Thursday, February 6, 2014

Review (02/05/2014)

After a long and rigorous battle with the crew and minions of Carso's Pharaoh, the Sons of Nissian decide to regroup and fight another day. Jaren grabs a fallen spellcaster teleporting back to the lair, Auge stops the construction of their siege weapon, and Durg and Versel fight to the end. Carso was clearly prepared for conflict of some kind though not us likely.

Before returning to the Cinder Block Versel (Durg and Auge) states his claim against Carso's Pharaoh to the Stormhaven Navy as conspirators and do not let them dock. They acquiesce with an investigation in the morning.

Exhausted, drained, and expended we rest.

Noon. Wednesday we respond to several dozen messages to each of us all by title of office. For Auge it was the beginnings of appointment as a public Liquor Commissioner. Durg receives information on an ogre named Clacko (mid-hireling Twilight House) asking about creatures of greed. Jaren learns that Leofric from the Black Crown declares his intention to acquire another magical lyre for him (tribute?). Versel, as Councilor readies his claim to the Hall of Voices as well as the School of the Winter Blade.

After that we fly over to Twilight House. Waiting for Arkiel we discover that a code is hidden within the
posted messages for jobs and contracts. Later we catch up with Arkiel at the bell-tower. After hearing of the hidden code he swears he will investigate and laments the facade his leadership truly is within Twilight House.

We tell him of Clacko and Arkiel tells us that some people call him 'Hungry Clacko', the ogre frequents the driftdowns and 'the black spot' and has unfriendly encounters with the Univ. of the White Wave. Arkiel then takes us to Clacko's residence where we discover a concealed door behind which we find a bland room perfect for teleporting into and out of without fear of being seen coming or going. Also in the room was a ocean depth cross-section under the old Kracken's Nest location complete with alien symbology.

Leaving the drow to his machinations the four of us fly down to the drift downs where Jaren crafts, Auge retrains, and Versel and Durg drop in on the Stormhaven Navy. The 'Admiral' said there was a lot of back and forth messages but most importantly they are restricted from approaching Stormhaven. The Navy-man also expressed concerns over a missing Naval vessel and he could use some help in the shipyard. Durg and Versel oblige with eight hours of doing the heavy lifting.

It was then Jaren surmised that the cargo of an average-sized shipping boat has a commerce value of 10,000 gold.

9 PM rest followed by some brotherly hoard building were Auge picked first.

We pickup next game session 6 AM Thursday with... Hall of Voices, School of the Winter Blade, Crafting, and looking for the lost Navy ship. Level 11 bitches!!

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