Monday, September 19, 2011

The True Legacy

Eva carried the remains of her undead child to a small grave her skeletons had dug. As she knelt down to entomb the child into the earth a wave of guilt passed over her. Wayne & Chadwick were already lost she whispered to herself. She knew neither of her Samular brothers was getting out of the stone circle alive, still it didn’t make it an easy decision. Eden & Griffon had been easy, there bodies had already been slain. Smashed by the earth elemental taking their soles was an act of compassion. If left unclaimed they would have wander aimlessly until something else collected them. Wayne & Chadwick were still alive if only for a short time but they were alive. If she had not taken them, then this demon spirit would have. They would have been tormented or worse used as currency for this demon to barter for its freedom. She took a deep breath confident she had made the right choice. “You must lose this mortal coil” she whispered, “You have a responsibility and grief does not serve the dead”.

Thankfully the Agundars had not seen what had happened. Tauron & Briars attentions were focused outside the circle. None of them would have understood, well perhaps Bordane but the group must stay together if we are to fulfill our legacy. The last thing she wanted was someone questioning her loyalty and driving us apart, she thought. She loved her extended family as her own, and rejoiced in the fact that the souls of the fallen were not lost. The four of them were now a part of her along with the aspect of death and she would use all her power to keep them safe.

She had contemplated the decision to sacrifice her child for several weeks. The fact that she had conceived the child at the very instant the Lord of Bones had been slain was no coincidence. Still there were other possibilities, and so she thought it best to keep things unavowed until she had a chance to discuss the situation. Waterdeep had been her terminus. Her mother had always been the wisest person she knew; she would have given anything to have her council now. She had not foreseen the accelerated pregnancy, nor was she certain of the outcome once the child was birthed. However this place had been in her dreams & visions on several occasions, whatever was going to happen it was happening here. Upon seeing her undead child her suspicions were confirmed. Myrkul had given her the choice, to carry the mantle of death or to become it, she chose the latter.
"I feel as if I owe you all an explanation” she said as she stood. Fresh dirt from the earthen grave clung to her tear stained cheeks. Her resolve stiffened as she turned to faced the four remaining members of the company.” It would seem Myrkul gave me the aspect of death before his demise. I served as the host until it was strong enough to exist without me. I don’t know for sure, but I assume it would have left once it had the means had I not acted. By sacrificing this child, I claimed that aspect for myself. We have often spoken of our Samular legacy and what it means to us. I think there is a lesson to be learned in the history of Samular we have overlooked. He was appointed king by divine right, just like we have been appointed by divine right. The aspects we carry have either been guided or given to us by divine right. I was given the opportunity to claim the aspect of death for myself, and I choose to make it mine. I will become the new goddess of the dead. I will look to add aspects to my portfolio that represent me, what makes me unique and what I believe a lady of the dead should represent. If the Reaper had wanted a clone he could have usurped another mortals form, but he didn’t. Death, Fear, Magic (summoning), & Darkness these are but a few of the aspects that I as goddess of the dead will embody.

Damian, you are not your father. You must take the path of Destruction and make it your own. May your path be as unpredictable as the storms Talos once held sway over.

Bordane, the allure of Bane is powerful. However you would never submit to the Baneite regime. Now is the time to use your Hate. The church will surely demand you give up the aspect and return Bane to glory. We will stand beside you and show them the ancestors of Samular are more powerful than their tyrannical lord.

Tauron, I know your intent is to restore Tymora and I respect that. But that does not mean you are bound to only gain her aspects. I could see you holding Courage, Glory, or even the aspect of Lust. The way you rode in the great stakes and with your fondness for beasts you would be well suited for the Competition and Animal aspects. Pride & Nobility would seem fitting aspects for any of us to pursue. Do not pass up the opportunity to ride with us into legend.

Briar, you must be strong. The forces of Nature must be unforgiving and will not show mercy or compassion to those who disrespect her.

Let the five of us hunt down these aspects and make them our own. It is our legacy to create a new pantheon, a Samular pantheon! That is our divine right.

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WOW! Great post. Well played last week- I did not know what you were going to do, but I love the outcome.

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