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Healing Questions and Answers

I love getting a post done, hitting the f'ing post button and having it give me an error and then everything is gone, thats f'ing terrific. Nothing like wasting your time.

Ok first I want to clarify some things.  Here is Healing from 3.5

After taking damage, you can recover hit points through natural healing or through magical healing. In any case, you can’t regain hit points past your full normal hit point total. Natural Healing: With a full night’s rest (8 hours of sleep or more), you recover 1 hit point per character level. For example, a 5th-level fighter recovers 5 hit points with a night of rest. Any significant interruption (such as combat or the like) during your rest prevents you from healing that night. If you undergo complete bed rest for an entire day and night, you recover twice your character level in hit points. A 5th-level fighter recovers 10 hit points per 24 hours of bed rest.
Magical Healing: Various abilities and spells, such as a cleric’s cure spells or a paladin’s lay on hands ability, can restore hit points.
Healing Limits: You can never recover more hit points than you lost. Magical healing won’t raise your current hit points higher than your full normal hit point total.
Healing Ability Damage: Ability damage is temporary, just as hit point damage is. Ability damage returns at the rate of 1 point per night of rest (8 hours) for each affected ability score. Complete bed rest restores 2 points per day (24 hours) for each affected ability score.

Here is Pathfinder:

Healing Pathfinder
After taking damage, you can recover hit points through natural healing or through magical healing. In any case, you can’t regain hit points past your full normal hit point total.
Natural Healing: With a full night’s rest (8 hours of sleep or more), you recover 1 hit point per character level. Any significant interruption during your rest prevents you from healing that night. If you undergo complete bed rest for an entire day and night, you recover twice your character level in hit points.
Magical Healing: Various abilities and spells can restore hit points. Healing Limits: You can never recover more hit points than you lost. Magical healing won’t raise your current hit points higher than your full normal hit point total.
Healing Ability Damage: Temporary ability damage returns at the rate of 1 point per night of rest (8 hours) for each affected ability score. Complete bed rest restores 2 points per day (24 hours) for each affected ability score.

Not much difference is there? 

So now on to the main quesiton, are we playing with a house rule to add your CON modifier.  Yes but only when in full bed rest.  So if you do nothing but rest you gain 1hp/level + Con Modifier. If your con modifier is a negative, yes that would reduce your recovery but never below 1hp.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Books and Craft

A mithril hinged box of masterwork quality encloses this spell book, making it close to water tight when it is closed. The books thick leather covers are clipped to the top an bottom of the mithril box, so that they open when the cover is opened. The pages are made of a very thick vellum that feels like thin brushed leather. The cover emits a faint aura of abjuration magic, and any spellbook kept within is treated as if protected with an unguent of timelessness.
This spellbook was constructed with great care, and holds the works of two different authors. The first left his arcane mark on the cover, but never signed a name any where in the book. It was he that penned the first 80 pages. The last 70 pages contain the writings of Nissian, though no symbol or name appears to identify him.

The first 20 pages are detailed instructions pertaining to the Craft, books skill. The next 60 pages are the following spells:
0. mending
1. crafter's fortune (apg) , break (apg)
2. make whole
3. sepia snake sigil illusory script secret page shrink item
4. stone shape minor creation
5. major creation fabricate wall of stone

Each spell is followed by 1 page of notes on applications of the spells. the last 7 pages of this section are an unfinished wall of iron spell. This seems to be the point at which the wizard was interupted by an event unknown.

The next 30 pages are a dissertation on "the rules of creation in the Age of Dragons" penned by Nissian about 300 years ago. After that are 20 pages of the following spells:
3. tiny hut
4. globe of invulnerability stoneskin remove curse
5. dismissal

20 pages are still left blank in the back of the book. The results of the fine craftmanship and compiled knowledge represented in this book allow a wizard a bonus to various skills. At the beginning of the day, during spell preparation, any wizard that prepares at least one spell from this book may select a skill from the list below. The wizard treats that skill as if he had the skill focus feat for it for the next 24 hours. The wizard may choose any craft skill, spellcraft, or knowledge arcana. This effect only gives its bonus on our material plane.

Review (3/23/11)

After our victory over the skull cultists we successfully recovered the Pauchard siblings and a third skull-born by the name of Cadmar Embry. It was late Saturday night as we were discussing what to do next when THE Nightstalker paid us a vengeful visit. His attack was well prepared and devastating. It dropped three of us virtually at once. Then abruptly as the Nightstalker attacked, our father Nissian appeared and using Truespeech- trapped the Nightstalker in a crystal shard. The only one that witnessed the awesomeness that is our father was Vercel.

Two days later (Monday night), we awaken from our injuries and dibliating effects to find ourselves in a mansion seemingly built to accommodate us and our draconic requirements.

Our palaver with father yielded some insight into the machinations around us as well as his own. The sin greed serves Nissian best.
He is from Toril and is known and known as many things.
Father is the architect and is preparing us to rule in the New Age.
He agreed to apply magical protections to the entrance to the lair.
Our inheritance is at the Embassy.
The Knights of the Wave is our enemy because of the sin we embody.
A Rakshasha pulls the Seven’s strings and they are an infection in the Money Changers.

Meanwhile… at the Cinder Block, some of us return as to remind everyone that we are still here and still active. In this we were approached by some members of the spellguard with news of the magic tree outside the Black Crown has fallen. This signifies that the Nightstalker no longer haunts this realm. Jaren arranged a meeting with the Black Crown leadership to discuss the circumstances that let to his defeat.

We were awarded 2000 xp and rolled for items as gifts from our father. We pick up next week- Tuesday with some brotherly hoard building and item picks.

(My review does not convey the splendid roleplaying Troy performed as Nissian. Excellent work sir!)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Journal Entry Versal

It feels good to finally strike a blow against the green cloaks. I hope this sends a message to the Night Stalker that steeling from us has consequences! I think my brothers have a different viewpoint on these skull born as I do. The thought of destroying our property for no significant gain turns my stomach. Those twins are ours, plain and simple, we decide their fate. Had there been suitable compensation offered then perhaps an arrangement could have been made. We are not unreasonable and have shown we are more than willing to buy & sell goods & services to almost anyone willing to negotiate. Now it has become personal, stealing valuables from our company will not be tolerated. The fact those cloaks thought they could steal from us makes my blood boil.
Though we have our property back I feel an inconvenience fee is in order, perhaps we will have claimed enough value from our raid on their stronghold. And if either of them are broken in any way and can’t perform their duties then 100% reimbursement shall be confiscated. Once we are happy with our personnel compensation we start tallying up the property damage. The Black Kraken was a significant loss in value as well as opportunity. Yea, the Night Stalker & his followers still owe us quite a bit of coin as far as I am concerned. I would prefer to collect in gold instead of blood, gold spends easier but if blood is all they have.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Journal Entry (Auge)

I feel safer having disguised the birthmarks on the skullborn with magical tattoos. That and being in our presence should foil any attempts at trying to magically locate them. But I do not believe my brothers and I are out of the cold yet. Durg the True’s ranting does not fall on deaf ears when it comes to me. Indeed, I do not wish to regret not killing them in the cellar. We have dealt a blow to the Nightstalker’s plan and it will not take them long to regain their bearings and regroup. There is still a price on our heads. How long will be before someone or somebody disavows or condemns us in some way? There is at least one in Twilight House that has done just that. I need to put in some serious leisure time at the Dragon’s Breath. That after I produce more illusionary dust, I hope an hour is good enough when we need to use it.

Vial and Flask Inventory
(Sons Commodities)
Boots of the Mountain King (78 MC) 1,500 gp
Dust of Illusion 1,200 gp
Glitterstone (161 MC) 450 gp.
Scroll of Death Ward 700 gp
Potion of Greater Magic Fang +2, 1,200 gp

Vial and Flask (Durg)
(2) Cloak of Resistance +1, tainted

Vial and Flask (Auge)
Metamagic Components
Auran Mask 60 gp ea. (5)
Silversheen 250 gp ea. (4)
Snakeblood Tooth (136 MC) 1,350 gp

Lab Entry
When the servants of the skull come looking for these precious three, I will take the skull-born out myself and then turn my fire upon cult servants.

Combine the Long kiss goodnight that causes exhaustion or at worst- unconsciousness, perhaps even double its strength with the Blasphemix, or better yet- most of its sinister components. Add ash from a funeral pyre and the desired result:
The Grey Death (injury poison) onset 1 min., frequency: 1/min for 6 min. Effect: subject falls into a deep comatose state indiscernible from being utterly dead. (2 saves)

Powder of the Black Veil: A pinch of this sooty, black powder cast into an area creates a 10-foot-high cloud in a 10-foot spread centered on the user. The cloud remains in place for 2d4 rounds, and any creature caught in the area (or one that enters it) is blinded for as long as it stays in the cloud and for 1d4 rounds after it leaves unless it succeeds on a Will save. The black veil can be used as a metamagic component for necromantic spells: +1 metamagic modifier for 3rd level and below, +2 for 2nd and below; so on for first level, like a +3 heightened ray of enfeeblement. Faint necromancy; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, blindness/ deafness; Price 750 gp (Complete Arcane)

Tales from the Ether

The worldbound were consumed with names. They named each other, things they saw, even things they didn’t understand. They even had a name for him, well at least his kind. When he thought about the worldbound he almost felt a pity for them, the way a human feels for a cow being led to slaughter. The creatures of the worlds he had visited all knew to fear him; his appearance was so different than their own. Some worlds even had knowledge of his kind and would warn each other about them. Some world’s denizens even thinks that his kind SERVES another worldbound, something the locals there referred to as Drow or dark elves. This was ridiculous of course.

He did have a name, Mic’Xo Plix, but among his kind it was unnecessary to utilize names much. He could sense someone well before ever being introduced and each individual has their own unique imprint. There wasn’t a need to identify yourself as everyone sensed you and marked you from your personal imprint. The worldbound had yet to develop these senses or even recognize its value. Mic’Xo Plix suspected their naivety added to their delicacy, for there was no finer substance to consume than the headapple of a worldbound.

Mic’Xo Plix was currently being supplied plenty of headapples in a world he had been frequenting for the several of that world’s years. Mic’Xo Plix had encountered a strange little creature, a derro, whose senses were developing well beyond the norm of a worldbound. This curiosity had lead to him developing something akin to a friendship with the little creature who was consumed with leading an organization known as the Twilight House that operated in a fantastic city called Stormhaven. Mic’Xo Plix found Stormhaven endlessly fascinating and its extreme distance from other places on this world reminded him of native plane.

Mic’Xo Plix doubted he would be here much longer. Soon the entry to Kaer Maga would be revealed. His Derro ally had sent four draconic half breeds in search of some additional information, the hope being that Mic’Xo Plix’s long time quarry would not sense a connection to him and be revealed. Unfortunately, she must have sensed their coming for she was long gone when the four half breeds sated their anger and hatred on the monstrous giant blooded creature known as Giblet. Uvrok was extremely paranoid in regards to his new gatherers, so much so that he was now trying to see them destroyed, or at least removed from Stormhaven. He constantly referred to a being of power, someone he called Nissian, as their father and protection. It seemed strange to Mic’Xo Plix that Uvrok feared this Nissian more than their draconic heritage. Still the Derro had provided him so much hospitality over the years that he would honor the creature’s wish before he departed for Kaer Maga. He would try a new delicacy, draconic half breed headapples. He wondered if they would be hot when consumed.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Kazar, the family watchman on shift that night, nervously stood vigil outside the cabin door after closing it behind the captain. He bitterly thought to himself that the old fool had called his vicious "pets" one to many times, and he prayed to all the sultans that he wouldn't have to pay with his own life in the coming hours of sunrise.

The captain and his ship mage did their best to not looked surprised at the corpse in a small magic circle that was not quite complete, nor at the hideous scorpions lying on their backs like swatted roaches. The state room was richly furnished, as the entire family travelled with considerable wealth.

"So, you surmise his incantation was incomplete, and that is why he fell victim to these hellish vermin?" the shipmage asked. Everything here smelled of a rebellious slave murdering her master in the night, but the scene certainly confirmed her story.

"That is the best guess I can make. I am just an apprentice, a slave to follow commands."

"So." The captain looked greedily about. "Tell me why I shouldn't hand you over to the family as a murderer and collect a handsome reward?"

She smiled, and that had an immediate impact on both men. "Well, I happen to have an emancipation order with a will detailing his fortune to be left for his family." She paused, and could see the lust for gold in each of the men. " of course, not all the necessary details are finished.... perhaps we can barter. I can selectively omit some treasures to split between us, you can hit the family for what ever charges and inconveniences you can dream up, and I get my freedom."

An hour later the mage was satisfied that the room had been canvassed and all magic items were on a table, ready for the final haggling. Indira could taste the moment of victory of a year of planning coming to fruition. Her jewelry box had fooled the wizard, and he overlooked the silk scarf and simple gold ring as sentimental. Her cat purred loudly in her lap, feeling her owners building energy. All she really wanted was the Rod of the Cat Lord, and the spellbooks. The captain and his mage were keen on the books, and wanted all 20 for themselves. She bargained to get one book and the rod. The captain had wanted to claim the watermarks her master had been holding,but she knew of their importance and paid a quarter of her share of coin to secure one. As most of the items were quickly taken by the captain, the shipmage finally realized that Indira never indicated how the scorpions were destroyed. When he asked her, there was but a single jewelled scorpion left on the table.

"Why, they have a weakness for a specific spell. When it is cast on them, they are killed instantly. That is what gets in the way of their being useful."

The shipmage looked at the apple sized green boil where the vizier was bitten. "Would you teach me the spell?" the shipmage warned the captain away from touching the scorpion.

She smile warmly. "I'll teach you a spell..."

As the captain watched her quickly hide the jewell away, he hoped she wouldn't want revenge when she discovered the watermark only lasted a week.

With her ring carefully hidden, she gleefully knew her freedom was hers to protect. She regretted only getting one book, but Thorgrim's Opuscule was as good a one to get as any. She could find a way to make and sell those quills, and she had a good selection of spells in her own book. Indira couldn't wait to get to Stormhaven.
The dwarf looked up from behind the hastily erected bar, his bushy brows forming a V over his eyes, "Now, ye'll just hafta wait 'til I gets ever'thing set up, then I...".
He stopped, eyeing the tall, cloaked and hooded man that sat at the bar across from him. The face that showed under the hood was one that no one, even the lowliest demon, would find attractive. Qhorgill, the man's name was, was a bounty hunter. One of the best. If you were on his list, you might as well stop running, as life as you knew it would be over. He'd started as a simple mercenary, captaining a squad of men fighting off an invading army somewhere. He'd taken an axe blow to the face, but fortune smiled on him as the helm he wore had a full face guard. The priests were either in a hurry, or didn't want to waste any higher healing on him. They'd pushed his face back together, but now it was slightly lopsided. He'd also lost his right eye, the flickering lights of Torngulf's scattered braziers danced with the shadows in the cavernous remains of that socket. A scar ran from high on his right forehead down to his lower left jaw. The travel-stained cloak he wore parted slightly as he leaned against the impromptu bar, revealing the glint of steel; probably from armor and weapons.
"You lead me on a merry chase, Torngulf. Five years I've been hunting ye," Qhorgill grinned "only to find ye here, along with the other driftwood. Took a pretty penny to get a ship here, too."
Torngulf nodded, carefully placing his hands on the bar. It was said that Qhorgill was so ugly, Death herself was afraid of him. Whether that was true or just a testament to how tough he was, Torngulf didn't know, and really didn't want to find out. "I hearda you, Qhorgill. And I knows it'd be useless to try to buy you off..."
The bounty hunter chuckled, saying "Couldn't hurt to try, though." His eye roamed around the empty tent, taking in the nervous goblins and kobolds Torngulf used as help.
The dwarf swallowed, having the sinking feeling that, even if Qhorgill took the bribe, he'd still bring the bartender in. Summoning up his courage, Torngulf looked the human in the eye, one hand dropping behind the bar and said, "Then let's see what we c'n do to work out an agreement..."

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The North Cutter

Captain Morgen stood beautiful and tall, her red coat flapping in the ocean wind, she proudly surveyed her small but devout crew. Her trusted companion Lady lazily sat on her shoulder, her weapon pointed to the sky and one leg set on display upon an impressive bounty. Cheers streamed out in praise of Captain Morgen as well as fierce battle cries to Firinna. Captain Morgen’s presence was imposing as well as inspiring to each of her crew members. Indeed, she attracted a type of cohort that would follow her into a hurricane had she wished it. She had a silken voice of considerable persuasion.

The North Cutter was a pirate hunter. It was fast, agile and needed only a fraction of hands to adequately navigate and maneuver compared to similar vessels. Captain Morgen would see to weapons in those freed hands. She was a bounty hunter and her crew, also dressed in fine red coats, were known for their speed and coordinated tactics to quickly overrun lesser disciplined scum and pirates.

“We arrive ahead of the storm.” Morgen stated. The crew, locked on their captain’s every action. “It is likely that we will be here through the winter I’ll wager, but from what I understand this city holds untold potential for us.” She motioned to the horizon as Stormhaven came into view. Her crew looked in awe, the tales of the world disk paled in comparison to what they now saw. And none too early as the trio of storms converge on Stormhaven like game pieces on a chess board.

‘Stormhaven’ Morgen mused, ‘our haven from the storms’.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Tales from the Hunt

Captain Alistair Embry stood on the deck calling out the nautical adjustments without benefit of any tool or aid.  The sailors aboard the Shoal all revered the now retired Captain for his amazing abilities and even handed handling of all things aboard his ship.  Theses sailors were hand-picked by Captain Embry, now the councilor for the Loyal Order of Shipwrights.  Councillor Embry is one of the few voices for law and reform Upside, along with his close friend and chess partner, Obidiah Dragonbane.   To the sailors aboard the Shoal, Captain Alistair was a living legend of the Sea whose orders they followed without question.  Today’s orders took them out to sea to hunt a great Sea Turtle, in hopes of acquiring its shell and selling its meat.  Their efforts were limited by the approaching winter storm wall and the extreme cold of the waters.  The Captain seemed unfazed by the conditions and following his lead the sailors did not mention them or complain…much. 

For the last two hours the Captain had called out his orders, adjusting their route according to the things only his eyes could see.  A few moments ago the man in the crow’s nest called out the sighting they had all been waiting for, he could see the beast through his spyglass and they would be caught up within the hour.  Suddenly Captain Alistair called out for everyone to grab hold of something and tie themselves down, a shocking order that other, less loyal men may have questioned and been lost to the sea because of it for less than thirty seconds later every sailor felt the ship shudder and RISE.  Those that still had a view of the sea on which they sailed could see a shape having risen underneath their ship, at least three times the length and twice the width of the Shoal, the sea beast shook off the ship like a gnat, the shoal landing awkwardly tilted far to one side.  Flying up out of the frigid waters the scaly beasts wings soon revealed it to be a Great Wyrm, a massive dragon who sprayed those tied to the deck with the water falling from it’s enormous bulk.  Waves of fear rolled over the Shoal and its occupants, the steely resolve of Captain Embry the only thing between them and total panic.  The cry of the Great Sea Turtle echoed across the sea as the dragon flew and dove into its prey.  The sudden dispersal of water and thrashing of the two huge creatures had water churning, pulling the stricken ship towards a whirlpool of water that was created from their sudden plunge into the watery depths.  The Captains voice once again rang out and his men, as if slapped to awareness from shock, leapt to action.  His men would succeed in saving his ship, but Captain Embry wondered who would save Stormhaven should that dragon run low on food through the winter. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Journal Entry: Durg

So, we have rescued the skull-born from the clutches of the Nightstalker. Their hollow-eyed stares do nothing but stir up contempt in me. They are weak, and would never have lasted even a day in the pit, where survival rested on savagery and even then, was often rewarded with beatings and torture. Had I my way, I would've simply ended their existence then and there, in that basement. Yet we have vowed to do what we can to keep them alive. Granted, rescuing them does take crucial pieces away from the Nightstalker's game. I just hope my patience isn't tested much further.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Game on

Gram past away today. The funeral is in Chicago on Sat. Sharon cleared me to play tomarrow so game on!!.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Review 3/9/2011

We began Friday evening in palaver with Arkeil who has information on the Green Cloaks; information that was oddly easy to come by, which likely lead to traps. First, that the cloaks are set up in the Firefly Cathedral. Second, a priest (the Priest of Enlil) claims to have followed two of the cloaks from there to a different location. Apart from that Arkeil also spoke of a money-changer/ under-writer guild hostility and what timing- during the festival.

Versel and Auge discover an elf male eavesdropping and decide to confront him. He foiled around before Versel asked for a written proposal and Sons will consider it. Auge arranged his drinks that seemed to change his mood, where after he claims to have votes in many guilds. Auge looks forward to seeing this one’s proposal.

Auge sets to creations and Jaren to rest while Durg and Versel set to looking for this priest Arkeil spoke of. After a discussion with Durg he admits to be a player in something the Green Cloaks have planed for us. He was hired to “bless” our house. Mayhap he was to bestow a goodly power to something against us or a needed sacrifice in some necromantic ritual, we all agreed that if is good for them it is most likely bad for us. After that bit of bloody work done, everyone is at rest early.

Saturday, we begin to alter our schedule for nocturnal activity. The adamantine blades from Anvil biter were divided and finish work for the blades was ordered with the Dwarf smiths. Egil joins Arkeil in the hunt for the Green Cloaks. Auge finishes the wand (his first); Versel and Durg clean out the Habibs shop and get it ready for the dwarven crafts men. Versel secures that messages come through the front desk to be personally delivered by one of us. During this time some interesting information reaches our attention. Many comment on the Raptorians and the attack on the Crippled Bone Embassy (Troll-blood Knoll tribe). It is cold and wet, the weather does not look to improve soon.

Egil and Arkeil comeback with information on where the traps are set up by the cloaks; when we arrive we see that two buildings, located near the Firefly temple, are populated with our enemy. One with multiple troops and another fortified building that was clearly used by the command of the death-eater green cloaks.

With a coordinated distraction and a surprise assault, we set fire and fang to them. We begin next session continuing with combat.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Review 3/2/2011

Late Thursday/ Early Friday, after talking ourselves to sleep about illusions, our bounty amount and disguises, were abruptly awakened by an apologetic Surosh. He reports that something has come looking for him, as he said something would- and something is in the Cinder Block. Making haste to the Block we discover what first appears as a construct but a being of slag, fire and maw: Anvil-biter. His defeat came bittersweet as Surosh worriedly informs us that in defeating Anvil-biter we may have attracted the ire of Scanderigs, believed to be the First forgefeind.

During the chaos with Anvil-biter, Egil proved himself capable and received his watermark as well as placement on our NPC locator map.

Three ships are for sale each with minor magical convinces. A slaver ship with improved hold space, a silver trade ship that leaves a month after the solstice- I don’t have notes on the third.

Egil suspicious of the sun priest, as he doesn’t seem to need a job such as he has applied.

After resuming our rest, we were interrupted again by an ominous event, two vampires- a male skeletor and a female goth, appeared and attacked. There aren’t supposed to be any vampires!

The next day while Auge rests, we learned Tamros knows two bards have stolen watermarks, Karpelletti is looking for us and Arkeil was going to focus his resources on the hunt for the Green Cloaks.

(Was there going to be a DM post on the bards?)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tales from ...the City of Brass

Wow. Even to an immortal banished from his homeland, this place truly was the middle of nowhere. And yet people and things come here. To nowhere.

Sarosh remembered looking into his bag as he left with the dragon men. A silver comb, a mirror, two fist fulls of gold, and not much else. Not even a change of clothes. He looked up and caught the eye of a friendly priest to Enlil, who was giving a grin and a "thumbs up" to Sarosh. Maybe his luck was turning. Then, as the dragons prepared for certain battle, the one who had approached him spoke to the others for help. In seconds, he was astounded at what was offered him for equipment. He was even more amazed that it was all considered extraneous to their owners. A composite bow, magic arrows, a pearl of power, and even a magic rod that dealt damage, all items he could use, and use well.

After the trap was sprung on the docks, Sarosh was wondering what he was into. But he was quickly impressed by this groups decisive nature and indomitable will. Their bold moves in the always dangerous driftdowns led directly to getting the information they needed to find their saboteur. Sarosh was secretly glad he did not accompany them or witness the interrogation. He was sure neither agent survived the questions.

Sarosh was still in shock that they actually killed his forge fiend foe. Although the thought of fighting Father Flame was soul-chilling, if these dragons stood with him.... well that certainly increases the survival chances. Jaren wasn't kidding when he said it was all in or nothing.

The vampire terrified Sarosh. It was strange to him that mortals referred to his magic as divine, as he always thought of it as natural and composed of the world. Those vampires were an abomination of both of those ideals, composed of supernatural death and hatred. Once again the group proved more than capable. Short on sleep, spell casters all but run out of spells, and in their 4th fight of the night, they beat those beasts down pretty viciously.

And now, friday evening, the group of them building business and looking forward. They were amazing from a point of view of focus throughout the day. Sarosh thought they chose their bards with extraordinary vision that should serve the establishment well. Sarosh's thoughts turned a bit more introspective as he was being measured by Jaren's tailor. He wondered if the dragon knew how pervasive his greed was. The dragon certainly acted surprised when Sarosh commented that he could feel his taint in his fire. Sarosh made a mental note to find a word other than "taint" the next time he spoke of it. Sarosh was wise enough to see through the amazing generosity of his benefactor, and examine his motives. First, it was clear the dragon wanted Sarosh as an aide, a right hand man, a cohort, call it what you want. It also seemed, at least in the intense action Sarosh had already seen, that he used magic to help his companions as much as himself. Also, he had seen first hand the search in the ocean for their dark elven friend. That guy would certainly be dead if not for their search. To Sarosh that showed a real commitment to protecting their companions and assets. And by the sword of the sultan, it felt good to have a change of clothes again.


Good news, brothers. Though the events of last night have yet to be shaken out, the day has proven be in our favor. I think the solution of two house bards was inspired thinking, Versel. Having just finished with the dwarven smiths, we have come to a new trade agreement. We have agreed to have their business as our fight club's weapon supplier, and they would pay the remainder of their balance next friday. They also expressed interest in investment. I instead steered them to the idea of donating to the cause of the construction of a training academy within the Cinder Block. They liked the idea so much, they offered a 25,000 gp gift, again to be paid next friday. So, thats 10,000 today, and 40,000 next week. They seemed keen on having their name on a school building. Its hard to guess, sometimes, what motivates people, but these dwarves put a lot of stock in building and craft. Frankly, I think Auge's finest dwarven ale puts those guys in the mood to give away money! ( brothers growl in laughter) Now then, what are we going to do if these attacks continue tonight.....?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tales from the Driftdown: The Champions of the Abyss

How long is a long time to the damned? Unfortunately for Linos and his crew he was certain they would find out. As hard as he tried not to, Linos’ thoughts drifted back to eight years ago, when he, Mauve, Dusk, and Charnel arrived in Stormhaven aboard the ship “Two Shots and a Chaser”. Stormhaven was as an exotic and strange place as they had ever encountered. His crew had spent the last of their fortunes investing in “Two Shots” and information/divination on the fabled city of Kaer Maga. As much as they spent, the crew could only learn that Kaer Maga was somewhere near Stormhaven, a city that wasn’t near anything as far as they could tell.

He laughed at how na├»ve they had been, not learning much about Stormhaven “because we won’t be there that long”. Some of their other investments didn’t do them much good either for they soon discovered the little good the magic they had brought with them would do without a watermark. They hadn’t counted on living in slums or slowly selling off “useless” magic. Their first two years was a mixture of starving along with the rest of the driftdowns and suffering under the rulership of the sevens, a powerful crime syndicate that ruled over the Downs. During that time Linos thought he may have only seen sunshine once or twice. It was a battle with a group of seven thugs that finally got them a steady paying job, even if it was only guard duty. Guard duty provided them with real weapons and armor as well as occasional forays Upside.
How hard would the other guards in Hag’s Britches laugh if he ever revealed their true purpose in Stormhaven? Korso would probably shit his pants laughing if Linos explained that the four of them are actually Demon Hunters travelling to Kaer Maga to reclaim the weapons stolen from their brotherhood. Dusk and Charnel were beginning to lose faith and doubt that things would ever change. That opinion changed when four half-dragons of obvious power from Upside came in the Hag’s Britches with an amazing offer, one which they would have happily done for damn near free, bring them Godin and be provided jobs and a life Upside. Godin had been a thorn in the sides of the guard around here for years and Linos was tired of putting up with the sevens nonsense. Linos grabbed Mauve and immediately headed over to the splintered pier, knowing that at the very least they could beat some information out of one of the lieutenants. After presenting the four dragon men with the two sevens they captured, Linos rallied his crew after the dragon men left, assuring them that this is the moment they have waited for. The Champions of the Abyss now were free to move against the sevens and earn their way Upside. Linos was sure that they were closer than ever before to the fabled city of Kaer Maga and the chance to fulfill their quest.

The Champions of the Abyss:
Linos 4th Level Human Ranger, 2nd Level Cleric

Mauve 4th Level Human Monk

Dusk 2nd Level Human Fighter, 2nd Level Thief

Charnel 4th Level Human Sorcerer, 1st Level Fighter

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I awoke to such a Clatter

A fire that might even be able to harm you.  This post could have additional information added at a later time. 

Tales of the Nightstalker

“All of my planning and our success comes down to an enterprising member of the Sevens! Had Nissian’s brood not pissed Godin off so badly we still wouldn’t know where they hid those two skullspawn!” the Nightstalker screamed. Goronwy Ishmerai shuddered feeling his master’s anger and rage. Trying to continue his report, Goronwy replied, “ I’m certain the 777’s will make sure the Navy knows about those dragon creature’s destroying a portion of the dock and killing the Dock Master. “

“Has any of the brood been confirmed dead? NO!!!??? I’m certain they survived then, damn vultures. Still as hardy as the dragon blood makes them, they must sleep and that is a luxury we shall not allow them” The master’s voice dropping down to his normal scheming tone, “Make it known among upside hunters that there is a bounty on the redscales, 5,000 a head, and keep our plans in motion. “

“I will make sure word is spread, shall I assume 10% of that amount for any driftdowner?” Goronwy asked?

“Let the Navy pay the driftdowners to hunt! If we start advertising money down there too many people will start asking questions and we’ll have a pile of scaly creatures of all types to sort through,” replied the Nightstalker “Has the priest been given his instructions? He needs to be in place ready to cast the spells we paid for. If this idea of Morjentine’s works I shall reward him during the skullspawn ritual. If Morjentine’s idea doesn’t work he’ll be transformed like the others. Just make it understood the redscales must die before Nissian’s return. Now bring me the half-breed elves, I have a little experiment…”