Friday, December 17, 2010

12/15/10 Review

We began our session flying over Stormhaven soon after we departed the Edana estate. Youvalan tries in vain to negotiate for the life of Kallistrate; however Durg would have none of it. Youvalan magically vanishes and departs. We finish off Kallistrate and dispose of her body and accoutrements save for her arm, as per Durg’s agreement. We make for the lair for some needed recuperation before we set out again that night for a visit to the dwarf Tamros.

8pm. At Tamros’ tattoo shop Auge, Durg and Vercel meet with the dwarf and make headway into the inner workings of the Liquor Commission as a thieves guild. Auge agrees to membership with Twilight House as his territory and receives a special marker to his watermark. Durg makes good on his end of Tamros and his agreement and gets paid. Many other subjects are discussed: Invisibility Amulets, The Muse is an agent of some kind, Giblet (the demon-blooded giant) as well as galvanizing the market on poisons in Stormhaven and the planned aggression toward Invidia and the Whites.

10pm. At The Dragon’s Breath we spark a late-night party where partake and create a contact with Ulf who expressed great interest in helping us with our fight-club endeavors. He directed us the Broken Barrel and possibly the Raging Seas where staircase guards go to blow off some steam. After the Dragon’s Breath we returned to the liar for some rest.

Monday morning brings the Habibs who, come to discover, deal in spice, ivory and specialty slaves. The agreement is for 50 gold a month to which they paid for three months in advance and don’t need to pay again for six months. A short time later Ulf arrived to tour and offer advice on fight club; what would be named Neutral Grounds. We discussed many things ranging from ticket sales, entry fees, promoter contracts and payouts as well as a Winter Solstice Fight Event.

Noon. Catching Larrimore as he departs from Twilight House we approach him non-aggressively to catch up on current events and to ask him if he knows where a new arrival to Stormhaven would go to supply themselves and how the logistics of such would be carried out. He said to explore an Evening Isles angle to our query. Because Invidia translated to King’s Tongue means Envy. (Possibly look into asking Pryor on our next trip to the Driftdowns). The rest of the day was filled with Auge familiarizing himself with his territory (Twilight House and warehouse and Rat’s Nest) and Jaren laboring on his fire-place.

Update from Elgin: Buki is at an Upside whorehouse.

During our three-day break to labor at our various tasks, we visit the Broken Barrel on Wednesday to find three-quarters of the occupants drunk and raring for a fight. We make contact with a charismatic fellow who does everything he can to get Vercel to fight. At first it was talked about between Vercel and a Minotaur combatant but when that didn’t pan out, Vercel squared off against an air-totem monk. Using misdirection and wing feints, sneaky-dragon style, Vercel emerged victorious!

We begin next session (1/5/11) on Friday where we plan on going after Buki and possibly going to the Driftdowns to check on the Pryor and Black Kraken crew.


Gordzilla said...

Great pix and thats the guy!

James said...

Yea! And the other is supposed to be Twilight House. I will post on what any extra activities Auge will be doing aside from the prearranged apprentice duties and monitoring his territory between now and... 'Two Weeks'. lol

robm1171 said...

Actually, I will be able to play the week of New Years. That would be 12/29/10. Just found out today.

Gordzilla said...

Great news