Tuesday, October 20, 2009


When one thinks of an evil god, a deity of such spite and anguish that the very name invokes thoughts of tyranny and oppression; exploiting the weak and the subjugation of the masses into sin, only one word comes to mind: Bane. Subservient to Bane through Bhaal; are the rivals Loviatar and Talona who wage a conflict of discipline versus madness amongst their followers, and Malar The Beastlord. Collectively they empower Bhaal; as the ends to their various means ultimately benefit him. In the end it is Bane who reaps the fell rewards from the bloodlust, sweat and tearful cries of their faithful that toil on behalf of their gods and beliefs. On the left side of Bane are Myrkul and Shar who occasionally come to each others aid only if it attracts the notice and recognition from Bane.

Monday, October 19, 2009

He of the Unsleeping Eyes, the Watcher, the Vigilant, the Vigilant One, the Great Guard, the God of Guardians

"He also serves who stands and waits and watches carefully" and "Careful planning always defeats rushed actions in the end" are popular sayings of Helm's faithful. Novices of Helm are charged to be vigilant and to he fair and diligent in the conduct of their orders. They must protect the weak, the unpopular, the injured, and the young and not sacrifice them for others. They must anticipate attacks and be ready, know their foes, and care carefully for their weapons so that their weapons" can perform their duties properly when called upon. "Never betray your trust" is the guiding phrase for faithful of Helm.

This philosophy extends to thinking about how best to guard and protect, both in terms of weapons and the deployment of guardians, and to anticipating what attacks may come and having a practiced plan ready to deal with such threats. The faithful and the priests of Helm train and exercise so as to always be able to carry out their duties as best they can, they always obey orders, provided those orders follow the dictates of Helm.

The thought of commanding undead rather than turning them or destroying them is abhorrent to Helm, and so his clergy are not allowed to do so and would never dream of trying. This difference in philosophy is a major factor in the rivalry between his church and that of Torm.

Magic in the North

There are those who learn to ply the Arcane Arts, others who parley with forces to acquire it, and then there are individuals who were born with it in their blood. They are (Eldrich) Eld-Born, or sorcerers- spellcasters that do not need toil in front of musty tomes and spellbooks or make pacts with the denizens of magic. Wizards and their ilk can train and learn to become spell-casters but in the North, they are considered vastly inferior to sorcerers, whose life blood contains the eldritch power to spontaneously strike down armies from afar or influence the weak with a whisper. Even some creatures outside the civilized streets, houses and governments are considered eld-born as well: griffons, unicorns and winter wolves- to name a few; all have an innate magical ability that is not learned but instinctual.

It is common knowledge that two sorcerers can often produce a sorcerer child. And as of this writing; is not known if such a birth has ever occurred between a sorcerer and non-sorcerer parentage. Therefore, arranged marriages and or planned births are practiced in the North. However, over the years there has been a notable decline in sorcerer births- leading to an increased feeling of unrest and some desperation in the magical community- with some asking if winter wolves, unicorns and the like are waning in births.

Friday, October 9, 2009


The word Mystra translates to Magic in language of the Celestials. Worship of Mystra is found in all cultures in the Realms all divine interpretations of Magic. Early texts don't refer to Mystra as a divine being rather as a primordial force- a fifth element. While these texts have never been discounted in the church, the Faith never questioned the priests feminine references to their god. Unlike other elemental faiths, Clerics of Mystra are granted spells and domains as defined under their doctrines and rituals. In Mystra's province is the patron of wizards: Azuth. Selune- who vistis the touch of Mystra upon those born under a full moon. And Nethys, the patron of Diviners.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Without the need to travel back in time, your 'other selves' succeed in bringing an end to Tenloss' rising threat of domestic terrorism. It was their vision to police every state capitol; but such a task couldn't be successful without a catalyst to make ATOM's vision real.
While Atlantic, Omega and Manpower are elusive players in all this, Tenloss takes the heat- resulting in Anton Stepanov (Lt. Strife) landing in prison.
Your 'future-selves' seem trapped waiting for time to catch up; with a day gone by, and still no sign or word from Alpha. Finally a message from the IDC at Devil's Tower- these are peoples from another dimension and request the aid from some HEROES...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Monday, December 7th 1987, 07:53

The Inter-dimensional Council (IDC) was initiated after the Roswell incident of 1947. The foreign capsule wreckage was taken to Area 51, in the Nevada Desert where it was studied, tested and reverse-engineered.

By reverse-engineering the advanced - seemingly futuristic technology - and using unified field theory, scientists developed a faster than light vehicle consisting of two counter-rotating cylindrical containers filled with cryogenically frozen mercury; this generates a powerful electromagnetic-gravitational field capable of providing momentum for a FTL Vehicle.

The trans-dimensional device uses a reactor-type engine salvaged from the wreckage from the Roswell event. This device allowed them to generate a distortion field around a piloted capsule which will displace it through the planes- but in this case though time and space.

The capsule is released in a low-orbit launch counter to the earth’s rotation- where it reaches faster than light speed, after which pilots will steer the capsule towards the required space and time coordinates.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Anton Stepanov

  • A decorated Soviet Word War 2 war solider who was vital in repelling the Nazis from the Soviet Union.
  • Medical reports indicate that he was dying of an unknown terminal illness.
  • Believing that he was dyeing Stepanov rushed head on to meet his own death, accidentally elevating himself into a war icon.
  • Soviet scientists admit using a process stolen from Nazis by which they could create an ideal weaponized soldier.
  • For the next fifty years Anton served covertly in every single military conflict that the Soviet Union participated in.
  • Tenloss Group, a quasi-military private organization emerged from Stepanov’s ideas and expertise- A Vision of World Police. In 1985 Tenloss was awarded contractual capitol security and police jurisdiction in Washington DC.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan

  • Served a one-year rotation as President of the United Nations Security Council in 1976.
  • Later in 1976, Moynihan was elected to the U.S. Senate from the State of New York, sitting on the NSA Advisory Committee and privately is a consultant for Man-Power Professional Consultants.
  • Moynihan was a critic of President Reagan's Cold War policies, such as voting against the Reagan Doctrine; a strategy orchestrated and implemented by the United States to oppose the global influence of the Soviet Union.
  • Moynihan is known for his stance that there is and was no active Soviet-backed conspiracy in Latin America, or anywhere, instead suggesting that the U.S.S.R. is suffering from massive internal and domestic problems and a collapsing economy.
  • He was among the guests at Ted Kennedy’s Re-election Regalia fundraiser; a party that was host to an FBI sting. Moynihan was listed as a person of interest, but never indicted.
  • In February 1980 he sponsored the Tenloss Securities Act, which President Ted Kennedy signed into law before he left office.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Place

I would like to take over a townhouse somewhere in Manhatten or Brooklyn. If possible Russ's Girlfriend's bosses place. I picture a bumbling boss who eventually becomes punch drunk from my constant mental manipulations, I picture Jonathan Winters from the movie The Shadow. I don't want anyone outside of our group knowing about this though and that includes the Rockefellers

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Good Morning, Today is Sunday, December 7th, 1987

Today America remembers Pearl Harbor.

East coast harbor traffic created delays and chaos from New York City to Virginia Beach yesterday in an effort to contain and avert disaster. Authorities are still piecing the together the details, but what is clear is that the EPA and FEMA are certain no threat currently exists.

Heavy snow continues to fall in eastern Pennsylvania and is expected to make Monday morning’s commute into The City hazardous- expect delays.

Locally, reports are still coming in about a costumed man who rescued 11 people from a electrical fire at the Warwick Hotel. The mysterious masked hero was said to have acted unselfishly in the interest of the trapped hotel guests. The man is a dark haired- Caucasian, tall- -wears a mask and bears the emblem of Alpha on his chest.

In other news; scientists report a unusual amount of solar flare activity in the past 6 hours, electro-magnetic disturbances and radio-wave disruptions witch will interrupt television broadcasts and most telephone service for most of today.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Calling

Dr. Ballard, Bigard and Valiant are the three scientists behind the Atomic Energy of Canada. They came together in Columbia College in Vancouver BC as paranormal enthusiasts; convinced there was untapped potential in every human being. With college funding they performed field investigations, personality tests and IQ experiments to locate perfect subjects to test their theories.

In early 1981, facing losing their college facilities and their funding, they were approached by David Rockefeller Jr. with a compelling offer: Study and test a new energy reactor and examine any and all possible applications. The Rockefeller Prototype Device went through many iterations- copies, if you will- before trials began on the actual Device itself. Finally in 1985 the Prototype (The Therac Series 25 radiation therapy machine) was brought online. The machine was used only six times in the past two years, the first time brought discovery and validated the three scientists beliefs that the radiation wrought by the device brought about evolutionary change in the physiological makeup of humans.

And so the call came only a few days ago when David Rockefellar Jr. requested the assistance from you all individually; bring and end to Al Capone III's 'project mayhem'. At last! Field work and a chance to prove and test your new super-human capabilities out side of the physical therapy and radiation sessions.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"By overcoming adversity we become who are are. Their would be no Hero if there was not first a Villain." - Unknown

Monday, June 8, 2009

Columbia College

Columbia College. Established in 1936. Canada's oldest independent international college. As well as the location of AEC's paranormal and experimental research labratory. Scientists Dr. John Ballard, Larry Valiant, and Director Phillip Bigard carefully look for likely candidates who would stand to benefit from their research.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Click on the post title and briefly read the basics about the Therac- 25. Then read the Popular Science excerpt:

After President Nixon signs the Nuclear Nation act that; “…clears the way for private companies and inventors to conceive new applications and uses for nuclear power”. The Rockefeller’s reached an agreement to allow the Atomic Energy of Canada (AEC) to perform the laboratory research and test trials on the Therac-Series of devices; other wise known as the Rockefeller Device.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good Morning! Today is Saturday, December 5th, 1987.

"Manhattan Crime boss Alphonse Capone III, escaped sometime yesterday from his undisclosed maximum security prison confines. His escape comes less than twenty-four hours after being mysteriously captured by an unknown individual or individuals and left for NY authorities to discover. His notorious mail-order wife; who goes by the name Swedish Spider, who is suspect in several unsolved criminal investigations- has also gone missing. These individuals are considered armed and very dangerous; if you have any information on the location of Capone or the so-called Swedish Spider, you are asked to call the NY police or the FBI. This is Sherri Potter Reporting."

In nationa
l news: Russian General Secretary Gorbachev is expected to arrive early Monday in the U.S. for a summit meeting with President Reagan. This will be the third such meeting between world leaders, the first here in the U.S. These talks are being held in hopes to reduce the nuclear weapon arsenal both countries have amassed since the Kennedy Administration. We will have live coverage starting Monday morning at 7am.

*The FBI does not condone or encourage vigilantism of any kind. If such individuals are found in violation of the law they will be prosecuted.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

H.E.R.O. (Homeland Elite Response Operatives)

Under the veneer of 49th St. and 5th Ave., in the husk of a forgotten rail station and hidden from public notice resides the Rockefeller Institute Center. It is here super-agents are dispatched to detain talented or dangerous individuals; avert disasters or forestall tragedy; whatever the situation, if there is need enough- if the risk is too high for anyone else- the agents of H.E.R.O. are activated.

Monday, April 6, 2009

History Lesson

February 1959, Fidel Castro becomes prime minister of Cuba. In its first year, the new revolutionary government expropriated private property with little or no compensation, nationalized public utilities, tightened controls on the private sector and closed down the gambling industry. The government also evicted many US citizens from the island. The regime nationalized of private property totaling about $25 billion U.S. dollars, out of which American property made up only over US $1.0 billions.

1960, President Eisenhower stated that it would be US government policy to assist and train Cuban exiles for action against the new Cuban government of Fidel Castro. In President Eisenhower’s final State of the Union Address to Congress, he warns of the increasing power of a "military-industrial complex".

The failed, April 1961, Bay of Pigs Invasion severely embarrassed the Kennedy Administration and made Castro wary of future US intervention in Cuba. Later that year, Kennedy engaged Operation Mongoose, a series of covert operations against Castro's government. They were largely unsuccessful but resulted in a United States economic embargo against Cuba.

In September 1962, the Cuban government saw significant evidence that the U.S. would invade. Castro and Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev agreed to secretly place strategic nuclear missiles in Cuba. In October 1962, the Communist Bloc nations began their campaign to intensify assets in the Caribbean, and began to modernize Cuba's armed forces using direct Soviet funding.

In 1963; Castro militants attempted to have President Kennedy assassinated while simultaneously beginning a intensive military campaign where by 1965 Fidel Castro and his generals, with Russian assistance, possessed military control of the islands of Haiti, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico.

In 1969, before John F. Kennedy finished his second term, the United States and Canada joined scientific ventures into new alternate Nuclear Power uses, Bionic applications and united Economic policies to combat the growing communist movement. The Energy Sciences Network act was passed.

1971, during the Apollo 14 mission- NASA discovers what could be an earth-like atmosphere on the Saturn moon Titan. Later that year, President Nixon signs the Nuclear Nation act that clears the way for private companies and inventors to conceive new applications and uses for nuclear power.

In 1973, the first successful bionic man was developed, tested and implemented as a covert government agent. He died in action a year later in Vietnam. Another test case was designed but may not have ever been implemented.

Fast forward to December 1987; after twenty years of military coalitions, espionage, weapons development, invasions, propaganda, and competitive technological development- the Cold War could be at an end. President Reagan and General Secretary Gorbachev have initiated talks to pursue significant nuclear weapons reduction. With the belief that Gorbachev and Reagan can come to diplomatic terms; four summit conferences have been established- with the third such meeting to take place this week in Washington DC.