Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tales from " The Green Cloud"; a late arrival

Katarina was still furious as The Green Cloud moored solidly at dock early friday morning. She was livid that she was forced to show her dragon form earlier than she planned, and fuming at having had to fly onto that ridiculous Navy Warship to finally get berthed at a dock. Still, she revelled in the fear shown when she and her son, along with his Knight rider Kafnar, flew to the vessel and offered parlay. Nobody was ever prepared to see the draconic ogre and his wicked lance. She didn't mind the bribe of 100 healing potions to get docked, but she was furious at having had to wait more than 2 weeks at sea after a 6 month voyage. The storms even had the locals scared and shifty, and the docks were a mess, unorganized and apparently without good leadership. The frantic pace even kept people from noticing the soldiers that walked the decks of the elaborate master craft. Mixed of kobold heritage and the blood of Kazzurog the Dragon King, these half dragons were as adept in the air and underwater as they were walking about. Although they didn't seem to like the cold, it didn't seem to hinder them especially. Standing on the deck with her were her Court. Karstan, a hobgoblin druid; Ursula, a female drow alchemy master; Kazbah, her Secretary of Wizardy, the only human in the group, and Kafnar, the ogre half-dragon knight. The other passengers who had booked passage from Lowport had grown used to their hosts, but could sense the beautiful elf's ire, and with the previous days reminder of her true form instinctively gathered on the opposite side of the boat.

"Now", she thought to herself, "to get upside before these rickety shambles crumble."


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was the bestial roar heard bellowing forth from the heart of the coastal jungle!!!