Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dragon's Breath Blues

Atavah Sunthrower carefully prepared the Perique tobacco, turning the leaves regularly, allowing the plant to dry evenly.  Utilizing a very fine, small set of scissors, Atavah removed small bits of leaf that did not meet her vigorous standards.  Her back to the her workshop door, she felt his presence before she saw the wizard.  “Ms. Sunthrower, are you holding out on me? Your leaves smell delicious.” Youvalan gravelly voice boomed in the small humid chamber.  Atavah straightened and turned to face Youvalan, something in the tone of the wizard’s voice signaled danger to the tiefling, “I’ll be happy to share some with you in the den or study Youvalan, but this area is off limits to members.”  Youvalan unleashed his smile, a truly frightening grimace that showed off the silver and gold arcane symbols he had carved in his teeth.  “Why Ms. Sunthrower, I only invaded the sanctity of your humidor to warn you, I believe SOMEONE knows your truename, Gislenus Yehudah!”

Atavah was overwhelmed, frightened to her core, she could feel herself moving towards the wizard, the name he spoke ringing in her ears.  Youvalan placed a wand to her forehead and Atavah Sunthrower slipped into unconsciousness. 

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