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Blackspire Gap

Korindell and Mardus adventured together in the same time that Samular was slaying dragons and building a legacy. In fact, Korindel knew the wizard who crafted the mighty Arcanum, a legendary bastard sword carried by Tancred the Gryphon rider. He shared his mistrust of wizard societies and cabals and spoke against the gathering and hoarding of "magic secrets". He essentially felt that groups of spellcasters could marshall too much power in those secret settings, and it was too tempting to use that power to rule over those that didn't have it. In his youth, he founded an adventuring group known as the Mysterious Vagabonds, with the help his greatest ally, Mardus. Together, they led a revolving door of mid level adventurers on an eclectic list of missions and goals. They accumulated a vast amount of wealth, largely thanks to a couple of battles with dragons, and they built a magnificent tower in Waterdeep, and they called it Blackspire Gap.

The tales of Mardus claim he was born a commoner, but showed great aptitude for the arts of combat. He was especially skilled on horseback, and had a good knack for using tactics that suited his groups skills. By the time he joined Korindell he had already won superb bastard sword the he never lost or replaced throughout his entire life. He never named his blade, but he always referred to it as "old Trusty". The sword was buried with him at his death.

Korindell was famous for his ability to counter spells. He was very knowledgeable of spellcraft, and specialized in the study of magics that dispelled or made ineffective the magics of other casters. He was also a crafter of magic items, He grew to great power before he died, but he never lost distrust of wizard societies and cabals. He went to great lengths to protect his tower from intrusion, including having the entire tower, every room, lined with lead, and other special metals to protect against magic snoops. He and Mardus also had many traps installed throughout the towers, particularly the doors and windows.

In his waning years, Korindel took an apprentice, and imparted all his knowledge, values, and even worldly possessions unto him. The tower, and all of its secrets have been passed down this way, one wizard to one apprentice, 4 different times since the death of Korindell. The tower now belongs to a wizard named Jarred Mallred. He has been the owner for about 5 years, and he served as apprentice for 5 years, learning the secrets of the tower. He was already a seasoned wizard before, as the tradition calls for accepting a practicing wizard as the next master of Blackspire Gap. Jarred shares the mistrust that Korindell had of cabals, and he hates the Wands and The Order in Waterdeep. He researches abjurations, magic theory, and adventuring groups from the past in Waterdeep. He is an excellent scribe, and can craft potions, wands, and wondrous items. He has no smithing skills, but he can enchant arms and armor as well. He has a hobby of tracing the steps of famous weapons among the adventuring groups of Waterdeep. His library allows him to research the following areas: Knowledge arcana; knowledge local, adventuring groups of Waterdeep; abjuration magic; knowledge history, wizard cabals and societies; and knowledge history, weapons. He is also very patriotic, and serves as an on call volunteer for the city watch, specialing in dealing with destructive or out of control magics.

Most other sages and spellcasters do not like Jarred, and the Wands have been trying courtly and legal manouvres to claim the tower and its contents. Because of his colleauges mistrust and unfavorable opinion of him, Jarred is rarely listed or thought of when enumerating the many sages that study in the libraries of Waterdeep.

North Ward Guard Post

The Nine Sages

The Nine Sages are not a prestigious guild of scholarly men or even a think-tank of pretentious intellectuals; in fact there is no such guild of sages in Waterdeep at all. Nor, do nine total the population of sagely individuals in the city. When Waterdeep was faced with its most recent crisis to the city, it was these nine sages that pooled their hoard of knowledge, that devised the plan that won the day for the city and the people of Waterdeep. And on that day they were highly decorated and are now collectively referred to as the Nine Sages. Of these, only five outwardly claim to have any significant knowledge regarding dragons:

The Sea Ward- Waterdeep's wealthiest ward is notable for the many-spired, grand homes of the nobility, the gleaming edifices of the city's leading temples, and the imposing towers of the city's premier wizards. Along Heroes’ Walk across from The Ship’s Wheel (where old men come to drink and watch each other’s hair fall out) is the residence of Umran Fletcher. A life-long resident whose major field of expertise is geography; his minor studies include terrain and the planes. He once gave a lecture on common typographical markers located in draconic territories.

In the Castle Ward, where daily intrigue and "night life" make up the social cut-and-thrust of city life, on Lamp Street off the High Road is the residence of Zeltabbar Iliphar (the empty villa you recently visited). Zel’s major area of knowledge is local mythic history; minor studies in legends and people. He kept and wrote a journal (of which you now have) on how dragons are able to bind their chakra to exceptional items of magic and mystical places- not excluding their lair and then theorizes how dragons hypothetically could bind their chakra to other creatures.

Bordering the Northern well-to-do and Trade commerce wards on Andamaar’s street is Poloma Kromnor’s alchemy shop called the Dragon’s Last Breath and his modest residence above. Aside from his considerable alchemy skills Polo’s major field of expertise is arcana; his minor studies include the seasons and cycles as well as people. He is a self proclaimed cloud reader- fortune teller, palm reader, local folks think of him as a little crazy. I mean reading clouds… what’s that?

In the Dock ward, the most crowded, dirty and "rough" district of the city, is a salty tavern called the Sleeping Wench where Nuess (the Noose) Blackrabbas is often found working out of as inspector for the fishmongers guild. Keeping sea vessels safe and up to code is how he makes his living. His major area of knowledge is engineering and minor studies of laws, weather and history. The foremost leader in educating the career fishermen on what to do in case you encounter a dragon!

To find Ammathair of the noble family Melshimber, you need look no further than Waterdeep Palace where he holds a ‘cabinet’ level position as the foremost authority on royalty, nobility and lineage. His other, less well known interests include ancient mysteries, historical legends and dragons. He loves wine, woman and song and has been known to play chess tournaments.

Also in the Castle ward is Vannay Brokengulf and your instructor. His major fields of study include local, with minor areas of expertise in knowledge of magical beasts and nobility. He has aspirations on the Field of Triumph where he hopes to bring many magical beasts to the arena.

Javroun Voluptas is a traveling priest of a major nature deity. He spends most of his time along the Delimbiyr river valley visiting all the farms from Llorkh to Secomber offering prosperous blessings for bountiful crops and healthy livestock. He too mentions hard times ahead; floods, starvation and death. His major fields of interest of course include nature and the gods, goddesses and ancient mysteries of the north.

Belthair Suaril is a known cleric of Selune at the House of the Moon and is the sister of the high priestess Naneatha. Her knowledge of religion out strips anyone in the House of the Moon and has such earned her a special title; Moon-sage. Her minor studies in outsiders and planes. She is the first to confirm that the recent scroll larceny does indeed extend to divine magic and is caused by some outsider entity.

Narthund “the hood” spends most of his time in undermountain collecting slimes, fungus and cataloging dungeon ecosystems and observing the uncivilized humanoids that dwell there. He has a working non-hostile relation with dungeon dwellers like Bylquore and his ware-rat pack. His areas of expertise naturally include dungeoneering, magical beasts and monstrous humanoids. Because of the company he keeps and the areas he frequents, his habits on personal hygiene leaves much to be desired.

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The Crusades (Part Four: Draconian)

How many young men has it been now? Too many fallen clerics and wayward souls to count mayhap; however the North can no longer suffer the workings of Karlott. Blademistress Adrianna, Knight of Samular and one-third the high-clergy at the Temple of Truth returned her gaze from the office and back out the lonely window. How many would it take to do what she could not, what she dared not?

In the decades that followed King Samular’s glorious holy crusades against the malevolent chromatic dragons of the North; other oftentimes more undesirable elements move in to fill the emptiness. Devotees of Auril as in Luskan, magical beasts in the south or barbarians in the east, something would undoubtedly step in to fill the void left by the absence of a dragon. With the death of Valdemari, the last remaining metallic dragon of the north realm; such is now the case.

Karlott as he is now called was rumored to be a lot of different horrors of various names; Broad-cloak, the Draconian- a vampire, insane conjurer; what Karlott proved to be was a collaborator with evil dragons; the very insidious dragons that her father campaigned against. He and his were trying to reestablish draconian presence in the North.

It seems she must continue the fight against dragon agents. But to be foolishly drawn out into the open would only lead to death like her siblings. She would send her own agents in her stead. How many has it been now?

In recent years Blademistress Adrianna has sent countless unsuspecting warriors against Karlott having success stolen at the last moments by betrayal or ineptitude. Adrianna contemplated. Was this anyway for a paladin? Was this Karlott’s plan all along so that I would question my actions against him? So much death...

Adrianna turned quizzically back to Artur Fireheart, “Who’s next?”

Jailbreak Plan and Discussion

Framing the Fey

For the Jailbreak I think we can use the fey creatures being there as cover for the Jail Break. We can be sure to leave pixie dust behind.

We don the same disguise that Eve did such an amazing job with.

The majority of the nine will be part of the distraction with the dogs. If you are seen out there, you are just trying to help deal with the dogs, maybe even drop the suggestion that the fey must have got them all riled up.

Those of us actually going into the guard post:

I’m going because this was my idea. Bordane are you?

Eden for sure and Griffith. Anyone else?

For entry into the guard post, I suggest a shitload of smokesticks to add to the confusion, limit how much is seen. The guards inside we will hopefully KO and take their keys.

I mentioned last night that I wouldn’t free the fey. On second thought I stick with the original idea and free everyone. We leave pixie dust behind and make our escape

Briar should be flying overhead, when we leave we will follow the route she takes, hopefully leading us away from anyone coming on whatever streets, telling us when to duck for cover etc.

We take the former prisoner to our sometimes flooded beach house for a place to hide and we try to convert him as an ally of our company, providing us with an Oghma worshipper that isn’t one of the sages and whom we have no reason currently to believe has any connection to the Cult of the Dragon.

If converted, we help set him up outside of Waterdeep, explaining a year away is better than 20 in a jail. A year from now he can come back as Cousin Fred.

If not converted we leave him to his own devices (as long as he doesn’t get TOO lippy) and wish him well.

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Short Sword of Quickness

This is a special +2 blade that enables the wielder to strike first in every combat round. If the wielder encounters someone with a similar weapon, both strike simultaneously. These swords are always of the finest quality are often inlaid with valuable gems.

“When I suggested cooked goose for dinner I never expected someone or something else was thinking the same thing. Luckily I struck first; my companion however, was not so lucky. I will be sure to console his wife- I hope she can cook.”

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For Honor, Duty and Loyalty

Joliet resisted the urge to shift, as he waited before the large oaken desk in Artur Fireheart's spartan office. The high priest took his time going back and forth between two sheets of parchment before setting them aside and fixing his gaze upon the youngish warrior. Joliet tried to meet his eye, for the high priest only had one working eye, but could not. Rather, the fighter looked at his feet sheepishly.

"We called you here to discuss your future," rasped Artur, his voice wrecked by the same acid that had horribly scarred the left side of his head, face and neck. He gestured to the woman in platemail that stood silently looking out of the office's lone window. "Blademistress Adrianna has some doubts whether you're worthy of the paladinhood, especially after your last adventure."

Adrianna turned at this, facing the room. Her black hair cut short to accommodate the chainmail hood, or coif, and the helm that rested on a small side table. Her platemail was impeccably shined and her blue eyes pierced Joliet's soul. Under this scrutiny, Joliet finally shifted nervously.

"Which of the 3 precepts did you break?" Adrianna asked quietly.

"All 3, Blademistress. It was my duty to my companions to look after their safety; by failing to do so, I lost their loyalty and did grievous harm to my honor," croaked Joliet, his throat as dry as a desert stone.

The high priest and paladin exchanged looks, the paladin finally nodding her approval. Fixing Joliet with his one eye, Artur spoke "As a test, and to make up for the previous failing, we have a mission for you. To the north and east of Waterdeep, some twelve days travel by horse, lies a small village not on most maps. It is said in this village is the stirrings of an evil, an evil that we can easily stop now. There is a foul priest of a ages long, dead god and he toils to bring this abomination back to life. The sorcerer-priest's name is Karlott. Your task is to hunt him down and stop him from bringing forth this evil. Alone."

Joliet's head snapped up at this "Alone, High Priest? That'd be-"

"Impossible, yes. However, until such a time comes that we feel you have earned the right to be part of a company again, Torm will not sanction your actions. Honor, duty, loyalty, boy... these aren't words, they're life."

"Your actions will be watched. Should you try to gather a group, or should other's try to join you and you do not warn them off, your future with the paladinhood will be considered closed," Adrianna ventured, her eyes boring into Joliet.

The warrior thought a few moments and nodded. "For honor, duty and loyalty, I accept this task."

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Around Town Jobs

The spice guild is a specialty merchants guild that is the first employer for many a noble born Waterdeep warrior.  Beyond the obvious value of the spices themselves, many other items are traded and transported hidden within shipments of spice.  The guild hires those who can keep their word and do all they can to deliver the majority of the supplies they are assinged to protect.  The current head of the guild is a middle aged human who is originally from Neverwinter and whose family hails from Luskan.  Since the war has hampered deliveries by sea, this guild has seen its profits increase a hundredfold through their knowledge and control of the northern road. 

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Around Town…

Asmagh’s Alley
Running west, it allows inconspicuous access to the main mountain trail. It is named for a notorious apothecary who flourished (if that’s the word) in Waterdeep some 60 winters ago. He was a poison-crafter, and buried his victims by night, lifting the stones of this alley to place them underneath and carrying away the dirt left over in his cart. After he was discovered at it and slain, the Watch uncovered over 80 bodies under these flagstones, and searched diligently to be sure they missed none. It’s an old Waterdhavian joke to refer to Asmagh as “the Ambassador” because, they say ‘He welcomed so many folk to the City. (“the City” to a citizen of Waterdeep, means the City of the Dead). Today, this long way is crowded with delivery crates, barrels, scattered garbage, and rats. Thugs sometimes mug folk here on the darker nights, trusting to the length of the alley to run down prey.

As Bordane Agundar enjoys an encounter with his sexual and martial equal- in the sensual form of Lady Cherillyn Anteos and the imposing Damian unexpectedly but eagerly collects on a flirtatious challenge from Fejyelsae.

Tauron Tarm yields to the sly romantic challenges from the Luck Rider, Heilean and Eva along with Griffith converse on the subject of ‘finding’ Mask and how to make his deity a factor in regards to the three undead sentinels from the dungeons.

The remaining four; Chadwick, Wayne, Eden and Briar travel with the sea-hag’s head and the two salvaged vials to Briar’s father, Huld Bellabranta at the griffon stables.

And the questions remain. What is in the vials? Why the griffons? What with the involvement of clerics of Malar and gladiators from the Brokengulf’s Field of Triumph? And are Hell Hounds loose in the city? Again?


Seven are the planets known to the Ancients (and the folk of Faerun)
Seven are the colors of the rainbow
Seven are the stars in the plough (The Great Bear)
Seven are the nights in each quarter of the moon
Seven are the directions of the circle
Seven are the power centers of the body
Seven are the notes of the musical scale

(Mircea Eliade)
A universe comes to birth from its center;
It spreads out from a central point that is,
As it were, its navel...
The Center is precisely the place where a break in plane occurs,
Where space becomes sacred, hence pre-eminently real.
A creation implies a super-absence of reality, in other words,
An eruption of the sacred into the world.

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Around Town

The Chess Emporium: This three and a half story lodge has expensive courtesans upstairs and plenty of tables of chess players and smoking aficionado’s occupying the casino like bar downstairs. Cards aren’t played here, only backgammon and chess. Damian is a well respected chess player and is sought by many teams in organized play.

Dagbar’s Bourbons: This unique distillery only produces a limited number of its fine product for public purchase each year. Damian and Bordane were lucky enough to school with Dagbar’s oldest son Mack Snome and thus are allowed to visit the distillery and sample their products. They also have an excellent garden of fine weeds and tobaccos.

Memory Gardens: Located on cemetery grounds, this small but elegant garden has provided a place of quiet reflection for many people of Waterdeep. A small central fountain is full of coins and wishes.

Castle Grocers: Great place to meet women. You have to stay out of view of the owner though or he’ll “favor” you to death. “Oh it’s so long since I’ve seen your family, please take them this, and ask them that. Bordane hates it but Damian enjoys the familiarity of it and the free samples

Myrkul, Bane,& Bhaal...The Dark Triad

Jergal (pronounced JER-gull ), also referred to as The Lord of the End of Everything, was the seneschal of the Lord of the Dead who keeps records on the final disposition of all the spirits of the dead. Jergal is unfeeling and excessively formal, he never angers and always speaks in a disembodied, chilling voice. He cares little for anything besides an orderly accounting of the fate of the world as it slowly sinks into death, he now serves Myrkul.

In ethos, Jergal is colder and more inhumane than his master, sanctioning the use and creation of undead by his followers, provided they serve the cause of advancing death in the world. He is not evil or malicious, but impassively records the death of all things.

Myrkul was a powerful adventuring necromancer in his youth, traveling with Bane and Bhaal when the three of them were mortals. Dedicated each to a quest to attain divinity for themselves, they travelled to the citadel of Jergal who, luckily for them was tiring of his existence as lord of the end of everything. Breaking off his skeletal knucklebones after an argument over which of the three would rule over the other two, they were each thrown by the mortals to determine which of Jergal's portfolios they would recieve. Malar tried and failed to interrupt this game. The end result was Myrkul gaining the portfolio of the Dead. Jergal served Myrkul as an aide for a time until Myrkul had settled into his new role.

Monday, May 17, 2010

A brilliant plan

Staenor griped the handle of his Flame tongue. He had watched the dragon hunt the region for the last two months. Forcing its prey farther east his tribe was struggling to find food. His tribe wouldn’t last the winter unless someone put a stop to the dragons pillaging.

Laying the ambush would be the easy part surviving it a different story. He knew the battle would be tuff but with the dragon vulnerable to flame that gave him an edge. Gillian, his newfound friend had risked his own life to get him this valuable information.
When the dragon took the bait Staenorr sprung into action. Landing a blow to the back of the creature he quickly rolled to the creatures’ blind side. The dragon apparently stunned by the blow searched with his good eye for his elusive foe.
Gillian had concocted a brilliant battle plan and Staenorr was executing it to perfection. The next step anticipated the dragon would spin around putting the barbarian in his field of vision. Unfortunately that’s not what happened.

The dragon paused in confusion. He had just stopped for a quick bite when a man yelled and leaped onto his back possibly scratching a scale. Then it rolled off, stopped right in front of him, and crouched as if waiting for something to happen. The dragon let loose a column of fire that totally disintegrated Staenorr. The red dragon took to the air and headed for the barbarian village.

Gillian offered a quick prayer to the lord of shadows as he waited out of site. Not only would he get the flame tongue without a fight but he could track the red back to its lair after it destroyed the village. Plenty of adventures would pay for a map to a dragon’s lair. Turning in the sword would elevate him in the church. He could even loot the remains of the barbarian village on his way back to Waterdeep. Gillian smiled, he did concocted a brilliant plan and had executed it to perfection.

Date night

Lady Cherillyn Anteos
 The sting of my words or the sting of my blade? What is your pleasure?

Heilean Eather
 With the luck of Tymora I will return honor to Tarm and the Forest Keepers.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Lormo's mission

Damian:    Faithful servant, I need you to gather some information for us.  Careful!The way is treacherous! Just get the information, don't risk yourself.  We are tracking a medusa who uses illusions to potray herself a beautiful woman and preys upon nobelmen.  We wish to quietly discover the area of town the creature is working, and if you should discover her current lover and target, all the better.  Have you heard any rumors regarding the nobel families?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Crusades (Part Three: Humas Samular)

One winter solstice night under the wicked Demon Moon, there was a dire blizzard upon the lands- like none ever before. Death was all but assured for the Northmen of the Frozenfar – so it was Humas Samular that emerged from the people, known as a cleric of Tempus- strong in conviction who would soon return as something far greater. Leaving the folk with words of encouragement that he, Samular would not give up on them if they would not abandon him; however some of the folk believed sacrifice should be made to appease the gods, Samular scolded them and ventured forth to the summit of Arandur’s Crown heedless of beast, cold, wind or storm. Humas Samular climbed and endured with deep, bellowing hymns to Tempus renewing his strength with every step and empowering his resolve with every rise. When he reached the top he was exhausted beyond measure but the people needed a reprieve and Tempus had to be glorified. Chilled to his bones and out of breath, Samular raised teary eyes to the turbulent sky and commanded all gods of storm and fury to halt their assault to the good folk below and be away from here or face the righteous glory that has come to command them! His conviction never stronger.

Deeper darkness grew out from beyond what is the longest night of the year and from out of the north, carried on invisible winds came a great roar and three peals of lightning heralding a great gray wyrm- a storm dragon. The dragon’s body seemed to go on forever; its lethal spines, each as long as spears sharpened to infinity and its presence- so terrifying that every child in the North was visited with nightmares that evening. Samular locked eyes with the terrible beast. Time seemed to stand still as the two joined in epic combat each divinely powered, each blood enemies; and when Samular struck the harbinger of storms down, the dragon’s blood began to seep into the cracks filling veins of the mountains. Trodden and victorious Samular, acting upon faith, consumed the dragon’s seven-chambered heart, prayed in thanks to Tempus and was irrevocably rejuvenated; Tempus had answered.

Samular descended the mountain with a divine overwhelming and demanding urge. He went directly to the make-shift shrine the people erected at the base of the mountain, where he accepted the customary dragon offering- a virgin sacrifice and sired a son who would later go on to become Tancred, the griffon-rider.

Humas Samular of Tempus campaigned in seven holy-crusades against the scourge of evil dragons in the North; with every great victory Samular would ceremoniously consume his quarry’s dragon-heart so that his seed would empower an heir to be strong and noble. Each time he was blessed with a son or daughter from the virgin offered to placate the dragon. Samular would claim his seven children as Knights under his banner the Knights of Samular.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In Good Company

Company of the Hippogriff Newly formed company in the North; with Amelior Amanitas as their benefactor they travel to Secomber where inhabitants have discovered the corpses of twenty fey creatures. Seven moon elves and thirteen dark elves, washed down the Unicorn Run from the High Forest upstream. Mystery surrounds the cause of death. Their members include; Sernar of the Sky Pony barbarian tribe (Great Stakes racer), Mellomir Ilzimmer the traveling merchant, Harriet Gundwynd a hippogriff rider and Tracey Strongbow the fey princess (Also a Great Stakes rider).

To Quash Yon Scoundrel Young and uncertified adventuring group. Made up of a quartet of non-nobles; ‘May-pole’ Dran, Lion (an axe-wielder), Ambreen and Arion (magical siblings). Friends since childhood, where overtime they collected equipment, weapons and armor; practiced to hone their skills and eventually formed Quash! They have high hopes about securing the Middle Way near the Stone Bridge.

Blinkstone Companions Hometown favorites! Very popular and well liked all noble family- company that has lasted for several years. On Greengrass they left Waterdeep with much fanfare for points north to discover the nature and possible threat likelihood the Great Horn is to civilized lands. The Companions are comprised of Caladorn (former Cassalanter) Cavalier of the Lion, Texter Paladin of the Lawful Three, Mastock the orc Chieftain, Sumer a rider of Nesmé, and Malusiel The Theurge of Azuth.

Brown back hard-men A group off all warriors including two dwarves (Ardden and Pelasgus) and two human men (Draf and Helios). They started as thug-busters in the dock ward and branched out as mercenaries to capitalize on surge in need of capable swords (“Or Axes!”). Adopting their name from the hard leather vests they wear; reinforced on the back to protect against back-stabs. On their way north they intend on stopping and meeting out Earth and Stone, the dwarf sorcerers in Leilon about the elusive dragon.

Kryptgarden Forest Keepers Taking it upon themselves to become independent investigators for what is being regarded as the Noble Seven Murders. Two remaining original members; Dayton Coffey and Catrina Nesher are now joined by the lovely Tymora cleric and Luck Rider- Heilean Eather (who has a sweet eye on Tauron).

Wanderblades Another new company; just completed their Warden’s Walk that began last fall. Not much is known about this party- only that they too (like Hippogriff Co.) set for points east; specifically Loudwater where dark fey bodies and mutated owlbears were found dead. Mystery surrounds the cause of death.

One-Thousand Trade Kings Spokesman: Basilius Blackthorn. Not really an ‘adventuring’ group, but a company nonetheless. The merchant alliance calling itself One-Thousand Trade Kings has sent emissaries to the rulers of Waterdeep, Mirbar, and other cities of the North, announcing its formation and its intent to control overland trade in all mithirl weapons, armor and equipment used in transport and commerce within its area of operations, bowing to no monarch, but not intended to wage war or become unto a monarch itself.

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Word Travels Fast

Her name is Fejyelsae and she's rather famous around here. Why is she famous? Because when times were tough, she took a modeling gig for an artist here in the castle ward. Originally this picture was just a drunken bumbling Ogre but all that got the artist was two sales and both of those at cut rate to her relatives. The artist spotted Fejyelsae in an argument with a street vendor and inspiration was born. I'm not sure how much the artist paid her but it wasn't enough. Soon this picture graced several businesses around Waterdeep as well as several reproductions on pamphlets and even on stage. Poor Fejyelsae's reputation as a scout and swordswoman was overshadowed by her fame as the "Ogreslayer" or "The Shesword". Fejyelsae had never even fought an Ogre but people believe what they want. How do I know all this? Well I know the artist well. She is very talented and when she can stay sober she is able to produce amazing works. Yes, Agatha Agundar is the artist of the most famous piece of popular art in Waterdeep in the last twenty years. You see money was tight for me too, and mother needed someone to stand in for the ogre. That was the first time I met Bledorown, he was who provided the spells to make me appear as the ogre. I hadn't seen Fejyelsae in quite some time but Saturday night after the Palaver, she was at the Inn and made sure to come by and congratulate me.  Whenever I had hit on her before she always put me off either by saying she doesn't date ogres or maintaining she would not see anyone who had not passed the walk of heroes...I guess word travels fast. 

It Takes a Village

(Passage from Sage’s Speculation- A series of narrative conjecture regarding the origin stories of various individuals of questionable importance)

The elven las was just an infant when she was kindly adopted by the entire population of Shadowdale; indeed the entire community helped in one form or another to raise the elven child. Silverleaf so named for the shiny leaf-shaped birthmark she possessed over her heart. She grew up clever and capable in her young adult life; she was also in possession of a rare magical talent. This naturally caught the curiosity of the town’s venerable resident mage. Silverleaf was likewise fascinated with the dark humored and calloused old mage and his incessant stories; especially tales that hinted at an eldritch power called Spellfire. So much so, that after a time she set off several times to discover rare magics only to return unsuccessful, when at long last Silverleaf returned to the old bugger who then cast bones as to interpret her fate.

“Go ye North young elf, where thy mayhap discover what thy seek is nay what thy truly desire.”

And go ye North she did, but she would not travel alone- Volmyr of Shadowdale, most eligible bachelor and a good-natured but barbaric companion, mounted up beside her...

(Twenty years later, her remains are now entombed in the Waterdeep Gardens along with Volmyr. It is not known if she was ever successful in discovering any elusive magical power, but she did find love because both hers and Volmyr’s remains bore love bands.)

(From the Journey Logs of Caravan Guard Captain Jericho Tull)

Day one
Debark west from Zhentil Keep at dawn. Inventory and roster are in order. Weather fair.
Named Bryan Kormallis as my lieutenant.
Should see a respectable twenty-five wheels traveled today.

*Skipping ahead entries.
Day thirteen
Begin caravan march one hour before dawn, beginning wake cycle adjustments. Inventory in order. Weather dry and windy.
Roster change- add Silverleaf (elf female) and Volmyr (human male). Both capable trackers and alert scouts. Today we turn into the trail that takes us across Anaroch.

*Skipping ahead entries.
Day nineteen
Begin caravan march three hours before dawn. Inventory and roster in order. Weather dry and hot.
The desert is taking its toll- the sentries are scared and irrational.
PS- We were surprised during the night with an attack from what I describe as living fire with red bat-like wings. Some fear that it’s a dragon. One wagon lost, including three animals. Two sentries dead.

*Skipping ahead entries.
Day twenty-two
No travel today. Adjusted inventory and roster. Weather hot.
Majority voted to hold up at an oasis and defend it. Volmyr, Silverleaf, Bryan and half the remaining sentries venture to seek out the ‘dragon’ that has terrorized us for the past three nights.

(The Journey Log continues on day twenty-five with no change in inventory, roster or further terrorism from the ‘dragon’ and arrives in Waterdeep only two days behind schedule.)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Kiss of the Goddess

“Sai Piergeiron, Lords and citizens of Waterdeep presenting the Sultan-Archmage of Volothamp Nairith Irizar.”

String instruments whine and subtle drums echo in the halls of the Palace as Nairith and his procession are led into the Palaver and is first greeted by Madeiron Sunderstone, Piergeiron’s champion. As the music fades into a rhythm more diplomats are ushered in and customarily greet the Calashite leader, among them are; the Blackstaff, Nain Keenwhistler, Malchor Harpell and Maskar Wands. All of which perform the traditional diplomatic greetings like it was second nature. Many anxious citizens are now present to watch the palaver and are hushed in awe.

Sultan Irizar speaks in an a thick Arabian dialect, “Sai Piergeiron, Lords and People of Waterdeep, I come to you with the deepest of apologies and with great regret from the Syl-Pasha, myself and the royal Calim-Navy, and wish to make reparations from the unfortunate error our Navy committed against a ship bearing the crest of Waterdeep. It is my hope that you and your people will see that this gift; The Kiss of the Goddess will be seen as acceptable recompense for your loss.”

There is no protest, none with any voice to it that is. The Waterhavian diplomats stand patiently for what comes next.

“The ‘Goddess’” he continues, “is a gemstone named for Sune, the Goddess of Love, and it has a unique magical power conferred upon anyone touching it when it flares into radiance.” As he says this the gem flares into radiance. Just then Irizar produces a jambiya and proceeds to cut into his arm. The diplomats fly into defensive spellcasting as the Sultan holds aloft the double fisted-sized gem in its hands in a dramatic display he exclaims- “Its healing capabilities are limitless!” No sooner spoken and his bloody cut -from his own hand- is healed. There is a chorus of whispers from the folk who have gathered that express wonder or is it skepticism.

Sai Piergeiron stands, and therefore so does everyone else, crosses his arms to display his radiant pistols (gods it’s like looking into the Sun!) and peers down at the dramatic Sultan, “We are a forgiving people to those who are truly regretful. We see this display as genuine and accept your offering. Please stay as guests of the city until such time as you see fit to return to your home.”

With that, the Sultan of Volothamp solemnly collects his entourage and leaves the Lords to the governing of their forgiving people.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The pilfered wedding gifts

Seven magical rubies hang from center of this choker with smaller diamonds alternating between the fiery rubies. A gift from Raine.

A magical obsidian courser figurine with rubies for eyes and onyx chips for the hooves. A gift from Syndra.

A magical cloak of snow-white yeti fur- cold to the touch but comfortable nonetheless. The groom's gift to the bride.

A set of four plaintive magical gold rings and one master ring. The bride's gift to the groom.

The Warp Marble (shown)  A gift from Maskar to Marcus.