Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sunbow Mansion

Sunbow Mansion is a brothel frequented by the elite of Stormhaven society and Daphne Kellington (human female) is still the house madam.  Though the passing decades have erased her youthful beauty, she is still cheerful and flirtatious, and counts many of Stormhaven’s most powerful citizens as friends.  Her “family” members are as beautiful as ever, a fresh “niece” or “nephew” appearing as soon as one retires.  Located at the heart of the Rat’s Nest’s winding maze of streets, Sunbow Mansion is a two story townhouse surrounded by a carefully tended but overstuffed garden of yellow roses.  Commissioned to serve as the headquarters of the Sunbow Company, a little-known adventuring band that met their fates while looting a kraken’s lair three decades ago, Sunbow Mansion is riddled with secret passages, hidden rooms and one-way mirrors, all of which are put to enthusiastic use by the mansion’s current owner and her guests.

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