Monday, October 14, 2013


In this new level of consciousness,  The Horse Lord new suddenly that he was a God. He gathered himself into his self image, making himself as he was. As his beloved Briar formed in front of his waiting eyes, she was the new Mielikki, and she smiled warmly and beckoned to him " Let us go home."

As soon as he took her hand they looked out upon a vast expanse of forests and lakes on Arborea, Briar's home as the Queen of The Forest. Almost instantly, he came aware of the lost flock of Gwearon Winstrom and absorbed them into his followers of cavaliers, fighters and bards. The rangers completed his arsenal of defenders and warriors needed to defend the wild lands, the roads, and the civilizations they connected. His would be all that prayed for battle luck, all who revered glory and recording the pageantry of life, all who sought to assuage their carnal thirst, every lover who ever swore to protect another, travelers upon any road, as well as handlers and breeders of all animals especially dogs and horses.  His most devout followers would be mighty cavaliers, dedicated to causes of protection and gallantry and service. His Harpers were a bolder organization now, defending travelers, clerics of Tymora as well as Briar, and especially freedom in Waterdeep, all while rooting out hidden sects of the Cult of the Dragon. 

Thinking of Waterdeep, The Charging Knight thought he could hear a murmur of voices, and he was suddenly aware that his followers were celebrating him, and in their realm, it was the first Green grass since ascension, and it was the holiday chosen by his Church to celebrate his divinity  In appreciation for their efforts, he made his will reality in those realms. 

He thought, and so it was. He appeared to Teldicia (high priestess), Fallon (first knight), Captain Arina (captain of the guard), and Galoban (loremaster) at once in a divine intervention. Their mortal minds could not call it anything but a vision. He asked Fallon if he understood the legacy of Arcanum. Fallon was of course mortal witness to the bonding between that sword and his God, and he knew it's legacy of defending the realms from the tyranny of dragons and magic alike. He was pleased, and said he would add his gift toward the base abilities of it's legacy weapon properties if he could hold it once again. Taking the pommel into one hand and the middle of the mighty arcanum in the other, his first miracle transformed it to a Luckblade, keeping it's form as a bastard sword, and its ability to overcome defenses as if it were a good weapon. He commanded the first knight to use the wishes only to defend the Church of The Gypsy Lord, and that this Legacy was to be the mark of office and always wielded by the First Knight of Samular Tauren. He returned the blade to Fallon and took the Sword of the Planes in exchange, the weapon he had chosen to take with him.

He then turned and retrieved Rusher, his gallant steed. He said to them all that the horse would now be considered as the nobility of animal kingdom, and by his will they would be advanced. His Wish made it so that any horse bred from Rushers line would have the chance to have an intelligence as high as 3 or even 4, making them by rule magical beasts. As he mounted, he became clad with the few magic items he chose to take ( dragonhide armor, starstones, a few other odds and ends).

He turned to them, astride Rusher as he should always be seen, and said 
"Let my word be these. Let no tyranny rule your lives, or the lives of your fellows. Stand guard forever against dragons and all their agents. Help your neighbors and your families, and heal those who seek your help. Let no man starve if you can prevent it, and be shepherds of the wild so it is wisely harvested to feed yourselves. Also be expert in your care for domestic creatures, especially the noble horse and trustworthy hound. Hallowed be cavaliers that lead the charge in glorious combat. "

He them told them he approved their name for him and he should be known as Samular Tauren.And lastly, let my worshippers be not hindered in magical travel any longer. He made his last wish on this plane and left to join his wife in the heavens, astride his eternal steed, armed for the next thundering charge across a much larger sky.

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