Thursday, January 23, 2014

Review (01/22/2014)

The following takes place early Sunday morning to late Tuesday night. Events occur in fantasy time...

Our session was very free-form with information farmed from the blooded chief engineer Vormite, a recovery team, and Captain Lizbane from Twilight House. In addition, during our downtime Hogni moves in, Auge and Jaren are crafting while Durg and Versel are busy being awesome.

After having no luck in catching up with Cadmar or Allister Embry we bring Vormite back to the Cinder Block where we rest for the remainder of the day. Taking with Vormite reveals some information…
  • Luned Octavia arrived on Flaming Embry at the ship moot, choosing said ship.
  • They were visited by Leofric Vilho who through a series of inquires discovered Vormite’s (and the other two) knowledge of Luned presence because…
  • Luned (who was at the spellcasting) was seen in Stormhaven.
  • We surmise this impostor is the “Unnamed” who, sans her own truename could assume the name and therefore likeness of someone else.
  • Luned is being held under duress.
  • Vormite agrees to return to the ship moot with Arkiel’s Parisian galleon.
Monday night Pippen Toma and his niece Dalia answer Jaren’s summons. Arrangements were made to have Jaren’s ring modified when he noticed Dalia had ‘wandered off’. Staring into the fire she seemed to pick up message spell transmissions alerting us to a group of intruders…
  • They were Twilight house gather team members who received their orders from Captain Lizbane.
  • Other groups were gathered to the Bridge at Fox Run but theirs was the group instructed to intrude upon the Cinder Block and Son Commodities.
  • These four were killed.
Tuesday afternoon we meet with Arkiel at the twilight house. He admits to having eighty percent of the manpower he needs to take a ship to the moot and says the rest can be found already moored at sea. Together Jaren and the drow measure out a pseudo-legal method of acquiring Corso’s Pharaoh, by outlawing the ship so that the cargo could be confiscated. Arkiel would have a galleon and we keep the
Wandering Killer re-brand as the Stalking Dragon. We then are taken to Lizbane…
  • The job to kill Vormite was found on the job board and came with an extra 5k to ensure haste and discretion.
  • A sealed note came with the job bearing a likeness of Luned’s seal.
  • Lizbane admits to sending a team to the Cinder Block.
  • Jaren breaks enchantment and discovers that the proof of Vormite’s death lies in truename magic triggered with the breaking of the note’s seal.
  • A name is revealed: Gazlemar. A twilight house officer from Uvroc’s heyday who was charged setting up challenges for and dispatching gather teams.
  • Lizbane was killed for her mistakes. 

We pick up next session late Tuesday evening/ Wednesday morning with our move against Corso’s Pharaoh. 

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