Thursday, October 14, 2010

10/13/10 Review.

10 Am. Our day began with a visit to Alvord to return of the painting he commissioned us to retrieve. He looked prepared for a trip and he explained that he was on his way to the Driftdowns. (Also mentioned some flier accident in the driftdowns- but we didn’t dig for details) After an exchange of a gem as down payment toward the gold promised, he admitted to knowing Damdode (pg 25) and described him as a weasel, a real prick as well as an administrator to an underwriting house (a banker). We expressed interest in going after the last art piece (for compensation) before we departed, with another meeting scheduled with Alvord for later in the week.

11 am. Later, we went to Tamros’ townhome at the Bally-Who. No symbols of 7s were present, but there was a trap door leading to secret vents that were too small for our stature. We did find a lost and forgotten reoccurring statement of sale to Red Quill Tattoo and Mothlo Tu Ervan for a sizeable amount of tattoo ink. The invoice was 6 months old.

At the shop, Tamros was present along with two dwarfs and two elves. After a series of questions geared at observing his reactions as to discover his alliances: was he a Seven, against the 7s or an independent agent? Once the air was clear and everyone knew that the 7s were a common enemy, the dwarf’s demeanor changed and we were brought into the fold and into the tangles in the creeping rose (pg 29).

After introductions to Lindyl Thinskin (pg 21), his other dwarf cohort (sea scavengers) and the two elves Vesper and her husband (exotic fruits and veggies imports) we began open discussion and the sharing of information.

Within the dirt cellar of the Creeping Rose, Tamros maintained he is not against Twilight house and that he is a member of the Liquor Commission. He has been selling the Red Quill poisoned ink in hopes of ending the 7s and their lot to eventually fill the void they will leave when dead, thereby resuming their rightful position lost during the thieves’ war.

Tamros expressed interest in keeping us as allies; he even spoke as eventual business partners and that he was looking for an apprentice or two.

We disclosed information on the other team from Twilight house and that they investigated thieves guild activity within the liquor commission. Tamros warned of the danger that this could invite on that team.

We learned that the half elf Lyri Farsil, (suspected to supply the 7s with watermarks) is also connected to the Seafoam Company. Seafoam is where Buki originated.

Noon- At the Vault we found that the dragon scrolls remained within the dragon heart as we prepared our final report to Twilight House taking Tamros’ caution against Derro and Mindflayers into consideration.

2pm- Twilight House, at the top of a tower we were held palaver with Arkeil, Uvrok a Derro and two invisible mind flayers. Jaren began the report, keeping the details of the liquor commission vague. The poison is being employed against the 7s by an arm of a thieves guild who were remnants from thieves conflicts past and that the second group from Twilight House is in way over their heads. We also produced a component to an antidote for the KISS poison.

Twilight House was concerned as to what we intend to do with our findings. We expressed that inserting us into the equation was desirable over stopping or interrupting the illicit activities. Simply put, we wanted in on the profits, status and the social gain. We were awarded gather team status and would be assigned a task in a few weeks. In the mean time it was ours to do with as we will the second team, but to return to Twilight House items of importance.

3 Pm. It was an idea posed by Jaren to create a Blade-dandy fight-club in our building and that the best way to utilize the second team was to have them run it (Auge and Vercer). We set off to the Liquor Commission, it is upon the rooftop where we were met with 3 spellcasters and 3 rogues who were waiting for us.


James said...

I hope this sufficient review. Also Auge did pilfer a bracelet off Alvord (DM rolled a nat 20).

If anyone had their own personal things I failed to note, please comment it. :)

robm1171 said...

We were forced to retreat during the battle w/ the spellcasters and rogues. Otherwise, that is a complete review!

Gordzilla said...

Nice Job.

Note when you do the review you earn an action die for the following game session.

Also note that Alvord referred to the viscious downdraft, he didn't refer to a specific accident, he said that every two or three years you hear about one.

Thanks for stepping up James!