Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bar - Bazu

He hated the word tiefling, but he hated more the fight to make people understand the difference between his blood and lawless chaos of demons.  He hated dealing with people outside his house, The Twilight House. He hated that people got afraid.

He remembered when he first noticed the dragon brothers, the same time the rest of the House noticed them. But what he really noticed was how quickly they had gained the trust of Stormhaven. People were terrified or them, sure. But powerful people, people who had no need to be afraid of them, respected them. And they had earned a level of acceptance from the folk of the Rat's Nest that propelled them to leadership positions in both politics and business. People were over with assuming the worst of these "men" based on their appearance, something Bar-Bazu had been trying to accomplish for years now in the stair gaurd.

As he left the Souk and sought the one known as Jaren, Bar-Bazu felt enervated and ready for action. As he spoke the words of obedience, he envisioned ferocious battles as the steel of his two handed curved blade sword fought and killed at the command of his leader, slaying any who would betray their contracts or smear the reputation of his commander. The air certainly smelled of impending battles, and Bar-Bazu felt certain he had chosen the right side. 

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