Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mysterious lights in Phoenix sky.

Witnesses of the Phoenix UFO said they saw four or five red lights lined up in a straight line and spaced apart evenly. The lights slowly moved east and became dimmer when suddnely three jets flew from the west and traveled in the direction of the lights.

The New Avengers

Anyone interested in reading the New Avengers Comic? I have 37 issues in cbr format (click on the post title for a link to the cbr reader). If so leave a comment and I'll email you the file/files.

Also in this batch I have 'the Secret War' and 'the Sentry', who is bad ass.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Video News


This is the latest in a long string of shocking video’s coming to surface from all over the world. People? With seemingly superhuman gifts doing what heretofore was believed impossible.

PLAY 1 Minute Video:

Scene 1: Man of obvious middle eastern descent crushing stone in his hands, later footage shows him awash in flame but unharmed.

Scene 2: A woman transforms into a watery shape before your eyes, her children visible through her, behind her their faces looking upon her in awe.

Scene 3: Video footage of something moving at high velocity through the city streets of New York, soldiers falling after it passes. Video is slowed showing former speedster with a gun, killing soldiers.

Scene 4: A man leaps from Big Ben in London, the pavement envelopes him like a glove and then he emerges from the stone unharmed.


James has some scheduling issues the next three wednesdays. This week I can't play on Thursday night, so I plan on us playing the back up group. Can any of you play on Thursdays, not this week but the next two weeks? Place your responses here:)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008

Have we lost another one?

(SAM) I don’t know what treatment Percy gave you, but you are seriously F***ED UP. Here are a few of your comments before the “cure”.

“When I am confronted to threats of National Security and the President comes to call: It is Supernova who answers.”

“I vaguely hear the Pfister proudly affirm his dedication for the good of his country and liberty. Too weak to speak so fervently, I too am honored to serve in this capacity.”

(Jessie) I'm glad I'm a field agent. Not one of the ones that are greeted by 'lab coats or soldiers'.

And after the “cure

I do NOT plan on coming out with my new time-travel powers to the President or even my father.

You have the wrong idea about Percy. The only thing he regrets is withholding information from the Government-

(Jessie) No one owns me.

This goes to show you how you are being manipulated. There was a price for that cure, you just don't realize it. The best con men in the world make it seem like it’s your idea to give them your money. You didn’t volunteer for anything your just so used to taking orders that you’re failing to look at the source. Now you have sided yourself with a man who "quit" us as a country, that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. As for me my refusal to participate was not blind. You went from the most loyal and patriotic member of our group to inches away from treason over night. Don’t you think there is a reason for alarm and suspicion, of course you don’t you have been brainwashed. I would hope your next step is back to area 51 for another psychological exam and some lab test. If you still want to try and help people letting Chance run some test on you would be a good start. If you are cured he could learn something from your blood work, if you’re under control it would show up on your psych test.

On your way to wherever you’re going next maybe you could ask yourself a few questions.

Why did Percy’s men kill the college students? And don't give me that lame he didn't know answer he gave the orders there... it was his decision.
Why is Masimoto ( I forgot his name ) funding him? A business man doesn’t spend millions of dollars with no return on investment. You know his interest isn't helping our country.
Why did Percy send men back in time in the first place? That's not a vacation trip or a weekend get away, they had a mission and bet that wasen't in the "country's" best interest either. It would seem Percy is the most experienced in the world when it comes to timelight. I seriously dout he left our government for moral reasons, he would do the most good helping the country in area 51. Not on a boat in the ocean working for a private investor. Something stinks here I hope it’s not to late for you to realize that.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Window into the past

(Jessie) I accepted responsibility for Luis and the Pfister, but I would not accept their fates. Not when I believed it was in the realm of possibility that I could do something about it. After all they wouldn't have been on the entropy in the first place if it wasn't for me (as for the Egyptians... well that was the US Government's fault). How did I repay? I rendered them powerless.

I understand that somethings couldn't be avoided, but I knew; the longer I waited, the harder it would be to rescue them- and maybe end the threat of the assassins. If you could help our team leader and a fellow dying hero, how could you not? Sam's blind refusal to help leads me to assume that he will not help in the times to come- that is his choice.

My choice to help Percy was rooted in my own need to remedy a mistake. I couldn't deny him his resolutions, without discounting my own guilt. I, nor Percy wish to change history (again that is our US Government), I just want to return the individuals that were lost to the ages. Perhaps I may return my brother to the present, after all I was responsible for his well being before the World changed forever.

I do NOT plan on coming out with my new time-travel powers to the President or even my father. For now only Percy, Mihaela, Luis, Pfister, and Rutherford know. I don't wish to become that which the Government was using Percy, in the time leading up to the Eldridge event, for.

Can Major Rutherford keep my secret? Only time will tell.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

7 pm to Boston

(Jessie) After talking with Chance, it could be that we are going to see eye to eye with Percy more than we initially thought. I don't think he put out an order to kill anyone who gets in the way. Like us, 'his crew' does things their way. While I don't fault Sam for killing the 'mind-controller', epically since Sam fell to his charms, deaths occur- this is real-life. While Percy's supers may initially be unfriendly to us, he won't kill us.

Sam posed an interesting possibility: What if Percy asks for something in return? What does he want? While I cannot answer without knowing what Percy want or needs. There is more than just my future on the line. Right Luis?

One thing that I think we all agree on is that this assassin, this... duplicator; must die.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Well it seems we are all ready to get to the next step of our plan. Oh wait. What's the plan again? Oh yeah. The 7 o'clock train to Boston.What are we gonna ask? What do we wanna know?
I'd like to establish Percy as either a covert ally who likes our work but not our boss, or a rival whom we must plan on dealing with in our future endeavors. I'm okay with either situation, or even one somewhere in the middle, but I feel a need to establish what his place is in regard to us.
I'd like to know how many people have been recruited to teams or organizations by him. Along those lines, I'd like to know if he has established more than one office and where those would be.
I'd love to know what his feelings about Chance are now. I think that would reveal a lot about his character. I'd also listen to what he'd say of the president.
If his knowledge of timelight really does include insights to the reversal or nuetralization of the sickness from exposure to it, I'd like to challenge him to reveal those insights to the world medical community. If necessary, I'd be willing to begin negotiations with him to "purchase" such a release.
If Percy wants to remain his own man, or build his own "League of Supers", do we want to try to keep on friendly terms? Or is ours a join us or fight us approach to them? Even if we all have different opinions or answers to that, I think we need to know where the minds and hearts of our comrades lie.
Jessie. If he has a cure and he doesn't want share it, how does that sit with you? In any case, I will never judge you for gaurding your life. Obviously you need to survive these powers to help others through your service. Just don't be afraid to let us know what you want to do. I won't move against your search for the cure.
If we have time, I've recieved a message that my truck is finished in Area 51. I bet it's really nice!
And lastly , has any one seen Big Slick? I lost track of him after the fight with Big Trouble in Little China.

Latino Power

So ok, ya wanna know who I am, huh? Mi namo Luis Ramirez. I grew up on the streets of Brooklyn, don' know who my pops was. Mom did her best. When I turned 12, I started in wit' El Diablos. We were a gang, sure, but we didn' run no drugs or ho's or guns. We kep' our streets clean, an' that includes keeping the Chinks, the Reds and the 'Gyptians out. Period. I was a lil' smarter, so's they would send me to talk, y'know? We'd try peace first, y'know? If they didn' back off, well, shit's on and we made 'em back off. I gots nicked, I was straight set up, y'know? I didn' kill THAT Red, but they said I did and so's I got time. I did a year and about a half 'fore I got these powers. All that time, I kept my nose clean, didn' start nuthin' inside, y'know? I wasn't alone, either. Seems a few innocent people got sent in wit' me. We took to hangin' out, watchin' each other's backs. An', funny 'nough, we gots powers. We weren't the only ones though, and when the ones wit' a beef to pick tried takin' over the pen, we stepped up and put 'em down. That was where the Unknowns started. The warden knew we was innocent, and knew we coulda put him down just as easy, so's he lets us go, see? On th' outside, we just started up again, putting down people who used their powers to rule, y'know? We were a good crew, we was tight. Ain't nobody better than the Unknowns. But they ain't unknown to me

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Advice for a friend in need

(SAM) I think your finally starting to get it Jess. The government we serve is not a black and white entity. There are so many shades of gray the true black or white doesn’t even exist anymore. As long as the people in charge save face and continue making money nothing else matters.
The military uses the chain of command as a tool to avoid questions from the lower ranking soldiers who have yet to be brainwashed by the very beliefs they swore to defend. They will use you until you have nothing left then throw your name on a plaque as a forgotten “hero" . Take my advice, do what you can to help yourself, then if you feel guilty about it do a few good deeds. Your death won’t do anyone any good…especially you.
Remember our first test mission, destroying the evidence of that bomb proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that our government takes my point of view over yours.
Do what ever it takes…period. Your father (though a great man) passed a sense of morels on to you not suited for this era. Honor and loyalty have moved on and made room for efficiency and effectiveness.
If you want to pursue a cure just know I am here to help you how ever I can. Just ask yourself what would Paul do?
(Russ) I love being the guy kicked out of the military! I just get to spread the hatred.