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Review 12/30/2014

Our session began in the forgotten VanFleet armory where we had found a cache of magic items; Durg & Versel found the VanFleet relics: The Oathbow, a Robe of the Archmagi (Neutral), and The Helm of the Stormlord

We also discussed actions for the next week: the transportation of the entire VanFleet armory with the use of Auge's mildly impressive folding barrels of type I holding. Delivering all of Savidia's alchemy-bomb components, as well as the transportation of the 200 *free prisoners* from the Rockhammer's to Africa

While Jaren would be busy teleporting around the world (spellcasters to nimbus and non-spellcasters to the Plinth. Auge would use his Trident publicly and often in Nimbus often accompanied by Durg who also stayed in Nimbus whileVersel would pursue spiritual enlightenment in Spragle Tower

Before Nimbus we assembled at the Cinder Block. Auge spoke with Hogni about relocating to Lowport, to which Hogni expressed interest as long as he can take his work with him. Auge tells him to come up with the logistics of what that entails within a week. From the Cinder Block Jaren Teleports our party along with Doctor Serart to Spragle Tower. 

It had been over a month since our last visit and much had changed. The training grounds were amass with troop movement, around 500 individual humanoids including drow who were running the show. A battle occurred and netted the drow 3 surface elf prisoners. These prisoners were humiliated, on display and being vigorously questioned. 

We appear above the exercises and land making no effort to disguise our presence. This earned the attention of a royal drow woman and her entourage who challenges us. Jaren (who is the only one who speaks drow) has Sorosh formally introduce us. She is introduced as Darakal. 

After conversation translated through Jaren we learn that a clan of elves who were weakened by alchemical defilement were recently defeated. The ogres here are a gift from the half dragons of the Plinth. During our discussion Durg gifted the Queen of Darkell with Doctor Serart on behalf of the Church of Tiamat, which she accepts by having him whipped and branded with the sigil of her drow house. 

Before parting company Auge turns on the charm and approaches the Queen gifting her with the Necklace of Netted Stars, which she eagerly accepts as a dowry. A show of respect is given by her entourage indicating that Auge would romance at least a daughter. Before parting Queen  gives Auge a jeweled neck guard denoting him as a guest of the Queen. 

With that done Jaren begins teleporting across the world; Auge and Durg settle in Nimbus for a week. Versel goes to visit the spirit Druid but discovers a bloody battlefield where once was the bread-basket for Spragle Tower. This incensed the red-monk. He commanded all the half-dragons here about to gather all the bodies, take them elsewhere and burn them. Now. 

The half-dragons balked at first stating that the 'wizard in the tower' wanted to use them as undead. This only further angered the monk- to use something as unnatural as undead flew in the face of our battle against the thing that should not be. The half-dragons were given no choice but to follow Versel's command. Versel consults with individuals at the monastery learning that the druid still lives and several members of the monastery agree to begin restoring the fields. 

A few days go by and on November 1st...

As Jaren prepares the first of his followers to travel to Nimbus a half dozen giants begin leaping down from the sky. The city erupts into chaos as cloud and storm giants smash structures with the impact of their landing. The Undefeated have arrived. Jaren who speaks the giant tounge understands when some of the giants voice their concerns regarding the magical restrictions they are experiencing. The giants then beging calling out to the Seawillows. 

Bravely Jaren, enlarged by Sarosh, emerges and makes himself known. Initially mistaken for a Seawillow, Sarosh formally introduces his master. After some brief discussion Jaren explains how magic 'works' here in Stormhaven then pointing them in the direction of the Seawillow estate. 

In the meantime five wide cloud banks break through Stormhaven's invisible dome and come to rest 100' above the world disk, but not directly over it. Undaunted Jaren continues with this world jaunting. 

It was around noon when Jaren feels a deep touch of magic when the ring of clouds finishes forming around Stormhaven granting the giants access to their magic once again. 

Tuesday, November 3rd- Stormhaven

The weather was rainy making it difficult to see, but that did not stop us from trying to gain audience from the King Giant. We were dissapointed to learn we must go through the Seawillows to do it. 

9am at the Seawillow estate we find two giants one of which is Nimbosus along with Elias, Janis and the Powell. Several discussions were laced with obscure references and hints at information: Auge is identified as one who had escaped the Jailer, Versel reveals his knowledge of the Giants hire, and Jaren hints at assassins. 

Elias: Adalwin consideres the treaty broken with the loss of this called devils and a rumored attempt on his life. He asks if we can relay a message to Adalwin and, as a act of good faith, returns 6 minor spellbooks to the Crown. 

11am: the Crown sans devils. A distant projected image greets us, it was up to our own devices to enter and leave the crown.. .until he reforms in a month. Entering the crown we discover the attempt on his life was a success and the deep-cover dwarf assassin escaped. 

With less than 20 individuals in the Crown, Adalwin maintains he has always had the Jailer as a target, it was not him that broke the treaty. 

Having free reign over the Crown the four of us converge on the library where Versel finds a book of the Four Winds and Jaren finds a truename workbook on individuals in the Crown, one being Youvalan allowing him to partially name the elusive diviner. 

Durg evacuates the remaining members of the Broken Coven to the Twilight House then we head to the Cinder Block. 

3pm. At the Cinder Block we see that spirit of the Neutral Grounds is intact and Jaren writes a convincing letter to the elves assuring them the treaty is intact. 

We pick up next week with dinner with Cavian Seawillow (Elias' son) and audience in the court of the Giant King. 

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Schemes and Choices

After the midnight gathering at the Cinder Block, Warroth Gurault made sure the security teams nearby stood down, while the remaining elves and dwarves returned to their war council, a hidden location in the Nobel District. Truth to tell the only two current council members that had used The Bunker previously was Elias Seawillow and Styrik Rockhammer.  Warroth knew his fellow elves would split off into separate chambers to discuss the treaty which would probably give him enough time to contact Potior and update him on the current situation. Potior was easily the smartest human Warroth had ever known. The wizard had warned Warroth to beware of Adalwin eight months before his attempted coup, it had paid to keep Potior's council.

The elves sat around the curved table, Elias Seawillow at its center. Several conversations segueing to arguments were being had before Elias raised his left hand and the chamber grew quiet. “I certainly wish that Warroth was here but I’m afraid we’ll have to decide without him. Argument will do us no good, I will give you each a chance to speak but please spare arguing against another opinion, simply make the case for your own.”  The other four elves nodded their understanding before Elias continued, “Senevessa please speak freely.”

“It seems to me we have a variety of unpalatable choices and must try to choose the one that provides the most people with the greatest chance of survival.  We certainly didn’t do those poor souls in the Driftdowns any good.” Senevessa paused, noting Elias’ pained expression, she was impressed that he did not interrupt, “We must always remember that our enemies use their fallen as fuel for their mad schemes while our numbers simply dwindle. I already fear the price we’ll pay when King Rieci realizes who his armies serve these next two years.”  The other elves were nodding along with the priestess when Warroth finally entered and took his seat. “Send the Undefeated against the Jailer and pray that somehow our enemies destroy each other before turning their full wrath against the Sea elves.”

Senevessa’swords seemed to reverberate in the ears of the others, shocked silence followed her last two words, a title for their people that had not been uttered since the elves originally arrived at Stormhaven.

Cavian Seawillow spoke next, simply stating, “I second Senevessa’s words of wisdom. We have left ourselves few options.”
Tycho Nikias spoke next, his voice a rich smooth sound that could hypnotize the weak minded, “Senevessa your words are always wise but I would ask us to consider taking two paths.” Eyebrows were raised, questions obviously forming on the other elves lips but Tycho continued before they could ask, “I would request that you allow me to undertake preparations for the moments and days after the Jailer’s destruction, our enemies will already have a plan in place, so should we.”

ChryseisSalima was next to speak, the regal woman smiled at the others before stating, “None of you will be surprised to hear me support my lover Tycho’s words,” she paused, smiling at her audacity in speaking aloud what the others privately suspected, “however I do think he proposes a wise action, before today I’m not sure any of us believed the day would come when the jailer would no longer threaten our home, yet for any of us to survive that day must come.  Tycho will have us well positioned whatever the outcome.”

All eyes turned to Warroth Gurralt, “I have most recently heard an interesting tale, I believe a location of great value has been discovered..”

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Sniper’s Gift

Jaren’s clawed hand carefully opened the book.  Despite his care, the half dragon was startled by the paper falling, floating to the ground from inside the leather bound cover. Soon realizing that the paper was a note and not part of the book Jaren read the message:

This is Sniper’s record of all events and the items recovered from the Spicerunner on the October’s last full moon, Friday the 13th.  

I heard about the recovery crew two nights previously when saving two sailors from a team of vampires disguised as hookers. The navy men upon seeing just what was behind their ever thinning numbers prevailed upon me to check on the men that were already out patrolling the seas. They had foolishly gone out in hopes of recovering anything the ocean hadn’t swallowed when the Driftdowns died. I immediately feared that those sailors were all dead.  The undead, since their rise from the maelstrom, had been luring these seafaring folk with items of wealth being seen floating adrift on some broken piece of timber, moving further and further out from the relative safety of the Son’s Docks. It took two nights to find the Spicerunner, tilting starboard side, slowly sinking, no lights or signs of life.  Entering the sinking ship I soon found evidence of the death and transformations that had been wrought.   I took mercy on two souls transforming into some horrid undead, their type as yet unidentifiable.  I could tell bythe manner in which the recovery crew were killed was designed to bring about rare, more dangerous forms of undead to plague Stormhaven.  After ending the sailors’ transformation I recovered three books from their possession, one of which was water logged and needed to dry, obviously recently recovered from the ocean and part of these undead creatures' trap.

Elvish Writings Page 3 of 101 Spellbooks: Elvish Writings is a travelling spellbook, small and compact, without any elaborate materials used in its construction.  All of the script on the pages is written in a flowing hand and alternates between elvish and detailed magical symbols and inscriptions.  Both read magic and knowledge of elvish are required to decipher the spells in this book.  Spells: Change Self, Color Spray, Darkhood*, Dispel Magic, Focus of the Magical Mind*, Haste, Magic Missile, Read Magic, and Solid Fog. It is this book that has notes and information on the beginnings of the Seawillow elves of Stormhaven. Listed Value 1750gp, Collector Value: 5000gp

  Of Skulls and Night Page 7 of 101 Spellbooks: This leather-bound book is decorated with a series of dancing skeletons, flying skulls and a crescent moon symbol all on the front cover.  The spine bears a second crescent moon symbol and 8 stars while the back cover is completely blank.  The pages inside are of varying degrees of quality from poor paper to expensive vellum.  Spells: Animate Dead, Ghost Sound, Ghoul Touch, and Grave Claws*.  Special Features: Besides the spells, this book also reveals the mysteries of a new feat, Grave Claws Strike* Listed Value 18,000gp, Collector Value: 30,000gp
      The Spells of Athelstan Page 9 of 101 Spellbooks: This book is constructed of iron covers that have been joined to a a leather spine with copper spikes.  The pages, sewn to the leather, are tan-colored parchment. The symbol of an hourglass has been engraved into the front cover of the book.  Spells: All arcane spells from the Player’s Handbook involving Time including ancient pre-sun versions of spells.  Special Features: Athelstan spent decades perfecting his spellcasting speed and kept detailed notes of his studies and the final methods he established.  This is represented with the feat, Fast Spell. Listed Value 100,000gp, Collector Value: 100,000gp. Time is a branch of True Name Magic

DM Note regarding feats in 101 Spellbooks: These are to be treated as early dragon age efforts at feats that are now established in Pathfinder.  To reflect this the feats listed at the back of 101 Spellsbooks will instead provide a free meta magic feat from a Paizo product or Deep Magic.  To gain the free meta-magic feat requires 300 hours of study during which the student practices casting spells enhanced by the new meta-magic. There isn't a limitation to the number of hours you can study the book to fulfill your 300 hours. 

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Review 12/23/2014

We begin the session with Jaren and Durg the Diplomat arriving to the Crown to see numerous hellish flying creatures flying over the tower. A projected image receives them and through an opening created by the swarm of devils the two red brothers enter the Crown. After a verification process Adalwin Joscelin meets them for a breakfast buffet. Whilst eating and talking Durg opens with news regarding the treaty.

LL' Tanmor
After taking in the details of the treaty Adawin reveals he has something he wants to show ‘us.’ From a seeing pool are projected images of Elias Seawillow speaking with an eastern woman as well as some other eastern associates in what looked like a deal brokered for our assassination. It occurred in the market place where four artist renderings of us were handed over to her presumably to identify us. Other wizards came to enhance the scenes of more unfavorable and unrelated insults were made to our trust in the elves but lastly The Undefeated was revealed. They are, in Adalwin’s words, the greatest physical and tactical storehouse of expertise in regards to warfare on this world or hell as far as he knows.

Jaren and Durg are introduced to the Apostrophes: Cer’Enth’Elyt, Angeec’a, Tin’Ust Ves’Ineo, and LL’ Tanmor; bodyguard devils in service to Adalwin and the Crown. The Apostrophes foil attempts at unauthorized magical travel in the Crown and are possessed of teamwork skills.

Adalwin excuses himself with Cer’Enth’Elyt and Angeec’a leaving Jaren with the company of Gray Oslinar and Durg the Inspirer of Truthful Discourse with Rothing Turkough.

Rothing Turkough gives Durg reports on various mages in Stormhaven who have displayed questionable actions but it was Doctor Serart Durg wanted. While no new mages have been documented, Rothing suggests creating a roster for such an occasion as this. When pressed further, Rothing uncovers a report that Serart requested information on elemental magic types, pacts and experts and architectural information on the VanFleet Estate as well as six VanFleet buildings in the Rats Nest.  It was also revealed that Lerid Atban could be a good friend of Serart due to the several messages left at the Crown for Serart from Lerid (who frequents Sunbow Mansion).
Gray Oslinar

Meanwhile Jaren was meeting with Gray Oslinar about books and the status gathering spellbooks. While scrolls have been acquired, spellbooks are likely still to be had on the battlefront in the streets. It was suggested then agreed that Gray would leave the Crown with Jaren this afternoon to expedite her efforts.

Before Jaren and Durg leave Adawin asks that their travels in and out of the Crown be kept private and that he is ready for a counter offer. There will be an immediate cease fire while negotiations are pending, he has already put out an order calling for a stand-down and defend when necessary.

Jaren teleports everyone out of the Crown, Gray does stuff, and Durg the Messenger visits Staircase Keep and drops one to his Broken Coven.

The four of us reunite to deliver Adalwin’s counter offer. First, the Seawillow families who, come to find out later are from lost elven islands that were situated between eastern Africa coastline and the volcanic island chain. In a bookgiven to Jaren by Sniper, Seawillow was not their progenitor name, but a variation of it; changed when arrived in Stormhaven.

Elias Seawillow
The Seawillow grounds were protected with much magic and fey creatures such as 100 disciplined owlbears and other beast-men in training. Elven rangers were posted about each using camouflage as sentries.

The gates were opened and a tent erected as the manor doors left open as a sign of good faith. Jaren delivers Adalwin’s message, Elias offers to see this to the other elf families (Gurault and Nikias), and we are soon formally escorted off the grounds.

At the Rockhammers on the other hand were cocky and drunk with recent victory who, received us less formally. We are shown to our dwarven contact who has no problem with Adalwin’s counter offer and will confer with the Greystones, but the Rockhammer’s have a problem of their own. The kindness they has shown the mages prisoners of war are weighing on their dwarf resources.

Held in an antimagic sphere are 200 mages, who are literally free to leave but do not knowing what is out there. After some discussion it was tabled that we could interview these individuals as candidates for university wizards in Nimbus, front line mages, or spell casters to be taken to Lowport or Darkell; with the understanding they remain away unless called upon and or the leadership in Stormhaven is settled. Tabled for another day. 

Cease fire. The city takes on a quietness not heard in a long time.

Back at the Cinder Block we discuss the implications of the Assassin and the Undefeated.
Hellish Leftover

2 pm we converge on the VanFleet Manor where we find several hellish leftovers who are holed up. Tieflings, elementals, and a few unique devils have used the VanFleet Manor as a fall back point; just as Adawin said they would.

Focusing on the outlying buildings we find nothing noteworthy in the first two, the third however held something undead, magical, and aberrant obviously former VanFleet sympathizers. We save that one for later. Moving on Durg discovered evidence of Doctor Serart and follows it to an old undiscovered VanFleet Armory. It was here we find Doctor Serart looking desperately through racks of finery.

After neutralizing and questioning him we discover a bounty placed on Hogni by the Dragonsbane house, three items of legend Serart was hoping to find here (the Rakshasha’s never found this repository), and his foolery for acting as he did to earn Durg’s ire. He gives over a bag of holding containing the leger for the VanFleet Armory, while all the magic items are coded at the time of this leger all three items of which he searches for were here.

For all Doctor Serart’s unpleasantness he claims to create (flesh) golems which could be valuable. In the meantime we begin next game session searching through the armory. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Auge Journal: Escape Plan

Not long after the meeting with the Seawillow family and the Dwarves of the World Disk, Auge retreated to the souk to contemplate the recent developments. Tomorrow will be a watershed moment, he thought, when Auge and his brothers would present Adalwin Joscelin with a treaty to end the petty warfare in Stormhaven and focus the efforts on the one universal enemy, the thing that should not be.

Either Adalwin will agree and focus his efforts on defeating the jailer thereby earning the right to rule Stormhaven; or refuse and bring about unknowable events, possibly involving father. Right now Jaren is scribing a greater teleport scroll for Diedre and later one for Auge with the idea that if something were to happen our most important people would have an escape plan. It was also why Auge put the call out to a select number of people on his payroll.

In the Vial and Flask Hogni Bluesafe was organizing the new batch of items up for sale minus the headband, staff and ring Versel sold to the elves earlier as Auge was sending messages using Hogni’s small constructs. The Hogni was more than happy to oblige his employer but was curious why there was four messages sent.

“Kind of late for you is it not Master Auge? Or is it early?” Hogni said with a wink through a complex series of spectacles.

Auge, who has been traveling between Stormhaven and Africa did not heed to the cycles of day and night and shrugged. “There will be a time for rest for me and my brothers but now is certainly not the time.” Auge said cryptically.

“Is there a customer? Should I retire to my apartment?” Hogni asked. His quarters where secreted away, so Hogni was sensitive to his employer’s discretion with himself and Auge’s clientele.

“No Hogni you stay, this concerns you.” Auge said. “and a few others, but while we wait for them I want list more magical items for sale.”  

“Aye!” Hogni said laughing, “vanquish another virtue? Tell me did you earn your dragon-slot?” But his mirth was short lived.

“No Hogni, but things have changed and now I am keen on ridding myself of magic I have literally out grown.” Ague said not revealing the age effect his hoard was having upon him with is employee. Indeed these items were accelerating Auge’s aging and now threatened to burn him out with advanced age.

“Does this have something to do with the failed dimensional anchor from earlier tonight?” Hogni asked perceptively.

“Something like that yes.” Auge answered as he reluctantly produced the magic items collected over the past few weeks.

While waiting for the others to arrive Auge explained the properties of each item, weapon and armor as well as where they came from. Auge was just about to pick up the axiomatic weapon for sale when the White Spider arrived first.

Her natural pheromones were what excited Auge the most about her. The way she could turn heads in a barroom or use her silver tongue to assuage marks to her advantage. She casually glanced at the new items as well as the magical folding barrels of holding off to the side that seemed bursting with fresh aromatic tobacco leaves. She greeted her master fondly and poured herself some of Pilini’s finest that Hogni had sat out earlier.

“Am I early?” Spider asked looking around. “point one, woman.” She said thoroughly satisfied.

“Don’t let it go to your head.” Hogni teased. “Master Auge has something serious he wants to address, we are just waiting for the others.”

“Others? Like Spade and Farley? I hate to say this Auge but I haven’t seen them in a while.” Spider said looking out the display window and into the street. “Someone approaches.” She said curtly looking to Auge and Hogni who were still standing around a work table. Spider instinctively dropped back from view finding herself poised to descend behind any intruders.

“Sapphire,” Hogni said pleased as a pixie.

“I am here,” ignoring Hogni, “as you instructed Master Auge.” Sapphire said. 

Kiton was next to arrive, falling from some unknown height; the creature landed dexterously and tumbled in without upsetting a single potion or curio looking a vicious as ever. The dire-ape blooded human scrambled to Auge and offered his neck in submission.

“None of that Kiton.” Auge said touching the vulnerable nape of Kiton’s neck.

Lastly Gerto and Pilini arrived deep in their cups with a banana drink concocted from the fruit brought in from Africa, the hour was late but hope was on the horizon and that was reason enough for the two gnomes.

Outside the Vial and Flask Tick Tock Castle tolled three o'the clock in the early morning to a scorched and scarred World Disk. Soon the sun would rise on a Stormhaven that will likely be vastly different when the sun sets in the east, for good or ill.

“Colleagues,” Auge began, “I fear a time has come that we must prepare for a dooms-day scenario.” Auge let that information sink in before continuing, “Tomorrow my red brothers and I will present a treaty to Adalwin Joscelyn from the Elf and Dwarf families to end hostilities and for him to focus on the jailer earning him the right to rule.”

“But you are meant to rule!” Spider said insistently to that everyone agreed.

“I would not be here were it not for you and your brothers.” Pilini said through the spittle of drink.

“There are many other details, but this treaty,” Auge continued, “will move everyone's time table and will upset current the status quo. With that in mind I want an escape plan in place right now.”

“As you will red one,” Sapphire said. “tell us your plan.”

Staff of Performance (Versel) 48,800
Unholy Staff  (Versel) 29,600

Blink back belt (Auge) 5,000
Bolstering Breastplate +1 (Auge) 9,000
Buffering Cap (Auge) 2,000
Gloves of Dueling (Auge) 15,000
Staff of Acid (Auge) 28,600
+4 Axiomatic weapon (Auge) 72,000
Sniper’s Goggles /Third Eye Surge (Auge creation) 22,100

Review 12/17/2014

Struttn to the Embassy
Our session began with Durg’s meeting with the Broken Coven, its members keen against Adalwin who (it was revealed by Durg) is using souls to deliver Stormhaven to Hell. Sniper said that most of what remains outside the Crown is against the insane motivations of Adalwin. As this was taking place, the Doctor was slowly making his exit. To appear at the Vial and Flask, where we have new items on display, the Doctor escaped both Auge and Versel’s attempt at taking him alive.

Assuming his retreat was to the Crown; Durg flies to the location and parleys for the Doctor and his happy to wait. The communication was through Durg and a lower devil by witch Adalwin spoke through. After an hour the lower devil was replaced by a shaven and severely beaten individual who was NOT the Doctor. The individual was taken to the Cinder Block.

Once back at the Neutral Grounds the Sniper brings three spell books and Jaren gifts Sniper with a weapon crystal, a weapon and the sale of another (+2 flaming great axe and a +2 flaming burst whip.) In the meantime the Broken Coven was told to hide and use the Staircase Keep as a haven and a way to leave message.

The shaven individual offered in lieu of the Doctor was a cook by the name of Brior (7th level sorcerer), who explained how he was beaten by devils until unconsciousness and awoke here- wherever ‘here’ is. He says Serart (aka the Doctor) was not well liked because of the disgusting things he does. Like some kind of fleshcrafter.

Not long after our questioning of Brior he and his family were offered employment as a servant family for us in Nimbus, giving him status in a land of milk and honey as well as a role in a future wizard college and education for his son. Brior deserved to be one of Jaren’s followers.

As this was going on Versel went to Nissian’s embassy and was soon followed by lifters who recognized him as well as a troupe of elves and a beard of dwarves. Keeping to his business at hand Versel enters the Embassy (does not ‘reset’ watermarks, it takes all four of us) and pays for a wish scroll from Nissian. From here Versel looks for the Iron Golem that seems to be patrolling the area and finds the construct locked in mortal combat with a gelatinous cube. The combat was taking place in front of an eastern embassy that had been ransacked- literally cleaned of furnishings, art, and the papers.
Back at the Cinder Block it was noon and time for our business meeting with Diedre. Several things were discussed such as staring the efforts on minting coins in Nimbus (one year time table), handing over the administration of the Cold Stone mines (giving us her magical ‘business cards’ putting her in our camp), and how to handle and resolve the current unrest in the city. Her suggestion was one we support: offer a competition that whoever defeats/destroys Claustrum wins the rights to rule Stormhaven.

As we hash out the details a group of elves and dwarves respond to our call after healing some of the wounded in the Neutral Grounds hospice. Members of the Rockhammer, Greystone, Seawillow as well as one more elven house sat and digested Diedre’s suggestion to end the battle in the streets.

The Elves seem okay with the plan with the dwarves split, half want to kill Adalwin and the other half are wary of the end result should Adalwin prevail over the aboleth. It is universally agreed that the jailer is priority number one. But until the elf/dwarf camp can prove to be a threat (ie breaking into the Crown) when they fear the plan has no weight. One elf suspects that Nissian holds an important key in this regard but Jaren was able to steer that plan aside by assuring the treaty will be delivered with a spin on the plan that Adalwin has a win-win here as long as he stays out of Stormhaven. The Crown being an exception as well as Neutral Grounds because ‘an attack at the Neutral Grounds is an attack on the city.’

In return the Elf and Dwarf families promise gratitude in the future with SONS Commodities, but why stop there when cold stones are available through SONS and artisans are desired to fill our holdings with art.

Our post meeting involved conversations on gates and a +3 earthbreaker hammer human bane that earned eight ships for SONS (3 small, 3 medium, and 2 large) each scattered around the globe but are to report to Nimbus immediately. Other items were sold by Durg (+2 dwarf full plate) and Jaren (+2 dwarfbonded war hammer for 20k in marble for the Stormhaven temple).

Early tomorrow we hope to deliver the treaty to Adalwin, Versel to drop in on our holdings, Jaren scribes scrolls, and Auge meets with his camp at the Vial and Flask to discuss a possible Stormhaven dooms-day scenario.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Monday Morning You Sure Looked Fine Durg's Got Broken Coven On His Mind

Jaren knew there was something he was overlooking. In rare moments of rest the half dragon wizard would try to bring his mind to focus on whatever problem was plaguing him.  Jaren was still unable to quite put his finger on it.  Despite any rest he might enjoy Jaren was tired. The magic he wore, its constant use, it was arduous, and he could feel the magic aging him. Perhaps that was the nagging notion at the nape of his neck that never allowed him to relax.  Since rest wasn’t going to be an option, the wizard decided to join brother Durg with his assembly of Mage guard. 

Durg watched his neighborhood lieutenants gather, peering through a newly created peephole from the Vial and Flask into the Neutral Grounds.  He hadn’t had a lot of time with his officers and wanted the chance to observe them before entering for their meeting. 

The first to enter was well known around Staircase Keep, his nickname was Sniper and Durg always found his scent disturbing. As Durg watched Sniper studying the meeting place he realized that he had been mistaken, Sniper isn’t human, he’s something else.  Durg would make sure that Jaren got a good look at him, it wasn’t as if his lieutenant wouldn’t stand out, dressed as he is, head to toe in black leathers and goggles.  Sniper placed three books on a table and poured himself a drink from the pitcher and cups there. 

At that point two more uniformed humanoids entered arena from the street entrance, carrying freshly purchased Friday Fight passes from the ticket window. The first of the two Durg could see from his vantage point was the devil bonded human known as The Doctor.  It was immediately clear that Sniper and The Doctor didn't get along when Sniper growled, “I only tolerate you because they tolerate you devil, but if you get too close I’ll just have to hope that the Red Brothers will forgive me.”
The other humanoid was shorter, “Probably a half elf” thought Durg.  The only thing Durg knew about the half elf was his name Aickrat Tromos and that he had helped the lifters guild several times, Vercel even spoke well of him.

Durg’s observations were interrupted by new noises in the Vial and Flask, he was well hidden from view of anyone entering the shop but something about their discussion drew his ear.  Durg realized his other three lieutenants, Vagabond a Halfling who had traveled the world, Mist the only woman in The Broken Coven, and the Bryver the oldest member, had entered the Vial and Flask. 

It was Bryver’s unique voice that had drawn Durg’s attention and the half dragon could hear the old man complaining, “I’m telling you two, buy what you can now while you still have privileges, we’re about to be fired.  Take a look around will you? There are all manner of elves and dwarves recuperating here.  How long before we’re conscripted into regular service and get fed to the tower? You two believe what you want but ol’ Bryver here is telling you, you either be ready to provide a service that the lunatic in the tower doesn’t have plenty of or YOU’LL be exactly what he needs!”

Bryver’s observations were interrupted by Hogni who began speaking with the Halfling Vagabond about cloaks and bracers. Durg figured he would wait for the rest of The Broken Coven to leave but that plan was squashed when Jaren entered the shop and found Durg immediately,loudly proclaiming, “There you are Durg!  The Broken Coven is waiting, HAR HAR!”

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Free City of Nimbus Founder's Mixer

“Burbald Worwelm, so glad to meet you, Lopel has been illuminating in his newfound faith,” the chubby little human pushed his hand forward in introduction hoping for acknowledgement from any of the red brothers, “I hope that Lopel remembered to mention how extremely cooperative Nakathar Holdings has been since his conversion.” The four red brothers were being led through the receiving hall as guests of honor, steaming hot fish, vegetables, and meats rose from the tables in the dining hall behind the revelers causing Vercel’s stomach to rumble loudly.  

“I am sure our benefactors are quite aware of your COOPERATION Burbald,” Lopel interjected, blocking Burbald’s effort at a handshake with his body, he pointed the brothers along the hallway to the greet the other attendees;

Durg was next introduced to Iodocius, the human leader of the local craftsman association, “Honored at the opportunity to meet you Durg, let me know if you need anything fixed at your new place and I’ll have our best men on it.”
Vercel had overcome the wonderful smells beckoning from the dining hall upon meeting Morflane Arcault. She is a beautiful human woman that Lopel introduced as the matron of the Arcault family that produces the regions charcoal. Morflane was visibly intimidated by the size of the four red brothers but was friendly when spoken to while her dress offered plenty of cleavage for Vercel to stare into.

Jaren was in discussion with two large unique creatures that turned out to be a couple, Mendora an Albino Minotaur Magus and Ashachi Ardimos an Ogre Magi.  Mendora lets slip that she fell in love with Ashachi after serving many years as his body guard.                             
The farmer Klomar Omundo and his daughter Cheyann were introduced to Auge.  Klomar explained that his daughter had trained for three months with a traveling alchemist but that her lessons had lapsed. Auge was initially excited by the prospect of another alchemist before realizing that Klomar was actually just offering him his unwed daughter.  The twenty year old woman was clearly terrified at the prospect.

Stepping out from the dining hall, several servants in tow,was Baniet Buraria Ia'age, formerly referred to as Ali Baba, “Now with a proper kitchen I have prepared a feast fit for the Red Lords! Please come and enjoy our feast!”

Baniet’s well intentioned invitation would later cause some duress as several in attendance did not receive their private introductions to their half dragon guests. Three tables filled this long decorated room, the central main table overflowing with food, with a table in the north corner for the sailors and River Captains, and the smallest table being utilized by the servants.  It was clear that Lopel had arranged the seating to communicate his new social order which left the gnome merchant Buech especially frustrated. Buech’s size and seating position kept him hidden from the half dragons’ attentions seated as he was behind the mounds of food on the great table.  It was Lopel’s wife Draenn who saved Buech from complete anonymity when Durg and Auge both expressed their appreciation for this new substance, apple butter.  Draenn exclaimed, “That’s Buech’s butter, everyone uses Buech’s!”
The gnome was quite surprised to soon find the two half dragon brothers congratulating him for his ingenuity and ordering large quantities of the butter. 

Uncomfortably seated between Mendora and Ashachi, across from Jaren, was Einhurt Chulst a middle aged human who between moments of dodging fish bone carcasses explained that he specialized in waterproofing homes and gear.

When discussions began that lead to the declaration of the Free City of Nimbus, the half-orc Ghadbur Waruske introduced himself as a local Boat wright of no small water.  Others in attendance indicate that Ghadbur professionally provides river security and provides river patrols for the city.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Review 12/10/2014

In less than a minute the sons of Nissian were successful in procuring a dragon egg. This dragon egg was larger than the one palmed from the merchant and was farther along in its development. Leaving foes behind Jaren teleports Auge, Durg and Versel to mother’s lair; only to find mother and her court gone just as the egg was beginning to hatch.

The creature was a pale thing 3.5 feet long, pale and obviously pre mature, it screamed for an hour as it broke from its placental confines. Eventually we agreed that this was important enough to reach out and contact Avericia. She received our call angrily and with overwhelming displeasure. She said she was occupied and that the hatchling would have to basically front the cost of her attention else the thing was on its own. The communication was very brief but during a shared dream we saw Averica laying waste to Hell and bearded devils. The smaller egg was placed in a repository with the other young eggs when Durg expresses an interest in the dragon hatchling.

Expending his breath weapon upon the hatchling, Durg brought into existence some physical changes in the hatchling giving it the mark of sin as well as giving the creature its own breath weapon. Durg: if it can survive in Avericia’s harsh lair then it deserves a chance. NICE! We decide to rest here after our combat. (54,600 xp)

The next morning Jaren teleports us to Lowport, Sorosh, and the Barge. When we get there we are given a message notifying us of Maycorth’s location, a villa owned by a friend of the family. We say our goodbyes to Daymar and retrieve Potior then we make our way to Maycorth and his family making sure not to be noticed.

Arriving to a Greek style villa complete with baths Maycorth greets us with gratitude and our compensation. He would, however like him and his family transported to the Evening Isles because everyone he has talked to thus far maintain the isles are a drift and beyond most sailors skill to find. Confirming the disturbing revelation we nevertheless are able to get him and his wife and son home.

Maycorth provides us each with a signet ring, list of ships and agreements in his family’s network located around what becomes the Mediterranean Sea. He agrees to provide free priority shipping as well as 20% of his own freight for as long as he, his wife or his son survives. We agree but would rather be owners on paper but agree to supply a venture president, to eventually come from the Saltsure camp. Nice! The all works well for all parties involved.

A short time later Sorosh teleports Macorth, family and two guards to the Evening Isles and
Maycorth Castle where he awards us with a take-me-home bonus of 25,000 platinum in a type 2 bag of holding.

After Sorosh returns it was time for us to return to Nimbus. (Monday) We announce our intentions to our people in Nimbus (Barbazu) and take requests for components to bring back. Savidia: bomb components. Potior: Spell books. At this Jaren gifts Potior with a book and sells him another, both were Gretchen VanFleet’s spell books. NICE! In return Potior will pay for the book within 3 months and provide scrolls of a select few from these works.

Auge gathers commodities to take to Stormhaven for trade: tobacco, fruit, juices, etc. and Jaren teleports us to the Cinder Block. It is here we find Claret Pauchard who informs us of the past week since we left. Recent fighting in the streets has allowed her to monetize our Neutral Grounds as a hospice for combatants for three times the rent. The elves and dwarves have the Crown on its heels (it is still under lockdown) but the Crown seems to have an endless supply of creatures to employ in their favor.

We pick up Monday at noon waiting to hear from Diedre Saltsure and Durg messaging the mage-guard to assemble.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Funeral

Centaur City hadn’t seen a Drow, let alone Shar in generations.  Most of those in attendance were there not to mourn Alicia, but out of simple curiosity. Few realized that the great wizard’s wife had once been one of their tribe before her magical transformation.  The Drow wizard had prepared everything, the burial grounds, the dedication, and loving tribute.  The dark elf magician spoke for hours, educating everyone on the amazing life his wife had led. Were it not for the magical effects the Drow provided, the short attention spans of the centaurs would have lost interest in his words.  His magic’s kept them enraptured. When the ceremony was finished Shar requested some privacy and time alone at the memorial. 

Shar’s thoughts turned inward as the last of the centaurs departed.  The Drow prayed silently, pleading to his god that his tribute to her would overtake the memories of her last days.   Tears streamed down his cheek remembering Alicia’s frustrated dream of bearing him children and the last attempt, a stillborn child whose lifeless birth seemed to steal the will to live from his wife of these many years.  The wizard’s thoughts turned to self-inspection, angry and ashamed with himself for not seeing her pain, anger at her for having their last year together filled with so much pain.  Why hadn't he recognized her madness?  The stillborn child, the hatred in Alicia’s eyes when Shar had told her…  Shar realized he should have known when he watched her initial preparations, but alas love is blind. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Review 12/03/2014

Who called me chunky? 
We begin our session with some observations of our enemies; trolls and drow half dragons of the blue
variety. Jaren discerns the location of the dragon egg to be below the quartermaster deck. Our opening salvo was a dragon breath strafing run coming up from the rear and onward across the prow as well as penetrating two dispel magic walls or possibly a shell around the ships.

Round 1.. fight!
Xeyog: unloads a shit ton of arrows at Auge.
Darkmantle: Flies 60’ up.
Versel: Drinks a potion and (after Jaren’s teleport fails) lands 15’ away from Xeyog.
Jaren: Teleport fail, followed by a successful greater dispel centered on the dispel magic wall, also getting the dimensional lock and trolls as well.
Sorosh: = huge air elemental.
Auge: Fire bombs the trolls.
Vestrack: moves and descends the stairs under the quarter deck.
Durg the rager: moves to Vlad and attacks.
Issek: outlines Durg in farie fire and drinks a potion.
Zelfane: Does stuff.
Matron Troll: dives for the cooling ocean waters extinguishing her ongoing fire damage.
The Render Troll: Moves and attacks Durg.
The Monarch: moves to flank Durg and teams up with the Render for an attack.
Yermgar: Does stuff.
Seraptis: Does stuff.
Iggy: Does Stuff.
Emorma: Does stuff.
Vlad: returns attacks upon Durg the surrounded.

Round 2
Xeyog: Attacks Versel with his deadly bow.
Darkmantle: Drinks a potion and utilizes a wand.
Auge: Healing potion, Eternal Wand CCW, +5’ toward Vastrack’s escape.
Versel: Flurry of blows on Xeyog.
Sorosh: = huge water elemental vs. Troll Matron
Jaren: 2 action dice for undead inheritance and drink a potion
Vestrack: Does stuff.
Durg: continues to punish Vlad.
Issek: again targets Durg with a spell effect and moves in to flank with Vlad against Durg.
Zelfane: Does stuff.
Matron Troll: vs. Sorosh
The Render Troll: Full attacks on Durg.
The Monarch: Full attacks on Durg.
Yermgar: Floats up from the quarter deck and does stuff.
Seraptis: Appearing as a demonic woman moves to grapple Jaren.
Iggy: the Cheitan appears on the battle field and does stuff.
Emorma: power word blind on Versel.
Vlad: Full attacks on Durg.

Round 3
Xeyog: withdraws and descends to the quarter deck.
Darkmantle: sends a bird, closes the distance on Versel for attacks.
Auge: two successful dispel magic bombs on darkmantle, +5’ toward Vastrack’s escape.
Versel: Flurry of blows on Darkmantle = RIP.
Jaren: Dimension Doors away and after one attempt failed because of spell immunity, Jaren targets Seraptis = RIP.
Sorosh: = huge vortex vs. Troll Matron
Vestrack (below): Does stuff.
Durg: = RIP Vlad.
Issek: flies straight up.
Zelfane: attempts a death strike on Auge.         
Matron Troll: swims into the vortex.
The Render Troll (RIP): Full attack on Durg.
The Monarch (RIP): Invisibility purge
Yermgar: on the quarter deck unloads a cold strike killing the trolls.
Seraptis: RIP
Iggy: the Cheitan fails to slay Versel but awards him with 4 negative levels. It was a 9th level divine spell.
Emorma: Ray vs. Versel to little effect.
Vlad: RIP Mr. V

We begin next week with Round 4 after Xeyog who has already moved and did stuff- he is below deck along with Vastrack. Above deck are Issek, Zelfane, Yermgar, the Cheitan and Emorma. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Review 11/26/2014

Auge and Sorosh return from the jailer’s prison with some disturbing information: the trap was armed with truename magic from forces of the jailer; with our protections against magical intrusions, the jailer’s forces are confirmed to be targeting those individuals close to us; and despite the vertigo Auge remembered seeing Tamros but he was farther along in whatever process Tamros is in.

Once reunited we receive an urgent message from Maycorth- he is being followed and is fearful but does not wasn’t to lead these individuals to us. Taking to the air above Lowport we see that the areal traffic is greater at night and insects are not much of a nuisance, in the distance was heard fighting on a grand scale. We also notice large flying creatures in including lizard-men and draconians. Scattered about on the streets, appearing as if they are actively searching for something or someone, are individuals who are going building to building- one in fact was on a rooftop.

Evacuating Maycorth three of us return to the Blood Barge while Versel expeditiously kidnaps the roof-dweller. The dweller proved to be a drow member of the Verbond group who was secretly tasked with observing Maycorth. We asked him about the Calypso, and while he seemed to recognize the name his did not indicate any knowledge of dragon eggs. The drow reports to Darkmantle and informs us that many of the leadership of Verbond are drow. He indicated that Leander might know something, but by this time he probably saw his end coming. And when it did the drow’s body was consumed in ash his pact or agreement met. Recovered: Major ring of electricity resistance 20 (14,000), Shoes of Lightening Leaping (10,500), Cloak of Resistance +4 (16,000), Cats eye crown (18,000), +2 short sword, Periapt of Protection from Curses (12,000), Amulet of Spell cunning (10,000), Vest of Surgery (3,000), and a Belt of Giant strength +2 (4,000).

This was promptly followed by dinner and scrying on his family for desert. It would only take the teddy bear to find Maycorth’s wife and son being carted away to an unspeakable future.

Jaren teleported us to the site, to Starpoint a five-pointed crater in the side of the land creating a high rimed depression that allowed enough ocean in to create a small discrete harbor. At each star point was a highly radioactive deposit of starmetal that harried spell-casting and super natural abilities. At first glance we see unfamiliar beasts of burden (a giant slug for one), giants and giant-types, as well as a group of drow returning to their tunnels with a group of slave-dwarves.
Jaren rescued Maycorths family, Auge performed a snatch and grab of a dragon egg, Durg spills the blood of the Egyptian slavers (and finds a lead lined box with starmetal shavings and a Verbond group signet ring, a magical key and a stamp of a purple serpent), and Versel lay’s out several giants attempting to chase down the drow. After reuniting again we see that the drow have gotten away, but Jaren is not dissuaded from investigating further and detects for dragon eggs a thousand-plus feet in all directions and finds one. On a ship out at sea we find drow, derro, and other underdark races (illithids) that seem to be finishing with some great task. Preparing for a visicous confrontation for the egg we overhear the name of the drow that appears- their leader Yermgar and ‘the necromancer’ Rikashull.

We begin next session with battle for the egg