Monday, April 25, 2011

Youvalan’s Response to Jeren’s Message

Recent events have caused me to re-evaluate our encounter at the Edana Estate.  Whatever happened in our past it is obvious that you are enemies with those who are currently warring in the Nobel District.  When you next find yourself at the Dragon’s Breath I will be there smoking with Atavah Sunthrower.  I thank you and your kin for destroying the NightStalker, surely a service to Stormhaven that pardons any previous behavior.  I would ask Auge’s permission to shop at the Vial and Flask and welcome you as a full member of the Crown

Bullaphant-Battles from the Nobel District

This information is left for you at the Cinder Block by Elcorn, a tiefling bard, from a tale told to him at the Worthy Gate by a retreating guard.

The giant Bullaphant first appeared in Fox Run a couple days ago. The first report of their appearance was laughed at when described as a Dire "phant". The noble hunters that first went into Fox Run were unprepared for a creature of such immense size that also has the speed, tenacity, and cruelty of a charging boar. The creature’s back stood some 10 feet above them. Their Frost Giant Masters arrived next and that was when the Bullaphant’s war of destruction began. The various nobel houses soon learned, much to their horror, that these creatures could fly. The Giants have numbers, are well organized, intelligent, and have been recovering treasure from the destruction wrought by their seemingly indestructible mounts.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Red Dawning

Auge looked down at his tools and smiled. His next project soon to be realized, a ring for Jaren. Another idea occurred to Auge and he turned to regard his tattoo inks and tools. As I put effort into each and every ring I forge, Auge thought; I will forge them with artistic strokes and with such a design as to complement my tattoo style. Doing do, he mused, will also increase his tattoo business. Auge smiled, it was his goal as a craftsman to complement his own skills with each other as well as to complement his brother’s skills of craftsmanship and martial prowess. The time of the red is dawning.

Review (4/20/11)

Using the Dragon-Heart to commune and recover with mother, we experience first hand her level of disappointment in us. The whites must finally be dealt with by us before the end of the winter solstice. She took an item for each of us to motivate us into action.

Shortly after that in the Cinder Block we hold brief palaver with some of the Spellguard and Black Crown who appeal to us to intervene in an attack by some lower planar creatues, outsiders who are attacking the city. Not in the sport of doing anything pro bono, we wait for an offer before we agree to ‘seeing what’s out there’, but we had other plans.

Actively seeking out the whites in the air, on the ground and finally the Edana estate we see that such pedestrian methods for seeking out our blood enimies would certainly not do. In an inspired and ironic use of a parental gift, Durg cuts loose with a wish, the wish granted to each of us by father. Suprememly successful Drug transported all four of us to the lair in a fight to the death with eight half white dragons. The battle was well fought and needed to quench our desire for the blood of whitey.

I don’t know what happened in the Versel vs. two and after Jaren dimension door’d the rest of us after the fleeing two. We pick up next week ass the dust settles around 3am on the morning of the solstice.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tales from " The Green Cloud"; a late arrival

Katarina was still furious as The Green Cloud moored solidly at dock early friday morning. She was livid that she was forced to show her dragon form earlier than she planned, and fuming at having had to fly onto that ridiculous Navy Warship to finally get berthed at a dock. Still, she revelled in the fear shown when she and her son, along with his Knight rider Kafnar, flew to the vessel and offered parlay. Nobody was ever prepared to see the draconic ogre and his wicked lance. She didn't mind the bribe of 100 healing potions to get docked, but she was furious at having had to wait more than 2 weeks at sea after a 6 month voyage. The storms even had the locals scared and shifty, and the docks were a mess, unorganized and apparently without good leadership. The frantic pace even kept people from noticing the soldiers that walked the decks of the elaborate master craft. Mixed of kobold heritage and the blood of Kazzurog the Dragon King, these half dragons were as adept in the air and underwater as they were walking about. Although they didn't seem to like the cold, it didn't seem to hinder them especially. Standing on the deck with her were her Court. Karstan, a hobgoblin druid; Ursula, a female drow alchemy master; Kazbah, her Secretary of Wizardy, the only human in the group, and Kafnar, the ogre half-dragon knight. The other passengers who had booked passage from Lowport had grown used to their hosts, but could sense the beautiful elf's ire, and with the previous days reminder of her true form instinctively gathered on the opposite side of the boat.

"Now", she thought to herself, "to get upside before these rickety shambles crumble."

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Journal Entry, Jaren; Winter Solstice

This night is the greatest I have ever been in my young life, and it has only just struck midnight. During our negotiations and ensuing battle, I felt my appetite for power and knowledge whetted, sharpened by a new taste.

I have entered the Second Tier of Magic. I feel I only need to rest long enough to focus to manifest my new mastery.

My prayer to Mother Avaritia was stronger than I could have guessed. When I uttered the words that maximized my magic, I knew that power was mine to have. Now, when I threaten the full extent of my wrath, it is delivered, in full, every time.

Sarosh's bond feels . . . complete. I have never before felt absolute loyalty from another being to anything beyond their personal gain. I believe Sarosh would stand beside me against the Charge of The Abyss if I but asked him. This taste of devotion has impassioned my dream of followers eager to win my favor and anxious to do my bidding. I will build a hoard of experts, teachers, soldiers, and craftsmen to toil at my direction, showing them all to great success under my banner, fueled by greed that will never be sated.

Finally, the negotiations with Socordia. I don't know what to inscribe to detail our palaver. I know that hearing the words of our Maternal Aunt acknowledge the kinship we shared made my dragon blood race like it never has before - even as I silently vowed to take her every follower, lured away by whispered promises of wealth and the power that it comes with, eventual casualties of greed.

The dilemma now? With my spells nearly exhausted, I know the Black Crown will be contacting me soon. They were all too eager to name me a draconic liaison and expert upon gaining fellowship. I think it may be best to go there instead of waiting for them.Aside from it appearing proactive, I may be able to meet with Nefertiti there and see if she can guide Sarosh and I to somewhere else where we can rest and prepare spells in less Prime Material time. I feel like we have a long holiday ahead of us.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Review (4/13/11)

Expertly disguised as white half-dragons we were successful in engaging the Staircase keep for the black dragon of Sloth and her thralls from the Driftdowns. Not that she was in any big rush; coordinating with her fear effects we did in fact color the snow red while playing the roll of the whites. Jaren offered up a prayer that added devistating effect to his ice ball. Auge realized that natural attacks were indeed deadly, Durg was the target of the most devastating attacks and fell once or twice, and Vercel shared his deadly attacks amongst the Spellguard. Once the keep was exposed we departed.

After the battle we returned to the Cinder Block hoping to rest up as much as possible when at long last the toll sounded midnight and the coming of the Winter Solstice (Saturday).

Monday, April 11, 2011

True Colors

This coming encounter is something I've been waiting for since our run-in with the whites at the Edana Estate. While I know the act of securing the Staircase Keep for Socordia will not draw blood from the wretched white dragons, it will sow hatred for the whites and hopefully undo some of their mechanisms in Stormhaven. Obviously, disguised as a white dragon I cannot utilize my usual talents in this attack for fear of our plan being undone or discovered.. Instead I will use tooth, claw and kick against the puny humans.The snow will turn red with their blood; red as the true color of our scales. FOR THE HOARD!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Review (4/6/11)

As the weather outside worsens, each of us take to our own activity during Friday’s working hours. Jaren began the day with, what will become a daily occurrence; he travels to the Black Crown to study. On this trip he sends a cordial letter to the diviner to arrange a meeting at a convenient time. Then back to the Cinder Block to toil at his craft. Durg and Vercel take to the Sunbow Mansion to sample the whores... I meant wares. Ague, sets to crafting Durgs kick-ass boots and checks the souk. After Jaren and Auge finish their items for the day, they both leave to meet with the others at the Sunbow Mansion.

Braving the elements we ventured forth to the Crippled Bone Embassy (Troll-blooded Gnolls; the Grolls), only to find that it has been under siege and many of its members are shattered, frozen or unaccounted for. Making a bunch of noise, we gain access and discover, behind a wall, the troll Hislop and ultimately 6 other survivors. Among them are Tenvros, a human scribe; the gnoll Ambassador of Flame; and some gnoll pawns (page 27). They explain the attack by the whites came from not only from them, but from ice devils and derro as well (presumably Derro from Twilight House). We take them to the Cinder Block where we ask Sarosh to get to know the other surviving Crippled Bone members.

At 6pm we arrive at Nissian’s Embassy, an embassy that specializes in planar trade. Likewise we discovered all manner of world maps, a planar model and a planar map along with a planar calendar for measuring time. Other items and information that was discovered are as follows: the embassy is tended to by many unseen servants; there is 25,000 in meta-magic components; gold bars, platinum, and silver bars; the afore mentioned planar model (indicates that the planes of cold and negative energy are close and the astral and ethereal planes are out of alignment and not in their unusual places); old contracts, including ours dated 10 years ago; and a registry that indicates the most recent visitor as Gretchen VanFleet to have been here frequently and as soon as a month ago. After Auge stashes 5000 gp here we depart after a couple of hours.

Around 8pm we are alerted to red flares and streaks of fire from the staircase keep. We land and assess that mobs of driftdowners are attempting to force their way to the Upside, and that a dragon is generating a fear among the guards- making the whole situation worse. With a choice of dealing with the dirftdowners or the dragon, we elect to engage the dragon only to discover it is Socordia, Sloth. Seizing the opportunity Jaren invites Socordia to a palaver where he (and by message, all of us) arranges for us to secure the keep for Socordia in exchange for our lives and to invoke no ill will in the future between us and Socordia and her ilk.

We begin next session with us disguised as white dragons laying literal waste to the guards at the Staircase Keep. (I did mean whores! Nefertit-tay!)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Black Crown Membership Benefits

Sleeping room/apartment free food available 24/7 365 in tower

Lab available for use, Research Assistance, Scribe Services

All Core Rulebook Spells available for purchase, cost dependant on membership status

All Spell Components from Core Rulebook and Advanced Players Guide available for purchase

All Scrolls that do not require an expensive component of over 100gp, available for purchase at cost

Purchase/creation/selling of magical items done anonymously through Black Crown

Spells prepared in the tower are treated as having the Spell Focus Feat, regardless of school: Choose a school of magic. Any spells you cast of that school are more difficult to resist. Benefit: Add +1 to the Difficulty Class for all saving throws against spells from the school of magic you select.

If spells are prepared in the tower (your hour of power), or if a sorcerer you rest for eight hours in the tower you receive 1 extra spell slot per level per day.

All members receive a +2 on any Dispel Magic attempt, exceeding even the maximum +10, +4 for Dispel Magic Greater, exceeding even the maximum +20.

Member may pick one meta-magic feat they already have and receive one free use of it per day. For those who prepare spells they must apply the free use when memorizing spells.

Member may choose one meta-magic or craft feat to learn for free. Member receives it the first level he gains after becoming a full member (so for you, at 7th level).

Specialist Wizards: When spells are prepared in the tower you are treated as having Spell Mastery for all spells in your school of magic, thus helping reduce preparation time. Spell Mastery: You have mastered a handful of spells, and can prepare these spells without referencing your spellbooks at all. Benefit: Each time you take this feat, choose a number of spells that you already know equal to your Intelligence modifier. From that point on, you can prepare these spells without referring to a spellbook. Normal: Without this feat, you must use a spellbook to prepare all your spells, except read magic.

Member may choose one magic item to have enhanced by a +1 value, an additional use per day, or similar enhancement.

All members receive a new watermark with any previous mark being magically combined into their new watermark. Several benefits will arise from this but for now:

+1 Tower Bonus to all Saving Throws. +1 Tower Bonus on any ranged or touch attack with a spell.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Stair Guard Murders

“Oh, a storm is threat'ning, My very life today, If I don't get some shelter, Oh yeah, I'm gonna fade away”
Dyfonix was 50 years old and a devoted skeptic of all things. People always swore that some undead creature did this or some demon did that but the normal every day truth was usually someone had more money than someone else and that someone else didn’t like it. Besides, when it was undead or a demon there really isn’t a mystery, it was obvious, and those that have seen either of those creatures and lived to tell it are never the same again. Still this was the second witness to report the same non-sense and the fact that it was practically the same tale was very disturbing. Dyfonix was sure that this second witness was telling the truth and silently wished he hadn’t let his “partner” loose on the prior witness. Hey what can you do? Dyfonix knew that someone out there in this gods forsaken winter storm was killing off stair guard so he wasn’t going out asking questions without some serious back up.

“War, children, it's just a shot away, It's just a shot away, War, children, it's just a shot away, It's just a shot away”

The lifter was a half dragon, red scales and bad attitude. Word on the street is this half dragon brawler defeated the hill giant bar champ at the Broken Barrel. I mentioned this to him when we met and he corrected me immediately, growling that he hadn’t defeated the hill giant, he had killed him. I told the watch commander he was perfect. The weather had him in a foul mood so we didn’t talk a lot. Occasionally he told me to ask a question and just to keep the peace I did, the “piece” I was keeping was my head. The first witness we interviewed was a driftdown con man who worked the areas around the lifts below. This lowlife was caught before he could rifle the body, at least according to our report he was, which of course could just be what the guy who wrote this report said to cover his own ass for shoddy work. Our first witness’s story was that a masked woman rose up from the snow like a mist, a wall of snow around her, and that she just as quickly disappeared, and the stair guard Gilex lay fallen in the snow. Unfortunately for the con man who told us this I thought he was hiding something, stinking drift downer. My new muscles added punctuation to all of my follow up questions and unfortunately for the witness, I had a lot of them. Now here we stood talking to witness number two and he gave the same tale.

“Ooh, see the fire is sweepin', Our very street today, Burns like a red coal carpet, Mad bull lost its way”

Our second witness was a good one too, not the normal sods but another stair guard. More observant than our first witness as well for his description identified her as having elf blood if not being a fully blooded elf. He suspected she wore leather and he was certain she had a crossbow. He estimated that she was only there for 30 seconds and when she was gone Ryzesi lay dead. Our second witness, Satos, swears that no wound was visible at first, he was trying to use the snow to locate her but when he turned back again to his fallen comrade a pool of blood rained down from his throat. Satos was obviously still in shock and other Stair Guards reported that the poor fellow had run himself ragged that evening warning everyone. I noticed while talking to him the wind burns on his cheeks and frost burn on his ears and hands. It was Satos’ efforts that lead to the findings of the other two bodies, Leneluy and Dipak. The last two murders had yet to turn up any witnesses and according to Satos, those two bodies had no obvious wounds, they had just been found frozen, dead at their posts.

“War, children, it's just a shot away, It's just a shot away, War, children, it's just a shot away, It's just a shot away”

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Review (3/30/11)

Wednesday we see how the weather has gotten much worse. Many folk are here to be removed from the cold; this also heightens the Cinder Block’s importance in the Rats Nest and the Upside. We also detect a prevalent fear present in the eyes of the many here. Our flame burns hot against the cold onslaught. Jaren takes it upon himself to assuage the people and makes himself at home among them. At this we received a note, waiting for us since Sunday, in which the Necromancer Brunderson came by with news that the fliers club was under attack (Failure in binding a demon has released it into their midst). Seeing no urgency in a message already two days old and with the solstice in days, it wouldn’t be wise to be drawn into another conflict.

Having a chance to get to the Vial and Flask, Auge is pleased to discover the sale of inventory and a fortunate happenstance in the form of a female Halfling. Both Durg’s cloaks were sold, as well as Sons Commodities items (total 1900 gp.), Auge’s snake blood tooth and down payments on two items: boots of the Mountain king (sons) and eyes of the eagle (auge). Pilini informs that a group calling themselves “the Hand” was in the Flask and was interested in business, notably an angelic individual who traveled with an elusive woman and a hawk. They could be reached in the driftdowns at the Fairwarrior Inn. Whatever it is they’re either going to have to come back or it’s going to have to wait until next week.

The day got a lot more interesting when a female Halfling calling herself the White Spider from the Liquor Commission tumbled in. Bravely presenting to Auge what her skills awarded her with, she produces 6000 gold in valuable diamonds and a couple of wands. After some talk Auge gave her 4 cure light wounds potions and a third of the haul, she furthermore payed 1000 gold for poisons and some credit at the Flask. Pleased with the exchange Auge invites her to witness the crafting of a wondrous item.

Jaren has a brief dinner meeting with Nefertiti and finalizes the details on the meeting with the Black Crown hierarchy tomorrow. Vercel works the lifts and discovers that there has been blood on the lifts- workers have been slain. We also split up some treasure at some point.

Dinner hour that day, we see that despite the shitty weather people are ready for the Solstice and are in a festive mood. In walks a human blanketed in furs: Enurta of the underwriters. Paying a visit to see how we fair and prosper without any banking assistance, but in actuality trying to discern our stance between the impending hostilities between the underwriters and money changers guild. Later, the renowned Pippen Toma’s visit yielded him shop space and five years rent for a couple of rings for Jaren.

It was decided that, we would pick up after the work hours on Thursday at the Cinder Block. From here we focused on the visit to the Black Crown. Nefertiti’s plan is for us to offer our testimony as to the fate of the Nightstalker and she would lobby for Jaren to have earned his passage into the Black Crown and the rest of us as VIDs. After being teleported deep into the tower, we were given audience to 13 projected images. “… and at the end, Nightstalker was banished through the power of its Truename.”