Thursday, June 30, 2011

Review (6/29/2011)

Continuing our night of celebration and revelry we begin the session with Jaren magically searching for Sevens tattoos. Many various individuals, seeming oblivious of each other, are scattered about. Represented are a handful of humans with a possible sixth; a score of humanoids near but outside the stables and a gnome with a brand over his tats (he had two on his wrists). Jaren approached and gave him a simple errand involving the outside marks, which he did perform. This is when we gather that they seem unknown to each other and that the score of men were part of Godin’s gang. Nothing seemed amiss and their was no plot about to be unleashed.

Roughly 8 am the next morning Auge and Durg meets with Vespa for armor sales (have to remember to say the Phrase to him later). Jaren makes his way to the Black Crown; Vercel reads before the fights begin at noon.

As the fights progress, we take advantage this opportunity to assess the fighters and participants. Over two-hundred registered entries participate as the bards create drama and excitement. Some of whom leave an impression is a group of ten monks of the Bloody Fist Dicipline: the Iron Sworn.

Late in the afternoon is when the lifters guild begin to arrive.

Two LC members approach Auge for permission to follow the moneychanger courier to its destination and make a hit. Thinking these to will likely die in the attempt, Auge allows it as long as the destination is out of the Rats Nest (ie out of our territory).

5 pm Jaren greets the Stormhaven nobility as they arrive. Rockhamers and Greystones, a total of six Stormhaven noble families arrive bearing gifts for the Red Keep. The volcano dwarfs bring gifts as well: masterwork tools for Cinder Block builders.

It is at this time the fights are announced for the rest of the evening and we deposit our take as of that time to the lair (5,000 now plus two more 1,000 deposits before the night is through). We each take a 1,000 cut.

Pippen the Ring master Halfling comes to meet Jaren and deliver the two rings he was commissioned to make. After this Pilini approaches Auge and says that White Spider is here and waiting in the Vial and Flask. Jaren and Auge find a visibly exhausted Halfling who says she was contacted by an individual interested in work. Jaren casts a protection spell and relieves her of whatever was compelling her- she collapses sleeping on the floor. Auge takes her to a room meaning to check up on her after midnight.

With that aside Auge makes contact with Torgar, Tamros’ brother (meeting was set for tomorrow at the brewery) as well as other prospective members in Auge’s rogues guild. Two former staircase guards: Farley and Spade, a ranger. Both come with hopes of selling information on valuable and forgotten merchant wares they know about. Auge offers to finance the operation meaning for them to retrieve it. Do this and you will be compensated. They were given magical items to assist them (A wand, cloak and haversacks). They eagerly agree hoping to recruit one more individual to the job. This led us to the first evening match and the third prospect.

7pm. Kiton, an incredible humanoid with dire ape blood in his ancestry vs. a masked wizard who names himself ‘the crusher’; Kiton was the stronger. 8pm. Ulf, the large-for-one-of-his-race ogre, ripped and muscular against a feral female humanoid with cat-like features; Ulf was the stronger. Finally a match between Kiton and Ulf- Kiton proves himself by breaking Ulf’s wrists and a nod toward Auge.

9pm. Brings the hammer and stone competition; Greystones against the Rockhammers who bless the Cinder Block with a battle dance. The event brought great prestige to the Cinder Block. After their exhibition it was our turn against the Greystones who come bearing dragon-bane weapons…

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pardon the Interruption

On the way back to Stormhold…

Auge: That was rude of the Halfling. I will have to speak to her and her timing. This dinner is important on so many levels! How does it look to the founders when one cannot better communicate or control their underlings? It was completely uncharacteristic and … wait… the aboleth! Mayhap the White Spider is no longer of her own mind; I did send her to the Driftdowns and mayhap unwittingly sent her to her doom. I will have to watch her closely and speak my suspicions to my brothers, but that will have to wait until after dinner…

Review (6/22/2011)

Friday morning Vercel and Durg confer that they had shared a dream. A connection with mother then images of death and destruction; a sated feeling after battle, not one but many battles; it was the green dragon of wrath; she was reaching out to us. In addition that morning it is noticed the lair is taking on some of our traits becoming warmer and accommodating.

Jaren and Vercel take the two mind flayer remains to the Black Crown, delivering them to Adalwin Joscelin who accepted them quickly, anxious to complete his studies, the meeting is brief. Jaren then went about his daily preparations while noticing that he has been elevated in both rank and reputation in the Black Crown. Two servants of Jamilia arrive just before a magical message, supplying Jaren with a new badge for his Watermark and showing him to his new office along with a title: The Magister of Draconic Relations. Meanwhile Durg and Auge begin assessing the damage at the Edana Estate- now known as the Red Keep- and how to begin clean up. Several nobles send word of aid, but these offers were politely refused, and by polite we mean a reply was sent, “No”. Before rendezvousing with Durg and Auge, Versel and Jaren fly to the Sunbow Mansion where they were given one-thousand gold pieces from recent business, which was down due to all of the battles that took place upside along with the disappearance of half of the staff (cousins). The manager feared the reaction to the lack of profits and news of the loss of staff. He was prepared with a solution to the current endeavors and suggested an investment in potions of disguise until new “cousins” were brought in and trained. From there they caught up with their brothers at Red Keep. By 1 pm one-eighth of the debris around the Red Keep had been cleared away. Flying back to the Cinder Block, Vercel wanted to take a longer scenic route. While en-route we exercise our aura and witness its effects. That leads to talk of the flyers club and employing the tiefling bard Elcorn to seek out any surviving flyers club members. At the Cinder Block, last minute arrangements are made allowing for bar area to serve the Neutral Grounds. Vercel reads and Auge looks into removing taints and then it’s time to prepare for dinner.

6 pm we come to Stormhold home to the Rockhammer Dwarves, several other noble families arrive by carriage, most notably the elven Seawillows. We observe the dwarves as arrogant, proud, and possessed of deep lineages. We are received as victors and tenants of the newly named Red Keep. Dinner of the finest foods and drink was served; we were attended to by experts, servants as well as expert servants in any way we wanted. The opulence was quite amazing. During this time we are treated with a tour of the globe by some ancient and powerful magic, the walls, floors, and ceiling of the elegant dining room became a series of rolling images, scenes from around the world. Elias Seawillow (the 23rd), our host, maintains that politics ends at the worthy gate; he was quite engaging. Recognizing our defined territory he supports our means for peace and stability in Stormhaven. Which brought up Socordia; was she displaced? Would she return to her previous domain? Jaren stresses the greatness and might that is dragon-kind and Auge concludes simply that the face and power structure of Stormhaven has changed.

Then a messenger, the White Spider has returned and has came calling. She relays information to Auge that Tamros went into The Rock (prison) by his own will this past Wednesday. He had found a way in and went looking for Cathlan who knew about a tome called Maleficus Arcanum. Back at the dinner, Seawillow and Rockhammer believe there will be no peace with Socordia in the Staircase Keep. Agreed, but like Vercel says- no one would willingly choose to return to the driftdowns, not after being elevated to the Upside. Nevertheless Elias Seawillow officially- in front of all attendees- calls upon the office of Draconic Affairs to assess and address the situation. The drunken and drugged conversation carried on for hours. In come the casks: Double-dark Dwarven Stout and that’s all she wrote for that night. Waking up we realize that they did in fact received our pledge to deal with the abloleth, but they had to get us drunk to do it.

Saturday morning was spent with an eye for increased security. Contests with the long sword, light blades, archery, strength contests and unarmed combat brackets were drawn up and prizes were decided upon: master work weapon for the appropriate contest and 500 gp to the strength and unarmed contests. In addition six priests of strength and combat were enlisted to act as judges while Endera handled Neutral Ground registrations. A wand of light was given to the bards to liven up the grand opening.

7pm is when the carriages began to arrive bringing the Rockhammer clan, paparazzi, as well as more food and more drink. They came bearing a gift to Sons Commodities in the form of a 5,000 gp jewel and a special event to add to the festivities: the stone and hammer. Huzza! Before the end of the night Auge made contact with a merchant named Vesper who would agree to arrange a discount on armor in return for access to the fighters and presenting them with quality armors.

We begin next session late Saturday night or if it pleases the DM… Sunday morning.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Raise your glass (in Pride)

"Good work gentlemen, you have brought defeat to the vile frost giants thereby allowing us to bring down the wretched aberrations. Be not humbled in your feats take Pride for the victories won, for you have earned it. Always bear in mind men of Dragonsbane, soldiers of the Cinder Block that a warrior with Pride is a warrior with ambition. A warrior without ambition is a beast of burden. Keep your eyes on the objective men, swing your sword with purpose and be Prideful of your achievements. Raise your glass men and drink to our victory this night"

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Exclusive Vial and Flask Components

Alchemical Candle: Created alchemically, these candles often take bizarre shapes, styles and colors- even the flame may take unique colors; they are often centerpieces in rich or diplomatic settings. With a mix of special wax and alchemically treated wicks the alchemical candle is easy to shape and continually illuminates as a regular candle would save that nothing short of destroying the candle will put out the flame. In addition when used in any fire or light spell, an alchemical candle increases the spell's level by one, as if affected by the Heighten Spell feat. 250 gp + 200 gp/level of spell.

Angel Down: Popular lore has it that this fluffy golden material is reputedly made up of pinfeathers from celestials' wings. In fact, it is pollen gathered from various rare flowers found growing on the Upper Planes. When angel down is used as a component in an abjuration spell, the spell's duration is doubled as if affected by the Extend Spell feat. 250 gp + 200 gp/level of spell.

Devil's Eye: These small, translucent stones seem a little warm to the touch. They also at least faintly resemble an eye with a vivid red sclera, a white or yellow iris, and a black, catlike pupil. Despite the name, devil's eyes are natural crystals found in volcanic areas, often streambeds or collections of glacial debris. The warm feeling comes from a weak acid that forms on the stone's surface. When a devil's eye is used in a divination spell, the spell's level is increased by one (as if by Heighten Spell). 250 gp + 200 gp/level of spell.

Dragon's Tear: Reputedly the dried tears of dragons, these irregular little crystals have a milky white color with a faint blue tinge. They are found near mineral springs and volcanic vents (both locales with a decidedly draconic character). When used in any fire or mind-affecting spell, a dragon's tear increases the spell's level by one, as if affected by the Heighten Spell feat. 250 gp + 200 gp/level of spell.

Fairy Button: These small bits of stone resemble brightly colored mushrooms or flowers. They occur naturally in caverns where the groundwater has the correct mineral content. They get their name from their minuscule size and bright colors—usually red, yellow, green or purple or some variegated combination that includes some or all of those hues. When incorporated into an illusion spell, a fairy button doubles the area of the spell, as if affected by the Widen Spell feat. 1000 gp + 200 gp/level of spell.

Fairy Dust: This fine powder is all but invisible in daylight, but it gleams with a silvery sheen in moonlight. Fey creatures supposedly collect it from newly blossomed wood flowers each spring. In fact, fairy dust is made of the dried and powdered cocoons of certain rare moths that breed in the spring. When used in any transmutation spell, fairy dust doubles the duration of the spell, as if affected by the Extend Spell feat. 250 gp + 200 gp/level of spell.

Golden Desert Honey: Actually lumps of dried of dried sap from a rare desert tree, this material is a vital ingredient in expensive incenses and perfumes. When used in a summoning spell with a casting time of 1 round, golden desert honey reduces the casting time to 1 standard action, as if affected by the Rapid Spell feat (see below). 250 gp + 200 gp/level of spell.

Possibility Dust: This iridescent gray material is gathered in the depths of the Astral Plane. Planar scholars believe that possibility dust is literally distilled reality that somehow seeps from the Material Plane to the Astral Plane, where it settles as fine dust. This assertion is unproven; however, spellcasters have found the substance useful when attempt to create something out of nothing. When possibility dust is incorporated into any creation spell, the spell's duration doubles, as if affected by the Extend Spell feat. 250 gp + 200 gp/level of spell.

Primal Essence: This granular material appears as metallic sand, though it actually comes from the Ethereal Plane. Spellcasters have found that they can shape it as part of spellcasting to take on other forms. Unlike other components described here, spells of higher than 1st level don't automatically require multiple units of primal essence. A pinch of primal essence dust can be substituted for any material component (but not a focus) that costs 100 gp or less. Multiple pinches have an additive effect; three pinches, for example, could substitute for the 250 gp of diamond dust required by stoneskin. 150 gp

Serpents' Tongue: This material resembles dried snake's tongues, hence the name. In fact, it is a mixture of cured tongues of various rare birds and reptiles and the dried stamens of several kinds of tropical flowers. All the ingredients must be painstakingly gathered by hand and carefully mixed in the correct proportions. When used in an enchantment spell, serpent's tongue doubles the spell's duration, as if affected by the Extend Spell feat. 250 gp + 200 gp/level of spell.

Singing Shell: These little shells resemble miniature conch shells. They come from a rare mollusk found along jungle coastlines. Searching for the shells is time-consuming in the murky water and exposes the gatherer to attack from predators that lurk both in the water and on land. When a singing shell is used in a spell with the sonic descriptor, the spell's area doubles, as if affected by the Widen Spell feat. If the spell doesn't affect an area, its range doubles instead, as if affected by the Enlarge Spell feat. 250 gp + 200 gp/level of spell.

You can cast spells with long casting times more quickly.
Benefit: Only spells with a casting time greater than 1 standard action can be made rapid. A rapid spell with a casting time of 1 full round can be cast as a standard action. A rapid spell with a casting time measured in rounds can be cast in 1 full round. Rapid spells with casting times measured in minutes can be cast in 1 minute, and rapid spells with casting times measured in hours can be cast in 1 hour. A rapid spell uses up a spell slot one level higher than the spell’s actual level.
Special: A spell can be made rapid and quickened only if its original casting time was 1 full round. This feat can be applied to a spell cast spontaneously as long as its original casting time was longer than 1 full round.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Review (6/15/ll)

Our session was spent largely with our attack on the inner hive of mind flayers inhabiting the Edana Estate. Battling through abhorrent hounds and mind flyers the greatest threat to our success was also the biggest surprise of the night: the Beholder. Using his Father’s wish, Vercel turned the bleak melee in our favor. The beholder fell, the hounds were killed and we laid low or drove away the mind flyers.

Tremors began to rock the estate as Jaren transported us outside to see how we could aid in the fight against the frost giants. We managed to help an enraged frost giant bury himself under thousands of tons of ice and snow while avoiding the same fate.

With many neighboring aristocrats watching our exploits we are elevated in the eyes of the Stormhaven nobility.

A celebration was held at the Cinder Block upon our return. Then a toast to the fallen. We begin next session Friday morning; later that day: Dinner with the Founding Families.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tales from the Edana Estate

Erhard cursed the loss of winter’s kiss, staring at the ice palace he had created from nature’s wrath.  The Giant stood hidden in an enclosure of ice, yet the mirrored surfaces allowed him vision all around his newly created home.  Erhard was determined to be ready when the red scales returned.  Those fiery creatures had killed his blood along with his half breed bastards and he was certain they were involved in stopping the magical winter storm his priests had worked so hard to call.  Erhard didn’t know much about his enemy but he was certain they would return.  “This time, I shall allow nature to supply my revenge!” his thoughts raged, “damn the squids too!”
A bright flash caught Erhard’s eye flickering across the mirrored ice.  Through the ice he could see two of his fellow giants thrown off their feet, covered in fire, while he heard a loud explosion from the Gardens! Sudden howls and barks as wolves appeared snarling and snapping.  Erhard heard the mental demands of the alien squid heads that are protected in the ice covered estate;  this time he would ignore them.  The giant would wait, certain the reds would show themselves soon enough.  Three other giants rushed out to the gardens and one of the fallen giants was struggling to get up.  Erhard now noticed the direphants were ignoring the battle, acting as if they hadn’t heard anything.  If he hadn’t had his priests so busy in preparations for his revenge they could help take care of this surprise attack.  “Come closer,” thought Erhard, “closer to your doom.” 
The battle outside was something to behold for now Erhard saw a flying troll wielding a massive sword supported by four gnolls.  They smartly all targeted Falk, the giant struggling to get up.  The trolls last strike meant that Falk breathed no more, his entrails spilled across the grounds, now a garden of gore.  Only then did Erhard see the small creatures who climbed about Benno while the wolves snapped at his ankles.  Benno was not skilled at fighting small folk and his lack of training looked to be costing him.  On another reflection Erhard saw a dozen of the mindless merc’s move out towards the gardens.  Those poor sods were fully under the control of one of the squid heads, his alien magicks taking over their minds. Erhard knew that these were pawns, for while they are skilled, the mercs moved slowly now, their skills dulled by a will not their own. 
Erhard stared now at the reflective surface that watched over his priests busy at work on his revenge, wondering if any of them had guessed what he had in store for his enemies. If their dark cold god smiled upon them, then maybe a few of them would survive as well. Another noise jarred the giant’s thoughts and he looked back to the gardens.  A large force of men now swarmed the gardens, a flight of arrows taking down Benno, while many charged forth, their blows bringing the mindless merc’s a merciful death. Erhard was surprised at their numbers and wondered if he should leave his observation post.  That decision was taken from him as he let out a bellow of pain, his foot suddenly throbbing. Looking down, much to his surprise, Erhard saw a laughing gnome running away from him and a small toothpick like blade, buried deep in his foot.  As the giant tried to remove the blade with his much too large fingers, he discovered the gnome’s second surprise.  There was another flash and loud explosion and Erhard was conscious no more.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Alchemical Power Components (Stinkpots and Powders)

This is a simple alchemical weapon, consisting of a clay jar filled with a mix of nauseating substances.
Cloudkill (M): Each living creature affected by cloudkill is also sickened as long as they remain and for 1d4+1 rounds after they leave as if they were affected by a Stinkpot.
Pyrotechnics (M): Each living creature affected by the smoke cloud option of pyrotechnics is also sickened as long as they remain and for 1d4+1 rounds after they leave as if they were affected by a Stinkpot.
Fog Cloud (M): doubles the spell’s duration and effect.
Stinking Cloud (M): Targets not nauseated are sickened as long as they remain and for 1d4+1 rounds after they leave as if they were affected by a Stinkpot.
Incendiary Cloud (M): Each living creature affected by Incendiary Cloud is also sickened as long as they remain and for 1d4+1 rounds after they leave as if they were affected by a Stinkpot.
Ghoul Touch (M): improves the duration by +2 to 1d6+4 rounds.

Powder of the Black Veil
A pinch of this sooty, black powder cast into an area creates a high cloud centered on the user.
Color Spray (M): Improves the HD affected by Color Spray by +1.
Glitterdust (M): Improves the area by +10 feet and improves the duration by +2.
Blindness/Deafness (M): Saves vs blindness improves by +2.

Monday, June 13, 2011

(Review 6/11/11) Satruday

Making our way to Caer Dragonsbane we notice much has transpired, they were attacked and the esteemed Obidah Dragonsbane has been killed. The attack came Tuesday in the form of orcs, orogs and hobgoblins (Twilight House Warriors) disguised as elves, dwarfs and the like.

We met and held long palaver with Samson Dragonsbane- master raiperer. He is seated in a position of power in his family of salt purveyors; they also hold many major shipping lanes. He was hastily teleported here when news of Obidah’s demise reached him. Sampson’s sister, Varen and her husband Able Chumley who is a wine, grapes and dies merchant; they have been in Stormhaven less than a year. Together they were looking for allies, and our two groups would seem logical to join. They admired the respect we have earned in Stormhaven.

Together we negotiated an alliance between the Sons of Nissian and the Dragonsbanes. We would be responsible for disciplining their mercenaries making us the stewards of their warriors. Auge suggested utilizing the sin of Pride into these soldiers using a complex rank and merit system of reward and honor. We would have privileged access to the Dragonsbane shipping network. It would begin 8 AM tomorrow morning when sixty men report to the Cinderblock for unit training. (Little do they know that they were to be deployed their first day against frost giants!)

11 AM before departing, Jaren instructed the Dragonsbane majordomo (who told Dragonsbane numbers actually total 400 arms) to begin the transportation of two hundred Dragonsbane mercenaries to the Cinderblock in the Rats Nest. From there it was off to the Black Crown when Pignian was invented. Jaren had to meet with Adalwin Joscelin (expertise: magical strategy and control and domination of enemies) to reveal the sinister wizard Carosto (who never joined the Black Crown) and his plans. Jaren and Adalwin also made plans for tomorrow attack on the Edana Estate- we will return tomorrow. They next hour was spent for the rest of us answering general questions on the state of Stormhaven after the Dire Winter. We also contacted Arkiel that it is time to change his address and that it is best to stay at the Cinderblock and to leave Twilight House. We find out he has been attacked and defeated his mind flyer attacker- possibly a relative of the two he is familiar with he is bringing the body to us.

In the Vial and Flask we meet with Arkiel and his dead mind flayer and begin an exchange of information including the Dragonsbane Accord and our activities for the next couple of days. Auge sells him a magical rapier; Jaren takes his masterwork rapier as plans are laid out for tomorrow.

Crafting, reading, scribing scrolls and ariel patrols comprise our free time.

8 AM Thursday comes with unit inspection for sixty Dragonsbane mercenaries. Three independent units each with a leader, nine 4th and 5th level fighters each with a slashing, piercing and bludgeoning weapons; some with cold iron weaponry, the leaders have adamantine and most have some team-work feat. Expenditure of 17,000 SONS funds go into out fitting these in preparation of the assault on the Edana Estate later today (flaming magical arrows, bombs, scrolls). Durg breaking the maggots down and Versel building them back up; the mercs endure it all.

Swords and stuff. Thursday also brings a delivery of adamantine weapons form the volcano dwarves. (Total order: 2 scimitars, 2 kamas, 2 short swords, 1 dagger, 1 spear head, 1 longsword with 1 longsword going to pay the dwarves for their labor) Sharsoh receives a magical scimitar and Versel his magical kamas.

3 PM back at the Black Crown: with Adalwin in the war room, we begin making preparations for the attack. We end the session here spelled up, in high magical definition and thirsty for victory.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Alchemical Power Components (Tanglefoot & Thunderstone)

Tanglefoot Bag
These sticky pouches can make a troublesome spell even worse.
Black Tentacles (M): For each tanglefoot bag used as a power component, you may reroll the tentacles’ grapple check against one creature of your choice.
Slow (M): For each tangelefoot bag used as a power component, you may designate one slowed creature as
being affected by a tanglefoot bag.
Web (M): Increase the DC of breaking free by making a combat maneuver or Escape Artist check by 1.

While they are effective enough on their own, these stones have useful interactions with some spells.
Alarm (M): If cast as a mental alarm, you may have the spell activate a mental and audible alarm. If cast as
an audible alarm, the alarm is as loud as a thunderstone and affects creatures in a 10-foot-radius spread as if a
thunderstone had detonated there.
Glyph of Warding (M): Creatures that fail their saves against a blast glyph are also deafened as if by a

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Alchemical Power Components (Acid & Fire)

From the pages of Adventurer's Armory:

Acid Flask
A common flask of acid has many uses as a power component, particularly with attack spells.
Acid Arrow (M): The spell’s acid lasts 1 round longer than normal.
Acid Fog (M): The fog’s radius and height increase by 5 feet.
Acid Splash (F): The spell deals +1 point of damage.
Acid Splash (M): The spell lasts 1 round longer than normal.
Dispel Magic (M): Using acid as a material component while attempting to dispel or counterspell a spell or effect with the earth subtype gives you a +2 bonus on your dispel check. This bonus applies whether you are using dispel magic, greater dispel magic, or some other spell that you can use for counterspelling (for example, if you have the Improved Counterspell feat).
Grease (M): The grease is acidic and deals 1 point of acid damage per round to any creature in the area or holding the greased object.
Wall of Ice (M): For each flask of acid used as a power component, you may designate one 10-foot square of ice wall that, if broken through, deals 1d6 acid damage in addition to the normal cold damage.

Alchemist’s Fire
This dwarven favorite can make fire spells last longer.
Burning Hands (M): One target that fails its Reflex saving throw (your choice) catches on fire as if it has been struck by alchemist’s fire.
Fireball (M): One target per caster level that fails its Reflex saving throw (your choice) catches on fire as if it has been struck by alchemist’s fire.
Flaming Sphere (M): Any creature damaged by a flaming sphere catches on fire as if it has been struck by alchemist’s fire.
Protection from Energy (M): If cast to ward against cold, increase the amount of fire damage absorbed by 5.
Resist Energy (M): If cast to ward against cold, increase the fire resistance to 12. At caster level 7th, you may use two flasks of alchemist’s fire as a power component to increase the fire resistance to 24. At caster level 11th, you may use three flasks as a power component to increase the fire resistance to 36.
Scorching Ray (F): Add a +1 circumstance bonus on your attack roll with all rays from the spell.
Scorching Ray (M): Any target damaged by a scorching ray catches on fire as if it has been struck by alchemist’s fire.

(Review 6/8/11)

The evening begins with us in the midst of battling the demons in the warehouse. It was a battle of claws, magic and fire. Suddenly, our opponents disappear and a voice sounds in our minds- everyone save for Jaren. With Jaren briefly separated from Versel, Auge and Durg, the voice preceded in making incredible offers of wealth if we would betray ‘the wizard’ (Jaren). This did not sway us in the least and we attempted to make our way out of the warehouse district with what we believed to be the flyers club/ally of Socordia/elf/wizard: Carosto.

Then the demons returned. They had regrouped to better utilize their tactical skills to battle us proper. It wasn’t long when a fearsome grapple and pin felled Auge; Jaren was warned to stay away; while Durg and Versel were not having their best day. It was not looking good.

“My wish is to see myself and my brothers three, safely and without harm or ailment to the Cinder Block with the elf while my demon foes are stricken confused.” It was Auge who used his father’s wish to escape checkmate.

The wish was granted.

We found ourselves in an undeveloped part of the Cinder Block with Carosto who played his best to appear confused and grateful for his rescue. After some questioning Versel expressed his feelings on the matter, Carosto proceeded in casting a spell he claimed to have no knowledge of: teleport. Questioning broke out into initiative. He did not have a chance, what with the full fury of all four of us eager to end him there on the spot. When Carosto fell we could hear distant infernal screams and wails from the demons as they were also defeated with the death of their summoner. We induced that Carosto was responsible for the demons and the trap in the warehouse, whatever his ultimate aspirations was- he was harvesting flyers club members.

We begin next session Noon that day. On the calendar for today: Gerto presents Pilinni and two other gnome prospects to learn to fly the dire bats and a meeting with Obidiah. Tomorrow (Thursday) swords and stuff and a noon assault on the Edana estate. Firday is dinner with the founding families and Saturday is the Cinder Block Grand Opening.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Message Familiar

A familiar is an animal chosen by a spellcaster to aid him in his study of magic. It retains the appearance… and abilities of the normal animal it once was, but is now a magical beast…If a familiar is lost or dies, it can be replaced … through a specialized ritual… that takes 8 hours to complete.

What happens to familiars if the wizard dies? When a surviving familiar outlives his bonded wizard, sometimes the familiar-bond is strong enough that the familiar remains behind even after the wizard’s death; it just passes to an heir or a close relative, the family or guild organization of the deceased wizard.

Living symbols of the deceased wizard, the wizard-familiar is treated with care and respect but is more or less an intelligent pet, magical beast in fact with one very useful ability: it can reliably carry messages over long distances and return with a reply if there is any. Often times this is a raven or owl but sometimes a cat, bat or even toad can and will tenaciously retain the familiar-bond and continue on to serve another.

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Spider's Wrath

“Wrath is a worthy sin young devotee.” Auge looked down on the mysterious Halfling. White Spider professed to him a desire to win Mother’s favor by way of sin.

“Wrath is a word that is often used to describe the ire the gods bring down upon the mortals: ‘You’ll earn the wrath of the gods!’ One would warn. The word itself is holy, as is the act holy.”

Auge turned to retrieve a specially prepared bottle from the shelf; when looked again her eyes were closed. Was she praying or waiting to be anointed? Auge examined her closely and found subtle signs; she was angering herself, her breathing quickened; her fists balled up; and she began to shake.

When Spider opened her eyes she took a deep calming breath and noticed that Auge had poured two glasses of red wine and produced a magical rapier. Auge raised his glass. “I will speak highly of you to my Matron. Let the Angry Spider be known to all who cross her wrath.”

Spider took the glass eagerly and drank, then took her leave for the Driftdowns where she would find Tamros.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review (6/1/11)

 We begin Tuesday 10pm after the Bank Job. We were teleported back to the lair where we steak our claim to the wondrous magic plundered from the vault, including 4 watermarks that our followers/ employees retrieved from the Lifter’s Weighs and Means Bank.

Many messages and statements were left at the Cinder Block for attention; declarations of goodwill and intentions to Sons Commodities as well as how some survived the dire winter and the solstice. Some messages were asking questions on the state of the Staircase and Socorida. Intriguing was correspondence from the founders Seawillow and Rockhammer. As Versel pointed out, it was recognition beyond what we would have hoped for. They have arranged a dinner with us as VIPs for this Friday.

Other items of note were three messages from individuals claiming to have had visions or dreams of ‘the’ terrible army some expect to charge forth from Ker Maga, as well as a crazed message from a maddened Rothwell who blames us for all his woes. This message was shown to Hislop.

Auge met with Gerto and the White Spider and officially puts them on the payroll of the Vial and Flask. Feeling fortunate with acquiring these two, Auge asks the gnome and Halfling girl if they had anyone they would refer to him. Gerto speaks up and recommends a trio of gnome acquaintances of his that would certainly be open to learning to ride our dire bats. Awesome. Gerto sets into motion; the White Spider remains to speak privately and confides to Auge, the path she wishes to take is a path of sin to seek the honor of Tiamat. As one born from Tiamat’s linage, the Halfling was seeking guidance on her path to sin. Auge would grant her counsel when she returns from an errand- go to the driftdowns, seek out Tamros and deliver a message.

Also later that night Durg offered the magical phylactery to mother and it was accepted.

The next day begins with a morning of: Versel reading the manual of bodily health; Jaren preparing arcane spells at the Black Crown; Auge spends 100 gold arranging to have the messages properly replied to; and Durg makes preparations to visit the warehouse district.

Their was discussion between us as to our plans for the next series of days including the Edana estate and in the wake of all these letters and surge in popularity we decide it is best to focus on our diplomatic ties and let the Frost Giants and the Dire Illithid wait. Besides Rob wanted to make his presence in the warehouse district and we have weapons being delivered Thursday.

The warehouse district was a war zone, sacked and broken. The battles that took place here were recent and deadly. After a time we find a building worthy of investigating; Durg and Versel were able to tear it open to reveal a horrible gathering of demons led by a Hezrou- we were expected.

We ended the session in the middle of combat (sorry) and will commence with asskickary next week.