Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Here'ssssssssssss CARSO

His brethren called it the trip of a thousand divinations while laughing at Carso’s audacious plan. His brethren, however, were unaware of the trident, or the pact Carso’s divinations had revealed would occur when he undertook the trip.  His colleagues were slow to realize that Carso had DIVINED the audacious path, the elemental fires had revealed possibilities that could only occur if Carso had taken the correct prior action.  Fate began to fall as a domino before the bold dwarven priest; his colleagues only realizing the magnitude of Carso’s ambition the day the Pharaoh himself gifted Carso with a trading ship and the chance to earn for his family caste of dwarves freedom from lifetimes of servitude and slavery. 

Those golden shores of home seemed a lifetime rather than a year ago, he and his crew had been through so much since then, so many calculations and divinations ago.  “The burden of Fire” the embers would whisper, as Carso’s sadness and guilt would overwhelm his most recent attempts at seeing the path of flame.  Only his Amir, Saif ad-Din Qutuz, shared his burden, now that their pact was fully bound. 

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