Thursday, January 31, 2008

Capt. Jessie

Capt. Jessi is a renown fighter pilot and fiery daughter of the General. Fit and attractive with alert eyes and a conceded grin. Born officer material she graduated in honors in top gun. As the Generals daughter and legitimately talented often gets her into clashed that fuel her drive to fight. She is the kind of woman that knows how good she is and is not afraid to prove it. Getting on her good side is not impossible but helpful when the shit hits the fan. Often taken to frequent hair color changes, she is seldom out of uniform with tags that designate her as Super-Nova.
Place of Birth: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Monday, January 28, 2008


Another picture to give depth and size...ok and also cause I think its cool

Just the facts!

Ships of the U.S. Navy, 1940-1945
DE-173 USS Eldridge
Cannon Class Destroyer Escort:
Displacement: 1,525 tons
Length: 308'
Beam: 36'8"
Draft: 11'8"
Speed: 21 knots
Armament: 3 3"/50, 3x3 21" torpedo tubes, 1x2 40mm, 8 20mm, 1 hedgehog, 2 depth charge tracks, 8 "K" gun projectors
Complement: 15 officers, 201 enlisted
Diesel-electric engines with tandem-motor drive, 6,000 h.p.
Built at Federal Shipbuilding, Newark, and commissioned 27 August 1943

USS Eldridge Long View

This ship sits embanked on a side, embedded in the desert floor. The entire ship glows green along with the men who are frantically moving and yelling upon it. Some of you have seen it, others are in the area when the sirens go off. If you haven't been, all of you soon find yourselves in military custody

Thursday, January 24, 2008

News you can use

I would like James' female character to be the older sister of Rob's 12 year old robot maker. Rob this would make the general your father as well, but it would help explain your access to materials to make a robot.

Butch's Actor/stuntman/FISTER and Russ' UFC fighting teleporting characters have a bit of history. Originally UFC guy was a villian in one of the fister's action movies. During the shoot however the two buddies became famous when stopping a bank robbery in downtown LA. Since then the public has had an insatiable demand for movies with the pair, their latest being shot in the famed area 51 in Nevada. The movie is a quickly written, poorly conceived piece of trash and the two of you soon found yourselves bored with the long hours waiting for blue screen production. After spending some time partying with a beautiful, athletic young woman (James' character), the two movie action heroes agreed to accompany her into the desert where the "real" secrets were kept.

Adam Worth

Adam Worth *36 year old male, 180 lb., 5’ 9” Blue eyes, Brown hair
To say Adam is a hard read would be an understatement, aside from his long hair he could be any professional in any city in any science industry. Most would say he was well traveled, cultured and resourceful. Adam values himself and can’t help coercing others into valuing him as well. Adam approaches social situations with cat-like curiosity, he must know what motivates others. Narrow truths and innuendo are like verbal fencing for Adam. Adam has an annoying habit of not being around to answer for himself.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


So what's happened in the next 50 years?

1. There is a new Egyptian empire that rules the middle east. The resolution of what was called the Middle Earth war, Egypt now holds sway over a vast array of land full of now worthless oil. The Middle Earth war ended 10 years ago, but the development of item two has lead to new dangerous rumblings from this new world power.

2. The Clausius Engine: People no longer drive cars. They utilize vehicles that are called Entropies. You would own an Entropy. Owning such a vehicle is a sign of wealth and status. Public transportation is now the norm, with all vehicles utilizing this engine which provides its own energy and puts out 0% emissions. The Clausius engine is a worldwide phenomenon, its limitless energy resource has lead to the end of various wars as well as the virtual elimination of hunger. The Clausius Engine was developed seven years ago by a consortium of scientist from all over the world, its patent was given freely by their charter to the world community.

3. India. Only half of India is now inhabitable, its population cut by 75% between radiation poisoning and disease. Thirty years ago war erupted between the former Pakistan and India which lead to a nuclear exchange that threatened the entire world. China now rules over the inhabitable areas of those two nations.

4. China: Twenty-nine years ago, communism fell in China. They have returned to their roots of Empire, the Chinese Empire now controls the remains of India and Pakistan, The Koreas, Japan, and Thailand. Korea, Japan and Thailand were not conquered with military might but economic. The absorption of those countries into China's economic block soon brought each to heel under the new empire. Only Japan retains any sense of independence.

5. The United States now has 2 new states in its Union, Puerto Rico and Old Mexico. Old Mexico covers a large portion of the former northern portions of Mexico. This was a political solution to the immigration battles of the 2020's.