Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tales from The Black Crown

Standing outside the door of Nerith Alia study, Youvalan struggled to control his emotions.  The Arcanus Marcureum of each branch of The Black Crown rarely interacted with general membership.  Today's meeting would either secure Youvalan's place with the Crown or end it.  Youvalan knew better than to attempt to divine the purpose of this meeting, his arcane specialty was no match for the woman who lead his order.
Stomach trembling, the diviner stepped forward into the study as the door silently opened.  This domed library was much warmer and inviting than Youvalan expected, the wonderful scents of expensive incenses wafting over him, he took his first good look at his beautiful leader. She sat at a large desk, staring intently into a crystal ball.  A jovial voice invited the Youvalan to take his first look into a fabled crystal.  Youvalan's awe soon turned to shock, as the image he stared at in the crystal was his own, in the courtyard yesterday with a half dozen others of his order.  What shocked the diviner more than Nerith Alia interest in his activities was what he didn't see in the magical scrying ball. 
The half dragon creatures that he had foresaw in his own divination's were not visible in the ball.  It was obvious that Youvalan was speaking with something but what or whom could not be seen, it was as if they were ghosts.  The young wizard's breath caught in his throat when she began to speak.

"Imagine my surprise when I realized my student could discern with his magic, what I myself could not!" Nerith Alia exclaimed. "I have spoken with a former instructor of yours, and he concurs that your abilities are greater than many others."  The Arcanus Marcureum stood up from behind her desk and waved her hand around the dome, "I have decided a need a new secretary, someone to take advantage of all the knowledge I have here and provide this office an advantage over the other branches." 
Youvalan did not attempt to hide his excitement, "Of course I am HONORED to accept this new commission your excellency, when can I look forward to our new beginning?"  His new master smiled replying with a mischievous grin, "as soon as you finish your report and investigation of these creatures, of course."  Youvalan's nervousness immediately returned as he realized what his challenge would be if he wanted this new promotion. 

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