Thursday, January 23, 2014

Gudmundur and the Comet

Gudmundur was one-thousand one-hundred eleven years old, centuries past the time when he thought time would eventually catch up to him. Instead the great tortoise endured growing ever more wise and introspective, which consequently made him largely aloof to events and occurrences around him. 

Gudmundur adored the earth and whenever he could, he would climb to a mountain peak or mesa and marvel at the landscape. He would often lament the curve of the earth because it hid what he might otherwise see. So he walked.

Gudmundar became a great traveler of living worlds throughout the centuries and was fascinated with large picturesque canyons, wide gilded savannahs, and high mountain ranges sketched on the horizon; watching as over time the world grew and changed.

One year Gudmundur awoke to the fact that something had constructed an observation tower on his shell. He never saw the original master of the tower but in the centuries since Gudmundar knew there had been other observatory keepers but none stayed long, maybe fifty or sixty years.

It occurred to Gudnundar that these tower dwellers also enjoyed seeing the growing world as he did but as he discovered, their interest seemed also to lie in the stars.

Gudmundur was now having dreams; he never knew about them, he did not know of any others of his kind and therefore was surprised when he experienced is first one. The dreams had different backdrops like he was always on different worlds, one wickedly hot and covered in sand while another world seemed pock marked with rifts like claw marks across the land. In every instance Gudmundur saw the comet. Like an icy jewel in the sky the comet streaked across all worlds and planes alike. Gudmundur was compelled to follow its course.

The comet was an omen, Gudmundur dreamt, somewhere there was a man on the moon, a drow, a red child, and a paragon who would see this comet …

Review (01/22/2014)

The following takes place early Sunday morning to late Tuesday night. Events occur in fantasy time...

Our session was very free-form with information farmed from the blooded chief engineer Vormite, a recovery team, and Captain Lizbane from Twilight House. In addition, during our downtime Hogni moves in, Auge and Jaren are crafting while Durg and Versel are busy being awesome.

After having no luck in catching up with Cadmar or Allister Embry we bring Vormite back to the Cinder Block where we rest for the remainder of the day. Taking with Vormite reveals some information…
  • Luned Octavia arrived on Flaming Embry at the ship moot, choosing said ship.
  • They were visited by Leofric Vilho who through a series of inquires discovered Vormite’s (and the other two) knowledge of Luned presence because…
  • Luned (who was at the spellcasting) was seen in Stormhaven.
  • We surmise this impostor is the “Unnamed” who, sans her own truename could assume the name and therefore likeness of someone else.
  • Luned is being held under duress.
  • Vormite agrees to return to the ship moot with Arkiel’s Parisian galleon.
Monday night Pippen Toma and his niece Dalia answer Jaren’s summons. Arrangements were made to have Jaren’s ring modified when he noticed Dalia had ‘wandered off’. Staring into the fire she seemed to pick up message spell transmissions alerting us to a group of intruders…
  • They were Twilight house gather team members who received their orders from Captain Lizbane.
  • Other groups were gathered to the Bridge at Fox Run but theirs was the group instructed to intrude upon the Cinder Block and Son Commodities.
  • These four were killed.
Tuesday afternoon we meet with Arkiel at the twilight house. He admits to having eighty percent of the manpower he needs to take a ship to the moot and says the rest can be found already moored at sea. Together Jaren and the drow measure out a pseudo-legal method of acquiring Corso’s Pharaoh, by outlawing the ship so that the cargo could be confiscated. Arkiel would have a galleon and we keep the
Wandering Killer re-brand as the Stalking Dragon. We then are taken to Lizbane…
  • The job to kill Vormite was found on the job board and came with an extra 5k to ensure haste and discretion.
  • A sealed note came with the job bearing a likeness of Luned’s seal.
  • Lizbane admits to sending a team to the Cinder Block.
  • Jaren breaks enchantment and discovers that the proof of Vormite’s death lies in truename magic triggered with the breaking of the note’s seal.
  • A name is revealed: Gazlemar. A twilight house officer from Uvroc’s heyday who was charged setting up challenges for and dispatching gather teams.
  • Lizbane was killed for her mistakes. 

We pick up next session late Tuesday evening/ Wednesday morning with our move against Corso’s Pharaoh. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Leofric Vilho

LeofricVilho had enjoyed the days since the spell like few others in Stormhaven, of that he was certain.  The taunts and slurs of his master were muted when Leofric’s very nature provided his master immediate information and advantage.  Since the day of the spell, Leofric believed he had finally earned his aged master’s respect.  According to his master, even The Architect was affected by the time compression.

Today Leofric would finally be rewarded with knowledge of true name magic along with a path to free will.  Leofric followed his instructions, subtle mental suggestions telepathically delivered by his master and found himself at the flyer’s club arranging for a new carpet.  The Tiefling wizard explained very specific dimensions to the Flier's guild crafter and was surprised to learn that his master had not only paid for the magic carpet but also for the invisibility enchantment to be placed upon the item as well. 

A few moments after leaving the club his master's mental commands overrode his senses, “you will begin with the animal companions, their names are the least complex.”

Journal Entry: Auge (The Castle)

The Castle represents an objective - an ideal level of achievement and of goal oriented focus; it is also a stronghold… or a lair both literal and figurative. In Stormhaven the like as not ‘Castle’ piece is represented by the Black Cown, its black structure surrounded by magical floating stones.

Like a Castle piece I adhere to the linear paths of discovery, of order, and of action with purpose- an objective.

To reflect the speed in which my alchemical processes have advanced and the enhanced way in which I have aged, and thus have grown in power, I feel that I have also advanced beyond many of my early teachings.
The least of which I feel was the overemphasized focus in the accuracy of my profession’s primary weapon(s): the bombs. Weeks ago I began stepping away from precision to an expanded blast radius. 

If one could observe my tactics, they would see me employ an array of weapons; the Planeshifter’s knife, a dancing longsword, and my alchemical bombs of which I have made many discoveries that themselves produce varied powerful effects, nevertheless I am still limited by my training.

After Hogni settles into his new facility on Monday I will spend the next five days (and 500 gp) retraining old tactics into yielding faster bombs in combat as well as manning the Vial and Flask providing tattoo services, quick potions, and poisons to Liquor Commission thieves. I will put all my available efforts on getting a return on inventory, my goal is to have it all sold by Saturday.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Journal entry Versel. The Merit of Sin.

Born of Greed I revel in it. I take no greater pleasure than the acquisition of wealth. Whether it be coins, gems, items of power, or property makes no difference. I have even come to value knowledge & political position almost as much as coin. Our standing in society also has value, not as easily measured but I can see its influence. Greed drive’s me, it gives me purpose and helps define my existence as well as that of my brothers. But recent events and conflicts with other creatures of sin has forced me to look at myself differently. I have come to realize a connection with all seven of the recognized sins. In some ways I embody them all.

Greed: is the desire for material wealth or gain. This one goes without saying for me & my brothers, for what are we if not Greed personified.

Gluttony: is an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires. Most often recognized with the intake of food (for which I am rarely satisfied) it also reflects the desire for excess. Excess (when it comes to material possessions) is a word barely recognized by me or my brethren. The thought of excess anything, as long as it holds some value is foreign to me.    

Wrath: is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury. Our enemies know full well the manifestation of my wrath. They have taken our possessions, invaded our home, & threatened the very business we have worked hard to create. To invoke my wrath is to court death.    

Pride: is excessive belief in one's own abilities, which interferes with the individual's recognition of the grace of God. It has been called the sin from which all others arise. The things my brothers and I have accomplished in the short period of time since our awakening has been astounding. We have each amassed a fortune that the commoners of this city could never achieve in a dozen lifetimes. Combined I bet our hordes value would challenge the great wyrms of ages past. We have only just begun to recognize our capability’s, and as our understanding of this world grows so will our interests and earning potential.    

A brief note acknowledging my combat prowess: I have trained and honed my skills well beyond that of a typical combatant. In fact utilizing my genetic gifts, as well as the unique equipment I have managed to acquire I would be hard pressed to find militant equal. I could only imagine a mature dragon, or perhaps some great demonic outsider being able to stand alone against me. Possessing very few weaknesses to exploit, it’s hard to perceive the tactics in which one would even try.       

Envy: is the desire for others' traits, status, abilities, or situation. I find this one the hardest sin to bear. Barely able to admit it to myself I would never admit it to anyone else, even my brothers. Of course we all want what others have, be it money, power, or fame it seems everyone always has it a bit better than you do. And while I may have a slight bit of envy for a couple of the house heads or guild leaders we have encountered, my true envy lies a little closer to home.

Jaren- Gifted with fathers arcane talents his abilities are awe inspiring. If I had his spell casting ability I would certainly be unstoppable. The enchantments he bestows upon me in combat has proven invaluable & has guaranteed our victory time & time again. Add to that his ability to craft and effectively use items of power and his value becomes immeasurable.  

Durg- His combat ability’s to push himself beyond his normal limits is astounding. If I could focus my energies to physically enhance my capabilities I would never know defeat. The way Durg is able to ignore some of the damage as if he was never struck shows a level of toughness the likes of which I have never seen.

Auge- Master of alchemy his ability’s to craft potions, poisons and other alchemical wonders is truly a gift. With his talents I would bring to bear a never ending supply toxins to smote my enemies & enhancements to increase my strengths. He also possesses an unlimited earning potential with his ability to craft in demand items of power.     

Lust is an inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body. Unlike some of the other sin’s I believe this one is not shared by my brothers. Ever since I became aware there has always been the desire. An ever burning need to bed any woman I feel drawn to. Fortunately the acquisition of Sunbow Mansion has helped minimize the impact this craving has had on my day to day duties. However the recent depletion of stock at our facility has got me looking to ply my lust else were.    

Sloth is the avoidance of physical or spiritual work. I initially thought this was the lone absent sin I did not posses. It wasn’t until I looked ahead to the future that I noticed the presence of sloth. It’s the sin I aspire to. I have a vision, to amass such a level of wealth, to attain a level of power so absolute that my underlings deposit payment as I repose. To have no concerns or responsibility’s and yet still continue to amass wealth and gain power, I believe that is what a true dragon should strive toward.    

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Review (01/15/2014)

We begin our session Saturday night after our attack on the Wandering Killer, a ship that with the right enchantments could move undetected in the evening ocean waters.

Versel and Jaren fly over to the Flaming Embry to ascertain why the crew of the Wandering Killer would target that ship. Jaren invisible, flew about ready to back his brother. Versel, in a casual matter of fact tone informed the invading party that resistance was futile and that their complete cooperation was required or they would end up as dead as their half-drow crew.
Meanwhile as Jaren and Versel closed on the Flaming Embry where several individuals appeared magically held; Durg and Auge remained on the Wandering Killer whereby they could see five weighted bodies being disposed overboard. Auge waits and watches while Durg Louganis dives into the water after the disposed of unknowns.

Back on the Flaming Embry Jaren too bides his time waiting for his brother to make is play. Versel sizes up the group not magically held, the aggressors of the Wandering Killer- an orc ‘sacred killer,’ Arcano the Halfling, ‘Car’ spellcaster/spiked chain/hood-guy, a human female ‘initiate’ monk (Dreamweaver) also with a spiked chain weapon, and ‘Scythe’ the half-drow leader of this rodeo.

After some brief discussion on the merits of their total surrender the other team balked and went from indifferent to f**k1ng hostile. From summoned one-hit wonders, spiked chains, numerous dispel magics, and poisoned daggers the SONs proved the victors. While some adversaries escaped Versel dropped the orc sacred killer, Auge dealt the death blow on ‘Car’ after diving into ocean after him, Durg rescued Vormite (Chief engineer of the 'Embry and the last of his bloodline now), and Versel befriended the human female Initiate.

After recovering some items Versel returned to Stormhaven with the the Initiate (who can’t know Vormite survived) and Jaren teleports Durg, Auge, and Vormite to Alllister Embry. We begin next week split up after the events at sea. (Sunday night/early Monday morning)

[Staff of acid, 2 potions of Haste, potion of cure serious, scroll of invisibility, 2 black adder venom, 2 giant wasp poison, 2 green blood oil, +3 studded leather, +1 hurtful/sharp short sword, belt of incredible dexterity +2, master work mask,  and a masterwork dagger with a poison reservoir.]

Tentative plans for this week:
Monday- Hogni moves in taking up most of Auge’s day, Jaren begins crafting a new magical stove and sets up a meeting with Pippen Toma on this day. Durg begins his investigations into the bounty on greedy creatures. Work begins on ‘Tiamat’s Spire’ at the Cinder Block.

Tuesday- Today is Arkiel’s deadline on coming up with a crew for the Wandering Killer. Jaren continues work on the stove, Auge begins improving Versel’s belt, and Durg continues looking for clues. A strike on Carso’s Pharaoh is scheduled for late evening.

Wednesday- Crafting continues. On this day Versel scheduled a visit the school of the Winter Blade.

Thursday- Auge and Jaren continue their weekly crafting efforts. Jaren also scheduled a palaver with the Hall of Voices seeking a ‘building permit’ or whatever else may be required to build new docks.
Friday night is alright for fighting.

Saturday- Jaren begins Sons Commodities dock construction. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Journal Entry, Jaren - End of Week 8

With the passing of the solstice, the subsequent time stops, and the past week, it finally feels like we have " caught up" with the time stream. I feel flush with arcane might this Saturday night, though I also ache with exhaustion from the drain of my new lyre of building. In a glorious display of arcane mastery I strummed for an entire eight hours, without falter or pause. In but one work day, I have completely repaired and rebuilt the Lifts. Having spent the day having our bards spread the word that Guildmaster Vesel was to dramatically improve the lifts, many people came by to witness the feat and attest to the civic generosity of the Sons. It took only a couple of hours for the Lifters Guild to man up to full workload capacity and bring trade flow to upside once again. Given the value of such a boon, and public confidence in our brotherhood's benefit to Stormhaven, I should meet little political or civic resistance to the next phase of my plans. A week from tonight I shall build a new dock that will be our own, to be taxed and controlled by Us. I envision grand pools of coins to bathe in, swelling hoards of trade riches. Ahhhh.
      This week also has brought the completion of another building within the Cinder Block - the Academy. Filled with workshops and libraries, apprentices toil to master their crafts and supply our businesses with quality finished goods. The new master alchemist under Auge's watchful eye inspired the the transformation of the floors above our offices into a secret laboratory hidden behind secret doors and dummy walls.  It shall be a workshop for golem creation, and I am very excited to see the fruits of that labor.
     Sarosh has once again impressed me. He has devised a magic bottle that gives an endless supply of air to breathe. He was able to make three of them this week, so with Auge' s own bottle, each of us has a way to breathe if we get caught or forced into the waters below us.
     India is also starting to pay dividends. Her janni blood had allowed her to act freely during the time stop, and her sneaky nature allowed her to do so unnoticed. She was able to affect some changes within the Crown that added some very posh furnishings with my offices, including spaces added for a small office and living space for her, so as it's secretary she could always be able to provide access and assistance to Crown business. She was also able to bring some minor magics her way, a collection of potions and scrolls and even a few wands. She was also able to spread the word of her quills, and sold four this week. On the last day, she gifted me with a scroll containing a spell that was completely new to me. She called it countless eyes, and it should be a great help to our warrior brothers who often find themselves surrounded.

Her second gift was even grander. She has a book in her possession from The List, and it is a working pair to at least one other book on The List that I already have acquired. With both books together, I was able to learn the character symbol and pronunciation of a truespeak syllable - a "word" of magic creation. It is the second such character I have learned and I fell as if I am ready to finally ready to walk the path of the Truenamer.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Review (01/08/2014)

We begin our session Sunday morning with a brief discussion on what to do for the day when Jakpeck Gatesong came calling for breakfast. He came bearing stogies which were received joyfully as well as ill tidings. His master Wrath will not be meeting with us unfortunately, however she sends a warning that there is a bounty out on ‘creatures’ of greed. He was thanked, shown Robilar’s magical belt and made his way out of our company. Dwarves also paid 10k toward another stove

In our ‘what to do today’ talk we agreed that another foray into the ships at sea was in order for profitable gains mayhap get a ship for Arkiel too. Leaving the world disk behind we look for ships with affiliations to the Seafoam Company/house.

Carso’s Pharaoh was a large shipping galleon; sitting heavy in the water it had many defenders and sailors as well as Seafoam markings. Investivating its innards Auge discovers (to be identified as) Egyptian Dwarves all with religious brands sporting gold accouterments. The ship was bore down by the crates of siege weapons in the major hold, weapons and fifty barrels of alchemist fire in two of the smaller holds.

Guild Raven did not identify as Seafoam allies but the boat itself looked to be pieced together; it was primarily a passenger ship to…

High Science had a humid jungle olfactory quality. It also had the look of a piecemeal vessel however its cabins were converted to greenhouses full of rare plants.

Finally, Desert’s Edge larger than the two previous it did have Seafoam markings. This ‘normal’ ship was stockpiled with armors and raw metals to make even more suits of armor. Egyptian dwarves were here too seen but they were not the slaves as seen on the ‘Pharaoh’.

Before heading back to Stormhaven to prepare for a night raid Auge and Sarosh return to the High Science and then to the Guild Raven as not to return empty handed. Found were Gloves of Fortunate Striking (pg 106 *sold to White Spider); Pariapt of the Sullen Seas (pg 205 *Jaren), as well as a set of Formula books, one alchemical discovery (*Auge), and classed-based alchemical components for extracts.

3pm Twilight House. We explain our plans whereby he discouraged certain parts. He did turn us on to a ship called the Wandering Killer and its unverified alliance with Uvrock, it also was Seafoam. Until Arkiel could come up with a crew, it we decided the Wandering Killer was our midnight target.

Midnight- out to sea. Versel notices a depression in the water moving. After an hour of tracking we find the WK closing in on the Flaming Embry. It was on like Viet Kong. We sent five half drow to the darkness before we moved to clear the remaining ship. Several teleported away but we did get a look at these two bitches before they escaped. 

We pick up next game session around 2 am on the deck of the WK just before we fly over to the Flaming Embry. Oh and don’t forget junk lifts. J

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Sinistra had a ravenous lustful need. While some addicts exercised their vices in seclusion and shame, Sinistra embraced her rapturous demands in public for all to admire. So practiced and precise with her teases and punishments she could keep a man on the verge of climax for hours making them beg for release.

Granddaughter of one of the sisters of Lilith Sinistra is a tiefling, raised in a Loviatar monastery who has seen in her long years two dynasties rise and fall in the east; a great immortal temple to Orcus destroyed; as well as the shuffling of the very outer planes.

Which is all to say- she gets around. 

Tricksy as an imp and more seductive than any succubi Sinistra served as concubine to Sultan Maynard James Keenan whereby she kept him at the verge of climax for so long his release caused his heart to explode from his chest. She is an elite escort and bodyguard, masochistic but with an angelic voice, which earned her the attention of an… admirer.

This admirer, an unknown, arranged to have Sinistra for himself….

In the 24 hours since being freed from the mind-fog that had her under the aegis of a different prison that what she was used to, Sinistra took a measure of her surroundings. She was out of the warehouse. Damn but it was hard for her to think clearly. Falling back on her devilish instincts she immediately felt two reactions, one of inspiration and the other one of deep desire. “Sunbow” While Sinistra did not speak well the language of this plane the word sunbow spoken from Versel was for her the word for new purpose, greed and lust together as one, and a type of rapture unlike any known before. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Rumor Has It (The Lifts)

In dedication to Jaren and the newly rebuilt lifts the Vial and Flask proudly announces...


Eternal Wand: of Fire Breath (4420 gp)
Eternal Wand: Quick Potion (4420 gp)
Wand of Haste (49 charges, 4410 gp)
Wand of Volcanic Storm (50 charges, 21,000 gp)

Auge Crafting Journal:

Aura faint evocation; CL 5th
Slot —; Price 30,000 gp; Weight 2 lbs.
This lantern operates as a normal hooded lantern. While it is lit, it also reveals all invisible creatures and objects within 25 feet of it, just like the spell invisibility purge.
Construction Requirements: Craft Wondrous Iteminvisibility purge; Cost 15,000 gp (taint +2 initiative, can't hold ore reset initiative)

Wednesday/ Thursday…
Improve my Heartseeker Amulet (MC 110) into also Amulet of Natural Armor using the +5 Barkskin potion just acquired.

Friday/ Saturday…
Improve Auge’s Third Eye Surge (MC 143) into also Sniper Goggles. (taint cold resistance 5; fire takes double damage)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Flashback: Tragidore

Everyone in the group agreed that caution was the best strategy when approaching any settlement civilized or no. They were not after all a company of high repute with a dark elf and a Thayan in their ranks. Most of them were not even at full strength- Sanford, Blain, Meaghan and Shar were all unable to exert themselves for long due to injuries and fatigue; the urgency of finding refuge from the forest and a chance to rest and heal was imperative.
What Elad Edals did not anticipate was Claudia’s insistence that she accompany him on his recon of the settlement.  “To cover your back,” she had said. He preferred going alone but when she assured him she would remain hidden he had no other logical choice but to agree. Truth was Elad wanted to distance himself from her and eventually from the Shadow Thief organization itself. With the guild’s strength along the Sword Coast and in Waterdeep, Elad was pretty sure neither of those places was near and for that he was grateful.

Opening out of the unforgiving forest and under Mystra's constellation, the footpath led to a wide town that Elad could see looked both prosperous and secure. He thanked the gods this was not some barbarian camp or orc den. Even in the darkness of night he could see at once how the town worked; this was his specialty after all- learning and adapting to urban environments. The town was divided into three maybe four neighborhoods each one separated by sturdy walls or connected by a pair stylized bridges.

The central neighborhood, Elad thinks this as “the Jewel”, is a finely cut neighborhood where the town’s largest and oldest buildings reside. In its center, the largest structure a church or mayhap prominent family home he mused. It stood several levels above its closest rival; it was old, strong, and handsome. The proud structure was surrounded by gaudy vistas and envious houses all competing for attention or power. Outside of that Elad could make out what he considered as “the ring” to the jewel- a gilded neighborhood filled with specialized shops, curious individuals, and the well-to-do under the shadow of the Jewel and its pall of old money.

On the other side of a deep sparkling river he sees the markets; here Elad observes small warehouses, fisheries, numerous shrines, and small quays lining the river’s edge like fingers into the water. Impressed, Elad at last spied two stylized bridges that connected the east and west side of town. Each bridge was unique and held some religious significance but it was too far to tell for sure.

On the far west side, “the crescent” is just that a crescent-shaped neighborhood that possesses a well-used but well-spun proud look to it. The crescent also contained its own venue of shops, inns, and craftsmen practicing their trades. One road led in through gated portcullis, it seemed to be the only land-based pathway in and out of town.
The townsfolk appeared human, hearty as most frontiersmen are but there was something else, some kind of fairborn blood given the sylvan environment but whatever they were, it was too far away for him to tell with any accuracy. He watched how the men and woman greeted each other, their way of dress, and over heard some of the regional parlance. When he was satisfied Elad went on the move not thinking about how the men here were very old.

Another one of Elad Edals’ many talents was the ease in which he could slip into any disguise and seamlessly merge with any civilized culture. This afforded him all manner of opportunity in the city, but out here in the boonies though? Wearing magical garments as he did, Elad altered his outfit in accordance with town custom, peeled away the false mustache and the rest of his old Waterdeep disguise, and strolled casually to the town gate when he began to hear voices.

“…we all know you cannot see past your own nose Darras!” Said the larger of the two of the gray-haired guards, his tone was one of good-natured ribbing.

“I’m tellin ya it was the walkers Keinen, ‘wakened from their resting places by priests of death and darkness. Torm protect us,” said Darras adding emphasis to this portentous statement by invoking divine protection. Darras was the older of the two.

“And they wore death masks? Walkers wearing death masks? How much sense does that make?” Keinen asked incredulously.

“I do not know, but the masks were somehow womanly.” Darras said nightmarishly.


“Yes, Look I know how it sounds,” Darras conceded. “But I’m sure it has to do with the disappearances,” he said and as he finished he motioned to the town below.

“Well that is truly horrible,” said Keinen in a dry tone.

“Did you get to the Seer today like you wanted?” asked Darras of his old friend changing the subject.

“Yes and I picked up one for you too,” said Keinen cheer at once returning to his voice.

This was followed by laughter, a clink of glass, and a simultaneous quaffing of identical beverages. Darras and Keinen continued their fellowship and began to resume their patrol on the wall when they spotted Elad. 

Grabbing their bows they took aim. “What business have ye strang…er?” Keined asked.

“Forgive my intrusion but I got separated from my caravan, I was hoping if you could tell me where this is?” Elad asked trying to pass off a believable story.

“My son, you are in Tragidore may it do ya fine just in time for Midsummer too. But beware that ill luck has fallen upon this town since the Time of Troubles.” Darras advised. “You may find better fortune in…”

But his sagely advice was drowned out by the sound of the portcullis opening allowing Elad entrance to Tragidore. Elad waived his thanks and sauntered into town but before he could get more than ten paces he was approached by a stately man accompanied by a young page.

“Welcome to the Tragidore young traveler, my name is Helliman McKillum. I am here to inform you that there is a small gate fee that I am unfortunately tasked with collecting, but I can offer a word or two on most any location in town.” Helliman was a distinguished retired warrior who wore a pristinely pressed serviceable outfit under a long waft of white beard. Helliman also seemed to have a naggish hip because he limped ever so slightly; the old man also had a pleasant smell about him. He was accompanied by a boy obviously too young to be a squire but nevertheless stood in as such.

“Yes,” Elad said companionably. “Are there any accommodations on this most excellent of summer nights? Tell me I beg.” adopting the local dialect.

Helliman held a pipe in his left hand as he spoke, “Say true,” he said with a laugh. “I’m sorry may I have the honor of knowing your name sir.”

Elad held out his hand as was custom. “Dale Slade. May it do you fine.”

“Well met Mr. Slade there is a place not far from here…”  

Helliman’s old wizened voice receded as Elad/Dale’s attention was diverted as a roughish woman attached a flier to an outside hitching post. The flier looked like many Dale had seen in his years in Waterdeep. He took a polite step away from the droning Helliman and watched a curious scene play out before him.

The rougish woman reminded Dale of Claudia and how she moved gracefully, almost cat-like through city streets. The mystery woman had short black hair that curled despite its cropped length. She seemed to take care to avoid being noticed, however; after a few short moments she was done, her conspiracy completed. Dale Slade started to respond to Helliman when he saw yet another woman, this one much older tear down and rip up the new flier then absurdly began stomping it feverously into the ground. 

“Five silver please.”

Dale paid Helliman with enough coin so that he could get change, but before Dale could investigate the coinage and mayhap narrow their geographical location a bit- he saw another flier across the widest part of ‘the crescent’. He didn’t know how long the message had been there but he wanted to get to it before someone else tore this one down.  

Something was apparently going on and this flier conspiracy was part of it he thought. When Dale reached the message he quickly scanned the words…

REWARD: Adventurers needed to undertake a perilous investigation. The danger is unknown, but the reward for success is VERY generous.  Interested companies should go to the Cawing Crow and ask for Marta.

Pleased with himself, Dale tucked the message into his shirt, turned and saw a lone man slowly staggering along the crescent road toward him. The man’s head was low but Dale could see he was a strong individual judging from his wide back and thick neck, he seemed to be clutching a scroll in one hand and an empty bottle in his other. A sword hung forgotten at his hip. As Dale watched, the man seemed distraught and oblivious to where he is or what he's doing. He stumbled along while every few seconds Dale thought he could hear a sob of misery come from the man.

“Can I help you?” Dale asked the staggering man deftly taking the man’s arm over his shoulders and saw what the man was holding. He could easily see the first few words on the scroll… REWARD: Adventurers needed…

The man seemed to notice this because he started to talk in tones of despair and woe, “Me and my brothers were trying to figure out what has been going on- discover what is behind the disappearances. We sought out the ‘Seer’ who told us to look to north. Well, we were scouting in the woods north of town when I saw a dire wolf- the one with bright green eyes. I chased it for sport for a while, and then lost sight of it. When I got back to our camp, my brothers had vanished. I couldn't find a trail or any sign of a struggle. Not a single track. I waited and searched for days in the forest ... it was like the ground swallowed them up… and now I’m returning home to tell my family of the loss of their sons… all but myself."

Taking the empty bottle from the man, “Where is your home? I’ll make sure you get there.” Dale said sensing an opportunity.

“There.” The man said pointing a weakened finger at the town’s largest building. “My name is Morgan Gundwynd.”

Elad held out his hand as was custom. “Dale Slade. May it do you fine.”

Review (01/01/2014)

Our session began with us reconsidering the Portal Juncture Marketplace and investigate a led lined and sealed door. The door was a curiosity that merited some clairvoyance. Jaren makes with a divination and discovers beyond the led door a cavern likewise covered in led were suspended are 6 inert vampire illithids. He watched as animals and some humanoids were magically transported to the cavern giving the undead aberrations sustenance.

Leaving well enough alone we back track and look down to the lower recesses of the hall and discover a magical hidden door. Much like a rope trick Jaren dispels the storeroom to discover a valuable trove of tomes.

Durg surmises, with all the evidence, that the ‘book owner’ was likely a gnome working with or controlled by illithids who were against the villithids and fortunately did not return for his books.

The final unexplored area featured the remaining three illithids and their thralls which we expertly dealt with. Booya

Discussion between the sons of Nissian and the usage of a wish to alter or destroy the warehouse portal; it was decided that we did not know the true value of the portal until we learn of the Portal Marketplace.

An overwhelming mental presence of the kracken fills our heads as he at once learns of whom we are and what we are about. Artificial light gives the juncture a hollow look as exquisitely vile entities barter and haggle for goods as specific as slaves to legions of troops; contracts on souls; and even the trade of thralls. Two hours of reconnaissance rouses the attention of some demons that break their chase when we enter kracken air space. Time to go.

About the wish… it will take some time to study the door.

Back in the warehouse we discover a score of slaves: two groups, ten humans (4th-8th level experts) and ten half-breeds (1st-4th level adventuring class) as well as enough to outfit them. Also another magical secret door, this one permanent and more powerful, was found in the warehouse; here, Jaren finds a dragon egg.

While Saroosh takes the warehousinains to the stables Jaren teleports us to our lair where we deposit the egg next to the heartstone so we can resume Durg’s festivities.

Monday. The next day Jaren meets with his Black Crown sponsor to study the warehouse portal; Durg and Versel interviews the Warehousinains; while Auge has meetings.

Meeting fist with Robalar from the Black Crown, again he seems familiar to Auge. The meeting was to sell the adamantine weapons the volcano dwarves crafted for us (the ones unspoken for- a longsword and 2 short swords). 7,000 gp and a +2 ring of protection (what eventually went to Versel). Auge expresses his desire to produce a alchemical golem to the master alchemist who politely refers him to Tappa. It was then Auge recognized Robalar- he was also Duneharrow, a mutated form of Robalar. Before the end of the meeting he consigns his +6 belt of incredible dex for sale in the souk.

Meanwhile Jaren and Nefer-tittay concede that this is a illithid made door and offered her advice on the door and that it may require defeating a mental ‘password’.
Auge’s second meeting is with Hogni Bluesafe and his fabulous alchemical golem. Hogni was awarded permanent mad-scientist quarters in return for Auge’s own golem (to be completed between 1-3 months).

In the following days Jaren creates a Lyre of Building, Auge finishes his Free thinker cap and some other items, Secordia reminds us that she is a woman of her word, the school of the Winter’s Blade killed two mind flayers, we learn of THIS, and that Jaren’s sponsor has heard of dragon egg trafficking, she also provides a list of rogues that can help Jaren bypass the warehouse portal trap while he wishes it inert.

Versel meets with Allister Embry’s son at the Red Keep and tells him who plans on killing Allister. Deidre Saltsure knows Allister opposes her overruling parliament to stay in office but isn't comfortable with surrender under fear for his life. Jaren proposes he change is vote for profit, keep her in power as she opposes the 777s. They will keep in touch with us and further developments. We also gained 20 sheets of scraphite. 

Saturday. Jaren, in a feat no bard could claim, played his magical lyre for eight hours rebuilding the lifts setting up the next big public works project: gathering raw materials from lumber ships to build new docks.

We pick up next session Sunday morning. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Portal Juncture Marketplace

In some worlds it is known as Leviathan, in others it is worshiped as a deity of the sea.  Its vision is said to pierce the planes and no one knows its alliances or intentions.  Here at the portal juncture the creature maintained a marketplace that operated in planar trade.  Exotic treasures are moved here, the market attracting the darker forces of the universes, appreciative of a place to trade their perverse wares. The ingeniousness of settling the market at this juncture was the terrible danger that everyone faced who came here. The portal juncture area itself is completely unstable, seemingly balancing on the point of a needle.  When problems erupt, areas of the juncture disappear, usually due to violent explosions.  Nothing ever caught in these areas has ever returned to market, although the juncture seems to eventually regenerate areas, although rarely does the new area resemble the old.  Most of the “merchants” trading in this marketplace have learned to follow enemies elsewhere to extract payment or revenge.

Sister Problems

Luned Octavia glared at her sister through the prism of her glass prison, seething at being held prisoner by her sibling and not for the first time since awakening here, wondering where here was.  Her sister had for years been part of Luned’s plots and schemes, advancing Luned position in the Black Crown.  Although now Luned understood that she was advancing her sister and not the other way around.  Since her sister kept Luned alive, unharmed, and well kept, she understood that despite their differences, her sister still either cared for her or more likely, has additional plans for her.  It pained the elder sister to realize that her younger sibling was the smarter more devious of the two.