power and battles continue to be fought in the Fox Run area.

Making preparations against the frost giants we also gather information on these woolly dire-elephants that also fly. A name that comes up is Hanan Al’Sharif and come to find out he is at the Tower of Beasts. We make for the Staircase Keep and Socordia, the black dragon of sloth.

Once there we see scores of individuals who are enthralled by her power. The signs of battle are still fresh along the battlements and pathways of the Keep; no one is motivated to repair any damage or remove bodies of the fallen. Socordia is seen with her serpentine body at rest within the cathedral of the Keep. We announce our presence and offer her respect, gratitude, and congratulations. Possessed of great ego, Socordia delights us with her condescending lecture of her greatness. Truly she is worthy of title as the Stairs are now her domain. We make our request at seeing Hanan. Socordia agrees to a boon that she will release her prisoner (along with his dire bats) and we agree to spread the tidings of her title. (She also considers recognizing the Cinder Block as our domain).

After the exchange we see to healing Hanan’s wounds and his dire bats, and take him back to the Cinder Block where we convince him to work for us as a stablemaster. He was agreeable. Hanan explained that he was swept up in the combat and was captured. He did commend his captors in that they brought harm to no animal. Furthermore, Hanan clarifies the dire elephants were a gift arranged by Roland VanFleet, Parliament council for the Money Changers Guild. Of the two dozen, six were VanFleet gifts all delivered magically by frost giants. Assembling what bards we could find that supply a couple of wands to our cause: wand of silence and cure light wounds.

As we are walking out the door we are approached by Enerda, an Underwriter, who has a proposal that comes from “the highest level of the Underwriter’s Guild”. Durg laughs. Vercel points out: “They must be losing.” Enerda explains that they need a wild card to sway the fight in their favor: “… to bring great harm to the enemy.” There is a Bank in the Rat’s Nest that is under attack by adventuring types as well as raptorians. After great consideration we agree to help but it mayhap was not what they were expecting. Assembling our best assets in the form of Arkeil, Egil, The white Spider, a gnome-thief, the troll Hislop and four gnolls; they will deal with the problem. Enerda guarantees us fifty thousand gold towards a Neighborhood Improvement Fund as well a watermark tags from the Underwriters. Excellent.

10 am. We fly over the Worthy Gate and see that the Edana estate remains encased in a great ice palace. We can see the dire elephants, frost giants and a lone dire elephant flyer in the sky with one giant rider as well as a mind flayer; known in some brain collectives as FlavaFlayer. Beginning our assault by silencing the dire mount, we visited death upon the giant; Vercel succeeded in stunning FlavaFlayer, but he/it magically vanished.

We ended the night 120 feet away from three giants that has just launched a volley of stones at us.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Journal Entry: Durg

Finally, the whites have felt our bite and we've tasted their blood. We have fed on their hearts, and with the arrival of Ira, Invidia has been driven off. We'll need to speak to the Council and make sure we keep our names and faces fresh in their minds. We all know how short the rich's memories are for those... outside their arena. Father has gone venturing off into the portal and half the Driftdowns have been destroyed. My brothers want to hit the frost giants that are rampaging through the Fox Run and noble quarter. Good, my blood's still singing from the last battle and my axe grows thirsty. Father also said he was surprised we hadn't taken over a guild. This started us talking about taking over Twilight House. An excellant idea. We will need to hunt down Uvrok, see if he can help us draw out the mind flayers somehow, before he meets his end.

Something in me says that we've finally stepped up a rank in this city, and people will be sitting up and taking notive of us.

Journal entry (Auge) "All work and no play..."

(Auge) For the next few weeks I have several projects in the works:

Forge Jaren’s Ring of Aptitude: Use Magic Device.
A simple steel ring that grants a competence bonus to one skill.
Faint transmutation; CL 1st; Forge Ring, guidance; Price: 100 gp (+1 to one skill), 400 gp (+2 to one skill), 900 gp (+3 to one skill), 1,600 gp (+4 to one skill).
Required materials:
Scroll of guidance, and a book of prayers (Extended Metamagic component); pure steel and a drop of blood form whom the ring is to be given.

Introduce an addictive component to my potions, to ensure repeat business:
Required materials:
2 pinches of the narcotic Cocaine.
1 pinch of powdered quick weed.
3 drams of Cat’s grace potion.
4 thin slices of Rare peppers (Extended Metamagic component).
4 drams of purified water.
"Improved" Potion of Expeditious Retreat (CL3 150 gp): This potion increases your base land speed by 30 feet. This adjustment is treated as an enhancement bonus. As with any effect that increases your speed, this spell affects your jumping distance. The effects of this potion is Extended, hence the improved. The drug component levies a Fort save DC 14 to escape the potion’s addictive effects. There is a -1 cumulative penalty to further saves against addiction. Failure means the imbiber is addicted- effects yet to be determined.

Improve my newly acquired Belt of Giant Strength two fold:
Add Mighty Constitution and Dragon Spirit Cincture to its properties. Two week commitment.
Increase my slowly waning constitution (by +4, cost to improve existing item: 11,400 [Belt of Mighty Constitution +4]).
Dragon Spirit Cincture
Price (Item Level): 2,000 gp (6th)
Body Slot: Waist
Caster Level: 6th
Aura: Moderate; (DC 18) evocation
Activation: —               Weight: —
This wide, embroidered belt sash is emblazoned with images of fire-breathing dragons.
While you wear a dragon spirit cincture, your breath weapon damage is increased by one die (or by 1 point if your breath weapon doesn't deal damage expressed in dice). If you are also holding a magic weapon that deals the same type of damage as your breath weapon, your breath weapon save DC increases by 1.
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, breath weapon.
Cost to Create: 1,000 gp. Source: Magic Item Compendium pg 95.
Required materials:
Scroll of Bears Endurance and Distilled Alcohol (Bears Endurance Metamagic component); the heart of a giant, blood of a dwarf, as well as 4 exquisite red gems and 3 precious jewels.

Review (5/4/2011)

3pm. Considering the tumult from the city, the Black Crown was happy to receive us as we rested and regained ourselves. We discussed what to do with the gem that contains the Nightstalker; we agreed to trade it. This extended stay exposed Jaren to the intricate magical tethers that join many noble houses to the Black Crown. Auge purchased scrolls through Jaren and spent time with potential Vial & Flask customers and what could draw them to the souk.

5:45. We teleported to the Driftdowns where we discover other groups of individuals that were there presumably there to watch the lighting of the Sigil. The build up of snow and ice would make that task impossible, however; so Jaren lit up with a wall of fire. Suddenly all the snow and ice was gone; the dire blizzard was downgraded to a winter storm; and time seemed to stop for us and… Father! He had arrived. With his power he was able to include us in his time stop thereby giving us a chance to prepare; Ira (Wrath) was here and it was unclear what was about to happen.

When the sigil lit with its blue light, a beam of prismatic light shot forth, rebounded to each great pillar and then out to sea where a red portal opened. Like a staring blood-shot eye with a desolate landscape reflected in its gaze. A great wave of sound began to reverberate in the driftdowns as Stormhaven begins to rise and a ridge of stone appears from the ocean depts.

Meanwhile a couple of flying chariots emerges from the red portal. Each pulled by a team of horrible winged nightmares, intense and terrible; their drivers: dark creatures that resemble vrock-like jokers. Flying about and towards Stormhaven they each transmit the mental knowledge that they can and will provide transport to Kermaga (a city that moves through the planes) for a toll.

After speaking further with father, he eventually enters the portal to Kermaga on his own accord. We decide to make sure the Cinder Block had not been damaged during Stormhaven’s sudden fifty foot climb. It was largely undamaged, the Cinder Block and from then on it was all drinks and feasting. Jaren reached an accord with Hislop the troll while the rest of us made plans to attack the frost giants.

At midnight, a thunderous roar broke the night; a roar that could only have come from a dragon. Outside locked in mortal kombat were two great dragons of sin: Invidia the white (envy) and Ira the green (wrath). They battled fiercely with magic and claw, wing and tail; their blood surged with power that wherever it rained down from their exchange, those spectators in the blood rain became ‘dragon-touched’. In the end it was Ira that sent Invidia west away from Stormhaven.

We pick up next week with the assault on the frost giants, hopefully acquiring the Edana estate in the process.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vial and Flask Specials

(Auge entry)
Salvo: The fortuitous creation from some unnamed alchemist (with little skill), salvo is a weapon of the imprecise and desperate. Thankfully the poison is relatively cheap and easy to create (Pilini); its effect fluctuates wildly from dose to dose. [Salvo deals 1d4 points damage to a random ability score once a round for six rounds; it requires one save to escape its effects. Complete Scoundrel] 100 gp/dose.

Aptitude Rings: These simple steel rings I shall create for the Commission, each one grants an individual competence to their stealth skill. [Typically these rings grant only a +1 bonus, but Auge’s rings grant a higher bonus up to a +4. Loot4Less] 100 gp (+1 to one skill), 400 gp (+2 to one skill), 900 gp (+3 to one skill), 1,600 gp (+4 to one skill)
Vial & Flask
 Featured items of the week:

Headband of Vast Intelligence +2 (4000)
Headband of Giant Strength +2 (4000)
Eyes of the Eagle (2100)

Liquor commission exclusives:
Salvo (100 ea.)
Stealth Aptitude Ring (400 – 1,600).

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tales from The Green Cloud


Your demands for “my proper paperwork” regarding a landing bill of sail are not only rude, but also above your station and completely beneath mine. I will not deign to acquiesce to your demands, but instead have ordered a servant to prepare your ridiculous list, and attached it to my signature. The list is complete and I suggest to you with all gravity that you not question it’s veracity or thoroughness.


Katarina, Dragon Queen to Kazzurog

Druid potions Sorcerer potions

Ebon eyes cl 1

Guidance cl 1 Jump cl 1

Healthful rest cl 1 Mage Armor cl 1

Cure lt wnds 1d8+2 cl 2 Endure elements cl 1

Barkskin cl 3 Prot vs good cl 2

Less. Restoration cl 3 Prot. Vs chaos cl 2

Remove scent cl 3 resist fire cl 4

Cloudwings cl 4 resist cold cl 4

Cure mod wnds 2d8+5 cl5 resist electricity cl 4

Neutralize poison cl 5 resist acid cl 4

Blindsight cl 5 Blur cl 4

Climb cl 5 Darkvision cl 4

Magic fang cl5 Levitate cl 4

Bull’s strength cl 4

Cat’s grace cl 4

Owl’s wisdom cl 4

Eagle’s splendor cl 4

Fox’s cunning cl 4

Invisibility cl5

Prot. vs arrows cl 6

Nondetection cl 6

Prot vs fire cl6

Prot vs cold cl 6

Prot vs acid cl 6

Prot vs electricity cl 6

Tongues cl 6

Heroism cl 6

Displacement cl 6

Fly cl6

Haste cl 6

Water breathing cl 6

Spiderskin cl 6

Deeper darkvision cl 6

Greater mage armor cl 6

Wings of air cl6

P.S. Let it be known that we intend to trade these commodities in units of twenty, or bundles of 100. We are seeking to trade for magic weapons, or weapons with truly superior qualities. Prices are negotiable, and we have more than 10,000 potions to barter with. It is clear to see we are prepared to arm garrisons of troops with enhanced battle advantages, and seek only serious offers with the resources to take advantage of our bulk rates. Although we specialize in the creation of potions for armies, we also have a cargo of other items, ranging from other forms of magical enhancement to textbooks of magical study to rare metal ore. That list follows.


Secretary of Wizardry, in servie to Queen Katarina

25 books with all 0-level wizard spells from the core book

25 books with 25 select first level spells from the core book

25 books with 2 first level spell from each school

25 books with 1second level spell from each school

25 books with 1 third level spell from each school

Wands of all O-level spells from the core book at cl 1

Dragons draught, green

Skill Shards, all, lesser

Skill shards, all, greater

glitter stones

scrying shards

crystal shards of alertness

earth elemental gems

Memento magicas 1st level

Memento magicas 2nd level

Memento magicas 3rd level

Gems of force (as bead of force)

Clear spindle ioun stones

Dusty rose prism ioun stones

Tons of darksteel ore

Copper ingots

Platinum ingots

A large variety of colored gemstones, esp. emeralds and jade

Type 1 bags of holding

Type 2 bags of holding

Note to DM and other players: all potions are from the core rulebook or spell compendium. All magic items are from the core rulebook or Magic Item Compendium. Prices have been deliberately left off to give the DM some leeway in determining those. It should be noted that most of the potions are crafted by sorcerers, thus the even caster levels. Of course, the DM is free to include other secret items not reported on theses lists. Also included is a list of all passengers, including; the court of Katarina, 3 regiments of 23 half kobold-dragons, and a roster of passengers from Lowport.

Review (4/27/11)

3am. Gathering ourselves about our lair, we bandage our wounds and recover the items Mother kept from us until the matter of the white dragons was addressed. Jaren let mother keep the magical cape while Auge offered a smaller token for her hoard. Greed is greed, after all mother or no.

Discussion ventured to the outsiders the Spell-guard asked us to look into and thus we consulted what knowledge we have learned thus far: outsiders/demons are as countless as the planes; nearly all are members of an army, faction or kingdom under a demon lord; and they are goal oriented agents of destruction. The demon lords include but are not limited to: Abraxus, Bahmoet, Orcus, Dagon, Demogorgon, Jubliex, Kostchtchie, Lemastu and SHAX! (a-ahhhhh)

We made preparations for a possible conflict with the demons and ventured out into the dire blizzard and the mausoleum near the Firefly Cathedral. When we arrive we discover wights have the Cathedral under siege and several demons. After a short period of combat the demons proved stronger than us. Knowing when a battle cannot be won, we retreated to the Black Crown where we will pick up next session. As far as the outsiders are concerned, we looked into it and filed it under… not our problem. lol

It will be 5:30- 6am Saturday- still the day of the winter solstice.