Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tales from The Green Cloud


Your demands for “my proper paperwork” regarding a landing bill of sail are not only rude, but also above your station and completely beneath mine. I will not deign to acquiesce to your demands, but instead have ordered a servant to prepare your ridiculous list, and attached it to my signature. The list is complete and I suggest to you with all gravity that you not question it’s veracity or thoroughness.


Katarina, Dragon Queen to Kazzurog

Druid potions Sorcerer potions

Ebon eyes cl 1

Guidance cl 1 Jump cl 1

Healthful rest cl 1 Mage Armor cl 1

Cure lt wnds 1d8+2 cl 2 Endure elements cl 1

Barkskin cl 3 Prot vs good cl 2

Less. Restoration cl 3 Prot. Vs chaos cl 2

Remove scent cl 3 resist fire cl 4

Cloudwings cl 4 resist cold cl 4

Cure mod wnds 2d8+5 cl5 resist electricity cl 4

Neutralize poison cl 5 resist acid cl 4

Blindsight cl 5 Blur cl 4

Climb cl 5 Darkvision cl 4

Magic fang cl5 Levitate cl 4

Bull’s strength cl 4

Cat’s grace cl 4

Owl’s wisdom cl 4

Eagle’s splendor cl 4

Fox’s cunning cl 4

Invisibility cl5

Prot. vs arrows cl 6

Nondetection cl 6

Prot vs fire cl6

Prot vs cold cl 6

Prot vs acid cl 6

Prot vs electricity cl 6

Tongues cl 6

Heroism cl 6

Displacement cl 6

Fly cl6

Haste cl 6

Water breathing cl 6

Spiderskin cl 6

Deeper darkvision cl 6

Greater mage armor cl 6

Wings of air cl6

P.S. Let it be known that we intend to trade these commodities in units of twenty, or bundles of 100. We are seeking to trade for magic weapons, or weapons with truly superior qualities. Prices are negotiable, and we have more than 10,000 potions to barter with. It is clear to see we are prepared to arm garrisons of troops with enhanced battle advantages, and seek only serious offers with the resources to take advantage of our bulk rates. Although we specialize in the creation of potions for armies, we also have a cargo of other items, ranging from other forms of magical enhancement to textbooks of magical study to rare metal ore. That list follows.


Secretary of Wizardry, in servie to Queen Katarina

25 books with all 0-level wizard spells from the core book

25 books with 25 select first level spells from the core book

25 books with 2 first level spell from each school

25 books with 1second level spell from each school

25 books with 1 third level spell from each school

Wands of all O-level spells from the core book at cl 1

Dragons draught, green

Skill Shards, all, lesser

Skill shards, all, greater

glitter stones

scrying shards

crystal shards of alertness

earth elemental gems

Memento magicas 1st level

Memento magicas 2nd level

Memento magicas 3rd level

Gems of force (as bead of force)

Clear spindle ioun stones

Dusty rose prism ioun stones

Tons of darksteel ore

Copper ingots

Platinum ingots

A large variety of colored gemstones, esp. emeralds and jade

Type 1 bags of holding

Type 2 bags of holding

Note to DM and other players: all potions are from the core rulebook or spell compendium. All magic items are from the core rulebook or Magic Item Compendium. Prices have been deliberately left off to give the DM some leeway in determining those. It should be noted that most of the potions are crafted by sorcerers, thus the even caster levels. Of course, the DM is free to include other secret items not reported on theses lists. Also included is a list of all passengers, including; the court of Katarina, 3 regiments of 23 half kobold-dragons, and a roster of passengers from Lowport.

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